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Author: Yu Wo (御我); Novel Illustrator: Shan Gui (山鬼)/ Lü Chuan Ming (綠川明)


My name is Charles Endelis. My profession is that of a butler, and I am currently seeking employment.

I come from a family of butlers steeped in old traditions and have received the strictest butler education possible. If I were to modestly claim that I am not that bad of a butler, I am afraid that no one in this world would dare claim to be a perfect butler.

Even so, I have not been able to find work, but this has nothing to do with my professional ability. It is entirely a matter of racial discrimination.

I am a vampire.

After much toil, I finally found a young master who does not discriminate against other races. As I delightfully immersed myself in my position as butler, I slowly pieced together clues suggesting that my young master might not be a normal human either…

My dear father,

From heaven, please bless your only child and allow the abnormal young master and his vampire butler to live the life of normal human beings!

Your son,
Charles Endelis


No Hero is a completed novel series written by Yu Wo, spanning 9 volumes. No Hero is narrated through Charles Endelis’s first person POV, detailing an outsider’s view on heroes. It is the sequel to the five volume long Eclipse Hunter, taking place several years after the end of that series. Several characters from Eclipse Hunter show up in No Hero; however, No Hero was written so that it can be read without having read Eclipse Hunter, as you would be in the same position as Charles and discovering things along with him if you have not read Eclipse Hunter. It is a matter of how much you enjoy dramatic irony!

Eclipse Hunter is being translated by Odd Squad Scanlations and can be found on their site. Our names and terminology, however, WILL differ.

For more information on Yu Wo, here is her official blog.

If you have time, why not leave a comment below reviewing this series?

Comments (35)

  1. 2:09 am, August 12, 2013V  / Reply

    So, technically we can say that he’s one HELL of a butler?

    • 5:19 am, August 12, 2013Xeraphina  / Reply

      Well played! Ahahaha :)

    • 5:14 pm, December 9, 2013Diacus  / Reply

      Do I sense a Kuroshitsuji reference? >:D

  2. 7:22 pm, August 12, 2013aryanni  / Reply

    May I ask something that a little off topic? Has no heroes ever been made to manga before? I’m reading this manga and it has a lot of resemblance with the synopsis.

    • 11:36 pm, August 12, 2013[PR]lucathia  / Reply

      No, the series has not been adapted to comic form yet, but I believe it will be in the future.

    • 12:30 am, August 13, 2013[PR]dahlys  / Reply

      Is that manga you’re referring to Black Butler? Don’t worry, the contents of No Hero is quite different, seeing as it’s written by Yu Wo.

      • 11:01 am, August 14, 201315B  / Reply

        =P After reading Kuroshitsuji, it’s hard not to think of it every time you hear “Butler”.

        o.o? Although I’m not sure why Dar would need a butler. Seems like he can do everything already. XD

  3. 3:44 am, August 14, 2013sayu-  / Reply

    Will it be spoiler-revealing for those who are reading Eclipse Hunter? I’m now up-to-date with the Odd Squad translations of the novel…

    • 9:22 am, August 14, 2013[PR]dahlys  / Reply

      Nah, some of Ah Ye’s high school friends make an appearance, but they’re not major characters who impact the plot. Except for his big brother.

      • 9:04 pm, August 15, 2013kayue  / Reply

        Yay for more big bro. I’m a big fan of his.

  4. 11:02 pm, August 27, 2013The Da  / Reply

    wow, PR!’s translating No hero! I have read the translation in Asmodea up to vol 3 ( I think) and I like it! I can’t wait
    commenting about the epilogue:

    My dear father,
    From heaven, please bless your only child and allow the abnormal young master and his vampire butler to live the life of normal human beings!
    Your son,
    Charles Endelis

    From Raylight:
    Dear Father:
    Please bless your only child from the heavens, and let this young master who isn’t an ordinary person with his vampire butler live an ordinary life!
    From your son,
    Zhao Suo Endless

    Dear father in heaven. Please watch over your only child, letting an abnormal young master and a vampire butler live a normal life!
    Your son, Charles Andres

    1. Are you going to use “My” in My dear father on the rest of the chapters. I think it sounded weird, as….ng…GAH MY ENGLISH GRAMMAR, kindly connected this: charles has a father –> he respected him (from what I read) –> and adding “my”….. (started to get confused)
    2. Is it me, or the name’s all different. In chinese, they don’t use the word “L”? Only Asmodea use it on And-r-es. (is what I’m writing right?)

    just added, I like it when it’s (combining from 3 translation)
    Dear father:
    Please bless your only child from the heavens and allow the abnormal young master and his vampire butler live an ordinary life!

    (finally), thank you very much!

