Update: February 2017

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February Chapters
  1. No Hero V5C2: Silver Visor; Black Pupils
  2. GOD V1C3: Xiao Bai is Captured
  3. Dominion's End V2C10: Next Stop, Luo'an
  4. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2C1: The Busy Patient Part 1—The Missing Classmate

Welcome to February! Check out the Valentine Contest that is behind held over at the forums. Deadline is February 28. We look forward to your submission.

Last month, “Grisia will eat no more than one slice of blueberry pie a week” won the resolutions poll, but a good number did want Lu Yang to do his own homework as well. How are your resolutions holding up?

This month, the poll is about couples! Thanks to anon for the original question! We are taking poll ideas over here~.

And whoa, look at that. Dominion’s End is not last this month. But that just means you won’t know when it’ll be posted. :P It’s the last chapter of the main story of v2. Next chapter will be the continuation of v1’s side story, “The Journey Home.”

GOD V1C2: The Adventurers’ Guild

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GOD –The Beginning of the End- Volume 1: The First Pet is a Swordsman

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 2: The Adventurers’ Guild—translated by lucathia (proofread by elisa, Arcedemius, & Faren)

“Hurry up and eat! Why aren’t you eating? This chicken is fried so deliciously!”

Shooting Star was tearing into the chicken leg he held. He ate so fast that his mouth was filled with meat to the point that he couldn’t gulp it down. He could only grab a cup of ale from the side and gargle it, finally swallowing it all down. Then, he began attacking the meat patty that was off to the side.

Finally, he polished off the entire table—yes, the entire table—worth of dishes, and only then did Shooting Star pat his stomach in satisfaction.

Next to him, Bai Saya was nursing his cup of ale, almost forgetting to eat. From start to finish, he could only stare at Shooting Star, as his heart had filled with puzzlement ever since the dishes on the table had been reduced by half. Just where is Shooting Star, who looks so small and slim, putting all this food?

In one gulp, Shooting Star finished off his ale, and his expression suddenly became incomparably solemn. He turned to look at his companion and said sincerely and earnestly, “Bai Saya.”


“I know that you have difficulties speaking about it…”

Bai Saya was actually quite surprised. Shooting Star actually understands respecting other people’s privacy? He nodded as he said, “Yes. There are some things that I can’t speak about—”

“I knew it! Quick, tell me what those secret things are. I really want to know!” Shooting Star widened his eyes, like a child waiting to hear a story.

Y-you, do you really understand what it means to have difficulties speaking about it? It’s “difficult,” yet you want me to tell you quickly? Bai Saya didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.


Update: January 2017

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January Chapters
  1. No Hero V5C1: Reach Out Your Hand; Sharp Metal Claws
  2. GOD V1C2: The Adventurers' Guild
  3. Illusions, Lies, Truth V2Prologue: Prologue
  4. Dominion’s End V2C9: Jiang Xiaorong

Happy New Year! Wishing everyone a great year ahead. You bet we’ll be bringing you plenty more translations in 2017. Can you believe that PR! is going to turn eight this year? Eight is quite a lucky number~.

We have one chapter each from NH, GOD, ILT, and DE this month, with lots exciting things happening in them. We’ll let you wonder at the chapter titles. If you’d like to see more of each of our projects, let’s hope that the “more staff to join PR!” wish from December’s poll actually comes true! Our translator applications are always open. Head to the Recruitment page to check that out. I thank you for thinking of us, even more than wishing for ten Dàgēs! Of course, the price for ten Dàgēs must be outrageous, so I suppose self preservation has saved us all. Joining PR! is a much less risky endeavor than wishing for ten Dàgēs.

Thanks to Listening Daisy, we have a pdf for the Illusions, Lies, Truth side story, Book Writer. Head over here to grab it.

This month’s poll is about resolutions! If you have other resolutions in mind, comment with them below~.

We are also taking monthly poll ideas. If you have a monthly poll you’d like to see happen, we’d love to hear your idea. Submit them here, and you might see your idea used in one of the monthly polls.

Happy January!

