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Prince Revolution! was the name of this website, which was created in April 2009, but the name has since come to refer to the group of translators and proof-readers who work behind its scenes. PR! aims to provide free English translations of various Chinese young adult/light novels.


Do you have questions related to our website, group, or the projects that we’re working on? Our FAQ is here to help. Do us a favor, though, and make sure that your question hasn’t already been answered before you post your question via the comment system. If you’re requesting for spoilers, please make sure that you include your email address.

NOTE: Do not post your recruitment-related questions here. The recruitment page has its own FAQ section, which you should refer to for answers about recruitment issues.

Q: How can I contact you, other than through the site?
A: For general administrative questions or concerns, please email [email protected]. For questions or submissions specifically regarding the English translations, please email [email protected].

Q: When is the next update?
A: We update on a monthly schedule. Near the beginning of each month, we will post an update with a list of chapters that will be published that month. Chapters will then be released throughout the month after that.

Q: Is there a way for me to be alerted to updates?
A: There are a couple of ways. On the right menu you can use our RSS feed or sign up via email. You can also try checking Baka Updates, here. You can also check out our twitter feed at @princerevolutio, which will send a tweet automatically whenever the website is updated. More recently, you can also find out about our updates from our Facebook page.

Q: Does Yu Wo (the author) know about PR!’s translation site?
A: Yes, she does. We informed her some time ago (May 2009) and received her approval to translate ½ Prince.

Q: How did PR! manage to contact Yu Wo?
A: We left her with a message on her Q&A board and also wrote her a short email. Her email address can be found on her webpage, right at the top.

Q: Does PR! have Yu Wo’s permission to translate these series?
A: Yes. We asked and received her permission for: ½ Prince in May 2009, The Legend of Sun Knight in January 2010, and Female Warrior and No Hero in December 2012.

Q: Does PR! have Yu Wo’s permission to translate ½ Prince and The Legend of Sun Knight into languages other than English?
A: Yes. We asked and received her permission in November 2010.

Q: Did PR! draw the avatars and artwork found on the site? May I use them?
A: No, we didn’t draw them. The avatars for the ½ Prince character page were drawn by Zhan Bu Lu, one of the official artists for ½ Prince. The avatars for the Sun Knight character page were drawn by Icicle, a doujin artist for Sun Knight. You must ask them for their permission if you wish to use them.

Q: Has PR! been permitted by the artists to use their artwork then?
A: Yes, with certain conditions.

Q: Can I share your translations by putting them up on my forum/website? I’ll make sure to give proper credit!
A: The answer is NO. The main reason for this is because if Yu Wo ever asks us to take down our translations or if the series is ever officially published in English, we can easily remove them from the site. It would be much harder for us to ensure a complete removal of our translations from the web if it’s uploaded on other sites/forums. Moreover, if our translations are uploaded onto other sites/forums, then readers who stumble upon our translations on those sites will not necessarily be aware of our rules regarding the translations, such as no stealing credit, no attempting to profit from our translations, etc. If you really wish to spread the love, please just put up a link to our site instead.

Q: Can I distribute your PDF versions of the translations (via IRC, by uploading it elsewhere, by distributing printed copies, etc)? I won’t (try to) profit off it or steal credit!
A: The answer is NO. In fact, the reasoning is exactly the same as for why we do not allow our translations to be shared on other websites. Feel free to share the link to the PDF, though.

Q: Could you guys enlarge the novel covers on the PDF files?
A: No, because we don’t want anyone to mistake our PDF (or pass it off) as an official English version of the novel.

Q: I’m also thinking of translating the same projects as PR!, but I prefer to work alone and at my own pace. Mind if I start my own translation site?
A: No worries. Just don’t use any of our translations or any content created by us, such as our character pages.

Q: I’m thinking of translating ½ Prince into another language (e.g. Russian), but I am unfamiliar with Chinese. Can I use PR!’s translations to translate ½ Prince instead?
A: Sure. Visit the recruitment page for more details.

