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  1. Copyrights to the novel series ½ PrinceThe Legend of Sun Knight, Female Warrior, No Hero, Illusions, Lies, Truth, Dominion’s End, Romance RPG, GOD, and Eclipse Hunter are held by the author, Yu Wo (御我), who has given us permission to translate these novels.
  2. Don’t take credit or make a profit from our work. Our translations can be read for FREE. We DO NOT ask for donations.
  3. Distribution or modification of any content created by Prince Revolution! is strictly prohibited. This includes, but is not limited to, posting our work to other websites, forums, file-sharing networks or IRC, as well as sharing modified versions of our PDFs.
  4. If you wish to share our work, link to our main page only. DO NOT link directly to our translations or any other page.
  5. Translating of Prince Revolution!’s works into other languages must be posted to PR! International, which currently houses Čeština, DeutschEspañol, Français, Indonesian, Italiano, Portugese, and Русский translations.
  6. For up-to-date info about Yu Wo’s works, visit her blog! She loves comments!

Please abide by these rules and inform us if you see anyone not complying with the above regulations. If you have any questions, please leave a comment on our FAQ page. With all that said, enjoy reading our translations!

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Update: November 2020

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November Chapters

  1. Big and Little Sun Go Go 14: Eyewitness
  2. No Hero V9Prologue: EX
  3. Big and Little Sun Go Go 15: This Vehicle Is Not That Vehicle
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C4: Do You Believe In, Part 2—Father
  5. Big and Little Sun Go Go 16: Arrival at a New World
  6. Eclipse Hunter V2C7: Purple Past
  7. Dominion's End V5C9: Whose Violent Wife Is This

It’s November everyone! How are you all doing? This month, we bring to you the start of the final volume of No Hero—volume 9. We’re also getting close to the end of the volumes of Dominion’s End, Eclipse Hunter, and GOD, so expect a lot of conclusions next month to end the year. I’m quite amused by how the chapter title of this month’s DE chapter matches last month’s. If we finish with the next GOD chapter, we’ll add it to the release list too, but if not, expect it next month.

Our next contest is beginning soon! Thank you for your patience. :D It will be held from November 16 through December 31. Please keep an eye on our site and forums for the start of the contest. o/

Last month, Shooting Star was voted as the most suspicious and likely to be the traitor! Is it time to boot him out to space? Our poll this month is about concerts, from anon. Which concert would you attend?

Do you have a poll idea? We would love to hear it! Please submit those poll ideas here.

ETA: A PDF of No Hero v8 is now available thanks to ListeningDaisy!

Update: October 2020

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October Chapters

  1. Big and Little Sun Go Go 11: Vampire Butler
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C4: Do You Believe, Part 1—That Book
  3. Big and Little Sun Go Go 12: Oh, Holy Light
  4. No Hero V8C10: King's Game
  5. Big and Little Sun Go Go 13: Happy Children's Day
  6. GOD V3C8: The First Arrow Starts the Battle
  7. No Hero V8Epilogue: Character Introductions
  8. Dominion's End V5C8: Whose Powerful Troop Is This
  9. Eclipse Hunter V2C6: Friends, All Together Now

Happy October, everyone! We will be finishing volume 8 of No Hero this month. o/ So exciting!

This is a tentative order of releases, though I expect that the order will most likely change depending on what ends up getting finished first. Based on current progress, please expect most of the chapters near the very end of the month again. Happy Halloween? A lot of chapters will probably appear on that day. :)

Last month, Kyle won the poll as the secretary who you would choose to temporarily save with some time off. I wonder if he’ll enjoy his time off…?

This month, the poll is about traitors! Who is the most suspicious? This poll was thanks to ArmadaTW!

Do you have a poll idea? Throw them at us here!

Have a wonderful October. We’ll be back with releases.