Illusions, Lies, Truth Side Story Book Writer Chapter 6: Extra—Secret Little Matters

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Side Story: Book Writer

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Extra 3: Secret Little Matters—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)


The butler placed a jug of coffee on the table. He was just about to call Yu Shu over when he heard a scream from behind.

“What the heck is this? It’s so bitter! It tastes horrible! Are you brewing poison here?”

The golden haired man was so affected by the bitterness that his face scrunched up. Out of disgust, he pushed the coffee jug far away from him.

Faced with such a situation, the butler retained his smile. He grabbed the sugar jar and dumped all of the sugar into the jug of coffee. There was so much sugar that it couldn’t even completely dissolve. He gently said, “You were in too much of a hurry. I had not completed the last step. Try it again. It will definitely taste good now.”

The golden haired man felt that something was not quite right. He narrowed his eyes and asked warily, “Will it really taste good?”

“Of course.” The butler smiled a trustworthy smile.

Half in disbelief, the golden haired man grabbed the coffee jug back.

After a single sip, his eyes widened. At this, the butler’s smile grew brighter.

“So good!”


The golden haired man relaxed. He took several more sips. Seeing that the butler’s smile was somewhat frozen, he hurriedly said, “It was my misunderstanding! This tastes really good! Brew it for me again in the future!”

“…As long as you like it.”

Skin Whitening Bath

Yu Shu let out a blood curdling shriek.

“Ah! Who added all this unnecessary stuff to the butler’s bath of blood!”

The golden haired man stuck his head in with an expression that said, “You don’t need to thank me.”

“Isn’t he going to bathe? I added my special skin whitening formula to it. I guarantee you that after he bathes, his skin will become flawlessly white and soft!”

Yu Shu clobbered him on the head. “Idiot! That blood is so that he can heal. What’s with your skin whitening formula! This isn’t a milk bath! Bastard, do you know how much that tub of blood cost me? Now it’s useless! Bastard, you jump in and stay there for three hours. Don’t come out until you become flawlessly white!”

GOD V1C1: The Cunning Boy VS the Righteous Swordsman

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GOD –The Beginning of the End– Volume 1: The First Pet is a Swordsman

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 1: The Cunning Boy VS the Righteous Swordsman—translated by lucathia (proofread by Arcedemius & Faren; C/E edited by raylight)

It was a scorching summer day, the sun hung high in the sky, and the recent temperature was frighteningly unbearable. With this kind of weather, even gnomes, creatures that were dirty but highly adaptable to all kinds of environments, would rather starve than come out to hunt. Slimes, mucus type creatures that could be seen everywhere, had also completely vanished from the roads. Only under the cool shadows of trees could a few wiggling mucus entities be found. The temperature was so high that even the slimes had melted.

Furthermore, the sunlight was so strong that you simply couldn’t keep your eyes open. The high temperature made even the dirt roads look deformed, and the smell in the air could only be described as “stifling hot.” All of this would make any traveler feel unwell, yet there just had to be someone who seemed to think walking along this path wasn’t difficult enough. That someone just had to add off-key singing. The low tones were as jarring as having rocks banged against the ground, while the high tones were akin to having nails scraping across glass. No one would feel the least bit comfortable hearing that.

That person was leisurely reclining on a thick branch of a tree by the side of the road. He had one leg propped on the other in a brash fashion and his arms behind his head. His position looked very unstable, as if he were in danger of falling at any moment, but anyone who heard the completely off the rails singing coming from his mouth would start praying, “Please fall down already!”

“One ugly pig, another ugly pig, a third ugly pig. Shooting Star has seen so many ugly pigs…”

The frightening singing suddenly stopped, and the guy who called himself Shooting Star shifted his body. He was a boy who looked to be around fifteen to sixteen years old. A huge smile abruptly appeared on his goose-egg shaped face, and an extraordinary sparkle flashed across his large, round eyes that could only be described as cute. He had found his prey. All of these signs indicated—a certain someone, or a certain unidentified creature, was about to be in a great pinch.

And that was…


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