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Author: Yu Wo (御我); Novel Illustrator: Wu Ling (50/午零)


If you could return to the day you met, what would the two of you do?

“Ah! Fate is unfathomable like that. Never would anyone be able to guess that such an ordinary encounter could lead to such an extraordinary future. Although our encounter that day contributed to a resplendent future, I sometimes find myself reminiscing about ordinary days. If time could be rewound, would I choose to step foot into that tavern where we met… Ah, no! Even if that tavern had not existed, we would definitely have met anyway, because our encounter was indispensable fate!”

“With my blade, I’ll cut the tavern, destiny, and this bastard in half all at the same time.”
–Red Cloak


Female Warrior is a novel series written by Yu Wo. Only two short volumes that can be thought of as “prequels” to the main Female Warrior storyline have been published so far. The main story has not been published yet. Yu Wo has revealed that Female Warrior details the 1st generation of the Twelve Holy Knights from the Legend of Sun Knight.

For more information on Yu Wo, here is her official blog.

If you have time, why not leave a comment below reviewing this series?

Comments (101)

  1. 3:08 am, October 11, 2012Amay bee  / Reply

    The first generation sunkights!!! Oh my god of light! I’m SO excited!!!! *・゜゚・*:.。..。.:*・'(*゚▽゚*)’・*:.。. .。.:*・゜゚・*

  2. 8:01 am, October 11, 2012momiji  / Reply

    this sounds sooooo promising!=D Looking forward to this ^^

  3. 1:36 pm, October 11, 2012EliSan  / Reply

    I’m so touched TT.TT
    And I was even thinking “1/2 prince is finishing. And what am I going to read?”
    Thank you Yo Wo!!!
    Thank you PR!!!
    May the god of light show his benevolence upon you all

  4. 7:47 pm, October 11, 2012Jasae Bushae  / Reply

    hmm….so only two short volumes so far? interesting…so that would mean that its going to be translated relatively quickly (unless the first volume comes out) leading to work on another series?

    • 11:56 pm, October 11, 2012[PR]lucathia  / Reply

      @Jasae Bushae
      Yu Wo plans to write FW in the future (it sounds like her next project), but currently she still has No Hero (1 volume left, volume 8), Gong Hua (3 volumes left, volumes 4-6), and 39 LSK (2 volumes left, volumes 2-3) to write. I hope we’ll see the main story of FW soon! I can’t wait to find out more about the 1st gen~.

      • 7:30 am, October 12, 2012Jasae Bushae  / Reply

        Squeee~ I am envious of the dedication Yu Wo has to be mannaging so many series at once X3 golly I have a long way to go before im even a tenth as talented. XD
        But wow…Eight volumes of no hero, six volumes of gong hua (which if i recall is something about a dryad/flower/elf for a world tree) three volumes of the sequel to legend of sun knight…..PrinceRevolution is going to be busy for quite a while. XD
        And im likewise quite looking forward to it~ My question though was if you all manage to translate 1/2 prince and then these two mini volumes, whether or not you intended to pick up another series like No Hero while waiting for the publishing of female warrior
        Purely hypothetical and if I had to guess it would probably take something like eighteen months if the 1/2 prince spin-off and the female warrior chapters are near as long as I expect, though im kinda curious.

        • 2:22 am, October 18, 2012SnowStorm  / Reply

          @Jasae Bushae
          Yeah, I really think Yu Wo is amazing, not only for her writing, but her managing ability.
          And I wish you best of luck with your writing!

          • 8:09 pm, October 19, 2012Jasae Bushae 

            An ability to pour endlessly over work that rivals even that of the storm knight! Her fans can rest easy knowing that even if she were to die she would come back as a death knight to continue writing~

  5. 12:24 am, October 12, 2012  / Reply

    Holy Crap! I never would’ve guessed what this was about from the title! I seriously can’t wait!! Question though: I know this is the 1st gen and the current LSK is about the 38th gen, but has there been anything yet that could count as a spoiler for LSK? I would hate to start reading Female Warrior and accidentally find out something that isn’t mentioned until the end of LSK.

    • 12:54 am, October 12, 2012[PR]lucathia  / Reply

      They are many, many generations apart. The entire continent is quite different from what we see in LSK. What has been released so far doesn’t have anything to do with the main plot of LSK.

      • 3:07 am, October 12, 2012[PR]dahlys  / Reply

        20 years per generation x 38 generations = 760 years apart

        o.o It’s a completely different era! It’s like comparing us to the people living in the 1200s.

