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½ Prince Volume 1: The Beginning of a Legend

White Version: Volume 1

Simple Ebooks

These are unofficial ebooks compiled by PR! staff and by readers. They are not as fancy as the above versions, but they are all you need to carry ½ Prince with you on the go! These are also not to be posted outside of our site!

Compiled by Katerina (V1-7), Zind (V8), Listening Daisy (V9):




135 Responses

  1. swttloner

    This looks like it took a lot of effort! Thank you so much for the two versions. I am having a fun time reading and looking at the pictures. The beginning few pages are so cute!

  2. Fernanda

    It’s obvious a lot of time and effort went into this. Not only that it came out great!

  3. Taninha9

    This new place is good and it’s awesome that we can read online the PDf (but to be truthful i already downloaded the PDF to my PC). I guess autonomy means a lot to all the staff here and make thinks easier.

    I don’t want to be disrespectuful to the staff or noisy but since you guys give a special treatment to the PDF part i’m wondering if in the near future the PDF of 1/2 Prince’s second volume will be available.

    Thank you for all your hard work.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      We are working on putting all of the volumes into PDF form, but we can’t give a specific date on when it we be done since they require a lot of designing =]

  4. Bluefeather

    Scuse’ me but when I click “Dark Version: Download PDF” I just end up on a page with the WHITE version enlarged. Plus I can’t find the little save/download button on the Dark Version. Are we only allowed to download the white version from the top?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      It was the result of a broken link. It should be fixed now.

    • Bluefeather

      @Shadow Rebirth
      BTW when I clicked it, there are 2 extra/blank pages before the story begins.
      IS there supposed to be pictures there or something?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      No problem =]

      It’s for formatting, for if you choose to print the PDFs out. If you check the viewer, you’ll be able to see why.

  5. Yuki

    Hi. I love the new site — it’s neat and elegant and looks really professional.

    I’m a Google Chrome user, and I was really excited to start using the Online PDF Viewer to start looking at the new version of the PDFs, but as it turns out, the PDF viewer doesn’t seem compatible with Chrome! I was wondering if this was just an oversight, or if it was impossible to make it work with all browsers in the coding, because I’m a little sad that it doesn’t work with my preferred browser.

    • amgine

      Made some changes to the embedding code which fixed it for me on Chrome. Try again and let us know if it’s still not working for you.

  6. Bluefeather

    Thank you so much!
    I felt bad for pointing out all that (I felt kinda snobbish) , I hope I wasn’t offending you while doing so.
    Love the PDF! THANKS :)

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Not at all =] If you readers don’t point out errors, then we have no way of knowing they’re there!

  7. VonTrebond

    hmm, I can read the pdf file online but I couldn´t manage to download via mozilla firefox…. Could somebody help me?

    • amgine

      I have edited the links so that they should prompt the download dialog box as soon as you click them.

      Let me know if it works for you now.

  8. kim

    nice pdf.
    There are some mistakes in your content list.
    The page number there and the actual page in the pdf aren’t the same.

    • amgine

      I believe the page numbers correspond to the number at the bottom of each page, not the one given by the PDF reader. This is because the cover page counts as page 1 in the PDF reader, but the printed pages start counting from the first page inside the book. I suppose this is a little inconvenient, but I wouldn’t consider it a mistake.

    • kim

      Ch 1 contens list = page 10 real page number 11
      Ch 2 CL = P 38 rpn = 41
      Ch 3 CL = P 56 rpn = 59
      Ch 4 CL = P 71 rpn = 75
      Ch 5 CL = P 93 rpn = 97
      Ch 6 CL = P 110 rpn = 115
      and if you look at the pages you will se that the page number on the bottom of the pages are the same as in the PDF reader so i guess the printed pages also start counting from the cover :P

    • amgine

      Ah, I see. You were looking at the black version, I was looking at the white version.
      So yes, the table of contents for the black version would need to be updated.

  9. fredfred400

    OMG this is soo awesome :) Cant beleive i didnt notice this earlier
    i think im gonna stick this on my phone to read when i get bored in lectures XD lol

    just curious are there any plans for pdf versions of sun knight too?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Yes, absolutely. We plan on releasing a PDF for every volume we finish.

