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Below are descriptions of the characters who have appeared so far in our translations. The avatars were drawn by Shan Gui (山鬼) and Lü Chuan Ming (綠川明).

The Main Characters
noherocharles Charles Endelis
“I am a butler.” “For a vampire, it is hard to find a job as a butler.” “If something like that really were to happen, then I will gaze into the sky and wait.”
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Green
Occupation: Butler
Weapon: Blood Ability Rapiers
Nicknames: Vampire Butler
Charles is a fifth generation vampire on his mother’s side. He also comes from a long line of human butlers on his father’s side. He takes great pride in his profession and, as such, believes his pay is a result of the quality of his work. Therefore he does not enjoy doing things outside of his job description such as fighting or killing and thus is constantly unemployed. This changes when Ah Ye hires him as his butler. Despite his cynical view towards the current era, Charles has kept up with the technological changes so he can further aid his employer. He has a keen eye for fine things, noticing that even though the furniture in An Xiang’s apartment looks ordinary from a distance, they are actually quite expensive and valuable.

According to Kyle, Charles’s danger factor is at 10% and has a gentile personality, which is a rarity among vampires. He is 150 years old and still considered a child amongst vampires. However, since Charles is a fifth generation vampire, he is stronger than later generations and is not affected by silver unless it touches his blood.

An Xiang Ye
“I’m very sorry, I didn’t do it intentionally. If I have offended you, I deeply regret it.” “I may be able to help you out.”
Hair color: Silver
Eye Color: Black
Occupation: University Student- Combat Major
Weapon: Entire Body
Nicknames: Ah Ye, Young Master, the little young master
NoHero Ah Ye
An Xiang Ye is a sincere, young man with a friendly manner who concerns himself with the welfare of others. He comes from a wealthy background but likes to be low key both in attire and living space. He hires Charles to be his butler after finding out Charles’s trouble with finding a job. There are 372 skilled bodyguards tailing him at all times, though he has a penchant for eluding them.

Ah Ye has a huge appetite and is capable of eating food for five people. He loves barbecued meat and fried food in particular. He likes virtual games, motorcycles, and his older brother. He has a talent for reading faces.

Other Characters
Missing Profile Kyle
“I know.”
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Blue
Occupation: Secretary/Butler/All-Purpose Computer
Weapon: ??
Nicknames: Kyle-gē
Kyle works for Ah Ye’s older brother as his secretary but also, unofficially, serves as his “butler.” He investigated Charles’s background and deems him safe enough to work for Ah Ye. He is also able to inform Charles about Ah Ye’s likes and vaguely describe his background.
“372 brothers, butler. Do you have any idea what that number means?”
Hair color: ??
Occupation: Bodyguard Captain
Weapon: ??
Nicknames: ??
Bramble is the captain of the 372 bodyguards from Sun Security assigned to protect Ah Ye. Their mission is ‘Protect to the Death;’ and if they fail to find Ah Ye within twenty-four hours they will be executed. As such, Bramble gets annoyed when Ah Ye sneaks off as he jeopardizes the lives of his ‘brothers.’ He attempts to convince Charles to help keep track of Ah Ye as he has been ordered not to monitor the inside of Ah Ye’s apartment.

He believes that people should put their faith in bodyguards and not wait around for heroes.

briar Briar
Hair color: ??
Occupation: ??
Weapon: ??
Nicknames: Bri
Briar is Bramble’s young daughter. She is saved by Solitary Butterfly and Dark Sun when she was used as a hostage by bandits. Dark Sun promised he would marry her.
“I have never taken people who don’t dare to fight me fair and square and even have to resort to capturing hostages seriously!” “Who did you say would be beaten until lying flat on the ground?”
Hair color: Orange
Occupation: Free-For-All Combat- Four Time Champion
Weapon: Fists
Nicknames: ??
Ezart is an ex-classmate of Ah Ye’s and currently holds the title of fourth successive time champion of Free-For-All Combat. He is proud of his strength and feels that body modifications are “ugly.” Despite his strength, he has never won against Ah Ye. He owes money to El.
melody Melody
“What are you daydreaming for!”
Hair color: Blond
Occupation: Killer
Weapon: ??
Nicknames: ??
Melody is an eighth generation vampire who was originally going to serve Ah Ye. It seems that the two did not like one another as she ended up being turned away from the position. She holds Ah Ye’s older brother in high esteem and only wanted to serve Ah Ye in an attempt to get close to him. She is aware of the extreme actions Ah Ye’s brother takes in matters concerning his little brother and warns Charles not to encourage Ah Ye to be independent.

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  1. angelmicx

    Hi. I commend you all for your hard work on translating and misc. things that you put on this website.

    About the Char. Infos. of No Hero, will the other Heroes (The ones that have been shown so far) be also put on this list?
    So far we have:
    1. Solitary Butterfly
    2. Dark Sun
    3. The Hero apprentice who nearly became Charles’ lunch (That doesn’t need to be listed)

    Also Bramble & Briar (if they have a somewhat longer screen time).

    • [PR]dethsteal

      Thanks for your comment!
      Reoccurring characters will be added. Bramble and Briar had a lot of action a few chapters ago so I will be adding their profiles soon.

  2. 15B

    Q.Q What happened to Ezart’s orange hair and dragon tattoo?

    (And Dar grew his hair out! It used to be so neat and tidy… He even got rid of those glasses ____ disliked so much. NOOOOO… I miss nerdy Dar!)

  3. 御我的脑残粉丝之一

    why Endelis and not Endless? isn’t 安德利斯契约=Endless……
    and also, I just remembered that this story actually has a prequel about Ah Ye’s past, 玄日狩(Eclipse Hunter), maybe it could be added in the info.. just a suggestion tho

    • [PR]lucathia

      We decided to choose a surname that felt more like a surname. Endelis is an actual surname, one we felt sounded very close to the pronunciation of “endless.” In Chinese, it’s based on pronunciation too, and Charles really makes it clear what his surname refers to when he talks about the contract. Having it straight out be “endless” kind of takes away from his explanation.

  4. 15B

    Oh oh! The character intros Oddsquad posted up for Volume 5 say that Kyle has black hair and blue eyes! His weapon is… The computer?

    With black hair, blue eyes, and glasses, Kyle sounds like a typical megane character! (All-purpose computer, go go!)

  5. dollyfishe

    just started to read a few chapter of eclipse hunter ^^
    the pair, dar and ezart, really remind me a lot of liola and kaiser ^o^ at first, i thought that Yu Wo had a silver hair fetish, but then realize that liola had a black hair and not silver (since prince was also had a silver hair, and Sun too …) @@ oh well, who cares about that tho :p what amazed me still that the trouble they created seems to be a whole lot bigger than the previous one. like usual, the story still makes others thrown me a strange looks *hahahhaha after a while, i dont give a damn anymore (to that others) and continues to read*

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