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  1. Copyrights to the novel series ½ PrinceThe Legend of Sun Knight, Female Warrior, No Hero, Illusions, Lies, Truth, Dominion’s End, Romance RPG, and GOD are held by the author, Yu Wo (御我), who has given us permission to translate these novels.
  2. Don’t take credit or make a profit from our work. Our translations can be read for FREE. We DO NOT ask for donations.
  3. Distribution or modification of any content created by Prince Revolution! is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, posting our work to other websites, forums, file-sharing networks or IRC, as well as sharing modified versions of our PDFs.
  4. If you wish to share our work, link to our main page only. DO NOT link directly to our translations or any other page.
  5. Translating of Prince Revolution!’s works into other languages must be posted to PR! International, which currently houses Čeština, DeutschEspañol, Français, Indonesian, Portugese, and Русский translations.
  6. For up-to-date info about Yu Wo’s works, visit her blog! She loves comments!

Please abide by these rules and inform us if you see anyone not complying with the above regulations. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on our FAQ page. With all that said, enjoy reading our translations!

IF YOU ARE SIGNING UP FOR THE FORUMS: Please carefully read the security question, and answer it without typos!

Update: November 2017

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November Chapters
  1. No Hero V6Prologue: Prologue
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C4: The Bookstore Part 1—Boss
  3. Dominion’s End V3C6: The Control Room

Hello everyone, here are our November chapters. We’ll be taking a break with GOD now that we’ve completed V1 and will return once we have a more comfortable stockpile of chapters. Look forward to V2 in the upcoming months! This month, we have one chapter each from our other series, including the start of No Hero v6. Another new volume~

PR! Français is looking for more translators and proofreaders! If you know French, why not take a look at their recruitment page?

It looks like most people feel Ohmygod should be honey-flavored~. New poll is up about being the heroine of an otome game, thanks to Ice Princess. Do you have a poll idea? Submit your ideas over here~.

There’s a new contest coming soon! Look forward to more information about it in the upcoming days.

Congratulations to moonlightray and thebookgirl for their winning entries in the LOST Poster Caption Contest! You can read all of the entries over at the forums.

Winning entries below, as well as a poster of moonlightray’s entry, and a drawing depicting a lost Ohmygod.


Update: October 2017

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October Chapters
  1. No Hero V5C10: Fallen Angel; Angel of Angels
  2. GOD V1Epilogue: Character Introductions
  3. No Hero V5Extra: The Undisclosed Fallen Secrets
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C3: Hidden in the Dark Part 3—The Enemy
  5. No Hero V5Epilogue: Character Introductions
  6. Dominion's End V3C5: Those Numbers

October is here, and this month we bring you the end of V1 of GOD and V5 of No Hero, as well as a new, full chapter of DE. The next volume of GOD is titled “Elf, Nanny, Thunderous Anger,” and the next volume of No Hero is titled “Heaven & Hell.” Look forward to them!

Our LOST Poster Caption contest ends in 2 days! Got any last minute submissions? Don’t forget to turn them in~

Our September poll was about Sun getting transported to a different world. Top vote went to Sun getting transported to the modern world, where he would be like the Sun Emperor. Scary thought.

The poll this month from Squish Squish is about Ohmygod and what an Ohmygod shaped jelly should taste like (wait, what?). Just in time for Halloween candy~. Remember, you can submit poll ideas over here!

Update: September 2017

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September Chapters
  1. Dominion’s End V3C4: The Laboratory, Part Two
  2. GOD V1C10: Saya-jiějie
  3. No Hero V5C9: SCIP; NC
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C3: Hidden in the Dark Part 2—The Neighbors Across

Hi all, here are the September chapters we’ll be releasing. One chapter each from NH, ILT, and GOD, as well as the second half of The Laboratory from DE. GODv1 comes to a close with chapter 10. How was volume 1? If you haven’t read GOD yet, this is a great time to start with volume 1 wrapping up. We’ll be releasing the afterword next month (but may or may not take a break before starting on Volume 2). Remember, comments are our fuel, so do keep them coming.

Our newest contest, the LOST Poster Caption contest, runs through October 3rd. We’re pleased to see several entries already! Feel free to come take a look!

Last month, our poll was about Shooting Star collecting pets! Top vote went to Jiang Shutian. He would be quite the pet, huh?

Our poll this month is from Ice Princess, about Sun getting transported to different worlds! Like usual, you can submit poll ideas over here.

LOST Poster Caption Contest

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Hi all! Our newest contest begins today! Hop on over to the forums for more information! (Trespasserby edit: And head over to the forums to submit your caption!)

LOST Poster Caption
Basically, fill out this template:

NOTE: Any additional comments you feel are necessary.

LOST: 38th Sun Knight
REWARD: We will take the despicable bastard off your hands.
OWNER: Church of the God of Light
NOTE: Do not approach if he has amnesia: public safety hazard. Contact immediately if found. May possibly be lured out by blueberry sweets.

The thing that was lost can be any person, item, or creature just so long as there’s some connection to Yu Wo’s works! By the way, you’re just writing up the caption to a poster, not making the entire poster.

Grand Winner can choose 1 option from below:
1. Snail mail from PR! including a handwritten letter and one LSK keychain.
2. Sneak peek of a No Hero chapter.
3. A song of your choice sung by PR! staff. There’ll be at least one singer.
4. A Lost poster made of your winning entry by PR! staff. There is no guarantee on how it will turn out.
5. A drabble that’s anywhere between 100 to 1000 words featuring what was lost in your entry, written by Lucathia.

Runner Up winner can choose 1 option from below:
1. Sneak peek of a No Hero chapter.
2. A song of your choice sung by PR! staff. There’ll be at least one singer.
3. A Lost poster made of your winning entry by PR! staff. There is no guarantee on how it will turn out.
4. A drabble that’s anywhere between 100 to 1000 words featuring what was lost in your entry, written by Lucathia.

All winners will receive a contest winner forum badge to display in their forum profile.

Good luck! We look forward to your entries!

Update: August 2017

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August Chapters
  1. GOD V1C9: The Poor Pet Who Makes a Living to Feed His Master
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C3: Hidden in the Dark Part 1—The Master
  3. No Hero V5C8: Sing; Wail
  4. Dominion’s End V3C4: The Laboratory, Part One

Hey everyone, here are the chapters we will be releasing this month. Expect the chapters in the latter half of August, so no need to refresh our site before then. But in the meantime, take a vote in August’s poll, or go back and comment on some old chapters. Comments are a great source of motivation to keep us going while we’re getting the chapters ready. You can also look forward to our next contest, which will be starting soon. More information to come.

As a general note, we have come to the end of our stockpile of translations for several series, so there will possibly be a month here and there where there is no chapter released for certain series. Or, we’ll release half a chapter in order to prevent there being too long of a dry spell. Unfortunately, it’s either that, or no release at all. )’: Therefore, we will be releasing Part One of “The Laboratory” this month, with Part Two to come next month.

That said, we can definitely use more translators! Our translator positions are always open~ (See that Recruitment link in our menu? Go on now, click it!)

Last month, our poll was about Grisia playing Second Life! It seems that he’ll either end up as an overlord, or he’ll end up as a leecher. What a big difference… August’s poll, thanks to Listening Daisy, is about Shooting Star from GOD capturing some new pets. Who will he set his eye on? As always, we are taking poll ideas over here.

We also have a PDF of the 10th Anniversary 1/2 Prince Side Story from Listening Daisy. You can grab it here.

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