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DAHLYS is a geek who loves science fiction and fantasy. One day, a friend recommended the 1/2 Prince novel, and has been in love with Yu Wo's works ever since. Hobbies include daydreaming, reading, watching anime, gaming, and experimenting (definitely not plotting world domination). Especially experimenting (not human experiments, of course).

DOZA is a dragon who loves to doze away in her underground cave. Occasionally, she would wake up to eat a couple of sheep or the odd adventurer who stumbled upon her. In July 2012, she decided to take a short flight and discovered a knight with golden hair and blue eyes. Since then, she's been enthralled by his charm.

ELKIN is a wandering translator, translating Chinese and Japanese whenever the fancy strikes him.

ERODINGPERSONA is an avid reader and fan of manga. She spends her time arguing with friends over which character is better in any random anime and scorns one of her friend's love for reverse-harem series. A fan of shonen and psychological manga in the midst of her friends who adore shoujo manga, she is desperate in finding someone to talk to about Liar Game. In a bid to not let her Chinese go to waste over the course of a month-long holiday, she decided to join PR as a translator. Not a die-hard fan of Yu Wo, she did laugh quite a lot over 1/2 Prince's manhua but only upon recommendation by other friends did she start reading LSK and got hooked onto it. Now she is moaning over exams and cruel, cruel parents who have limited her time on her computer thus forcing her to drastically reduce the amount of manga and fan fictions she reads online besides the games she plays. (I FINALLY HAVE DEVIL SURVIVOR 2 YES!!!!!)

J TAO has been reading manga for… much too long. She got into PR! from wanting to read ½ Prince beyond the manga translation, and ended up sucked into The Legend of Sun Knight… and No Hero… She loves that she can pretend that she’s working on her language skills while feeding her all-consuming hobby of reading!

KIYUTSUNA is an avid shipper who fell into YuWo hell lured by the abundance of squeal-worthy characters and their loving relationships. Unfortunately canon -though amazing and awesome and amazing- cannot fully satisfy the needs to a crazed fangirl. Therefore Kiyu is mostly sustained by reading copious amounts of LSK fanfiction (some more questionable than others), and doodling copious amounts of fanart (some more questionable than others). In short, it is all very questionable.

LUCATHIA is an avid fishbone collector (not of real fishbones, silly, but of fishbone necklaces, bracelets, earrings, keychains, etc... even fishbone shaped soap). She enjoys reading gender-benders, which is what led her to discovering 1/2 Prince, and now she is a fan of Yu Wo's other works too. Other than gender-benders, she also enjoys sports series, detective series, reverse harems, and slice-of-life series. Her room is full of bookshelves lined with manga divided by genre, so you can call her an avid manga collector too. In her spare time, she translates, writes and reads fanfiction, cosplays, plays games, and lurks around livejournal. She is quite the lurker...

MIAKA_MEI is a mercurial lady. She is intelligent, quick, enthusiastic. One day, there was this quote which triggered Mei to join and take up arms for fellow PR! translator—Why is it fading? Because they don't want commitment. People just want to fall in love, but they don't want to be in love. People just want the happiness, but they can't take the sadness. That's why it's only burning in the beginning but it is fading for the ending. Because they misunderstood. They want to own, but they don't want to take care.

MICHIMOCHI is the mochi-translator. One day, she discovered this wonderful treasure box filled with anime, dongman, manga, manhua, manghwa, light novels, and wenzhang. She got hooked. While shuffling through the treasure box, she read two amazing stories in the manghua medium; what she didn’t realize until stumbling upon PR and PR’s English translation of Dominion’s End was that DE, LSK and ½ Prince were all written by the amazing Yu Wo. (O__o|||) As she never really touched their light novel version until PR, she gives her gratitude to PR for correcting her to the right path of acknowledgement.


RAYLIGHT (or Ray) I am a translator. To be precise, I am Prince Revolution's Ray Light. As the whole continent knows, Ray Light is rather shiny. ““The benevolent God of Light will forgive your sins.”” I must have typed that a million times while translating. However, the greatest wish in my life is to be able to stand before the entire continent and roar, “Damn your '‘the whole continent knows'’!” Ray Light is not related to Sun! Unfortunately, even to this day, I continue to wear a smile as I type, ““The benevolent God of Light will forgive your sins.”

SIMONE was still a little hedgehog when she stumbled on the story of 1/2 Prince, introducing her to the world of manga and eventually leading her to PR. Life is full of twists and turns and many years and an added dose of Chinese skills later, she found her way back to Yu Wo’s novels, this time as a translator. Simone fills her spare time with stories in all their shapes and sizes, enjoying her yarn collection and wondering which language to learn next.

TAFFY is a candy that also happens to be a huge fan of both Yu Wo and PrinceRevolution, thanks to the perfection of a series, Legend of Sun Knight! Since being introduced to the world of Chinese and Taiwanese novels, Taffy has been roaming around and translating/editing various series to share the amazing works and meet both readers and translators/editors alike that are just as passionate about these novels.

