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Click on any of the novel covers below to jump to the corresponding synopsis below. Cover art for the novels are by Chris (克里斯) The synopses were translated from the back cover of the novels. Please note that they may contain SPOILERS.

Eclipse Hunter Volume 1 Eclipse Hunter Volume 2
Eclipse Hunter Volume 1:
Eclipse Hunter Volume 2:
Having Friends, Having Feelings
Eclipse Hunter Volume 3 Eclipse Hunter Volume 4
Eclipse Hunter Volume 3:
Angel, Slaughter
Eclipse Hunter Volume 4:
Truth and Lies, Boundaries
Eclipse Hunter Volume 5
Eclipse Hunter Volume 5:
Demon of Love

Eclipse Hunter Volume 1: Brothers

Original work by: Yu Wo (御我)/ISBN: 9789866219344

A father who saw this child as the spawn of a demon. An elder brother who vowed to protect his younger brother.

Fate was not the moment when the brothers were reunited, but when they embarked on a path where they could no longer turn back.

The boy he remembered no longer existed. Before him was a cold machine, all that was left after the modifications.

He was called Dark Sun. He was created to protect his highest priority master. He was created to fight.

In the next moment—

Sharp metal nails impaled the man called “Father” in front of him—Grim Reaper, demon, an unfilial child who killed his father. They became fact. Furthermore, they became an inevitable destiny.

“My Dìdi is human, not a robot!” His older brother roared.

And the robot Dark Sun unexpectedly began to shed tears.

Eclipse Hunter Volume 2: Having Friends, Having Feelings

Original work by: Yu Wo (御我)/ISBN: 9789866219405

Can you only feel “pain” because you have feelings?

A friend who had turned their back was actually more heartless than a cold robot…

A hidden identity to cast aside a destiny of battle and slaughter—Grim Reaper, can you truly wash away the blood that covers you from head to toe?

Because of his brother’s wish, Dark Sun was determined to become an “ordinary boy.”

He stepped out of the laboratory and away from his loved ones to take back that which he had been deprived of.

In that case, did that also include “friends?” But what could even be called a “friend?”

Hidden behind a silver visor was nothing more than a fragile but completely sincere heart.

The black sun realized that what he had been longing for all along was more love…

“Will you turn your back on me?”

The hope that shone in his eyes gradually went out.

His entire world was nothing but darkness…

Eclipse Hunter Volume 3: Angel, Slaughter

Original work by: Yu Wo (御我)/ISBN: 9789866219481

Angel and demon. Are they truly unable to coexist?

If he existed for so much as a day, everyone he loved would suffer…

Even with tremendous influence and power, being ordinary was a wish out of reach.

Even if he pretended to be an ordinary boy, it was impossible to conceal his ever-present stench of slaughter!

Could it be that he truly was the spawn of a demon, as Father had said?

For the sake of a loved one, even if it was clearly a trap, he would step in!

It was clear that to personally deal with a traitor could only bring pain. He had to allow his hands to be stained with blood…

“Why did you want to kill him? Do you like killing that much?”

Each wanted to protect the other. But in the end, they only hurt each other…

Eclipse Hunter Volume 4: Truth and Lies, Boundaries

Original work by: Yu Wo (御我)/ISBN: 9789866219566

Clearly longing for love, yet wanting to pretend he had no emotions?

A grim reaper with emotions who no one could replace…

Voluntarily turning off the emotions switch, the pure angel returned to being the cold Dark Sun.

What could they do to turn on this unyielding switch once more?

Facing a clone who looked exactly like him, this stubborn teenager seemed to be unable to suppress the emotions in his heart.

If this other version of him would never make a mistake and would never hurt the people he loved, then he should choose to make himself disappear…

How could a person who had cast aside his emotions shed tears?

Repeatedly speaking of his hatred, but his actions were full of love!

“Why are humans so complicated. So hard to understand…”

Eclipse Hunter Volume 5: Demon of Love

Original work by: Yu Wo (御我)/ISBN: 9789866219757

Because the blood that flowed in them was different, did that mean they were unable to truly love?

Even if the only path is to destruction, I still wish to protect you…

Tearing away the mask, the person underneath was the one called “Father” who had unexpectedly reappeared before this teenager’s eyes!

Faced with an order he could not disobey, Dark Sun defeated all of his friends. He even lied to and killed the family that he loved the most with his own mouth, his own hands.

But just as the demon’s spawn was about to cause the sun to fall from the sky, a truth hidden as vengeance turned everything around…

Even if I can only choose one thing, even if the tragedy must repeat, I would still stain my hands with blood for you. Because…

“My sole mission is to hunt down all of your enemies!”