  10. trace

    OMG! OMG! OMG! i love you, i love you, i love you guys. Thank you so much for this. keep up this awesome work. =)

  11. Indira

    I love this! I haven’t started reading yet but I know I’ll love it. I already read the manga up to chapter 47. <–(That's where i found your site last night while perusing the pages at the end.) I read it twice! I just can't get enough of it. Although, I can't stay online for a long time. When I start reading (ebooks, etc), its hard to stop midway. So I downloaded the PDF.
    Thanks so much. More power to you!

  12. HanaTenshiHimeko

    Holy shoot, I’ve been waiting for this!! Thank you for the PDF files. I’m on the run and half the time, I don’t know where I left off. At least with the PDF files, I can know where I left off now thanks to the updated verion of Adobe Reader. I’m gonna tell my friends about this! =D

  13. aiya03

    right on!
    for somewhat-a-pdf-idiot like me im really amaze at the effort that was put into this work., and for that, i think we owe the admins of this site a lot! so, thanks a bunch for creating this great work.. “>
    and i gotta say, im really lookin forward to the next pdf of 1/2 prince and i sincerely hope that LSK would have one too..

  14. syila

    As much as i enjoy half prince, its novel was not bad at all…
    I really spend my time laughing.
    Thank you princerevolution.org and everyone who contribute in making half prince the best ever read.
    I’ll be looking forward to half prince novel vol 2. (^-^)v

  15. jannicarae

    super like this :D please make us pdf version of chapter 2,3,4&5 .. we’ll be waiting 4 it n_n

  16. Happy Meal

    Thank you. This is great. I don’t know 1/2 Prince comes from a novel. Thank you very much!!!!!!!!:)

  17. Sullane

    Wow this is amazing… Seems like a lot of work! Thanks for making and sharing this.

  18. starwarrior1234

    If the novel itself was able to be sold, I would totally buy it without hesitation! It’s more convenient to have it physically with you so anyone can read it wherever they go! I recommend the story to my about seven of my friends and now we’re like a club!

  19. Akira


    I have been following your tranlations for bout a year now XD

    PS. I would love to have this as a published book lol

  20. Yu

    Oh good lord! This is awesome. Could not ask for a better birthday gift than this. (It’s my bday today!) Thank you for these. Be blessed always.

  21. h.

    Wow, looks impressive! But pdfs are such a pain when you try to read them on Kindle :/ Is there any possibility of making .mobi/.prc files? Conversion from almost any format is easy via Callibre… of course it won’t look so great then, but comfort of reading on ebook reader will be much higher. But this is just me ranting ;) You’ve made awesome work and all I should say is big THANK YOU!

    /sorry for my english, I’m trying to do my best, but I’m grammar-proof _^_/

  22. Lucy

    thank you, thank you, thank you

    i’ve searchhed so long time
    i’m very thankfull! :)

  23. Maryam

    This is great work … Thanks. Thanks for making this. I really want to have all the books in PDF format now. I want it so much I am willing to even pay for it. Thank you.

  24. FroideWinters

    I love the books! :D Can we buy them and put it on iPods? :3

    • eilinel

      Sorry, we cannot sell the books, as our sole condition imposed by Yu Wo for translating the stories is we are not profiting from the translation. You are welcome to download them and transfer it to your iPod though, just don’t do a mass distribution.

      There’s currently no official English version yet, so I don’t think you can buy them anywhere too ^ ^;

  25. bray

    may i ask, are you also plan to translate Eclipse Hunter??
    just asking… i just want to read it,,,…

  26. anon

    Thank you so much for your hard work and effort into providing this for fans to enjoy! ^^

  27. Ying

    i have a question… do you have another chapter of this PDF? the countinue….?

    • Shadow Rebirth

      We’re working on the other volumes and hope to start getting them out within the month =]

  28. Crisivie

    thank you so much for the hard work. By the way what are the difference of the 2 versions aside from the background color? And why are there more pages for the version 2? Lastly, is volume 1 the only pdf made yet? Thank you again and more power!

    • Shadow Rebirth

      There are no changes text-wise, just a slightly different formatting.

  29. Su-Moon

    This is fantastic!!!! 3 cheers to those involved in making this fantastic PDF!

