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Author: Yu Wo (御我)


Unable to control his mouth, Lin Jian Yin scared away eight previous girlfriends and six previous managers thanks to his poisonous words. Finally unable to stand it, he goes to a strange antique shop recommended by his friend. The shop supposedly has something that can help him.

Even though a Nintendo that plays cartridges is a bit outdated, and probably no one plays it anymore, isn’t it too exaggerated to place it in an antique shop to sell?

After returning home with a Nintendo, Lin Jian Yin inserts the cartridge that the owner sold to him at a huge discount. Only then does he discover that this is actually a simulation game. The female protagonist isn’t a cute loli, nor is she a mature woman. Rather, with her old lady hair and blue-white slippers, she is such a frightening woman that calling her a Taiwanese babe would seriously be insulting Taiwanese babes.

Gods! His mission is actually to help this woman marry a perfect prince! How is that possible!!!

Wait, as the main guy protagonist, Lin Jian Yin actually isn’t the prince. Then, then, who exactly is he… No, “what” exactly is he?


Romance RPG is one of Yu Wo’s earliest works. It is one volume long and is out of print. She is the sole owner of the rights to this novel and has posted the novel in its entirety in her blog. For more information on Yu Wo, here is her official blog.

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  1. lulumoon

    I’m not sure if it’s my phone, but whenever I try to read chapter 12 nothing shows up. Only the page header, nothing else. I’ve tried from chapter 11, 13, main list, went back to updates in October 2015, and even google. None work.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Only chapter 12? Can you take a screenshot? If you’re able to use a different device, are you able to access the chapter?

    • lulumoon

      It works now. Restarted my phone last night, tried again, still nothing, posted comment. But this morning it worked.

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