    • 8:31 am, August 28, 2013[PR]dahlys  / Reply

      1. We are sticking to “dear father”
      2. PR will be using Charles Endless. The chinese characters that make up Charles name (zhao suo) mean “searching for the morning”.

    • 11:11 pm, August 28, 2013[PR]lucathia  / Reply

      @The Da
      Hm, we can consider taking out the “my,” but I don’t find too big a difference!

      Chinese does have the L sound, and either way, it wouldn’t matter. Charles is from a European-like family. Chinese has nothing to do with him. (By the way, the L/R sound is more difficult to discern in Japanese.) We chose Endelis for Charles’s last name because it sounds close to “Endless,” more so than we thought Andres did. That’s what his name is supposed to sound like (Endless).

      “Live the life of normal human beings” would be the more accurate translation of the last part of the sentence!

      The reason the current synopsis reads “From heaven, please bless your only child and allow…” instead of “Please bless your only child from the heaven” is because I wanted to make sure there is no ambiguity about who is “in heaven.” Placing “from heaven” after child makes it sound like the “child” could be the one currently in heaven!

  5. 7:02 am, August 28, 2013The Da  / Reply

    Is it me, or my reviewed has been deleted? Is there something wrong with the content?… T_T

    • 8:34 am, August 28, 2013[PR]dahlys  / Reply

      It takes a while for PR to approve comments… Please wait a day or so for your comment to appear.

  6. 8:38 pm, October 19, 2013sapphire  / Reply

    YESH!! THANK YOU!! i have been looking all over for a translation of No Hero!!

  7. 11:43 am, December 1, 2013Krescent  / Reply

    How will you be naming the characters? Will it be the english names Daren and Dar or the Chinese Xiang Ye and Ah Ye?
    I can’t wait for the chapters!! This is one of my favorite series!!!

  8. 8:46 am, December 6, 2013Jasae Bushae  / Reply

    Woo~ The chapter list and the novel covers look quite awesome ^^
    Squee, Im really looking forward to this. ^^
    Ooooh~ I don’t know (or want to be spoiled) on who that is on the volume five cover but I am eager to find out~

    Though the fact that the supernatural exists in the Eclipse Hunter universe leaves me wondering if Ezart (going by his oddsquad name for now) is some sorta demigod or something XD

  9. 4:16 am, December 10, 2013lulumoon  / Reply

    I just read the list of chapters and had a question; they really start with “dairy”?

  10. 2:39 am, December 11, 2013JustPassingBy  / Reply

    Hi, if I’m not wrong, Yu Wo has moved her blog to
    Maybe you could update the link to her official blog in the second last line? (And in all the other general info for the other series)

  11. 4:37 pm, May 17, 2016Euphie  / Reply

    Can anyone continue the translation for Eclipse Hunter? It’s been a while since the last update.

    • 11:31 pm, May 17, 2016[PR]lucathia  / Reply

      If you google Eclipse Hunter English translations, you should be able to find a full translation of V5!

      • 12:46 am, May 18, 2016Euphie  / Reply

        Thank you very much! I can finally continue reading at ease.

  12. 10:49 pm, October 2, 2016Blaze  / Reply

    I want to read this so bad! I read the first chapter and felt like there was a lot of missing pieces so I am forcing myself to wait until Odd Squad finishes Eclipse Hunter but it is so painfully long. One day, my vampire butler love, one day.

    • 12:22 am, October 3, 2016[PR]Trespasserby  / Reply

      “If you google Eclipse Hunter English translations, you should be able to find a full translation of V5!”

      • 7:20 am, October 4, 2016Blaze  / Reply

        I have read up to Chapter 5.5 but the translations aren’t always as good of quality as Odd Squad (there is also the differences in names which confuses me sometimes). Even though there are translations out there of LSK and NH I still prefer waiting for PR to translate, so I still feel loyal to Odd Squad and their quality. It’s been a slow four years.

        • 4:28 pm, October 4, 2016[PR]Trespasserby  / Reply

          Name differences for the characters? Hm…
          Try Googling my name (without the [PR]) along with Eclipse Hunter English Translations. However, if the issue you have is the difference between Oddsquad and PrinceRevolution! naming conventions, there really isn’t anything more I can do to help. Best of luck.

  13. 5:26 pm, November 16, 2016Lucras  / Reply

    Is ah ye in eclipse hunter?

    • 5:46 pm, November 16, 2016[PR]lucathia  / Reply

      Yup, he is. He’s the main character in Eclipse Hunter.

  14. 12:09 am, November 23, 2016Wild  / Reply

    I really wish there was more if this but then it might start to be less interesting… sigh… when reading needs to pause and sink in just to go read something else and repeat the same prosses…

    Love this series! The characters have so much depth and the plot is one that just made to continue until I ran out of volumes!

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