ETA: All October releases now up! o/

Update: September 2020

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September Chapters

  1. Big and Little Sun Go Go 8: The Adventure Officially Begins
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C3: It Has Begun, Part 3—The Bookcase
  3. Dominion's End V5C7: Meeting Saint Again
  4. Big and Little Sun Go Go 9: The Investigation Scene
  5. No Hero V8C9: The Chosen One
  6. Big and Little Sun Go Go 10: How Deep Goes the Scheming?
  7. GOD V3C7: Misfortune
  8. Eclipse Hunter V2C5: The Definition of Friends

Hey all, here’s the current list of chapters we will definitely release this month. We’re working on GOD, NH, and more Big and Little Sun. If we finish, we’ll add it to the release list. If not, you’ll see them early next month! o/ (The NH chapter is super long, fufufu. We’re so close to the end! Only two chapters left of v8, and then we only have v9 left.) Expect most of these chapters near the end of the month this time.

ETA: A few more chapters have surfaced. Look forward to them!

Please look forward to our upcoming contest over at our forums. We hoped to hold it this month, but it may need to be pushed back a bit. In any case, it is on the horizon and will eventually make its way to you. Contests shall return!

Last month, Min Gui Wen won as the person the most people would want as their teacher, with Jiang Shuyu coming in second. Such eye candy, gosh… Anyway, good thing Neo didn’t win…? We worry for the 9% of you who voted for him. Good luck.

This month, the poll is about Ri Xiang Yan’s secretaries! Who should get some time off? What is time off even? This poll was from anonymous. Thank you very much.

Keep those poll ideas coming~.

Update: August 2020

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  1. Big and Little Sun Go Go 3: The Readers' Will
  2. Big and Little Sun Go Go 4: You're Big and I'm Little
  3. Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C3: It Has Begun, Part 2—Club President
  4. Big and Little Sun Go Go 5: Novice World
  5. Dominion's End V5C6: Everything's Great
  6. Big and Little Sun Go Go 6: Dominion's End
  7. Big and Little Sun Go Go 7: The Main Quest
  8. GOD V3C6: The Blue Star, Part Two
  9. Eclipse Hunter V2C4: A Distant Figure
  10. No Hero V8C8: Pandora's Box

Hey everyone, we had a productive July, so we’ll be able to bring you a good amount of releases this month, and they will mostly be spread throughout the month this time instead of bunched on the last day. So check back this weekend for our first release! (What is this miracle? But again, the releases may or may not be in the current order)

We are also excited to have a few new proofreaders join us to lessen our workload. You’ll be seeing their names pop up here and there soon. This is a perfect time, because we’ve been seeing mentions of a possible September release of 39 LSK Volume 2! If this does turn out to be true, you bet we will snatch that up right away and get right to translating. We’ve been waiting for this!

As for Dominion’s End Volume 7, it sounds like the goal is an October release. If these do all come true, then I suppose this really is mirroring what happened in ILT when Yu Shu released three books at once.

How was Big and Little Sun Go Go? Each part is around the same length, quite bite size, which is something we love working on. The short length is one reason we’ll be able to release several parts of it this month. We are also excited to get to the crossover aspects of this story. (The chapter title pretty much gives a big hint of what’s coming!)

Don’t forget that next month, we’re holding a contest over at our forums! We’ve been discussing prizes among our staff, and we have some pretty cool ones in store for you. :D

Last month, our poll was about the best way for Bai Saya to earn some quick bucks to fund Shooting Star’s ludicrous appetite. The result came out to be… medical guinea pig! Poor guy. Do you think An Te Qi would want to study him? Maybe that’s not a good idea though… I don’t think his experiments usually walk out of his lab after.

For the month of August, our poll, courtesy of anon, is about who you’d take as your teacher. I see that several of the choices are in some sort of teaching profession, which is pretty cool, while two of them take on a teaching role.

For those of you who are starting school soon, I hope you are all able to start school safely!

Each of our series have some exciting developments this month. Let’s get the ball rolling~. While you’re waiting, come toss us some ideas at us for our site polls. :)