        • 2:28 pm, October 12, 2012  / Reply

          I wasn’t really referring to the main plot. After all, 760 years is definitely a different era. More like, is there background information on the Church/God of Light, or something else, in FW that somehow becomes a key point in later LSK books?

          • 1:46 am, October 13, 2012[PR]azakura 

            not really. there’s really no link other than the fact that Sun and Judge of the 38th generation are similar to the 1st gen’s (something we already know). no spoilers by me ~(x__x)~

    • 5:50 am, October 19, 2012lydia  / Reply


      same here. never thought it would be anything related to LSK .
      when i read it:
      1st generation holy knights?O.o

  6. 12:51 am, October 12, 2012CocoFlower  / Reply

    Kyaaaaaaa first gen!!!! *is fangirling* But wait…FEMALE warrior…Omg what if one of the holy knights is a cross dresser? What if It’s the Sun Knight?! xD xD

    • 2:12 pm, October 12, 2012  / Reply

      If that’s true, I think we just figured out why the Sun Knight “can’t love women” and can only love the God of Light. Rofl poor Grisia!

      • 7:58 am, October 13, 2012Jasae Bushae  / Reply

        And why the sun knight must have a beautiful complexion and pretty hair and why the recommended method for storm knights to appease the squeeing fangirls is for one to snuggle up close to the sun knight…

        • 5:49 am, October 18, 2012immasweetslovinggirl  / Reply

          @Jasae Bushae

  7. 2:23 am, October 12, 2012Aurelia  / Reply

    I’m so glad PR! is translating Female Warrior! I can’t wait for this to be released((: Thank you so much!! <3
    Here're the cookies. /offers
    Jiayous! I'd apply for translator, but I'm kinda busy for now… Maybe next year(:
    Thanks again for all you all have done:D

  8. 4:37 am, October 12, 2012mearo  / Reply

    1st generation of LSK but somehow it’s like it has the same feel of the three main characters of 1/2 prince xiao lan/prince, wicked and gui.

  9. 11:46 am, October 12, 2012~Ren The Witch~  / Reply


    • 11:30 am, October 13, 2012Alyss  / Reply

      @~Ren The Witch~
      If you are, we can hallucinate together :b
      along with the twenty-something other people who also commented~

  10. 1:49 pm, October 12, 2012Aerebes  / Reply

    Oh man, I cannot wait, this is gonna be so awesome. Thank you so much Yu Wo and Prince Revolution for being awesome!!

  11. 2:28 pm, October 12, 2012miko  / Reply

    Oh, i so wanna read this!

  12. 10:10 pm, October 12, 2012Little Dragon Girl  / Reply

    This shall be interesting…Mwa ha ha ha ha! Thank you for uptaking another story, Prince Revolution. I never knew what I was doing one fateful day after I finished the HP manga currently out, I saw that it said there was a novel form and naively googled it…But it says “Female”…Maybe one of the Knights (even, *gasp*, the SUN KNIGHT!) was actually female and hid their gender, or maybe it’s about someone who was never a knight but had an important role in the Church anyway. Once more, this shall be interesting…

  13. 9:44 am, October 13, 2012Little Writer  / Reply

    …How in the world did you guys find this page????
    Second thing-The bard sounds like Gui~

    • 10:54 am, October 13, 2012Jasae Bushae  / Reply

      @Little Writer
      umm…as i recall one person found it hidden in the android version and when their comments received approval people who lurk the comment page or have a RSS feed got informed about comments on female warrior which lead to people clicking the comment to end up on the page XD

    • 11:33 am, October 13, 2012Alyss  / Reply

      @Little Writer
      Yeah, he does XD Plus their both bards.
      For some really strange reason, I can’t shake the feeling that ‘Red Cloak’ is a girl…which is why Bard saying such weird things ticks him/her off…or something. Even though Red Cloak’s bit doesn’t sound at all girly.
      Maybe I’ve been reading too much 1/2 Prince XD

      • 5:30 pm, February 10, 2013lilli  / Reply

        XD it seems like all of Yu Wo’s stories have a S+M relationship. From the looks of the pictures though, either both the bard and red cloak are girls or red cloak is a female and the bard is a male. T_T I was actually hoping for the other way around.

