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Below are descriptions of the characters who have appeared so far in our translations. The art is drawn by Wu Ling, the official artist for the series.

The Main Characters
Jiang Shuyu / Guan Weijun
(疆書宇 / 關薇君)
Hair color: ? / ?
Age: 18 / 35
Occupation: university student / ?
Power: ? / ?
Weapon: ? / ?
Nicknames: ?
An eighteen-year old handsome young man. The second oldest amongst the three siblings. Because he was hit by a falling tile, a female soul now resides inside him. His body is a sis-con, but his (?) soul is a bro-con. Digs both girls with hot bodies and handsome, muscular guys. Has been constantly troubled by his own tastes in people and his lack of morals.

Originally, she was Guan Weijun, a 35-year old woman struggling to survive in a post-apocalyptic world with her meager powers of far sight. After dying, she unexpectedly wakes up in the body of Jiang Shuyu, a promising, young lad of 17 who had been put into a coma after an accident. Much to her dismay, she has to live again through the apocalypse on Earth that was different from the one she knew. As she gradually warms up to her new family and friends, she becomes determined to prevent these people coming to harm, and at the same time, increasingly fearful that they would discover she was not the Xiao Yu that they all so loved.

Jiang Shutian
Hair color: ?
Age: 27
Occupation: ?
Combat specialty: ?
Power: ?
Weapon: ?
Nicknames: ?
Twenty-seven. An imposing ‘dage’. The oldest amongst the three siblings, he is a boss-level character whose power and ferocity needs no describing and whose world conquest is just a matter of time. Extremely protective of people close to him and completely merciless to outsiders. His brother and sister are his world. Never cross them.
Jiang Shujun
Hair color: ?
Age: 15
Occupation: ?
Power: ?
Weapon: ?
Nicknames: ?
A fifteen-year old pretty girl. The youngest sister amongst the three siblings, she is gentle, cute, wise, forgiving, lively and charming (by Shuyu). She loves her second brother the best. Though she looks delicate on the outside, she has the guts to challenge her big brother to protect her second brother, and prevent him from getting bullied into tears by her big brother.

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  1. Luen

    “Getting bullied into tears”? LOL does that sound like Grisia and Lesus to anyone?

  2. midori

    These siblings are so awesome! Since there’s a summary for Jiang Shuyu, i sure hope that we’ll get to meet him in the story, too!

  3. EclipseK

    Jiang Shutian is a lot like Devon (Eclipse Hunter English name for Ah Ye’s brother), Shuyu is similar to Grisia, and I don’t know who to compare Shujun to. I love these characters, it’s like a mix from Eclipse Hunter and LSK.

  4. Mars

    Such an interesting plot. The protagonist’s struggle with himself?/herself?. I wish it will be update every month. It’s a torture to wait for the next chapter. Haha.

    • Mist

      Agreed. I wish there is a update schedule posted. Or is there one and I just haven’t found it yet?

  5. 1ily

    You can update these now that Yu Wo released some covers and art of the characters now, right?

  6. Anthony

    ^ this. I don’t mind it not being here because I seen’t it already in the chapters, however newcomers and potential readers might like the images of the mcs… sidebar; mcs autocorrects to McDonald’s on my phone. Wtf.

    • [PR]lucathia

      We currently don’t have anyone working on any of our character pages, but I suppose I could take the character intros from the books and put them here as the characters are introduced. Our character pages are fairly low priority right now.

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