Fanfiction Contest Winners
Contest Title Author Category
Tournament Round 2 Ming Huang vs Blaze Knight Saddistic_Me ½ Prince & Sun Knight
Tournament Round 1 Prince vs Sun Knight Munch ½ Prince & Sun Knight
March 2011 Crossover AnemoneXDominic ½ Prince & Sun Knight
February 2011 The Sunflower unice5656 ½ Prince
February 2011 Meatbun’s Affair NanDrew ½ Prince
December 2010 Winter Holiday kycse Sun Knight
November 2010 Tragedy Fatherseyes ½ Prince
½ Prince
Title Author Category
After Life Kat Chapter Story
Odd Squad has defeated the DOL and in the process ‘Prince’ is lost. Now someone in real life is looking for him. Lan and her teamates are dragged into danger that revolves around Prince and his identity. Will Lans’ identity be revealed in time? Or will Odd Squad pay a price?
Be Mine Tiggipi One-shot
Gui makes Valentine’s chocolates for Prince.
Bookshop Dark Ice Dragon One-shot
Jing and Yun try to fill their shop with books.
Catalyst Storyteller Ann Chapter Story
What happens when Gui finds out that Prince is a girl?
Drifter Kayaille Chapter story
Our heroine is a girl, but often gets mistaken as a boy for her lack of womanly charms. She’s beautiful; but not in a feminine way. As her brother visits, he gives her a tip to try out a new game known as Second Life. Rated T for mild cursing.
Gui’s Question Ilsasya One-shot
Gui asks Prince a simple question about his sexuality that ends up being much more complicated than either would have thought. One-shot. Gui/Prince
I Don’t Give A Damn Anymore Cookie- TheDestroyer Chapter Story
What happens when Prince, fed up with Gui not knowing the truth about him, decides to reveal his identity?
Identity Revealed SkyeSyren Chapter Story
Feng Lan’s identity is finally revealed.
I Heard Nothing Tiggipi One-shot
Lan visits the university health clinic, and gets more insight than she would care to have into Gui Wen and Tian Lang’s relationship outside of Second Life.
Journey Of The Prince Danica Caracal Chapter Story
Prince is going to take on the Dictator of Life. Will he succeed or fail? What happens when he finally reaches the Dictator of Life?
Late Nights Dark Ice Dragon One-shot
There’s an approaching hand-in deadline, and Lan didn’t know just what would happen because of it.
LEGEND VortexEye Chapter story
Scarlet, a waitress whom is bound by the chains of reasonability, dreams to put her name in the history books yet her and her brother’s debts force her to look the other way. Until she creates Free, her character in a Second Life, and begins her journey to fulfil her dream to find create a Legend by finding the legendary treasure “Legend” with a rather ragtag team. First few chapter is about the characters, then later on i’ll introduce the main plot. Romance after that.
Like A Double Edged Dao Torchide Chapter Story
Twist on V5C1 of the novel. When splitting off from training with XiMen Feng, Prince encounters a giant clam which after some misunderstanding, turns him into a girl! How will Prince revert this curse while keeping his identity a secret from everyone?
Potion Dark Ice Dragon One-shot
Something tapped Sunshine’s foot. When he looked down, he saw a small, round vial, filled with red liquid.
Preparation Dark Ice Dragon One-shot
“My students are rocks.”
Prince For A Day Ilsasya Chapter Story
A glitch causes Second Life players to be logged in as Prince. Can Prince’s friends survive and convince the rest of Second Life that they are Prince? They’ll have to, since the glitch can’t be fixed until Prince logs in again. But where is Prince?
Prince Revealed? Cookie- TheDestroyer Chapter Story
An Everyone-Finds-Out-Who-Prince-Is Story, with different Points Of View.
Second Generation Anonymess Chapter story
16 year old Min Feng Wen is getting ready to start school at XX University, where his father works. However the day he goes to register for classes, he learns that a popular old game called “Second Life” is being brought back to the public after being banned for over 30 years…
Sleeping In Tiggipi One-shot
Gui Wen has a day off, but rather than being able to sleep in like he was planning, he gets assaulted by a spatula.
Snow Tiggipi One-shot
Gui and Prince fall in a snow drift, and Gui discovers something interesting.
Status Effect Dark Ice Dragon One-shot
As Feng Lan approached Gui, she could see the small sheen of sweat that was collecting on his brow and upper lip. Something wasn’t right.