  14. 12:11 pm, October 13, 2012Mitsou  / Reply

    woa… Female warrior? Don’t tell me it’s sun knight …… (If that’s true then poooor Grisia and any other Sun knight for following the image of lady 1st generation Sun knight!)
    Sound interesting but it’s not finished yet_________ I can tell this will be a long wait!

  15. 10:24 pm, October 13, 2012MNeilG  / Reply

    that bard’s speech seems suspiciously like Sun-style convoluted way of speaking… :3

  16. 6:28 am, October 15, 2012Tinnis  / Reply

    Yeah, a story about the first generation of the twelve holy nights^^ This sounds so good, I’m looking forward to when you guys will start to translate this story. If it’s even half as funny and awesome as Legend of the Sun knight this should be an awesome read. Somehow I really have the feeling that the Bard will be the first Sun Knight and that the red cloak is going to be the first Judgment Knight.:) Just a question how long is this books, cause it’s written that they are short volumes.

  17. 9:00 pm, October 15, 2012starnorma  / Reply

    FIRST GENERATION TWELVE HOLY KNIGHTS!!!!! *uses a pillow to squeal into* I SO want to learn what the knights who started the tradition “the whole continent knows” are really like!!! Now I can finally know if the first Storm Knight’s hair was dyed or not. Was the first Sun as horrible as Grisia and Neo? Is the Judgment knight really such a horrible person? Was the Cloud Knight really a ghost? EEEEEEEE I’m so excited!

    • 10:44 am, October 16, 2012Jasae Bushae  / Reply

      As i recall from the description of cloud knight it mentioned ‘a cloud knight is a free spirit who drifts around of his own accord and can be found at the top of towers and in trees~….while the current one is more like a ghost who can be found in bookcases or cupboards.’

    • 7:11 pm, October 16, 2012  / Reply

      Also, did Hell Knight really exist?

    • 6:13 am, October 18, 2012immasweetslovinggirl  / Reply

      I don’t know if I am the only one but i want to see what happened to the sun knight line was it always so perverted and conniving or did it get that way later on

  18. 9:04 pm, October 15, 2012starnorma  / Reply

    Hold on…. Female Warrior? even amnesiac Grisia points out that the description of the sun Knight is like a “gorgeous beauty” ….ehh?!!! Could the first Sun Knight have been a girl?!!!

    • 10:45 am, October 16, 2012Jasae Bushae  / Reply

      so a female knight surrounded by eleven male knights…
      i have to wonder how many fangirls are squeeing and imprinting themselves on the main character ahead of time…

    • 2:23 am, October 18, 2012SnowStorm  / Reply

      So much makes sense then.
      Like how the Sun Knight may not love any woman and so on.

    • 6:14 am, October 18, 2012immasweetslovinggirl  / Reply

      And all of a sudden the world went siletn as the knowledge that the first sun knight was a girl was finally revealed

  19. 5:28 pm, October 16, 2012NeoWarrior  / Reply

    Ok, let’s see… We have a REDcloak that could be either a female version of Sun or Blaze(it IS RED)…

    What if ALL of the original Holy Knights were female?! After all, it IS Female Warrior!
    That would make the Church of the God of Light liers and bastards! {no surprise there…}

    • 5:30 pm, October 16, 2012NeoWarrior  / Reply


      Everyone! Look at THIS

      RedCloak is Judge and the Bard is Sun!!!!!

      • 8:47 pm, October 16, 2012Jasae Bushae  / Reply

        you link hunters are just plain awesome you know that? XD
        hmm..now to find a means of translating that..

        • 11:06 pm, October 16, 2012Raylight  / Reply

          @Jasae Bushae
          Don’t bother translating it – The character descriptions aren’t fully up yet, and those are just random words to fill up space and make sure the thing looks right ^^;

        • 2:30 am, October 17, 2012[PR]lucathia  / Reply

          @Jasae Bushae
          It’s just Lorem Ipsum. =P Gibberish to make sure the spacing is correct. You’ll notice how the tables in the 1/2 Prince character page doesn’t display correctly halfway down. It’s because there isn’t enough text to expand the tables…

          • 12:44 pm, October 17, 2012Jasae Bushae 

            ah….*had spent hours tossing up random language dictionaries and theorizing it was in code like pig latin*
            i overthought it a bit ^^;

