Unbeatable Part 1: Prologue

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Unbeatable Part 1: Prologue – translated by dahlys

“You are really strong, Neo…”

“Then why are you so worried about me?”

Neo Sun looked at his colleague of thirty years, Chasel Judgment. He was the person who ought to know Neo best.

That was why he couldn’t really understand why Chasel had stopped him just as they were about to leave the Holy Temple, after handing over the reins to the next generation of the Twelve Holy Knights. After asking where he wanted to go, Chasel’s face had very clearly become worried.

Worried? But all Neo wanted to do was go around adventuring! With his strength, what was there to be worried about?

Seeing Neo’s slightly impatient expression, Chasel sighed and said, “At least promise me that you will find a companion for your adventuring.”

“I don’t need a companion,” Neo answered confidently. I can deal with all kinds of danger, and even if I can’t, having a companion would be useless as that person would even hinder my escape. So why should I find one?

This is what I’m most worried about, thought Chasel.

Chasel said tactfully, “Why don’t I go with you to the Adventurers’ Guild in the city to help you search for a party?”

“There’s no need for that!” Neo rolled his eyes and snapped unhappily, “I don’t want to be in a party, it’s annoying as hell! Okay, don’t say any more. I’m going adventuring now, and will come back to see everyone when I have the time.”

“Wait, Neo…”

“Don’t say any more, I’m leaving.” Neo shot Chasel a glare out of the corner of his eye. With absolute confidence, he said, “And you can’t stop me.”

The moment he heard that, Chasel was outraged. He was worried about him, yet this guy still spoke to him in such a tone!

“Then leave! I hope that the God of Light will bless this journey of yours.”

On hearing Chasel’s icy voice, Neo glanced at his companion’s face. As expected, his expression was extremely grim. It seemed that Chasel was a little angry, but his anger was nothing to be afraid of. Also, Neo was leaving soon, so why should he care about what Chasel thought?

“Bye bye!”

After that, he left without looking back.

Chasel frowned slightly as he watched Neo’s fading figure. He still felt extremely uneasy. At that moment, he heard the sound of footsteps behind him. He turned around and saw the corner of a robe with many golden patterns sewn onto it. Besides the Pope, no one else in the Church of the God of Light would wear such robes.

The Pope walked a few steps forward and stood next to Chasel in the doorway of the Holy Temple. He looked out at the distant Neo, and said, “Why are you so worried? Even if Neo is no longer favored by the God of Light, he is still inhumanly strong.”

“But Neo…”

Chasel sighed and said gloomily, “Can’t cook, can’t wash his own clothes and never mind reading a map, he can’t even differentiate between directions. Also, he doesn’t even know that ‘tree branches can be used to start a fire!’ It could be said that he doesn’t know anything besides swordplay. In addition, he has never saved much money and doesn’t have much cash with him. What’s worse is that he’s not even sure how much most things cost! Still, he wants to go adventuring alone and live by himself… Can he really survive like that?”

The Pope looked at the steadily shrinking back of the holy knight in the distance, and revealed the exact same expression of worry as Chasel. He shook his head and sighed as he said, “You’re right, Chasel. You’ve been right for thirty years. Neo has indeed always been a person that causes others to worry about him.”

“He has even raised a Sun Knight that is equally worrying.”

Chasel sighed and thought about the new Sun Knight’s unique personality… Hopefully Lesus can handle him.

“Teacher, Teacher!”

Suddenly hearing a voice behind him, Chasel turned around. He saw two people, one in front of the other, jogging toward him. The movements of the person in front were very graceful, even though he was jogging. Even his head of golden hair bounced rhythmically like dancing musical notes. He looked… extremely annoying!

This extremely annoying-looking person was Neo’s successor, the recently promoted Sun Knight, Grisia Sun.

Could the ability to raise such a child actually be a type of talent? Chasel really couldn’t understand what kind of insanity had led Neo to raise his successor into the Sun Knight most like the legends!

After all, in order to raise such a child, he had to make an example of himself. As long as it was a situation in which Grisia was present, he had to be especially elegant. In the end, he unconsciously became remarkably elegant… Was this what they called “when one harms others, one harms oneself”?

Chasel was not very sure what to say about this. Then again, over the past thirty years, Neo often did things that harmed everybody, including himself.

While Chasel was musing, Grisia and his vice-captain had jogged up to him and were saluting him respectfully.

Chasel returned the salute while chiding, “Your teacher has already left. From now onward, you have to depend upon yourself. Even if you run into difficulties, you can no longer rely on your teacher. Understood?”