Stolen Kisses sinister banana Chapter Story
In which Gui gets drunk and makes out with Prince. Disaster and a romantic plot ensue.
Stuck on a Carpet Lucathia One-shot
Being stuck on a carpet with Lolidragon – never mind the fact that Sunshine was also there – was making Yang Ming think very strange thoughts. Yang Ming/Lolidragon
Tea for Two Tiggipi One-shot
Prince and Gui are busy preparing for their band’s next concert, but Gui has other matters on his mind.
The Classified File Of Overlord Prince KuwaNeko One-shot
‘The Classified Files of the Five Continents’ Overlords’ continuing the section of ‘The Bloody Overlord – Prince’. Would there be a summary that actually pleased the high ranks of the central continent?
The Prince’s Rebirth Exile Wrath Chapter Story
When the Dictator is defeated, Prince is no more. 3 weeks later, Lan is yanked out of her depression by Yang Ming, and she makes a new avatar to to claim her rightful place with Odd Squad and as Ruler of Infinite City, with some new friends to help her.
The Sound of His Voice Kebrin One-shot
Gui hears something unexpected and must make a decision. A short “what-if” written before “The Date.”
The Switch Tiggipi Chapter Story
Lolidragon gives Prince an unwanted demonstration of a new glitch in Second Life.
The Ultimate Sacrifice Of The Clams Ann009 One-shot
Promising her brother to cook a dish of clams, Fen Lan sets out in Second Life to do exactly that! Just a little complications… Money issues, love rivalry, and an evil money miser backed up by a two meter tall wolf. Just your standard stuff.
When Taken Too Far Tiggipi One-shot
Lan, Yang Ming, and Ling Bin are doing homework when something outside catches their attention…
The Legend of Sun Knight
Title Author Category Link
A Rose for Your Hair Lucathia Chapter Story
In which Judgment’s hair gains super powers and the events of v5 still play out, but with super hair involved. Set after v5c6. Includes a healthy dose of both crack and angst.
A Taste of More Lucathia One-shot
Lesus never really knew Laica all that well until one mission where he accidentally shattered Laica’s foot. Spoilers for V6C4.
A Vice-Captain’s Tale Lucathia Chapter Story
The vice-captains of the Twelve Holy Knights never thought that their jobs would differ so vastly from their expectations. Tyler has really been missing out.
Bittersweet Sweetness Lucathia Chapter Story
When Sun receives a trinket that switches his consciousness with Judgment’s, Judgment must discover the mystery behind the Death Knight in Sun’s stead. Problem is, imitating Sun’s poor swordsmanship is no easy feat, and who knew what Sun was doing with Judgment’s body in the meantime? Alternate telling of the end of volume 1 of the novels.
Collection of LSK Ficlets Dark Ice Dragon Chapter Story
Collection of Legend of Sun Knight Ficlets.
Contradiction Dark Ice Dragon One-shot
Nearly everything about Sun was contradictory, Judgment knew. ·Light Sun/Judgment·
Behind Closed Doors Lucathia One-shot
When Sun passed by the prayer room, he heard some very… suspicious noises coming from within. (Sun x Adair x Judgment)
Dead in the Knight Lucathia One-shot
It’s been three days since I last saw Ceo. zombie!AU of the Legend of Sun Knight.
Entries in a Holy Knight’s Journal Lucathia Chapter Story
Think you know the 38th generation of Holy Knights? Well, think again. 1. “To Keep the Sun Knight Happy, Feed Him Sweets.” 2. “To Save the Storm Knight’s Eyesight, Steal His Women.”
Even in Darkness, the Sun Shines Lucathia One-shot
Adair thought his future captain was perfect, but when Grisia shatters those delusions, Adair is not happy.
Fifteen Going on Sixty Lucathia Chapter Story
The secret behind the Pope’s youth is no small secret. Even the Pope himself has tried to forget, but when Grisia comes too close, the Pope is forced to confront his past.
Follow the Sign Lucathia Chapter Story
Finding the way back home isn’t going to be an easy task, and returning with all of the missing knight-captains will be even harder, but Adair will accept no other outcome, no matter what universe he must travel through to locate them all. A series of snapshots. Branches off from V6C3, taking the “worst” outcome Sun outlined.
Knight Apprentice’s Journal chicaalterego One-shot
Three years have passed since 38th generation knights apprentices were chosen, yet they still have some flaws regarding how to behave “As the whole continent knows”.
