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Author: Yu Wo (御我)


Liola and Kaiser from Kill No More meet Xiao Lan and the rest of the 1/2 Prince crew. Set early in Kill No More and after the series has already concluded for 1/2 Prince.


Kill No More VS 1/2 Prince is a short story written by Yu Wo that crosses two of her series, Kill No More and 1/2 Prince. The short story can be read for free in Chinese on Yu Wo’s blog. 1/2 Prince translations can be read on our site, while you can find character profiles for Kill No More characters on our site as well. For complete translations of Kill No More, see Japtem Translation. For more information on Yu Wo, here is her official blog.

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You can also grab an ebook version of this story right here, thanks to ListeningDaisy!


Comments (5)

  1. 12:15 pm, February 21, 2015Lucris  / Reply

    Wow this sounds interesting, wonder what will happen!

    • 8:37 pm, February 26, 2015brass  / Reply

      Kaiser’s schemes are devious enough to screw things up

  2. 1:10 pm, February 22, 2015Ede  / Reply

    YES. YES. YES. I have been waiting for this for so long. Cold Fox and Liola… Is it too much to hope for an assassin showdown? Probably is

  3. 8:20 am, February 26, 2015MPTOKI  / Reply

    Yay =D
    I love cross overs!

  4. 6:59 am, March 11, 2015momiji  / Reply

    Thank you for introducing japtem! I loved reading KNM! I was really really hooked up with this. I’m looking forward to this crossover! Baolilong and meatbun-bun, with their childlike personality I wonder what trouble they would bring :3

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