      • 2:27 am, October 18, 2012SnowStorm  / Reply

        Oh, it does seem like the bard is definitely Sun and the Red Cloak (whatever that is) is Judge (from hair and eye colour).
        But then, don’t all the theories of the first Sun Knight being a girl go up in smoke?
        I mean, it is called Female Warrior, but Sun is a bard…

        • 7:30 pm, October 18, 2012NeoWarrior  / Reply


          Even if we ignore thaeir hair and eye color as well as the fact that the bard seems to have fair skin, the female swordswoman seems to have an expression of cold-bloodedness that is usually thought to belong to Judge and the bard has a smiling expression of joy that seems to be thought to belong to Sun…

          Seriously, it’s pretty obvious who is who…

          • 8:49 pm, October 18, 2012SnowStorm 

            Wait, then are you implying that instead of the first Sun Knight, the first Judgement Knight was the cross-dresser?

  20. 5:35 pm, October 16, 2012NeoWarrior  / Reply

    12 Female Warriors changed through the current of time into 12 Holy Knights???

  21. 9:02 pm, October 16, 2012Jasae Bushae  / Reply

    huh…so the original sun knight was a cowardly bard and the original judgment was a blood knight who loved fighting…
    wow XD

  22. 2:56 am, October 17, 2012SnowStorm  / Reply

    Oh my gosh, Oh my God of Light! It’s the first gen!
    So many of my questions anwered!
    Was the first Sun Knight an albino?
    Did the first Storm Knight dye his hair?
    Does the first Hell Knight really exist?
    And so many more. Please feel free to add them!

    • 6:17 am, October 18, 2012immasweetslovinggirl  / Reply


  23. 10:58 pm, October 17, 2012MPToki  / Reply

    The first generation!!!!
    I am so hyped!
    Is it me or does the bard sound like Gui?
    Who could it be?!!!
    Thank You For This page =D

    • 11:16 pm, October 17, 2012NeoWarrior  / Reply

      I repeat, 12 Female Warriors

      • 11:34 am, October 18, 2012starnorma  / Reply

        but doesn’t that completely ignore the Storm Knight’s traits?

        • 8:51 pm, October 18, 2012SnowStorm  / Reply

          You’re right, but the female warrior can’t be Sun only, because he was a bard.
          So, it would only make sense if they were ALL females then, right?

      • 7:34 pm, October 18, 2012MPToki  / Reply

        There are 12 Female Warriors?!
        So the generation was all females?

  24. 5:45 am, October 18, 2012immasweetslovinggirl  / Reply


    • 8:55 pm, October 18, 2012SnowStorm  / Reply

      Oh, I think it was pretty sure that the Holy Knights down the generations have always tried to copy the first gen’s traits. So that would mean the those personalities were always the original personalities, implying that those were the REAL personalities of the first gen. So, it gets twisted along the way as the other following generations try to imitate them and hence become twisted.

  25. 6:19 am, October 18, 2012immasweetslovinggirl  / Reply


    • 8:55 pm, October 18, 2012SnowStorm  / Reply

      Yup, because the rule says, “May never love a woman”, not “May never fall in love”!

  26. 8:40 pm, October 19, 2012Mitsou  / Reply

    nvm…. The picture of the first gen Sun and Judge look suspiciously female…… maybe all of them are females? So the first Generation of Knight… is all…. female ahahahhahahahahahahhahah I originally thought it was only Sun, well, theory expanded (all of them, not just Sun now)

  27. 9:39 pm, October 19, 201215B  / Reply

    I believe it’s not the first Sun Knight who was a girl. (That would be lying and the original Sun Knight must be the epitome of goodness!) I think it might be the Hell Knight. Because the church could not reveal one of their knights was female, she probably had to stay in the shadows and rumors.

    • 6:33 am, November 8, 2012Chicaalterego  / Reply

      I completely agree with that. And I have the hunch that the picture we are seeing belongs to hell as well. I believe that hell being a girl makes more sense than Sun being a gril, and that Yu Wo is playing with her fans brains.

  28. 7:55 am, October 20, 2012Crues  / Reply

    I looking forward to female warrior

  29. 10:12 am, October 20, 2012  / Reply

    So, new theory! If the original Sun was actually a guy, maybe he said he could only love the God of Light so he could secretly date Judgment and let his suitors down easily, haha.

  30. 1:16 pm, October 20, 2012NeoWarrior  / Reply

    What if the God of Light was an actual person and O-Sun’s love interest?