  30. d3n124

    Thanks for making a pdf version ! My internet conection is lousy so when i finish a chapter and i want to got to a next one and the internet conection stops working, I feel like throwing my laptop through a window!! So downloading the volume was easier for me, even though it took more than 1 attempts to download it….
    Well, thank you for all your hard work, I hope you will make a PDF version for chapter 2 ! :D

    PS: I love the designs for the pages in the begining !

  31. Krash

    Thanks or the PDFs.. looking forward to the next volume and LSK novel…
    Thanks for your hardworK!

  32. Amethyst

    Thank you so much for the pdf (^_^). You guys are doing a good job. I really love 1/2 Prince.

  33. Azure

    Thank you for your haaard work!!! I really, really, REALLY appreciate the PDF releases!!!! I downloaded them onto my itouch so I can read them on the bus and as a study break. I really appreciate them, and thought it was a really nice addition. Thank you very much ^.^
    I look forward to the new volumes turning into pdf formats as well. As it seems that they take a lot of effort, and they look FABULOUS, please take your time~ I really appreciate the hard work spent on these.

    • dahlys

      If you’re really impatient, check the staff blog for book-sized, text only pdf

  34. Ash

    Ah! I liked reading the manga of this, and to get some translated of the book(I read far to often) is great! If I could translate I would help. But learning one thing at a time. Russian makes my tongue twisted. ><

    Thanks again!

    • amgine

      We don’t have a dedicated PDF designer right now, so this is quite low on the priority list. Dedicating resources to this would impact the releases of upcoming chapters, which we do not want to do at this time.

      If we get a good applicant for the PDF designer position, then this wouldn’t be a problem. However, we do plan on releasing these sometime in the future; it’s just that there’s nobody working on this right now.

  35. Rona ♥

    I love 1/2 Prince! Thank you so much for this! :)

    Waiting for the other volumes. ♥♥♥

  36. Cindy

    Yall are amazing! im a 14 yr old chinese girl. even though im chinese i cant read or write alot. so even if i want to help its impossible. i know english best since im born and living in the US.

  37. Sean

    Can you please keep on releasing these pdf format. I really appreciate it.

  38. Aloria

    Would having more help in making the PDFs increase the rate at which they’re released? I have Adobe InDesign and I’m not afraid to use it… :D
    I’ve actually created 2 books of my own using InDesign, and I have a degree in editing, so if you want help, drop me a line?

  39. shia9x

    Thanks a lot for this translation! I enjoyed it very much, and love the incorporation of the pictures! i look forward to the next to be finished. great job <3

  40. Okazaki

    Excellent pdf’s. Best I’ve seen in probably ever. Also great to see another series being translated.

  41. What-a-wicked-Gui

    I’m totally in love with the black version. I had a great time, reading this: the editing, the notes, the pictures, and even the interviews xDD all of them were really fun. you’ve done a marvellous work guy. thank you :)

    just a fan, waiting patienly for the volume 2 :D Just keep rockin’ =D

  42. Veres

    Wow, thanks a lot for the translations. I’ve always been looking forward to reading 1/2 prince.

  43. kakei

    OSS, You are awesome!! Thanks for all of your time and hard work in making this possible. Really looking forward when you turn the rest into pdf format. I’d love to download it and have it available for when I’m in the mood to read it. Heck, I’ll even print it out so I can have it as books. I love my books, they are my babies and my life. lol.

  44. Vrinda

    Hey all PR membes!

    Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much for your hard work! I thoroughly enjoyed your vol 1 PDF. My humble request to you (pls do not take it in a wrong light) is to quickly update the next volume! I am eagerly anticipating your updates.

    Last but not the least. I would like to congratulate all the PR staff members who have contributed so much of their time for the fans of Yu Wo and 1/2 Prince! Kudos to all of you, guys!

    P.S. If by chance you find a godd novel like this or Key of the Sunken Moon, please let me know :D

  45. sibby

    PR, you guys are awesome! want to learn chinese to help you out too! may actually do so! for now, keep up the awesome work, i’m looking forward to more

  46. vreneli

    I’m really happy I was able to read the 1/2 prince novel (at least the first volume for now). Since I cannot read chinese it was only due to your hard work that I was able to do so. The novel is really funny (even though I already knew most of the plot because I read the manga) and also nice to read because it’s written quite differently from most novels I read up until now. I also really appreciated your afterword (halfway through I started giggling like a little girl XD and it also gave me some nice ideas for drawing).

