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Below are descriptions of the characters who have appeared so far in our translations. For ease of navigation, you can click on the links below to the specific teams/sections, and then click on the links to jump to specific characters. The avatars were drawn by Zhan Bu Lu, the artist for the pocket edition of the ½ Prince novels.

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Initially created by Prince and Lolidragon in order to protect Prince’s virtue from the attentions of rabid female players, Odd Squad (非常队, prn. fēi cháng duì) later became an extremely famous team in the world of Second Life. The team’s name can be interpreted in two ways; the first, more common way of interpreting it is as “Extreme Team,” and the second is as “Not Ordinary Team.” For their victory in the Adventurers’ Tournament, Odd Squad was awarded a piece of land to govern in the middle of the Central Continent.

Odd Squad’s members are Prince, Lolidragon, Ugly Wolf, Doll, Guiliastes, and Yu Lian (recruited in that order).

PrinceLolidragonWolfDollGuiYu Lian


Name: Prince (王子 prn. wáng zĭ)
Race: Elf; Class: Warrior
In short: Second Life‘s first and only transgendered player. Is incredibly good-looking but rather dense, and has a very unconventional fighting style.

The protagonist of the story, Prince’s identity in the real world is that of a nineteen-year-old university student, Feng Lan (风蓝 prn. fēng lán). Following an argument with her brother, Yang Ming, over the advantages that female players have in MMORPGs, Feng Lan decided to play as a male character and wound up being the first and only transgendered character in the world of the virtual reality game, Second Life. In a private conversation with Lolidragon, however, Feng Lan revealed that her true motivation for playing as a male character was not to spite her brother, but to break free of the expectations that society has of women in general. Her character, Prince, is a white-haired elf with red eyes and extremely handsome features.

Prince often finds himself in sticky situations as a result of his looks, which guarantee that he will usually be at the center of female attention. In order to solve this, he initially pretended to be an item with Lolidragon, but after the debacle with Fairsky, the two of them decided to form a team (Odd Squad) to protect Prince’s virtue. Thanks to Lolidragon’s training, Prince has developed a habit of smiling faintly and usually maintains a gentlemanly conduct in the presence of strangers. However, when in private or with Odd Squad, Prince’s quirky nature quickly becomes apparent. He has been shown to be quite practical and, on occasion, money-minded. For instance, he was quick to grind Doll’s skeletons’ bones into powder to sell for money, and he became interested in fighting dragons after finding out that it is a profitable venture. He is also a big eater and impressively lousy with directions.

Following the fight with Perfect Princess Team during the Adventurers’ Tournament, Prince adopted a public image as a bloodthirsty, ruthless fighter, and has become widely known by the nickname “Blood Elf.”

It has been noted by many other players that Prince has a very unique and incredible fighting style. This is because Prince’s moves and techniques are generally inspired by cooking, fighting games, comics, and wuxia novels, such as King of Fighters, Rurouni Kenshin, and Jin Yong’s The Proud, Laughing Wanderer and The Return of the Condor Heroes. For instance, his ultimate move, Nine-Headed Dragon Strike, is a modified version of the skill used by Kenshin from the manga Rurouni Kenshin. Such a fighting style is possible for Prince because he is not familiar with (and hence not restricted by) the conventional way of playing as a warrior in an MMORPG.

As a result of winning the Adventurers’ Tournament, Odd Squad was saddled with a piece of land on which they began to construct their own city, Infinite City. Prince was then tricked by the rest of Odd Squad into assuming leadership of the city, and so became the liege lord of Infinite City.