Q: Could you guys upload any of the novels in Chinese for me to read?
A: The traditional Chinese version of ½ Prince can be found Yu Wo’s webpage. The Legend of Sun Knight is not available online in traditional Chinese. As for the simplified Chinese version of the two novel series…let’s just say that Google is your friend.

Q: Will you guys be translating the sequel volume for ½ Prince?
A: Yes, we will.

Q: How many volumes are there in the ½ Prince series?
A: There are eight volumes in the main series. The series has a sequel, which is only one volume long.

120 Responses

  1. anon

    T^T I want a paper copy! As much as I want Prince to be licensed, I don’t, cuz then this would be taken down… Ah, the pain. :p

    I love you guys for having this site and the translations by the way. :D

  2. Kira


    Admin: Yes, we’re aware that there are several different loopholes, but we are not going to do anything about them. We merely want to discourage any copying, not make things too difficult for our readers.

    • Kira

      Well, I do remember i came across a website that uses pictures instead of texts, with the right click disabled, and the pictures was jumbled and puzzled, so that piecing it together was a mess. black and white pictures loads fast as well, albeit heavier than texts file. A larger picture would make it easier to search in the caches and all. But someone could just print screen and do OCR later.

  3. Namika

    Will be Sun Knight made into PDF like Prince too? I like paper print more that reading online (my eyes hurt if I read too much)…

    P.S. I love your work, guys :D When I found the site, it was like second Christmas for me :D

  4. Emil B

    Im happy so see this page. Found it like a week after I read the english translated manga of 1/2 prince on mangafox.com and it then spent 7 hours in a row reading ;) ( Read it on 1/18/2011 , a date I will not forget )

    After I read 1/2 prince, I had a “hearthache” about reading more of it, both manga and the novel and REALLY wanna play a game like this.
    There is technology that can be created for a game like this ( Similar, not exactly ) and I hope they will use it sometime, it would obviusly become a big hit!

  5. Emil B

    For those that wish to read the manga version heres the link:

    Personly, I read both the manga and novel , thank you for translating the novels ;)

    Can I also ask how often the author releases a novel and how long time it takes to translate it?

    • eilinel

      Thanks for the link. The novel is complete in Chinese, but translating it took a long time. Depending on the translator, translating a chapter can take 1~3 months, then we need 1 month or so to edit for accuracy and proof-read for grammar consistency. It’s not that we don’t want to release the chapter, but please just understand, we are putting a lot of hard work behind the scene. We know you aren’t bugging us, but to the general public: That’s why, while we appreciate your support, we DO NOT appreciate anyone bugging us for more releases. Thanks.

  6. Emil B

    Im sorry, didnt mean to bug you, if I could Chinese I would help you translate it ( Or I would just read theim all :P )
    Im thankfull for having you, very important, beings ( Translators are important beings, else who would help ous play Korean MMORPG’s or know when Asian people are insulting ous ? Ofc you would help ous translate back so we can insult theim also ~~ ) for translating this for ous.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Don’t worry, we’re aware you weren’t trying to bug us for releases =] That’s why eili added “We know you aren’t bugging us, but to the general public…”

      Thanks for your support!

  7. Emil B

    No release today?
    I’ve waited the last seven days and Im going up early last three days to see if it got updated yet…
    So, I’ve came to a conclusion, go pay for me to learn korean so I can help out with translating ~~ Its a Win/Win situation !

    • eilinel

      The original novel language is Chinese, so you are paying to learn the wrong language =p.

  8. Emil B

    Hmm, then, lets learn Chinese first, then korean, and then japanese!
    Then I can translate ANY mangas! Win/Win AND /Win

  9. lollipopchu

    this page clears up a lot of my questions :) If this got licensed in my country, I would love to be able to borrow the novels from my library but then this site would be taken down DX What if the licensing company only translated a few volumed and then dropped it? Would you guys be able to continue then?

  10. angelika

    THANK YOU!!! I just can’t explain how i’m grateful that you do this hard for us!!!

  11. dark.chii

    i was wondering, do you also plan on translating the LSK side stories? because i heard that yu wo wrote some and i’d love to read them ..

    p.s. is it true that LSK has only 8 volumes?

    • eilinel

      Yes we plan to translate the side stories~~ We plan to collect all the side stories into “1 bundled volume” at the end of the story.