  47. artisto

    Is the date Volume 2 will be out is known yet?
    I wanna know because I really really like this story and I finished reading volume 1 already and I just can’t wait for volume 2 X33

  48. Luke

    Um… Just wondering when the books that have been scanned under updates will be put up under the PDF online viewer.

  49. LienZero

    waahh thaa~nk you very much for this!! a really really big thank you! :D

  50. Vsin

    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx a LOT 4 for d PDF. Since my Internet connection isn’t always reliable, I cudn’t read d chapters whenever I wanted. But now, the 1st volume is just a computer away!!! Great job compiling the PDF, PR staff! ^^

  51. Vsin

    Oh WOW!!!! The simple eBooks for the other volumes is here!!! As mentioned, they are not as fancy as those for Volume 1. However, I think it is pretty well done! My thanks to Katerina for compiling them. ^^

  52. ~Zhuo-gege love~

    Prince Revolution! Thank you very much for everyone’s hard work on getting these translations up! You guys have my eternal gratitude as a 1/2 Prince fan and a soon-to-be-novel translator. (^.^)v I’ve only started reading Volume 1, but I can tell your translations are top-notch! I sometimes find the original hilarity of a novel to be lost when it’s translated but you guys have no problem with that! Really, thanks for the time and hard work! I’ll patiently be looking forward to your next releases!

  53. SnowStorm

    This stuff is really awesome.
    Hats off to whoever did it. They are really skilled.

  54. Weifong

    Thanks for the terrific novel translations!!! I love it. <3

    but i was just wondering… is there an 8th book? cuz someone told me there is an 8th book for Half Prince…

    • [PR]lucathia

      The 8th book is still being translated and has not been collected into ebook format. Check the Half Prince chapter list for the translations of the individual chapters.

  55. fourzro

    Oh wow! All the times I’ve been here and I just found out you guys have PDF’s, I feel stupid. :P

    Thanks! A lot!

    • [PR]lucathia

      I tried it just now and it works for me. Maybe try a different browser, or try to right click and choose save as!

  56. Marian

    when is volume 8’s pdf gonna be out? i can wait i just wanted a timeline.

  57. Zind

    Hello. I recently discovered this great series and I love it so far. I often read e-books or LNs on my phone during my daily travels, hence I immediately grabbed your Android app (Princereader). Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be functional anymore. I found out that the guy who made it (andytank) is also the dev for the old Bakareader, and has been MIA for more than a year now.

    However, PDFs (+ any PDF reader with a good text reflow function) are a great alternative, buuuut… there was no PDF version of volume 8. So I made a quick one.
    For consistency purposes, I tried to copy what Katerina did on the previous volumes (fonts, lines spacing, footnotes etc). Feel free to delete my mediafire link and upload the PDF on your server if you think it’s acceptable.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Hi Zind,

      We recently updated our site layout, and that has unfortunately affected PrinceReader. We’ll see if we can get in touch with Andytank.

      Thanks for the pdf! It looks very good. The only thing that I would liked changed is the credits. Do you mind updating that part? :) I’ll send an email to you about which people have worked on which specific chapters.

  58. Sora

    I-It’s… OVER?! Ive been a big fan of the manga, but I just recently discovered the novel (although I knew about its existence for a while). And… it’s …. ended?!?! Awww. T ^ T

    • [PR]azakura

      it’s not ended just yet. we’re still publishing the sequel volume which is volume 9. many interesting things developments there! ^-^

      oh but if you mean in it’s original language (Chinese) that ended a long time ago in 2005 (main series) and the sequel volume was in 2009.

      the manhua is still in the writing though XD

  59. Andrea-sama

    Ok… I speak spanish ._. But i found this place but i cant read the pdf in english beacuse i dont understand -_-U Please… can you change the language of the novels to spanish? Please :c I love Half Prince, I read it in 2 days D: I want to know the end… Please

    • [PR]azakura

      lol… you do know that we don’t know spanish, right? We do Chinese to English translations. But luckily we have an International Translations where members translate from English to Spanish. You can check it out here


