GOD V4C4: Yaya Learns How to Fly

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“Hey Sem, let’s teach Yaya to fly so we don’t have to keep carrying her,” said Luyang, twirling his mustache.

“Aye aye, captain!” replied Jiang Ziya, saluting and blowing a raspberry.

They dragged Sem and Yaya up to the deck to begin the flying lessons, with Bai Saya and Meteor following behind to watch the action.

As they practiced, Meteor was amazed that Bai Saya didn’t get seasick this time. “What’s your secret, dude?”

Bai Saya grinned sheepishly. “Rui Si told me to fill my ear with magical gems to avoid seasickness. It totally worked!”

Meteor was skeptical. “What do snails have to do with it?”

“I have no idea,” Bai Saya shrugged.

Meanwhile, Sem was struggling to teach Yaya to fly while she squirmed and flailed around, occasionally yanking on his golden locks. He wondered why he had to be the one to teach her – he wasn’t even married or had kids yet! This was clearly the responsibility of a wingman father.

“You can do it, Sem! Teach Yaya to soar!” Luyang cheered from the sidelines, munching on a bag of colorful popcorn.

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  1. Gandire Alea

    Another father chapter?? Makes me wonder if Liola will appear

    • カムイ女神様くん

      *Strokes invisible beard* All in good time, I am sure.

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