Unbeatable Part 6: Blog Post

The Legend of Sun Knight Side Stories

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Unbeatable Part 6: Blog Post – translated by dahlys

Yu Wo Blog Post, 04/03/09: Unbeatable = No Enemies

On the book cover of Unbeatable, there was this statement: “Neo, you are really very strong… But ‘we’ are unbeatable.”

Many readers seemed to have misunderstood this statement. Actually, this statement is spoken by the Judgment Knight, Chasel, and not Aldrizzt. The “we” actually refers to the “Twelve Holy Knights,” and not Neo and Aldrizzt.

The real meaning of this statement is: “Neo, you may be very strong, and can defeat all your enemies, but the Twelve Holy Knights can make the enemies retreat without fighting.”

That is, the real meaning of “unbeatable” is “no enemies.”

Actually, there are many ideas behind this book “Unbeatable,” so it is not suitable as a short story. However, the contents fit Neo very well, so I wrote it anyway. Those ideas would probably have been better depicted if they had been used for a long novel. Even though I don’t like describing the ideas behind a story after it is completed, it will take at least a year to write a long novel (This is a conservative estimate!). By that time, everyone will have already forgotten everything. So never mind, I decided to talk about it.

Also, Unbeatable will no longer be printed. Please don’t spam me~<囧>

Because some readers wanted to know why more copies of Unbeatable will not be printed, let me explain some points: Compared to previous books, many more copies of Unbeatable were printed… almost twice as many as Eclipse Hunter were printed. I cannot possibly print so many copies that I can’t sell all of them, and I also cannot estimate how many people will buy the book. I still had books left after selling them for two days and the long queue had dissipated. These leftover books were sold very slowly. The books that were put aside for the bookstores were generally meant for those who really couldn’t make it to the event. Therefore, I think that readers who came to the event should have bought the book easily.

Plus, I have no intention of reprinting the books, as one troublesome experience is enough~囧~

Yup, I guess writers should just be good and find publishers to print the books (gets hit).

Some readers have asked me why I didn’t directly find a publisher. My reply is: Because Unbeatable does not have many words, I either publish it as a doujin or not at all. It is too thin even for a commercial magazine~~~囧

That’s why I released the book as a doujin! Because I can do whatever I want @@

If it were published in a commercial magazine, the parts where Unbeatable violated copyright laws would have to be removed. Therefore, Unbeatable was released in the doujin market.

That’s all folks!

Final note: As usual, Unbeatable will be published online after a period of time.

PS: Everyone, please don’t panic. I didn’t ramble at the beginning of this blog because I was angry!

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  1. kayue

    As sad as I am that there are no more parts to Unbeatable, it’s interesting to hear the author’s thoughts on it. I did wonder about Aldrizzt’s name, being an old D&D player, and having read The Dark Elf trilogy. :) So thank you again PR for their translation.

    And I’m happy to hear that we’ll see more of Neo and Al in the next book.

  2. evi

    Angry?? Whhyyy??
    Anyway, i really loove Unbeatable !!
    Thank you very much!
    I glad i can read The Legend of Sun Knight, cuz i can’t buy it (cuz no one sell it)! Thanks again!

    • Bites


      I want a hard paper copy too. So sad. Must everything be online?!! (E-book, doh!)

    • katie

      i agree, a hard paper copy would be amazing! especially if it was of the whole Legend Of The Sun Knight series! it would mean i could carry around the 12 holy knights with me and read the story anytime i want! XD i’m sad that they aren’t being sold.

  3. SnowStorm

    Thanks for translating!
    I really loved Unbeatable.
    But, does anyone here know Yu Wo’s real name?

  4. ChocolateCosmo

    So the 37th generation employs dirty handed methods to ensure they are ‘unbeatable’? Zero enemies, equals happy life, but a great burden called Neo.

    • katie

      omg… your so right! lol, wonder if they ever plan on passing ths method on to their students? i mean they have a burden named Grisha soooo….

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