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Author: Yu Wo (御我); Novel Illustrator: Blaze; Cover Illustrator: Chris (克里斯)


A father who saw this child as the spawn of a demon. An elder brother who vowed to protect his younger brother.

Fate was not the moment when the brothers were reunited, but when they embarked on a path where they could no longer turn back.

The boy he remembered no longer existed. Before him was a cold machine, all that was left after the modifications.

He was called Dark Sun. He was created to protect his highest priority master. He was created to fight.

In the next moment—

Sharp metal nails impaled the man called “Father” in front of him—Grim Reaper, demon, an unfilial child who killed his father. They became fact. Furthermore, they became an inevitable destiny.

“My Dìdi is human, not a robot!” His older brother roared.

And the robot Dark Sun unexpectedly began to shed tears.


Eclipse Hunter, also known as Hunting of the Shaded Guardian, is a series of Chinese Novels written by Yu Wo (御我) completed at five volumes. It is the prequel to No Hero; however, they can be read separately without knowledge of either. This series details An Xiang Ye’s journey from being Ri Xiang Ye to Dark Sun, and will give more insight to the story before No Hero.

Yu Wo first released a self-published version of Eclipse Hunter at conventions before the series was then officially published. Our translation is based off of the mass published version of Eclipse Hunter, the 2nd edition.

Odd Squad Scanlations has previously worked on the series until Volume 4 based on the self-published version, the 1st edition. Our naming and terminology will differ, and there will be some differences in content because of the different editions.

For more information on Yu Wo, here is her official blog.

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