      Yu Wo originally plan to write 8 volumes, but from her recent facebook’s post….we might see 9 volumes of LSK. Who knows? As far as I currently know, the plan is still 8 volumes.

    • dark.chii


      with “at the end of the story”, do you mean after you’ve translated all the volumes? i’m not trying to sound ungrateful, because i really appreciate it that you translate LSK and 1/2 prince (though i haven’t read much of it yet), but i think it’s a bit sad if you do so (i heard some side stories take place before the story).

    • eilinel

      Yes. *shrugs* They are side stories~They offers more insight into the characters, but they don’t really affect the story otherwise. Plus, Yu Wo keep releasing them on a irregular basis … we can’t say for sure she won’t be releasing more of them, which is why I want to wait untill all the volumes are done.

    • dark.chii


      sorry for the empty post before >_>

      ok now i understand. cool, i didn’t know that she still writes some.

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Yes actually, we’ve been working with the developer on that =] We’ll be officially announcing it next month.

  12. Kierah

    The PDF Files for the LSK & HP Volumes aren’t available anymore because MegaUpload shut down. Can you guys please post the download somewhere else? Thank you! ^_^

    • dahlys

      We already moved them a long time ago! Right after MegaUpload shut down, in fact. Please check the download page again.

  13. jmbondy

    So, something to point out to you that I’m not entirely sure isn’t an april fools joke, but whenever I try to access http://www.princerevolution.org, I get redirected to vvv.princerevolution.org and this is the same website in Chinese. However, I was able to access the english version of this site by searching through google for something other than the homepage. However, if I try and click on the homepage from here I am redirected to the chinese version of this. I just thought to bring it to your attention because it only started happening today.

  14. Jasae Bushae

    allo~ XD i know i already asked this but i never got an answer and my comment got poofed away so i was wondering: What were the april fools jokes of previous years? I am quite curious since I only began reading in august of the previous year just shy of april and its foolery

    • Jasae Bushae

      XDDD awesome XD
      whats this line from? i dont recognize it
      “It’s Friday, Friday! Gotta get down on Friday! Everybody’s lookin’ forward to the weekend. Yesterday was Thursday. Today is Friday. We so excited, we gonna have a ball today! Tomorrow is Saturday, and Sunday comes afterwards!”

    • lucathia

      That song is called Friday by Rebecca Black. It was quite a sensation last year, known for being widely disliked. (Though I had to look the song up after we released the chapter. XD;;; )

  15. Jasae Bushae

    Well this is going to be a slow month chapterwise.
    the last chapter for the current sun knight book plus epiloque, one chapter for 1/2 prince and two more sidestories

    im guessing its slowed down a bit due to more spreading out of translators to get the side story portion finished :3
    wells it shall be a grand read none the less ^^

  16. Nothingatll

    What? There’s a sequel to Half Prince? What’s it called?

    • dahlys

      There is no sequel to Half Prince, just four side stories that take place after the ending, and a Half Prince vs. Kill No More crossover.

  17. Topaz

    Oh my Gosh pleaaaasee don’t drop 1/2 Prince or LSK if they were licenced in Europe!You do know that there are some people from other continents reading your translations,right?!*panic attack*

  18. randomtyping

    I know this is an annoying question but what is the average/estimated amount of days between each update? I’m really excited for the next chapters of Prince’s indentity and Sun Knight’s amnesia (Damn. I just had to finish reading both at such a plot twist, now I can’t read anything else because of this XD). And also, is LSK only four volumes?

    • lucathia

      The chapters that will be released are listed in the update post. The chapters will then be released throughout the month, before the last day of the month. That’s all we can tell you! Chapters will be published when they’re ready.

      Forgot to mention, no, LSK is longer than 4 volumes. It is 8 volumes in all. The chapter list for each volume is added when we get nearer to publishing those chapters.

