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Below are descriptions of the characters who have appeared so far in our translations. The avatars were drawn by Jiu Yue Zi (九月紫).

The Main Characters
Most loved in life: His family
Most hated in life: The things he sees with his left eye
Love and hate: Lu Yang
Specialized weapon: Left eye
[Predicted statistics – A rough look]
Combat abilities stats: 30
Physique stats: 60
Support stats: 99
Overall, he is an ordinary happy-go-lucky university student. Other than his left eye, he doesn’t have any troubles. However, just having this left eye has made him troubled enough. Other than having a small patch that has turned blue on the pupil, this left eye holds yet another secret – To be able to see things that shouldn’t be seen.
Most loved in life: Mommy
Most hated in life: Being scolded by Mommy
Love and hate: Jiang Ziya
Specialized weapon: ???
[Predicted statistics – A rough look]
Combat abilities stats: ???
Physique stats: 30
Support stats: 10
Jiang Jiang
A three-year-old girl. She is Jiang Ziya’s sister’s daughter. However, things seem to be a little strange somewhere. On this little girl, there is a big secret that needs to be forgotten, and once remembered…
Most loved in life: Jiang Jiang
Most hated in life: Being forgotten
Love and hate: Jiang Yu
Specialized weapon: Producing illusions
[Predicted statistics – A rough look]
Combat abilities stats: 40
Physique stats: 10
Support stats: 60
Seems to be a doll that Jiang Yu had as a child. At the moment, she has materialized as Jiang Jiang’s twin sister. When the story started, she was an existence that was near to that of an “illusion.” How long she has existed and the reason why she has appeared is unknown.