LDK- Legend Of The Dark Knight annaASSASSIN Chapter story
It’s been a week since the twelve holy knights defeated Scarlet, and all that’s left is for Sun to say one last goodbye to the undead that fought for him to remain by her side. Afterwards Sun is… Thrust into an alternate dimension! A dimension where he never became Sun knight, but instead became… A Necromancer! What will Sun (Is it Grisia now?) do?
Legend of the Dark Knight: Alternate Ending annaASSASSIN Chapter Story
When Grisia plunged the dagger through his heart he thought that would be the end of it. How very wrong he was.
Legend Of The Nine-tailed Fox Kai Chizuru Chapter story
The Legend of the Sun Knight but told through the eyes of the Sun Knight’s pet: a nine-tailed fox.
Lessons in Demeanor Lucathia Chapter Story
If someone were to want to become better at flirting, who better to learn it from than…the next Earth Knight, who’s honest and pure? What? Something doesn’t add up here?
My Friend, the Pope (in-training) Lucathia Chapter Story
Grisia wasn’t chosen as the Sun Knight. This is the legend of the strongest Pope in all history. AU.
Spellcast Sakura Hyuuga Chapter story
When Sun wakes up from a nap, he realizes that something was a bit…off. He has never been more right. I mean, turning into a girl is probably a little bit odd, right?
The Holy Knight Song Shay McSudonim Chapter Story
After being catapulted unceremoniously off the cliff, the Pope of the Church of Light landed with a thud, and laboriously crawled across the trench he’d fallen into. He nearly collapsed in surprise as he gazed into the distance, whispering, “It’s—”
The Knights Of Khadaz Ikajo Chapter story
Strangers have arrived in Leaf Bud City. They are nothing like anyone have seen before and they searching for something. Something that has something to do with the Twelve Holy Knights.
The Impressive Adair Fanclub Lucathia One-shot
Although Adair didn’t know it, he had a fan club. A very impressive fan club. That had two very impressive members, those being the Storm Knight and the Judgment Knight.
Legend Of Caelan annaASSASSIN Chapter story
Hello, I’m Caelan. I began as an orphan without a voice, but through some odd twists of fate ended up becoming… the 39th Sun Knight in training! Nice to meet you.
The Road to Becoming Impressive Lucathia One-shot
Adair is an impressive vice-captain. However, he didn’t exactly start out that way. If Adair’s impressiveness is 40% part of his nature, then the remaining 60% is really all thanks to Sun’s nurturing. Or so claims the Sun Knight.
The Time of Ten Suns Lucathia Chapter Story
One Sun was more than enough. Really. Inspired by the Chinese myth, The Legend of the Ten Suns. A response to the end of V6.
This is Your Wake Up Call Lucathia One-shot
Judgment would rather not wake up than the alternative. AU of v5c6. Angst.
Trouble KuwaNeko One-shot
Chasel Judgment’s frown deepened, there was usually only one reason for which this person would come running to him.
Waking annaASSASSIN Chapter Story
What’s the difference between sleeping and waking? For 17 year old Grisia Sun it’s a thousand years. In his sleep he remembers his life as the Sun Knight, many lives ago. And his waking hours? Well, why don’t you read and find out?
Wrong Choice or Not Lucathia One-shot
Lesus didn’t choose to become the Judgment Knight because the position would be easy. He doesn’t care if being the Sun Knight isn’t easy for Grisia. Grisia chose to be the Sun Knight, so Sun Knight he will stay. Events from V6Prologue, V4C10, and V6C9 in Lesus’s POV. Can be read as Lesus/Grisia or super strong friendship, however you wish.
1/2 Prince and the Legend of Sun Knight
Title Author Category Link
Games Are Played Together PetWY Chapter Story
Sequel of The Legend in Second Life. Sun is not the only one to discover the world of Second Life.
Invincible, that is the Legend Lucathia Chapter Story
On their way to finish the Dictator, the Execution Squad’s “invincible battleship” crashes, separating everyone, landing them on foreign soil. “Look Aldrizzt, an elf! I want her to join us.” “Neo, that’s not a her.”
The Legend in Second Life PetYW One-shot
A one-shot story. Pink gave Sun a head gear wherein Sun was made to play Second Life. There he met with Prince and trains once more to finally achieve the title Holy Knight.