    • 1:57 am, October 21, 2012Snowstorm  / Reply

      That… makes sense in a weird way that twists your brain but sounds… plausible…

  31. 7:43 am, October 24, 2012Crues  / Reply

    It’s would be better if you time to time translate all yu wo ‘ novel.
    The one who can understand or can read taiwanese or live in this country sure is a very lucky.
    So as the god of light will, help the poor( the one who can’t read taiwanese) by the twelve holy knight of the god of the church of light( pr staff). Thanks :D

  32. 11:49 am, October 27, 2012~Ren The Witch~  / Reply

    This saga looks REALLY promising! can hardly wait!

  33. 12:17 pm, October 29, 2012Keyless  / Reply

    Oh my gosh. Dang, give me another thing to anticipate, why don’t you? Oh well. I’ll be beginning to pick up Chinese in December, and hopefully I’ll catch on quickly enough (so…. many… characters…) to be helpful in some way in translating at some point in the future…

  34. 6:30 am, November 8, 2012Chicaalterego  / Reply

    If I had to take a guess, the “Female warrior” would be the hell knight. Think about it, if Sun was thought to be the Hell knight there is the possibilty that the “bard” who we all asume was the 1rst gen un knight, might have dressed like her to battle the enemies that were too powerfull. Also that would explain the whole mistery thing. Maybe the hell knight had a secret selection process since the knight could be either genre, and then the brainwashing would go about how to pretend to be a male, instead of impossing random personality traits.

  35. 1:35 am, November 11, 2012Mawy  / Reply

    kyyyaa!! So excited! (≧∇≦)

    Well, my guesses from the posted information (covers, titles, and synopses at the ‘Female Warrior Synopses’ page) will be…
    Prologue Volume 1: Light and Shadow – is probably an analogy to the character/personality of the Bard and Red Cloak, which can further be applied to Sun and Judgement and translated to the two factions within the Holy Knights. So probably Sun is the Bard and Judgement is Red Cloak. And Red Cloak seams to be a female (from the cover) and a warrior (from the cover and her way of speaking).
    Prologue Volume 2: The Number is Twelve. The dialogue implies that Silvester Uriah Nate (the bard perhaps?) and Carol (Red Cloak?), are forming a team and one of them wants to make it a 12 members team (1st generation Twelve Holy Knights?).

    Red Cloak might not be Judgement but the story probably centers around her. Also, as mentioned above, Bard’s way of speaking resembles that of Gui and can also be compared to Sun’s extensive wording. And by the way Red Cloak/Carol speaks, she can be considered stern and cold, and people will also think that she doesn’t get along with the bard…

    • 5:52 pm, November 12, 2012  / Reply

      I know you’re just sharing your theories, but it’s on a separate page for a reason. TT^TT Some people purposefully avoid the novel synopses because they don’t want to find things out ahead of time.

    • 9:02 pm, November 15, 2012MPToki  / Reply

      Makes so much sense…

  36. 8:59 am, November 19, 2012Jasae Bushae  / Reply

    huh…i was reading unbeatable again and i noticed a super duper interesting comment by the neo generation judgment knight http://www.princerevolution.org/unbeatable_p1/
    ‘ The movements of the person in front were very graceful, even though he was jogging. Even his head of golden hair bounced rhythmically like dancing musical notes. He looked… extremely annoying!’
    musical notes. He specifies musical notes~ and more immportantly that he is super annoying~
    oh and then
    ‘Could the ability to raise such a child actually be a type of talent? Chasel really couldn’t understand what kind of insanity had led Neo to raise his successor into the Sun Knight most like the legends!’
    Which was kinda taken for granted except by this comment hes apparently supposed to act super close to the original…Since to the thing above we know one of the charries is the bard (and 99.99999999% certain bard is sun knight) its interesting to hear comments about musicalness and such~
    So….I hypothisize that Yu Wo worked out Female Warrior well in advance and these were hints about the original!

    • 4:36 pm, November 19, 2012  / Reply

      @Jasae Bushae
      Considering that Yu Wo had at least an outline of all 8 LoSK books when she wrote the prologue in book 1, it doesn’t sound like too much of a stretch to say she also thought of the background story ahead of time.

    • 4:48 am, November 20, 2012SnowStorm  / Reply

      @Jasae Bushae
      O.O That’s deep…
      And a lot of hard work by Yu Wo if true. She is amazing…

  37. 1:33 am, December 21, 2012lydia  / Reply

    My theory:

    Since sun is a bard he is a guy and judgement’s a girl

  38. 1:24 pm, February 7, 2013crystella  / Reply

    thank you very much for adding the link of female warrior to the bar T T i don’t need to search for the november updates anymore……..