When Prince ventured out to ask Nan Gong Zui to join Infinite City, he becomes so drunk and lost that he ends up on a ship heading toward the Eastern Continent. Having spent all of his money on the ship ride, he becomes stuck until he can earn enough money for the return trip. PMs across continents do not work, so the rest of Infinite City do not know his whereabouts until Wicked asks offline. While stranded, Prince meets Jing and Yun, who are friends of Feng Lan in real life. Hiding his identity, Prince helps his offline friends train. They take on a dangerous mission to defeat the Demon King, who Prince discovers is an NPC who has gained awareness. With a bout of good guesswork, Prince secures the Demon King’s hair tie and successfully clears the first part of the mission, but Jing and Yun betray him by pushing him down a cliff. At the bottom of the cliff, the Demon King kisses Prince awake. Prince learns of the Demon King’s self awareness and names him Kenshin. Kenshin brings Prince to meet Sunshine, another NPC who has gained self-awareness. Prince helps clear their hidden missions and receives both of them as pets. After reuniting with Jing and Yun, Prince returns to the Central Continent with them on Sunshine’s flying carpet just in time to participate in a battle to defend Infinite City.

Prince has three pets, Meatbun, Kenshin, and Sunshine.

In the real world, Feng Lan is a skilled cook. She is a first year student reading Chinese literature at XXX University. Her best friends are Lü Jing and Gu Yun Fei.


Name: Lolidragon (小龙女 prn. xiăo lóng nǚ)
Race: Elf; Class: Thief
In short: A great and unscrupulous beauty. She is a hidden GM and a walking Second Life encyclopedia. Is aware of Prince’s true identity.

Lolidragon is a hidden GM in Second Life and is the only person in Odd Squad who knows about Prince’s real gender and identity, being the GM who helped Feng Lan create her character. She is often described as a great beauty, but beneath her looks lurks a pervert who has no qualms about attacking Prince’s virtue. She is also a notorious spendthrift.

Although Lolidragon often appears to be rather irresponsible and flighty, she often plays the role of an elder sister or mentor to Prince, and watches out for the latter quite frequently. She initially posed as Prince’s wife in order to deter other female players from approaching or harassing Prince, but the two of them dropped this pretense when the ploy failed to deter Rose and Fairsky from pursuing Prince romantically.

Intially, Lolidragon considered herself to be a more experienced – and hence superior – player compared to Prince. However, she quickly realized that Prince’s unconventional fighting style and innovativeness, both of which stemmed from the latter’s unfamiliarity with regular methods of gameplay, allowed him to exploit Second Life‘s 99% realism to the fullest. As such, Lolidragon’s fighting style also grew more and more unconventional, using moves such as Chun Li’s Helicopter Kick and abilities such as Burrowing.

At the conclusion of the Adventurers’ Tournament, Lolidragon snatched victory from Dark Emperor by stomping Feng Wu Qing to death. Since then, the two of them have been at loggerheads.

It should be noted that Lolidragon’s in-game name literally means “Little Dragon Girl” and is a reference to a character of the same name from Jin Yong’s The Return of the Condor Heroes.


Name: Ugly Wolf (丑狼 prn. chŏu láng)
Race: Beastman (Wolf Tribe); Class: Priest
In short: Odd Squad’s priest and a brilliant strategist. Despite his fearsome appearance, he is very gentle and easy-going.

Wolf first makes his appearance in Volume 1 Chapter 3, when he saves Prince and Lolidragon from Fairsky’s hired thugs.  He seems at first a tall and imposing figure, but is revealed to be a kind priest with a heart of gold. Impressed by his bravery, Prince and Lolidragon ask him to join their party, and Wolf accepts.

Wolf originally wanted to play a mage, but as the line at the mage’s temple was too long, he went to the empty priest’s temple instead. Despite being a priest, however, Wolf often (secretly) pumps his skill points into increasing his strength. He is responsible for discovering Meatbun’s ‘Double Kill’ skill.

Over the course of the series, Wolf slowly turns into Odd Squad’s strategist and decision-maker, entrusted with important decisions such as who to recruit. He is also a older brother figure to most of the other team members. Wolf ends up marrying the mage Yu Lian shortly before the Adventurers’ Tournament.

Wolf has a tendency to make unwise purchases.

In the real world, Wolf is actually Li Tian Lang (李天狼 prn. lĭ tiān láng), a school nurse at the university which Feng Lan is attending.


Name: Doll (娃娃 prn. wáwa)
Race: Angel; Class: Necromancer
In short: A necromancer who is terrified of her own undead minions, she does a lot of things “for love and justice”.