Grisia was silent for a moment. He then smiled brilliantly and said in a sincere tone, “Former Knight-Captain Judgment, today, we can see just how much the God of Light blesses the people as he bathes us in sunlight. My teacher has begun his adventure in the most perfect manner, but I wonder if because of a beautiful mistake of the God of Light, my teacher has forgotten something very minor. This thing may be unimportant, but as my teacher has always taught me, we must not ignore doing a good deed, no matter how insignificant it is, as we must also never do a bad deed even when the consequences are trivial. Although this thing may be unimportant, not having it may cause severe difficulties…”

Chasel turned around expressionlessly and looked at the current vice-captain of the Sun Knight Platoon, Adair. The latter immediately understood and began explaining automatically, “Knight-Captain Sun– No! The former Knight-Captain Sun has forgotten to take his luggage.”

“… After him.”

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  1. Jasae Bushae

    PFFFFT OH MY GOSH! this short story promises to be super interesting! XDDDD
    So, he is super strong and probably unbeatable in a fight and the greatest swordsman ever but it turns out on top of all that, he is remarkably forgetful and has no attention span or ability in matters not related to swordplay? XD
    well, he will certainly be doomed without a traveling companion XD

    • abersham

      @Jasae Bushae

      Chasel described Neo (to the Pope) as if he’s negating the Grisia of the present.. hahaha
      Neo is the complete opposite of Grisia.
      Grisia knows everything about everything except adventuring and swordplay; Neo knows nothing but adventuring and swordplay.. haha..

    • Gohankuten

      Grisia is the exact opposite of Neo except for one thing. They are both impossibly hard to kill. In fact they make the ultimate pair since they each excel in what the other fails miserably at. Grisia has an impeccably good memory(when he is not feigning memory trouble when it concerns peoples names or he is given amnesia), is an extreme miser(and due to that knows easily what anything costs), can cook(albeit he would rather force someone else to cook for him), can pinpoint his location exactly(thus no chance of getting lost), and his magic is so powerful that he makes master mages look like amateurs(the fact he doesn’t even have to use an incantation is the main force behind this). The only thing Grisia fails miserably at is anything that has to deal with swordplay which is the only thing Neo excels at to the point that he doesn’t have to worry bout anyone else even having a chance to beat him. The fact that both are like cockroaches when you try to kill them makes them a truly unbeatable duo if they worked together.

    • SnowStorm

      @Jasae Bushae
      And lastly, both really depend on their respective Judgement Knights, making them worry about them all the time.

    • @Jasae Bushae
      Haha, yes! They both share that “perfect” quality of the Sun Knight. No matter how crazy or outrageous their demands, no one dares cross them. >:D (Except of course when it’s Grisia unconditionally surrendering to Neo.)

    • Jasae Bushae

      Im sure thats simply grisla showing respect to the former sun knight who taught him so much~
      certainly not because there is little doubt in grislas mind (regardless of his actual odds) that he would be fortunate if he was even a smear on the pavement after neo was done with him ^^;

    • Gohankuten

      Read my reply to the comment above yours to see how you are wrong on this fact lol. Neo and Grisia are only alike in the fact that killing them is damn near impossible otherwise they would be polar opposites.

    • Cyead

      Come on man let it be, they also have in common that both are annoying, both when they excel they excel and when they suck they suck, also both rather have everyone else do their work for them, make others worry but are also reliable and a lot more things so just chill, what you said is true to some extent but is not the full truth, so yeah maybe their abilities differ but still you can say that the student became like his teacher or just is kinda like his teacher so yeah both of you are correct

    • beta

      Calm down, no need start ego matches about who is right and wrong. It’s just opinions.

      Besides, they are very similar people despite the gap between their specializations.

    • valkryz

      They actually share pretty similar personalities. All you’ve listed was simply their power, which I doubt is what anyone was comparing :V

  2. Marinelife37

    I’m so glad you decided to translate this story. I love how Adair serves as Grisa’s “translator” so early in his career. Though I do wonder how the for Knight-Captain Judgment wouldn’t understand Grisa considering how long he was the Knight-Captain Judgement. On the same note, LOL I can see Neo forgeting something like that.

  3. Nali

    Hahaha XD What a great start to the story! And Grisia jogging, even while graceful.. o.o what a strange image. Neo must’ve been a ‘great’ teacher! XD

  4. Kuwaneko

    loooool, Neo… such a troublesome person…..
    I wonder how Neo was going to teach Grisia how to gracefully make a fire if he himself didn’t know how to…
    and Neo is so graceful because he was teaching Grisia to be graceful too…
    the description of Grisia running gracefully… lol

    love how Chasel turns to Adair for translation

  5. As long as it was a situation in which Grisia was present, he had to be especially elegant. In the end, he unconsciously became remarkably elegant… Was this what they called “when one harms others, one harms oneself”?

    Haha! And here I thought Neo’s elegance was something passed down from previous generations of Sun Knights.