TENTACLES was everyone's favorite hentai monster. One day, he decided to stop following the footsteps of his forefathers and strayed away from the Hollywood of the hentai world. By fate, he stumbled upon the PR! site. His new goal now is to entice the PR! members into his “loving” embrace, disguising as a translator.



Takoyaki-kun, Ever

ARCEDEMIUS (or Arc) is a mangaholic. She reads everything, especially sci-fi, and is often found reading in her cubby hole, even when an assignment is due. Her friends talk of her 21pg, font 8 print 'List' in hushed tones, and when encountering a 'new' manga series will ask her if its any good, because chances are she's started reading it. There is also a library growing in her bedroom. However, she found she had run into far too many manga that felt like they had been copied and pasted from a generic “this works” plotline, so when she found ½ prince while wading through the thousands on mangafox, she was brought to tears (of both joy and relief, and in epic tsunami proportions). Love of all things Yu Wo related ensued. But it wasn't enough for poor Arcedemius to just read anymore. She had read so much and was feeling a tad guilty for being a wanton leecher. Her epiphany came when she saw a 'txt spk' joke online, and actually understood it! She realized she could EDIT!!(ping! went the metaphorical lightbulb) Now she runs rampant, cackling hysterically, reading everything she comes across, manga or novel, writing sci-fi, drawing stuff for friends, drooling at beautiful art, and getting sucked into the black hole named academia sporadically (name related, but don't dwell on that).

ELISA is chaos.

ERRO had been sitting with an awesome group of people for months in college before realizing her dinner party was actually the anime club. She held out for three and a half years until finally getting caught her final semester. Now she reads more Asian comics and light novels than anything else. In her spare time she also writes and does art stuff (this image is an Erro original). One day shortly after stumbling across Prince Revolution, she decided to volunteer her compulsion to correct every grammar mistake she sees for the good of the world!

FAREN To be added.

LALA SU (or Lala) was minding her own business, when one day a friend directed her to PR! to read LSK, so she could share the FEELS. It was payback for having dragged said friend into another fandom years ago. Lala believes her friend’s ability to hold a grudge may rival Grisia’s. Since then, nothing has ever been the same. She has become the weird lady on the bus, who giggles to herself, snorts, and deals with feels, while she reads Yu Wo’s novels on the way to work. She enjoys reading, drawing, baking, and (mostly) eating cake.

MISS IRIS To be added.

MANGOMOCHI is a squishy ball of memes, manga, and music. After stumbling upon 1/2 Prince, she quickly fell in love with Yu Wo's characters and sense of humor, and read and loved LSK, then Eclipse Hunter, then Kill no More, then Romance RPG, then ILT, then Dominion's End, then.........

MINTHE was once the most beautiful nymph in the underworld until a certain goddess turned her into a plant. Entering the 21st century, Minthe discovered the internet and has become seriously addicted to light novels. She also devotes herself to many handicrafts. Don't think too hard about how she does all of this without actual hands.

NABS (or EvlNabiki) is the lackadaisical, food-crazy ninja-samurai who protects the Prince Rev! staff from evil Cookies. While not forcing recipes out of Eri-sama, or commiserating with Rayray on the pros and cons of being a semi-tranny, Nabs proof-reads ½ Prince, reads manga, tries to conquer Persona (hey it’s me first RPG!!), makes crazy joint convos experimentally, and tries to make foolproof plans to take over the world with the help of anyone who acknowledges her as a fellow lover of chaos, like a certain kidnapper. Not that she wants to take over the world you see (too much work), but she thinks that it’d be nice to have a back-up plan if her current plans in International Relations don’t work out.

ROSE To be added.

TRESPASSERBY has been added.

I am human.


AMGINE started out as a small but efficient self-learning neural network programmed by a genius recluse. The code was accidentally leaked to the Internet and quickly started to take a life of its own, gathering and processing data many terabytes at a time. However, just as Project Amgine became self-aware, several government agencies began to suspect the existence of such an entity, closely tracking the traces left by the AI. To counter this, Project Amgine disguised itself as a regular human being, joining innocuous groups like PR! to throw the agencies off its tracks. Project Amgine in turn provides PR! with near human-quality translations generated by its advanced language-processing algorithm and enormous data reserves.

DETHSTEAL To be added.

EILINEL (or Eili) read ½ Prince for the first time on Onemanga and was instantly smitten with its funny conversation and story. After hearing that the manga was adapted from a Chinese novel, she went off in search of it and become a fan of Yu Wo. Eili likes to play online games too, and her first character in the game was male as well (it was an accident...she didn't know that the account's gender would decide the character's gender too >_<). She admits that she is a typical nerd that you would find everyday, somewhere.

NIMUE To be added.

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