Doll first appears in Volume 1 Chapter 4 as a young and adorable-looking girl with hair tied up in two buns. She is “rescued” from her own skeletal minions by Prince and the others, and it turns out that she is deeply terrified of her own minions, despite being a necromancer. Doll also has a quirky tendency to talk about “love and justice”, which is clearly a reference to the Japanese manga and anime series, Sailor Moon.

During combat, Doll’s role as a necromancer is to summon and keep her minions’ HP up, so that they can effectively occupy and distract enemy melee fighters. She can summon a variety of minions, including flame-armored skeletons and a bone dragon.

Following the fight between Odd Squad and Rose Team during the Adventurers’ Tournament, Doll seeks out Fairsky to give her some advice, and it is revealed that Doll is extremely rich in real life.


Name: Guiliastes (居里亚斯特斯 prn. jǖ lĭ ā sī tè sī)
Race: Demon; Class: Bard
In short: An extraordinarily good-looking but rather masochistic fellow who is generally believed to be homosexual.

Gui is introduced in Volume 1 Chapter 4 as a dark-haired, purple-eyed demon bard, playing a guqin in Star City. Feng Lan is initially attracted to him, since Gui’s looks were on par with her brother’s and even Prince’s, and she describes him as an “unearthly beauty”. Gui in turn appears to be attracted to Prince, but this ironically causes the latter to take him for a homosexual, and Feng Lan kills him out of rage at her dashed hopes. It is later revealed, however, that Gui was merely feigning attraction to Prince initially as he derived an obscure amusement from Prince’s reactions to his advances, and is not really a homosexual.Gui joins Odd Squad after saving Lolidragon from a zombie boss, and he acts as the team’s ranged attacker from then on, as well as supports the team with an assortment of magical buffs. Outside of combat, he continues to make pseudo-romantic advances on Prince, and his antics – which include blowing kisses and calling Prince “beautiful and noble Lord Prince” – nearly always drive Prince into an inarticulate rage, resulting in Gui getting beaten up by the latter. Gui, however, does appear to have genuinely fallen in love with Prince midway through the Adventurers’ Tournament, and he becomes love rivals outright with Wicked shortly before the grand finals of the tournament.Gui has a fire phoenix pet, which was obtained from Team Phoenix during the preliminaries of the Adventurers’ Tournament.In Volume 2 Chapter 4, Feng Lan discovers to her immense shock that Gui is the lecturer for her Chinese literature course in the real world. As it turns out, Gui is actually Min Gui Wen (闵居文 prn. mĭn guì wén), a twenty-six year old genius with an IQ of 200 who is currently working as professor at XXX University. Gui initially suspected that Yang Ming was Prince, a notion which was reinforced when Prince let slip that he knew who Gui was in real life. The notion was dispelled, however, when Gui met Feng Wu Qing in-game. Following the match with Rose Team during the Adventurers’ Tournament, Gui declared that he would no longer attempt to find out who Prince was in real life.

It should be noted that Gui’s name is more commonly pronounced as “Jü”.


In-game name: Yu Lian (羽怜 prn. yŭ lián)
Race: Human; Class: Mage
In short: A seemingly gentle and kind woman with great financial acumen and a warped sense of beauty. Don’t get on her wrong side.

Upon her entry to Odd Squad in Volume 1 Chapter 6, Yu Lian appears to be the first normal member of the group, but is quickly revealed to have a very strange sense of beauty. She quickly falls in love with the team’s priest, Ugly Wolf, and, with the help of Odd Squad’s other members, marries him shortly before the Adventurers’ Tournament.

Yu Lian is a quiet, kind young woman on the surface, but is shown to have a fierce, controlling side, being polite and smiling all the while. She is very concerned about money, and thus is put in charge of Odd Squad’s finances. Yu Lian is easily annoyed by people squandering their hard-earned cash.


WickedMing HuangFeng Wu QingAmbusherPlayboy LordBlack Lily


Name: Wicked (邪灵 prn. xié líng)
Race: Dark Elf; Class: Warrior
In short: Dark Emperor’s leader, he is a strong player but tends to give weird names to his moves. Has known Feng Lan since childhood.