  6. kayue

    Lol! And there we have Neo in a thumbnail. :)

    Although… How the H did Neo manage the Sun Knight’s convoluted speech patterns all those years?

  7. Alyss

    You’d think Chasel would be able to understand a Sun Knight’s gibberesh, but I guess Neo just wasn’t that kind of person around Chasel XDDDD

    Forgetting luggage…Neo…

  8. Tairanda

    Here, in Latvia, there is a saying, which, I believe, applies very well here: an apple does not fall far from the apple tree. XD

  9. Gohankuten

    Poor Adair seems he was cursed to be with Grisia from the very beginning. At least he could already do exactly what he needed to do(which is act like a true captain for the platoon).

    • dollyfishe

      noooooo … neo would like to kill grisia for his ability with swords than raise him !!

    • immasweetslovinggirl

      I can see that Neo actullay trying to raise Grisia to be jsut like him or to be at least half of him with his sword skills and then finding out he was a mage…He would probably drown Grisia and then get judged by Chasel

  10. lulumoon

    Thanks for the chapter. When Grisia started talking, I though that Neo would have forgotten to give the Sun sword to the new Sun Knight. But to forget his own luggage? And at least now I know why he stole Grisia’s food on their short story; he didn’t know how to cook for himself.

  11. MNeilG

    HAHAHA… Neo trained an equally-worrying Sun Knight!

    Like Teacher Like Student!
    the insanity that led Neo train a Sun Knight most like the legends! hahaha, so he is only elegant when in front of Grisia.. pfft!
    Grisia’s ability to speak long and winding sentences is really something. but what’s more is Adair’s ability (and unofficial role) as Grisia’s interpreter! Oh, Adair! <3

    the last last two words really got me laughing so hard – "After him" ROFL

    but Neo later on found aldrizzt as a companion. did Chasel bribed him to stick to Neo like glue?
    or perhaps aldrizzt is a prisoner of the church of light that chasel set after neo… hahahaha

    one of the best side stories ever! Thank you PR!

  12. shiro

    the more I think of it the clearer I see that it was a blessing Grisia missed out on the outdoors training by Neo. How was he planning to train Grisia on that when he couldn’t even start a fire?LOL He actually forgot his luggage. The thing that gave me the most shock was when Chasel said that he found Grisia really annoying. Never expected that.Hes probably jealous of Grisia’s awesomeness.XD

    • AC

      Yes, this also shocked me. The (former) Judgement Knight, calling Grisia annoying? But the Judgement Knight is such a good guy, how could he say something like this about Grisia?
      But, appearently, we are the only ones to think like this, since no one else comented.

    • Immasweetslovinggirl

      I beileve it truly it is funny that he said that it was shocking seeing as how the former sun knight and him were friends but the new sun knight is less like Neo so i can kind of see how he thinks that

  13. Princefan

    He forgot his luggage! Couldn’t stop laughing! >///< It was just so funny! :D

  14. The Man Behind the Curtain

    I imagine he gratefully started speaking that way just so he could talk back to Neo without being killed.

    • NeoWarrior

      @The Man Behind the Curtain
      I have to concur… Grisia can completely change the meaning of things:”
      “I do NOT depend on my teacher! He depends on ME! My Stupid Teacher even forgot his luggage!!!”
      “Former Knight-Captain Judgment, today, we can see just how much the God of Light blesses the people as he bathes us in sunlight. My teacher has begun his adventure in the most perfect manner, but I wonder if because of a beautiful mistake of the God of Light, my teacher has forgotten something very minor. This thing may be unimportant, but as my teacher has always taught me, we must not ignore doing a good deed, no matter how insignificant it is, as we must also never do a bad deed even when the consequences are trivial. Although this thing may be unimportant, not having it may cause severe difficulties…”

  15. aimiera

    Really, Neo is more worrying than anything. I don’t know which one is the worst, Neo or Grisia

    • KuranNita

      In my opinion, it’s of course Neo. Since even if Grisia is also a troublesome character, he at least know what he do. But Neo, ckckck, he so bizarre of his uselessness other than his swordsman skill that I can easily imagine he solve his own problem with brute force and left the mess to other if I were to think of his childishness.

      If I need to likens them to someone, then I would say that they’re like a cunning bastard of a kid and a naive but dangerously childish man. And the latter is the more dangerous one. Even if I could say that their dangerous level is much higher than any dangerous people. Hee he heh…

    • MNeilG

      now that you mention it, i think Neo somehow resembled Prince..

      on the other hand, Grisia is a combination of Lolidragon and Yu-Lian (with he shadow smile attached)

    • KuranNita

      *Laugh* Yea, but given the fact that inside my mind Neo is more troublesome than Prince. Since he have some people that he’s very obedient to. But on the other hand… Neo oh Neo, the only one who can stop him is just the combination of the former Judgement Knight and the pope. XD The most troublesome character ever, that I love…

      About Grisia, I think so too. With the max level of craftiness.