  19. randomtyping

    Sorry for the unimportant questions but
    1.) Do you only translate Yu Wo’s work?
    2.) What other works has she written (Please give me as much as you can!)?
    3.) When 1/2 Prince finishes, are you going to make a ‘Completed Novels’ page to store it and in its place would be the new story? Or will it be left in one of the tab/main/(you know, ‘About PR!- ½ Prince – The Legend of Sun Knight – Fan Creations – Store -Update Log – Recruitment’ link under Prince Revolution! ?

    Sorry for the pointless, and overflowing questions… = 3= … I- I can’t help it…

    • [PR]azakura

      Thank you for your questions lol.
      We haven’t exactly translated any works other than Yu Wo’s, but I don’t think we are limited to that. We want to at least finish 1/2 Prince and LSK and their sidestories before moving on. New series that are being worked on are also by Yu Wo (I wont reveal the names since it hasnt been announced yet XD)

      Other Yu Wo works… Check her wiki page (:

      That I don’t know but we probably won’t be reformatting any time too soon. There are the half price side stories after volume 8 anyway ^^

  20. arken


    am unable to see/find any links to download the pdfs for half-prince novels :( can you tell me what am i doing wrong ?

  21. CocoFlower

    I wish Yu Wo made you guys the official English translaters, and then the novels could get published in English while you get paid for all your effort :)

  22. CocoFlower

    Oh wait I forgot to ask my question- on the staff profiles page, what anime/manga does Arcademius, Shadowrebith and Vapore’s pictures come from? I think I recognise the rest except for these three ^-^

    • [PR]lucathia

      Shadow Rebirth’s is Nan Gong Zui from 1/2 Prince (novel art version!), I believe. Vapore’s is Reyson from Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance and Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn. Not sure what Arcedemius’ is.

    • [PR]lucathia

      The first that will be released is Female Warrior, but that is a short project.

    • [PR]lucathia

      It’s two short volumes. Each volume is around the length of Unbeatable, or around half of the length of each 1/2 Prince and LSK novel. The main story for Female Warrior hasn’t actually been written yet, so these two volumes are like prologues.

  23. Antique

    Besides Female Warrior, do you guys have any plans to translate Yu Wo’s other works such as Kill No More or GOD?

    • Jasae Bushae

      Well I know their planning to tackle no hero eventually
      and about a year ago they mentioned intentions to tackle some other series which i cannot recall the name of…it was described to me as ‘a world with gundams and magical girls’ which sounded surreal

    • SnowStorm

      @Jasae Bushae
      Really? >.<
      Are you really planning on translating No Hero?
      Cos' I thought you might leave the job to those people in OSS, who are, no offense meant, suu slow.

    • @SnowStorm
      Is OSS planning on translating No Hero? I know they’re doing Eclipse Hunter and that No Hero is the sequel, but I haven’t heard about their plans to do NH.

  24. CocoFlower

    Sorry I have another question >-< I really really love Yu Wo's works and it's hard to find English novels that have a similar witty, funny and enjoyable style. Does anyone have any recommendations?

    • Jasae Bushae

      Oh~ good question ^^ I wanna know the answer to this too.
      Personally i dont know anyone who much resembles Yu Wo, though I can recomend a few authors I personally liked.
      Tamora Pierce’s circle of magic series, C. Dale Britain’s wizard of yurt series, Robert Asprin’s myth series and Patricia C. Wrede’s enchanted forest series.
      A series im really interested in is that necromancer one that doll was quoting back during 1/2 prince.

  25. Mark Grayson

    Hi i am a huge fan of Yu wo’s works and I would respectfully like to ask “why are you translating “No Hero” when you have not translated it’s prequel story “Eclipse Hunter”(which yes was completed before the author began writing the sequel “No Hero”)? It doesn’t quite make sense so please clarify.

    • [PR]dahlys

      No Hero can be read without reading Eclipse Hunter (Yu Wo wrote it in such a way that all the characters are introduced like you’ve never seen them before). In fact, it’s more interesting that way. Eclipse Hunter contains too many spoilers for No Hero. Besides, OddSquadScanlations is already translating Eclipse Hunter.

    • Jasae Bushae

      Oh~ like the scene where that street gang *smacks self for the sake of self censoring*
      knowing spoilers can be a curse T_T made more annoying in that im only spoiled on a couple chapters so i dont have the satisfaction of knowing what happens

    • [PR]dahlys

      As mentioned in March’s update, the phone app will not be working for a while, until PR has contacted the app developer.