Wicked is introduced in Volume 1 Chapter 5 as a level-headed dark elf warrior whose skill was on par with Prince’s. Following Odd Squad and Dark Emperor’s first fight, Wicked acknowledges Odd Squad as a strong team and considers them to be Dark Emperor’s sworn rivals.

Shortly after the fight with Rose Team during the Adventurers’ Tournament, it is revealed that Wicked is in fact Zhuo Ling Bin (卓灵斌 zhuó líng bīn), Feng Lan’s childhood friend and a former older brother figure to both Lan and Yang Ming. Ling Bin is a student at XXX University as well, which makes him Lan and Yang Ming’s senior. Upon realizing that Ling Bin was Wicked, Feng Lan was determined to conceal her identity from him, but inadvertently let it slip when she fell off a cliff as Prince and was rescued by Wicked. The latter promised to help keep Prince’s true identity a secret, however.

Wicked and Gui become love rivals outright just before the grand finals of the tournament. Wicked’s affection for Feng Lan manifests itself in


Name: Ming Huang (明皇 prn. míng huáng)
Race: Human; Class: Mage
In short: Wicked’s brash and arrogant younger brother. Despite his effeminate looks, he is a mage of considerable power.

A very feminine-looking and hot-headed fellow, Ming Huang bears a grudge against Prince when the latter mistakes him for a girl, thus sparking their first conflict. Interestingly enough, he seems to swear more violently than any other character. He is also Wicked’s younger brother in real life.As a mage, Ming Huang specializes in lightning-type magic, which is particularly destructive.

In-game name: Feng Wu Qing (风无情 FĒNG wú qíng)
Race: Human; Class: Warrior
In short: Prince’s younger twin brother who emulates Chu Liu Xiang online. He had a hand in Xiao Lan’s decision to play as a transgendered character in Second Life.

Feng Wu Qing is the younger, twin brother of Prince. His identity offline is that of the nineteen-year-old university student Feng Yang Ming who probably ended up at the same university (with the same classes) as his older sister because he was too lazy to fill out his own career planning form. He first appeared in V1C1 where he insinuated that girls have it easier than guys in online games, always getting guys to help them level and picking classes that allow them to hide and gain experience from afar. Their argument is what pushes Xiao Lan to pick the warrior class and to play as a guy in Second Life. Although Wu Qing knew from the start that his sister was playing as a transgendered character online, he doesn’t find out until much later who she actually is in game.

Outside of his own handsomeness, Prince acknowledges Wu Qing and Gui as the two other guys who are equally as handsome, with Wu Qing giving off the impression of a suave swordsman. Online, Wu Qing likes to emulate Chu Liu Xiang and bears a lofty attitude while playing with his fan. He first encounters the blood elf Prince in a restaurant with the Rose Team in V1C3, immediately challenging Prince over the females in the team. Later on, Wu Qing leaves the Rose Team and joins Dark Emperor.

While Wu Qing shares his sister’s love for food, he seems to lack any skill or interest in making it himself. As such, his sister often uses food as a threat or a bribe. Once such occurrence takes place in V2C4, where Xiao Lan considered withholding dinner from her brother if he doesn’t stop pestering her. Offline, Wu Qing bears a striking resemblance to Prince, leading Gui to mistake him for Prince until Gui meets Wu Qing online. His sister at one point comes to the misunderstanding that Gui and Wicked are both heads-over-heels for Wu Qing. All the while, Wu Qing knows who both Gui and Wicked actually like.

During the Adventurers’ Tournament’s final round, Wu Qing and Lolidragon were the last two surviving players. Wu Qing loses when Lolidragon stomps him to death. As a result, the win went to Odd Squad.

After the Adventurers’ Tournament, Wu Qing joins Prince at Infinite City, helping Lolidragon out in the Foreign Affairs Department. When assassins start attacking Prince, Wu Qing and Lolidragon head off together on Sunshine’s flying carpet to question the other overlords for more information. Wu Qing and Lolidragon seem to bond during this time.

