Unbeatable Part 6: Blog Post

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Unbeatable Part 6: Blog Post – translated by dahlys

Yu Wo Blog Post, 04/03/09: Unbeatable = No Enemies

On the book cover of Unbeatable, there was this statement: “Neo, you are really very strong… But ‘we’ are unbeatable.”

Many readers seemed to have misunderstood this statement. Actually, this statement is spoken by the Judgment Knight, Chasel, and not Aldrizzt. The “we” actually refers to the “Twelve Holy Knights,” and not Neo and Aldrizzt.

The real meaning of this statement is: “Neo, you may be very strong, and can defeat all your enemies, but the Twelve Holy Knights can make the enemies retreat without fighting.”

That is, the real meaning of “unbeatable” is “no enemies.”


Unbeatable Part 5: Afterword

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Unbeatable Part 5: Afterword – translated by dahlys

Actually, the character Aldrizzt can be considered a figure of resentment.

I, Yu Wo, really love a book called The Dark Elf Trilogy by Mister R.A. Salvatore. Although I find this book extremely interesting, it is not very famous in Taiwan. Because I rarely meet fellow enthusiasts, I have accumulated quite a bit of resentment.

The main character of The Dark Elf Trilogy is a dark elf (duh!) and the name of the main character is Drizzt Do’Urden. He is a character I really, really like.

Hence, Aldrizzt was born. (I love Drizzt~~~)


Unbeatable Part 4: We are Unbeatable

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Unbeatable Part 4: We are Unbeatable – translated by dahlys

When they were outside the town, Aldrizzt suddenly stopped walking. He first put on his cloak and pulled the hood down to his chin. Next, he donned gloves. After he had wrapped himself up tightly, he asked Neo a little anxiously, “How do I look?”

Since I wrapped myself up like this, no one should be able to tell that I’m a dark elf, right?

Neo scrutinized him, and then commented, “I think that…”

What do you think? Aldrizzt waited for Neo’s opinion nervously.

“I think that you look extremely suspicious.”

“…” Aldrizzt was speechless for a while. He snapped unhappily, “That goes without saying! I mean, can you tell that I am a dark elf?”

Neo raised an eyebrow and said carelessly, “So what if you’re recognized?”


Unbeatable Part 3: Sun Knight – Neo Sun

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Unbeatable Part 3: Sun Knight – Neo Sun – translated by dahlys

If there was any way in which Neo acted like a companion, it was that he was always leading the way out in front!

Also, he was indeed a competent companion, never letting any enemies run past him to attack the mage in the back.

In addition, he was rather strong, even by the standards of Aldrizzt’s people, who were very well versed in combat.

However, this was where Aldrizzt’s understanding of Neo’s strength ended.

Besides the fact that mages did not understand sword-wielding classes very well, the two of them truly did not run into many difficulties. Maybe it’s because we have been continuously trying to find a way out and haven’t actually entered the depths of the forest! Therefore, although he knew that Neo was rather strong, Aldrizzt did not know exactly how strong he truly was.

Although he was extremely curious about this human called Neo, Aldrizzt did not ask him about anything at all.

This was because Neo had also never questioned the dark elf’s past, not even why he was being hunted by his own people. Thus, Aldrizzt would similarly not ask about Neo’s past. He hadn’t even asked Neo for his surname.


Unbeatable Part 2: Dark Elf – Aldrizzt

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Unbeatable Part 2: Dark Elf — Aldrizzt – translated by dahlys

Neo sprinted all the way out of the city. Being a holy knight, which was the class with the greatest endurance, he did not need to stop to rest at all, so he ran late into the night. He was already quite a distance away from the city and had entered the forest a long time ago, but he continued sprinting, stopping only when he saw a lake.

He had stopped running not because he was tired, but because the reflection of moonlight off the clear surface of the lake stirred his interest in taking a bath.

After taking off his sweat-soaked clothes and throwing them on the ground, he jumped into the lake eagerly. Although it was a summer night, the water in the forest lake was cool. It was a little cold when he first entered the water, but it felt extremely comfortable after a while.

Neo swam in the lake for quite some time before leisurely leaning against the bank of the lake and admiring the starry summer night sky. He then felt a little hungry, so he decided to head ashore. He was just about to search for clean clothes to wear when he noticed the very empty shore…

“Eh? Where’s my luggage?”