  39. 7:26 am, February 8, 2013SakuraHyuga  / Reply

    OMG! I’m so excited! But wait a minute…female? Don’t tell me that those fanfics about how Sun was “the first female knight in history” was actually really accurate…

  40. 1:23 pm, February 14, 2013Jasae Bushae  / Reply

    wow~ the menu tab got an upgrade and female warrior is on it~

  41. 11:56 pm, February 16, 2013Tamult  / Reply

    No idea if this is true, considering I don’t read Chinese and all that. . .

    The girl is Hell. The bard is Sun (this is almost universally agreed). Sun, the Bard, is acting as the official head due to whatever reason. The girl is Hell, and they likely have some relationship (Sun being an annoying, failure of a swordsman who can manipulate people into anything and is therefore the leader) with Hell failing. They have a rather strong relationship working or otherwise, where she technically leads them in less public settings or battle. Since they act so close on the field and off (and probably gnashes her teeth with the orders), this puts in the illusion of her following him, leading to Hell Knight being the only member of the Cruel and Cold-hearted faction being under Sun. And since they hear tales of the battles led by Hell, they likely associate Hell’s legend with Sun’s own legend, leading to the supposed swordsmanship. It also explains why Sun has to be so flowery in speech. . . he was originally a bard.

    Though if you notice, the Bard sounds like Grisia in public, but Red Cloak sounds like his sinister thoughts.

    Of course, this is all idle supposition.

  42. 8:53 pm, February 17, 2013NanoLaughing  / Reply

    The synopsis was hilarious! I CANNOT wait for you guys to translate it! I’m forever a follower of this Site and Yu Wo!

  43. 10:34 pm, February 21, 2013Puja chan  / Reply

    female warrior was the 1st generation of LSK?? So the first generation of the twelve holy knight was a female? hmmmm……
    make me want to know the details, so i’ll just to wait the traslation…
    thanks PR, ^_^

  44. 6:05 pm, March 10, 2013Ruirui  / Reply

    The original cloud knight was probably lazy and escaped work.

  45. 11:22 pm, March 14, 2013ShiroKuroMokona  / Reply

    I figured something out. Female warrior has black haired and black eyes while the bard has yellow hair and blue eyes. Is it judgement knight and sunknight, first gen. OMG Judge was a girl and the sun knight wasn’t even a knight. Grisla was doomed from the start if even the first sunknight couldn’t hold a sword, cause you know they say the Grisla’s gen was considered the closest to orginal’s (how right they were).

  46. 4:56 am, March 20, 2013crystal  / Reply

    When i went to see the characters page of Female Warrior, then the character info was in some language other than English. Can you please change it to English? PS-i’m viewing the site on mobile.

    • 10:03 am, March 20, 2013Tamult  / Reply

      That is Lorem Ipsum. Basically filler text so that things align correctly and look decent. Its there so the page doesn’t break or the alignment get screwed.

    • 4:10 pm, March 20, 2013  / Reply

      That’s not the actual description. It’s more like random Latin placeholder text. It’s basically just used to test the page layout. Putting up an actual description right now would be kinda spoilery since only the prologue has been translated so far.

  47. 7:28 am, March 30, 2013anny  / Reply

    check it out for the first generation of 12 holy knight

  48. 6:32 am, November 7, 2013anonymous  / Reply

    does this novel ends with prologue2? or main novel starts after prologue2?

    • 8:27 pm, November 7, 2013[PR]dahlys  / Reply

      The main novel is supposed to start after prologue 2, however, Yu Wo has not written it yet. Female Warrior is still an incomplete story.

  49. 5:02 pm, February 5, 2014  / Reply

    Finally the question shall be answered: WAS the first Storm Knight really blue-haired!!?!?!?!?!?

  50. 5:48 pm, February 27, 2014LULUQUITAS  / Reply

    Silverter does not look like alvino, so SUN was wrong?

  51. 6:33 pm, April 8, 2015Sakurachi  / Reply

    *Kyaaaa!* I’ am sooooooo looking forward to this! I can’t wait! *Squeee!*

  52. 9:20 am, December 29, 2015Star Knight  / Reply

    I was so happy when I found out that my birth name means female warrior :D

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