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  1. AC

    One day, I swear, I’ll write a HP fanfiction. It’s a shame that my english writing skills don’t match my true literary style. There are these things I just don’t manage to say if it’s not in my home language…

  2. Demoninmysoul

    You guys are great! But if there’s any light (or not so light) guyXguy story, please mark… I’ll definitely read them! (Not encouraging anyone, I just like those stories. Sorry if it bothers/scares anyone!)
    Thanks for the stories!

    • Shoetsu Otaku

      I completely agree! It’s hard going through the list and having to interpret what the story types are and how far they’ll go in each one!

  3. Kazen

    I enjoy reading all the interesting stories! I got a lot of idea/storyline myself but I just can’t write them out. Is there any way or anyone interested to write it out?

  4. chicaalterego

    If you wan’t something to be written I can give you a hand with it. I have an account in go there and PM if you have an account (my pen name there is chicaalterego as well). Then I can write it for you… I really am fast if I get down to it.

    Just for the record. The idea has to be interesting ^_^ or I won’t do it.

    • Alyss

      I don’t have a fanfic account (plus my pen name’s already taken there *pout*) but I kinda wanted to write/read a kind of dream-log thing 4 the characters of LSK (prolly mostly nightmares). I’ve just never had time to write it out.
      Like, a nightmare for Earth could be that a child or a pregnant woman goes up to him one day to tell him that he’s a father…
      Or Storm dreaming that, impossible though it seemed, he’d actually FINISHED ALL HIS PAPERWORK *gasp* and spends the rest of the dream wondering what to do…
      Or Grisa/Sun dreaming that Neo (his teacher) came back to the Church for a visit, and the ensuing chaos…
      and so on and so forth. It’d be really funny, mostly a gag thing, but it’d b AWESOME.
      reply if u can write it (or have an opinion on the subject)?

  5. Topaz


    I am sooo with you on that…wish some body write something like that.Seriously some fangirls*pointing to myself*need their fix and just some mild real world affection is not enough(but enough to keep me going)I need some in-game action.*evil grin*Wish I had an idea to write about…and time…

  6. SakuraHyuga

    I submitted a story for LSK, but it’s not on yet. Is there something wrong with it?

    • [PR]dahlys

      There’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just that PR’s fanfic admin has been less active lately. Please wait patiently~

    • SakuraHyuga

      Thank you for clearing that up for me! I thought there was something wrong with my story. Thanks again! :)

  7. Secrets...

    When I check this, I can’t help but wonder about the fanfiction contest thing, I want to vote but I can’t find where it says I can vote :(

  8. Salliss

    It’s getting a bit frustrating for me every single time I start to read a “chapter story” only to realize at the end of the ?th chapter that it hasn’t been finished yet and that the last update was ?th months and/or years ago so could your please add another colume or a tag of some sort indicating whether one is completed or not? Thank you very much!!! (and the fanfics are absolutely awesome)

  9. ikajo

    When you click on the “Read” botton you get redirected to the front page, not the story you tried to read.

  10. 15B

    o.o? Well, if anyone here is unfamiliar with where to find these and other fanfics related to Yu Wo stuff, most of these are on
    So type in and hit enter.
    The first box on the main page should say “Fanfiction.” (The other is “Crossovers” which is a little different! Don’t pick that one yet.)
    Once you’ve found the “Fanfiction” box, choose the “Misc” option.
    Our works will be under “ManHua/Chinese Comics.” After that, you should have hit the jackpot!

    *blows the dust off this corner* Happy treasure hunting.

    • Jennifer

      Thanks for posting this, it must be the benelovence on the God of Light borrowing your lips(keyboard?) to spread His love to his children :)
      Honestly, I’ve been going crazy this month. PR is translating all these new chapters and Japtem is updating Kill No More at an insane speed… I think next month is going to be torture returning to the old schedule, I’m going to need these fanfics to keep me going.

  11. Liana

    Hmm… I’ve an idea for a fan fiction for The Legend of the Sun Knight if anyone is willing to write it, I simply don’t have the skill. My idea would be that Grisia resurrected someone and by doing so he turns into a girl– white hair, blind, all that jazz. Though then, with this, (s)he falls in love with Judgement and you can decide what happens afterwards…

    I know there is already a fan fiction similar to this but it couldnt hurt to have more right?

    Another idea would be;
    Grisia is supposedly back from being a demon king and is now the Sun Knight once again, but maybe he’s just is too good at concealing things? In a fan fiction where Grisia is still the demon king but is able to hide it, his hair and black eyes and what not he is able to hide. Grisia would actually with the help of some kind of accessory (You can choose what) be able to have an equal amount of dark and holy magic (with all the other’s magic’s availability too, how he can just look and use the type of magic/spell) so if he wanted to he could keep the appearance as the Sun Knight but still have the power of the Demon King AND the Sun Knight. And basically the story would be about Grisia hiding this from EVERYONE and making little problems here and there without making it seem he created them and keeping himself entertained by scheming and just creating problems to cease his boredom.

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