      While it’s not up to date, you’ll have to wait for the ending… or find more help for the Spanish team so they can release faster XD

    • Andrea-sama

      Oh… Thanks for the information :3 I am going to learn more english to read this c: And… thank you for upload the novels in english owo/

  60. rem

    Thanks for your hard work PR! I really love 1/2 Prince. By the way, I just saw the pdf version today. Would you be so kind as to tell me the fonts that you used? I understand if you don’t want to tell me :) Thanks anyway. That aside, you guys did an awesome work! Looking forward to the next (and probably the last) volume of 1/2 Prince… as well as your next projects :)

  61. Missvietlove

    Awesome! I really want to thank you for all your work, I Love 1/2 Prince so much! Really thank you!

  62. illsooni

    I love your work and thank you so much for compiling this for all of us (leechers and lurkers as we may be)!
    Just one question… (Totally not to sound ungrateful or anything like that, i just couldn’t find it): Where is the vol1 pdf? I’m certain i read it before, but now i cant find it?

    • [PR]raylight

      It’s right on the page! It’s right above the “Simple ebooks” title. Both the white and dark versions are available. If you still can’t find it, drop me another message, I’ll screenshot it for you.

  63. Lovelock8

    I was looking for a new chapter of Prince manga and I found this beauty of a page :). Thank you so much for the massive work you have done on this project. I cannot even start to imagine the sheer amount of effort it took (and I got pretty good imagination:). So, once again, thanks. Peace and long life (for Trekkies)

  64. Anonomis

    I finished reading the last volume of Half Prince, it made me feel happy that everyone lived such illustrious lives but sad that the NPCs have to watch them die. Thank you guys, for showing me this wonderful fairy tale. :)

  65. jianreyes02

    I’ve made an epub of volume 9, is it okay for me to post it here or I’ll send it to your email?
    Thanks! :)

  66. Jae Johnson

    I’m so happy to see this project has come so far. I’ve been following since there were only two volumes translated in html, and I was so excited to finish it I had to work out the rest of the novel with google translate and Yu Wo’s posted chinese version. That was five years ago, and everyone’s dedication has finally brought the complete project to the English world. I don’t know that any other chinese author has received such dedication from their fan base as to get a full english translation, 10 years after publication. You guys are awesome! Thanks so much!

  67. Margesh

    Thankyou for translating this series! God bless you all =] !

  68. Tavi

    Thank you so very, very much for all of the work that you’ve done! I downloaded the epub books for a trip and am about halfway through them, and it’s been such a blessing to have that as an option, since I only have wireless access at home for the most part. The footnotes! Again, absolutely amazing. Thank you!

  69. Cielot

    Thanks so much for this. I didn’t even know the novels were translated and no less completely translated too. Thanks for all the hard work y’all put into this project. Just wondering, but are y’all planning on creating dark versions for the rest of the pdfs?

  70. Zosime

    Thanks so much for this! I am on holiday but without internet I couldn’t read the novels online until I realised there was a ePub version! You saved me…

  71. tnwls

    Thank you so much guys! This is really awesome. I didn’t even know about the light novels but to think they were all available in English too! Wow, terrific job guys!

  72. neha

    Yaaaaaay!!!! I love you guys I can’t believe that these amazing novels are available for free download. Thank you so very much. Keep up the awesome work.
    Love you guys.

  73. The one writing this

    Thanks for translating this series, it’s funny and the brother is really retarded XD

  74. cocoflower

    I love these so much cos I can read the translations like a proper book when I put these on my kindle! Thank you so much you amazing people <3

  75. Tavi

    Wow, all the PDF volumes are up! This obviously took a lot of work. Thank you so much for doing this and sharing it! Have a great day!

  76. hala

    Thank you so much for sacrificing your time and effort I really appreciate this

  77. aFallenLeaf

    Thanks very much, guys!
    I really like this novel, and these pdf are really cool!! ^^

  78. Mel

    Thank you so much for your work guys, I love the series, recently remembered the good time I had reading the manhua and decided to look for the novels.
    You guys planing on doing more White versions of the volumes? Vol 1 is superb!

  79. João

    👌👌 Thanks. Started to read it back when it was being released, on a website that would translate it. Then they stopped, but i never forgot it. Now I’ll read it all.

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