  16. SnowStorm

    Oh my God! How could he forget his luggage?!
    *wipes tears of laughter from eyes*

  17. momiji

    ahahahaha xD That’s Neo for you! Even forgetting his own luggage *still can’t stop smiling*

  18. dollyfishe

    i agree … this is one of the best short story i ever read \(^^)/ i have a good laugh for this

  19. E

    I was guessing he forgot his underpants or something, but a luggage is just simply beyond my imagination. XD

    I would say SK was beaten into being graceful rather than Neo trying to make an example of himself. XD

    Great chapter~ Thank you!

    • immasweetslovinggirl

      This is true seeing as how he couldn’t master swordsmanship and Neo actually bullied Grisia (the ‘graceful falling’ lesson is a testament to this) so he could become a graceful person making up for his lack of swrodplay

  20. Azyvli

    Awesome start to this side story! :) Neo… Your luggage? Seriously? xD Good thing he has Aldrizzt(or however the name’s spelt) to help him! Thanks for the translation! :3

  21. XiaoXun

    Neo, the strongest Sun Knight in all of history……

    Forgot his luggage

    • Immasweetslovinggirl


  22. Anonymous

    Oh, the humour! *glee*

    From his other appearances (later), Neo seems to have gotten used to doing whatever he needs to do to survive, so were I in Chasel’s position (or similar) I would probably just wait and see if he came back for it or made do without it somehow.

    …Even taking away that foreknowledge, oddly(?) not that worried about him dying somewhere due to incompetence. Much more worried about the /rest/ of the world… though in that sense, amnesiac!Grisia is even more dangerous…

    Ah, just had a mental image of amnesiac!Grisia coming face to face with Neo and easily overpowering him due to having completely forgotten his conditioning. O.O Alternatively, the bone-deep terror might snap him out of it.

    …for Neo, perhaps it’s once he gets used to how convenient companions can actually be that he starts reeling them in as necessary… but I’m sure that specifics of what happens to him (or how he happens to others/other things) will be revealed in later sections of this. *glee*

  23. NanoLaughing

    Ow, my st-stomach! Ha ha ha! thanks a bunch PR for the update! Student and teacher are so alike in some ways and totally , mostly different~!

  24. MPToki

    Thank You for Updating this chapter!!! =D
    Can’t believe Neo left his luggage behind….

  25. bookwormyh

    :D hilarious! I also noticed that some of the phrases in this chapter is also used in the proofreader application, am i right?

  26. CocoFlower

    I just had a fight with my sis and…now I can’t stop giggling. This really cheered me up! Thank you! :D

  27. kuroneko13

    just lol!!!!
    i can’t believe neo forgot his luggage!!!
    that is a wonderful way to start an adventure~~!!!
    thank you for the chapter~~

  28. 15B

    Thanks for the translation~
    =D Just how much of this Neo-ness do we get to read about? Hehehehe~

    • [PR]dahlys

      40+ pages on word document of Neo/Aldrizzt awesomeness. You’ve only seen the first 2 1/2 pages. Wheee~

    • 15B

      My sympathies to the translators…

      But, forgive me for grinning ever-so slightly at the thought of seeing so much more of Neo and Aldrizzt.

    • [PR]eilinel

      *nudges 15B* Dahlys IS the translator ^ ^. She translated the whole Unbeatable in one go, so remember to say thanks to her =p.

    • j luc pitard

      Looking forward to the 37.5 more pages! It was great to read the undead cleaning story with Neo, Grisia and Aldreizzt traveling together, but it hinted at much more in the backstory. Really terrific writing. Thank you for bringing it to us, Prince Revolution team!

    • Bites

      hmm…(‘x’)… 40+ pages ehy?

      If we have Neo minus the swordplay of his and throw all that out the window, what does he have left? Hard to image? But no worries, we got 40+ more pages to read about his awesome-ness!!! Isn’t that just hawt.

  29. luuuuulz. Omg, love Grisia’s speech about Neo having forgotten his luggage. X’D Fun times ahead, lol.

  30. plumwine

    *rofl* this prologue looks really promising… thanks for translating and sharing it…..

  31. noodlecharm

    Sun really is difficult to be understood!!!!! Bwahahaha!!! XD cant stop laughing! Neo story!!! Yay!!!

    Before reading Adair’s interpretation, who thought that Neo forgot his luggage? XD XD XD XD

    • immasweetslovinggirl

      More like Chasels one and only ‘I knew it’ faces added with a face palm and dark lines of despair

  32. silentghost

    Rereading this again, asks it cracks me up that Chasel called Grisia annoying. I’m finding that I really like Chasel on this reread. 😁

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