  26. Waaaaah?

    Hi! I couldn’t find anywhere else to post this, so I figured I’d do it here. When I clicked on the RSS Feed subscribe link, it said the file didn’t have a style information associated with it and just showed the document tree (everything in HTML format). Thought I’d let you know so you could deal with it.

    • [PR]lucathia

      Hello, can you give us more detail about this problem? What browser and operating system are you using? Does this problem still happen for you? In what way are you trying to subscribe to the RSS feed? Live bookmarks? Another application? Or does the document tree that you’re mentioning show up the moment you click on “Subscribe to Updates”? (When I click on it, I get taken to the right page).

  27. JJo

    Hello! I’m reading the translations of Half Prince made by PR! and I really enjoy them a lot!!!! So I want to say GREAT THKS to translaitors! Of course, I’ve read that ” Prince Revolution! does NOT ask for donations, payment, or anything else of the sort”. So you do not benefit monetarily from your translations AT ALL, but… If there is any chance to donate, I’ll be pleased to do it. The reason is I really appreciate your work and want to help somehow. I don’t have time and strength to take part in translations, however I do understand that your work bases not only on enthusiasm and sometimes you need money on buying the korean chapters and so on. So if it’s possible to support you with money, I’ll be happy.

    • [PR]lucathia

      We’re glad that you are enjoying our translations and that you’re enjoying Yu Wo’s works! (By the way, these are Taiwanese light novels! Not Korean~). We don’t ask for donations, so we can’t take your money. A great way to support us is to drop by and comment whenever you can. Comments really motivate us! We like to know that our translations are being read, and we also love discussion. Comments and discussion keep us going. :)

    • JJo

      Thanks for the answer!) I was out of the blue with the fact Yu Wo light novel is Taiwanese. I’ve been reading 1/2 Prince for 4 years (actually started with manga) and all the time was making a mistake T_T

  28. Ci

    Hey! I visited this site pretty frequently in the past but then stopped due to school and such. I just recently started to come back to it. However, the last time I was here, you guys were selling some merchandise. May I ask what happened to that? I really wanted some of those clear cards.

  29. aiya03

    hi! i have a question, how do i switch back from PR mobile site to website setting in my google chrome browser?? there was a switch icon in the mobile site but it doesn’t work, so can anyone help me out? PR admin?

  30. Andylinx

    If you guys are in contact with the author do you know if there is an epilogue to LSK like the current 12 Holy Knights training their successors or something? I kinda want to see how the Sun Knight will teach, if it will be like Neo or worse (I’m hoping worse).

  31. Deo

    Hi. can you give the password to the latest chapter for LSK? i wanna read it so much! thank you! :))

  32. Oddmoonlight

    My rss feed for you guys keeps sending emails with the last 2-3 month about twice a week. Is there something I can do to fix it? Thanks for translation for all these years.

    • [PR]lucathia

      We are aware of the problem and are looking into it, but so far we have not found a solution to fix it… Sorry! At the moment, we suggest following our RSS feed instead of subscribing by email, and or checking our twitter or facebook for updates. We will continue to look into the problem to see if there is a possible fix for it.

  33. Buffalo

    I am pretty certain that this question has been asked but I have no idea where. For that, I apologize. For Female Warrior, are there spoilers to legend of the sun knight? I mean, I know that technically legend of the sun knight is set after female warrior but there could still be spoilers.
    Thanks and sorry for the inconvenience

  34. chika_gerins

    Hi, how can I read the protected content that require passwords?

    P.S.: you’re the best of the best!!! Love you!! <3<3<3<3 XD

  35. hana

    Hi. Im wondering if you guys could do the translation for Kill No More extras since Japtem has decided to drop it and Im just really curious what happens in the extras. Please? ; v ;

  36. yuyuik

    Hi, I’ve traslated to spanish the prologe for No Hero, might need some proofreading, and I would love to submit it here, hope you guys contact me. Have a nice day.