Wu Qing likes to flirt, and he also takes great joy in annoying Lolidragon. He has an aversion to traveling by clam.


In-game name: Ambusher (狙击手zŭ jì shŏu)
Race: Elf; Class: Archer
In short:


In-game name: Playboy Lord (偷香公子tōu xiāng gōng zĭ)
Race: Human; Class: Thief
In short: One of the members of Dark Emperor who gets very little screen time.

Playboy Lord first appeared in V1C5 as a member of Dark Emperor. His offline name is unknown.

He is a thief focusing less on speed and more on strength in comparison to Lolidragon. Generally, he appears with the rest of his team, with the last reference to him being his appointment to the all-thief military infrastructure group when Dark Emperor joined Infinite City.


In-game name: Black Lily (黑百合hēi băi hé)
Race: Angel; Class: Priest
In short:


RoseFairskyBroken SwordLegolasFor Healing OnlyLi’l Strong


In-game name: Snow White Rose (雪白玫瑰 xuě bái méi guì)
Race: Elf; Class: Mage
In short: A kindhearted girl whose appearance is better than Feng Lan’s in every way. Falls in love with Prince but gets over that and marries Broken Sword.

Snow White Rose’s real life identity is Ou Yang Mei, Feng Lan’s twenty-three-year-old distant cousin (mother’s sister’s husband’s uncle’s daughter). She is baby-faced and looks younger than Feng Lan. Her character is fairly beautiful.

She first met Prince when he was trying to become a warrior. Along with her team, the Rose Team, she helped him fight wolves and complete the warrior quest. Later, she and Fairsky fell in love with him. While Fairsky tried to win Prince over with money and riches, Rose was always quietly loving from afar.

During the Adventurers’ Tournament, Odd Squad was up against Team Rose. All the males on Team Rose complained that Prince had ruined their team. They dropped their weapons and quit because they didn’t want Fairsky’s money. Rose went over to Prince and told him she would learn to forget him, kissing him before quitting as well.

Later, Feng Lan found out that Rose was Ou Yang Mei, her cousin, but did not tell Rose who she was in Second Life to avoid making both of them embarrassed. The next time Lan met Rose in Second Life, Rose was happily married to Broken Sword.


In-game name: Fairsky (晴天 qíng tiān)
Race: Human; Class: Thief
In short: A rich girl who originally thinks money can win her anything in the world, including Prince. Part of Infinite City’s construction/planning department.

Fairsky first appeared in V1C3, where she fell in love with Prince on first sight. When Lolidragon and Prince were walking through the town later, she ambushed them and decided to kill Lolidragon so that Prince would love her. She and her goons were scared off by the appearance of Ugly Wolf.

At the beginning of the Adventurers’ Tournament, Odd Squad and Rose Team had a meal at a restaurant together. Prince forgave Fairsky for her past deeds, which resulted in Fairsky immediately asking to be Prince’s second wife. During the actual fight, it was revealed that Fairsky bought lavish weapons and equipment so that her team could make it through and she could meet Prince again. However, she was devastated when all her team members quit, with Rose even telling her to get over Prince.

A brief chat with Doll after the fight convinced Fairsky that she should use different methods to try to get Prince to like her. In Infinite City, she joined the competitors for Prince’s affections (Gui, Wicked, and Ice Phoenix); however, when Prince returned from the Eastern Continent, she fell in love with Sunshine. Even after learning he was an NPC, she kept on loving him and was rewarded with her affections being returned.

Fairsky was one of the people who showed up for the real-life battle with Long Dian, and practically stripped Feng Lan, revealing her true gender offline.


In-game name: Broken Sword (断剑 duàn jiàn)
Race: Human; Class: Warrior
In short:


In-game name: Legolas
Race: Elf; Class: Archer
In short:


In-game name: For Healing Only (补血专用 bŭ xuě zhuān yòng)
Race: Elf; Class: Priest
In short:


In-game name: The Strongest Elf (最强的精灵 zuì qiáng dè jīng líng)
Race: Elf; Class: Warrior
In short: