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Below are descriptions of the characters who have appeared so far in our translations. The art is drawn by Wu Ling, the official artist for the series.

The Main Characters
Jiang Shuyu / Guan Weijun
(疆書宇 / 關薇君)
Hair color: Black // Green
Age: 18 // 35
Occupation: University student // Office worker
Power: Ice ability// Far-sight
Weapon: Ice spear and dagger // Stave
Nicknames: Xiao Yu / Handsome boy // ?
18 years old. A beautiful young man. The middle child of the three siblings. Because he was hit on the head by a falling tile, his inside was switched to a female soul. His body is a sis-con, while his soul is a bro-con. He likes both women with hot figures and handsome, muscular men. He is frequently troubled by his own queer tastes and lack of shame.

Originally, she was Guan Weijun, a 35-year old woman struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world with her meager powers of far-sight. After dying, she unexpectedly wakes up in the body of Jiang Shuyu, a promising, young lad of 17 who had been put into a coma after an accident. Much to her dismay, she has to live again through the apocalypse on Earth that was different from the one she knew. As she gradually warms up to her new family and friends, she becomes determined to prevent these people coming to harm, and at the same time, increasingly fearful that they would discover she was not the Xiao Yu that they all so loved.

Jiang Shutian
Hair color: ?
Age: 27
Occupation: Mercenary leader of Jiang Dominion Troop
Combat specialty: Leadership, marksmanship, unarmed combat
Power: Healing ability
Weapon: Desert Eagle
Nicknames: Boss / Dàgē
27 years old. The mighty Dàgē. The eldest of the three siblings. There’s no need to describe all the many ways he is awesome and mighty. There’s no need to describe the various ways he could take over the world. He’s a complete boss-level character. He is extremely biased toward his own people and extremely merciless toward outsiders. His dìdi and mèimei are his heaven and earth respectively. Not someone you want to mess with.
Jiang Shujun
Hair color: Black
Age: 15
Occupation: Secondary school student
Power: Electric ability
Nicknames: Junjun
15 years old. A pretty girl. The youngest of the three siblings. She is gentle, cute, wise, forgiving, lively, and adorable (to Shuyu). She loves Èrgē the most. She looks gentle and frail on the outside, but she dares to challenge Dàgē and fights to protect her Èrgē, to prevent him from being teased to tears by Dàgē.

Xiao Sha

Hair color: Black
Age: 25
Occupation: Mercenary
Combat specialty: Subterfuge
Power: Wind ability
Weapon: Dagger, Knife
Real name: Shangguan Chensha (上官辰沙)
25 years old. Stoic mercenary. Called Shangguan Chensha, which sounds like a character name out of a Wuxia novel. Since no other mercenary was able to remember his name, he was nicknamed Xiao Sha (Little Sand). Then, on a certain mission where he was stationed in the swamp for some time, he got so bored that he made a bet with Cain on who can kill the most mosquitoes. In the end, he won with a huge margin of fifty-odd kills, and his nickname then changed to Xiao Sha (Little Killer).
Hair color: Blond
Age: 28
Occupation: Mercenary
Power: Fire ability
Weapon: Nunchucks, M4 carbine
28 years old. A foreigner with shiny, white teeth. Loves to speak Chinese and takes great joy in learning Chinese idioms, but because of his poor memory, keeps misusing the idioms. His favorite thing to do is, after someone has spent half a day struggling to talk to him in broken English, to respond with a long tongue twister of “Chī pútáo bù tǔ pútáopí, bù chī pútáo dào tǔ pútáozǐ.”

Note: this is a tongue twister which means “If you eat a grape, spit out the grape’s skin. If you don’t eat a grape, don’t spit out the skin“ (吃葡萄不吐葡萄皮不吃葡萄倒吐葡萄籽). So this is just Cain being a jerk and showing off his prowess in Chinese.

Jin Feng
Hair color: Black
Age: 25
Occupation: triad top honcho
Power: Fire ability
Nicknames: Dàjiě
25 years old. A triad top honcho Dàjiě. Didn’t know the difference between her and guys as a child, and even declared that she would marry someone as cute as her little sister. Only realized that she really was different from men when her chest started to grow bigger and bigger. As for the question about getting a wife, well, marrying a guy who is just as cute as her sister will also do.

Ceng Yunqian

Hair color: ?
Age: 28
Occupation: Mercenary
Combat specialty: Marksman and Sharpshooter
Power: Water ability
Weapon: Sniper rifle
28 years old, the kind of sniper where the person and the rifle are equally lethal. Ever since she was little, she discovered that she liked sweet, tender girls, so from the age of three, she had already proposed to take her childhood friend’s hand in marriage. She couldn’t come out of the closet any younger. Her dream is to marry a gentle wife and have a cute daughter who would ideally be as cute as Shujun. “Boss, my room door’s always unlocked. Come have a kid with me. You can have the boys, and I’ll keep all the girls.”
Hair color: ?
Age: 30
Occupation: Mercenary
Power: Far-sight
Weapon: Semi-automatic MP7
30 years old, the older sister type whose bark is louder than her bite. Because she’s gentle at heart, she intentionally dresses up like she’s the fiery and fiercely independent kind of woman. She will never admit to falling for telephone scams, and will never admit that when she was little, she had met Ceng Yunqian and was proposed to with a foxtail… Ahem! Nope! It really never happened!
Ice Emperor (冰皇), Jiang Shutian

Hair color: White
Age: 37
Occupation: Mercenary Leader, Twelve strongest Elite
Power: Ice ability
Weapon: Diamond ice?
Nicknames: Ice Emperor

37 years old, the upgraded version of the mighty Dágē. He’s the Jiang Shutian of another world, the famous human elite with ice powers. He is known as the Ice Emperor and is the person that Jiang Shuyu deeply worshiped. But right now, his mental image of this mighty personage is being completely ruined.

13 Responses

  1. Luen

    “Getting bullied into tears”? LOL does that sound like Grisia and Lesus to anyone?

  2. midori

    These siblings are so awesome! Since there’s a summary for Jiang Shuyu, i sure hope that we’ll get to meet him in the story, too!

  3. EclipseK

    Jiang Shutian is a lot like Devon (Eclipse Hunter English name for Ah Ye’s brother), Shuyu is similar to Grisia, and I don’t know who to compare Shujun to. I love these characters, it’s like a mix from Eclipse Hunter and LSK.

    • Christine

      Really? I don’t think he’s as shameless and devious as Grisia is, though. The only thing they really have in common is their sense of unbreakable loyalty towards close friends and family and ‘bad’ habit of sacrificing themselves for other people.

  4. Mars

    Such an interesting plot. The protagonist’s struggle with himself?/herself?. I wish it will be update every month. It’s a torture to wait for the next chapter. Haha.

    • Mist

      Agreed. I wish there is a update schedule posted. Or is there one and I just haven’t found it yet?

  5. 1ily

    You can update these now that Yu Wo released some covers and art of the characters now, right?

  6. Anthony

    ^ this. I don’t mind it not being here because I seen’t it already in the chapters, however newcomers and potential readers might like the images of the mcs… sidebar; mcs autocorrects to McDonald’s on my phone. Wtf.

    • [PR]lucathia

      We currently don’t have anyone working on any of our character pages, but I suppose I could take the character intros from the books and put them here as the characters are introduced. Our character pages are fairly low priority right now.

  7. Miaka_Mei

    Hi guys i don’t know much about the translator team and original author, but i went stalking on YuWo’s fb and saw this:

    不殺(Kill No More)
    吾命騎士(The Legend of Sun Knight)
    非關英雄(No Hero)
    公華(Black Flower)
    玄日狩(Dark Sun)
    終疆(Endless World)
    神次子(The Second Son)

    “Endless World” instead of “Dominion’s End”. Just wondering, is the title relevant?

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Elkin says that our explanation for why we chose to translate it as “Dominion’s End”, along with Yu Wo’s rationale for the original Chinese title can be found in the afterword of DE V1.
      “Dominion’s End [Zhong Jiang, 終疆]: ‘zhong/終’ means ‘end,’ while ‘jiang/疆’ means ‘territory.’ In this context, I used it to mean the world, so ‘Dominion’s End’ actually just means ‘The End of the World.’ Using simplistic titles like ‘I Am a Knight’ would cause the author to be ridiculed for being uneducated, so I end up having to twist the titles around to pretend like I’ve got some semblance of sophistication.

      When I came up with the title, I took the opportunity to look up the meaning of ‘jiang’ and discovered it could be used as a surname. So that’s the story behind the surname of the three Jiang siblings. Come to think of it, the name of the male protagonist—er, sort-of-male protagonist—Jiang Shuyu (疆書宇), sprung to mind just as quickly.”

      If you’re asking why we chose not to go with Yu Wo’s English translation for the title of Dominion’s End (and some of her other titles), it’s usually in favor of a title that we think better captures the meaning of the original.

  8. YiroenUrme

    All of their age was suprised me. I mean, Ma’am, THAT AGE GAP BETWEEN FENG AND OUR XIAOYU, JUST… I Love It :}

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