Update: March 2018

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March Chapters
  1. No Hero V6C4: Police Station, the Justices and Evils that Come to and Fro
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C5: Contract Between Human and Doll Part 2—For Your Sake
  3. Dominion’s End V3C8: The Three-Forked Road, Part Two

Welcome to March. Yu Wo is heading to CWT this weekend to sell her Gong Hua bundle. Sounds like a second bundle is on the horizon, though it isn’t finished yet.

We have a new Italian subgroup. Check them out at PR! International.

Congratulations to chestnut and mizuhino for winning the Cooking Contest! You can check out their entries here.

A new contest has started! Check out the Dating Sim Contest over at the forums. There are some different prizes waiting for you this time~

Last month, Shujun won the poll of “Which Jiang family member is the worst to pick a fight with?” Looks like no one wants to anger the big brothers!

Our poll this month is from Listening Daisy about makeovers~. Just in time for that dating sim.

Do you have a poll idea? Toss them at us over here. Look forward to the releases!

Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C5: Contract Between Human and Doll Part 1—Under the Starry Sky

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 2: Human Doll Contract Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 5: Contract Between Human and Doll… Part 1—Under the Starry Sky—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)

Xiao Xue tried her best to keep her face expressionless as she walked toward the abandoned plot filled with cargo containers.

Whether or not they could rescue him, she would face the same result—she had to leave that home for Jiang Jiang to successfully grow up into a real person, but the person who had been kidnapped was Jiang Ziya. He was her Yaya-gēge who had always treated her with kindness. Xiao Xue was still willing to rescue him.

Actually, there was some selfishness on her part as well. Perhaps Jiang Ziya would speak up for her. Maybe, I can stay…

Even if in the end, there really is no other way, and I have to go to Yu Shu’s home, then at least Yaya-gēge would come and visit me every day, right?

With this kind of idea in mind, Xiao Xue walked toward the abandoned plot step by step. The vacant plot only had a lopsided wooden fence surrounding it. Even a little girl could easily find a gap in it to squeeze through. She zeroed in on a hole that didn’t have as many wires tangled around it. Xiao Xue squeezed right through it.

When she lifted her head, she was faced with brightness. Continued

Update: February 2018

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February Chapters
  1. No Hero V6C3: Market, Chaotic Bustle and Shouting Enthusiasm
  2. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C5: Contract Between Human and Doll Part 1—Under the Starry Sky
  3. Dominion’s End V3C8: The Three-Forked Road, Part One

Happy February! Like recent trends, expect the chapters near the end of the month.

We will also be returning to announce the winners of the Cooking Contest. While we are still judging the entries, why not check them out yourself? Lots of yummy entries!

Anyone use LINE? Check out these new LINE stickers! There are sticker sets for Gong Hua (released under the name Guardian Flower), Dominion’s End (released under the name Doomsday), and 1/2 Prince.

Perhaps those are the “official” English names of those two series? Guardian Flower does describe Gong Hua pretty well. Doomsday is a bit common though.

Last month, Jiang Ziya lost to a tree! But that’s okay, Ziya. Your new book just got released in Taiwan! You are finally free from the cliffhanger of Volume 3’s ending, after suffering for almost three years. Best of luck to you in Volume 4. o7

This month, the poll is about which Jiang is the worst to pick a fight with, submitted by Smol Scared Tree. Now that Jiang Xiaorong won against Jiang Ziya, up next, we have new opponents…!

Remember, you can toss poll ideas at us over here~. See you all later in the month~.

Dominion’s End V3C7: Thirteen, Part Two

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Dominion’s End Volume 3: Ice-Bound Splendor and Majesty

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 7: Thirteen, Part Two—translated by Michimochi (proofread by EvlNabiki & elisa; C/E edited by lucathia)

“My head hurts real bad. His psychic ability is really strong. The Thirteen in this time period might not specialize in physical combat, Dàgē.”

I probably wasn’t too far off the mark, seeing how he couldn’t stand the cold yet was able to instruct other aberrants.

Jiang Xiaotian, however, didn’t care about Thirteen and only frowned. “Are you okay?”

How can I be okay? Waves of pain kept piercing my head, but compared to just now when I couldn’t even talk due to the pain, this wasn’t a big deal.

Rather than the headache, my main concern was that dream just now, which was more confusing. As I gained more and more past memories, I almost had the answer in my hand, but I didn’t dare to think too much about it. I’d love it if I’m… but on the other hand, that’s also…

I didn’t dare continue that line of thought. I forced myself not to turn my head away, not to avoid meeting Jiang Xiaotian’s gaze.

Chen Yanqing anxiously said, “Xiao Yu, your eyes are bloodshot and your face is still kinda pale.”

No wonder Jiang Xiaotian was so worried and seemed to have given up on chasing Thirteen. I shook my head and said, “I’m fine. Let’s go. Something’s up with Maternibaby, probably the work of your fellow soldiers. They’re going to be in trouble, what with Thirteen hurrying on over.”


Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C4: This Bookstore’s Part 3—Author

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 2: Human Doll Contract Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: This Bookstore’s… Part 3—Author—translated by lucathia (proofread by EvlNabiki & Trespasserby)

Yu Shu walked along the street, a toy longsword in her hand.

Along the way, plenty of children stared at her plastic sword, and many wanted to rush over and snatch it to play with it. The adults next to them could only keep a tight hold on them. Their gazes seem to mock this “auntie” who was still playing with toys at her age.

But all that didn’t matter. It was better than carrying a katana and having Mr. Policeman take her in for tea. Besides, the favor she was doing was going right on Jiang Ziya’s tab.

However, Yu Shu was still a bit irked. Why do I feel that I have the worse end of the deal? I only had Jiang Ziya go to the supermarket to buy stuff once, and a bunch of things resulted. She had only started keeping a tab not long ago, and she already felt that Jiang Ziya would probably need to do grocery shopping for her for his entire lifetime before he could pay off the debt.

Only children paid Yu Shu attention, but all sorts of people paid attention to the man following behind her.

House Keeper wore a dress shirt, vest, and dress pants. Wearing this outfit outside was not as strange of a sight as wearing it at home, but he was carrying a large, red backpack on his back. There were even decorative devil wings on both sides of the bag. Paired with his classical, refined demeanor and walking under the colorful neon city lights, the incongruity of his image shot through the roof.