  37. katie

    hii! so the legend of the sun knight is my all time favorite novel in this entire world and it has been for about three years now, even before you finished translating i just was completely hooked! i love it so much and i really want a paper copy but i cant find it anywhere , i saw in the upper comments something about a Chinese paper copy but i am sadly only able to read English and so i really want an English copy. is there any website i can buy it from, or any way i could get an English paper copy? thanks so much for your help~!

    • [PR]lucathia

      Hi there, unfortunately, The Legend of Sun Knight is not officially published in English. It is available in other languages aside from Chinese, such as Thai and Vietnamese, if that is of any help.

    • katie

      aww i wonder why not? im pretty sure it would be ridiculously popular, i mean how could it not be?? its the most amazing book ever! (yes im extremely biased in my pinon since its my favorite book but still!) im honestly really surprised it hasnt been made into an anime what with it also being a manga, :/ thank you for telling me though!

  38. concerned citizen

    Hey guys. Do you plan on doing something with a certain site (r**dl*ghtn***ls) stealing/copy-pasting all your translations? They earn revenue through ads and recently, they put up a Donate to Translator button, which I’m sure not even a cent will ever reach the translators.

    • [PR]lucathia

      They definitely do not have our permission, and we are definitely not receiving any money (that would be against our policy as well). We have contacted them with no reply from them. We ask that no one donate, and we advise people not to use that site, which would give them revenue through visits for stealing translations.

      Thank you for your concern.

  39. Min

    Hello, do you guys still.allow to pre order the 1/2 prince artbooks because I can’t go to your order form?? Also another question is that where can I buy the 1/2 prince 10th anniversary artbook?

    • [PR]lucathia

      You can also purchase the artbook from bookstores in Taiwan and other Taiwanese sites, but I haven’t purchased from those sites before and don’t know if they ship worldwide. If you don’t live in Taiwan, I believe books.com.tw and kingstone.com.tw are the most reliable choices.

  40. miakamei

    PR! You’re a true Savior!!! It seems Yu Wo works are written in traditional Chinese and I’m more proficient in modern mandarin… Waaaa I can’t even read the raws for Dominion’s End… Buhuhu

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      jOIn… JoIN… JOin… jOiN… wE’re sO STarvEd FoR fResH bLoOd…

      Just kidding. We’re not really that scary. But I am serious in asking if you’d be interested in taking the translator test!
      Even if most of Yu Wo’s books are published in Traditional (being that she’s from Taiwan and all), online raws can be converted pretty easily from Traditional to Simplified via Google Translate or we can try to find some already in Simplified. We really could use more translators, so any help at all would be appreciated.

  41. Xaelyie

    Hi, I love this series, so thank you for taking the time to translate 1/2 Prince to us English readers! I’m an amateur voice actress who would like to make an fan audiobook of your translation. I’m not making a profit out of this. I’m just a huge fan. I’ll make sure to give credit where it’s due! Would I have permission to do so?

    • [PR]Trespasserby

      Hi! Asked around the group and it’s O.K. by us!
      Glad you enjoyed 1/2 Prince so much and have fun.

  42. saira

    hi! can i write a story 50% based off Dominion’s End? with my own characters tho. :)

    • [PR]lucathia

      I am unsure what you mean by this. But we are also possibly unable to give you permission in the way you’re thinking. We do not own any rights to the series.

  43. Zaywex

    Oh wow, Dominion’s End’s writer is also the one who made 1/2 prince? No wonder it’s so good. Also to be able to read more by the same author by the same translators and even for there to be completed novels feels like a dream. ;-;

    Do any of you do editing/translating in an official capacity btw? Would love to read it if it’s half as good the work put into these novels.

  44. Aerihz

    Hey guys! I just want to give a big shout-out to your team. I have been reading your translations since you started and I was extremely delighted to find out that you are still active!

    I was part of the old scanlation groups that have since disbanded.

    Sending my love and I wanted to ask if you are accepting donations to keep the website active. Thanks!

    • [PR]lucathia

      Hey there! Thanks for dropping by. We’re still plodding along. ;)

      We aren’t accepting donations. Thanks for the thought though!

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