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Author: Yu Wo (御我); Novel Illustrator: Ya Sha


I am a knight. To be precise, I am the Church of the God of Light’s Sun Knight.

The Church of the God of Light worships and serves the God of Light, and theirs is one of the three largest religions on this continent.

As the whole continent knows, the Church of the God of Light has the Twelve Holy Knights, and each one has his own unique personality and features.

To be the Sun Knight is to have shining golden hair, sky blue eyes, a compassionate nature, and a brilliant smile.

“The benevolent God of Light will forgive your sins.”

I must have said that line at least a million times in my time as the Sun Knight.

However, the greatest wish in my life is to be able to stand before the entire continent and roar, “Damn your ‘the whole continent knows’! This Sun Knight just doesn’t feel like smiling! I just don’t want to forgive these human trashes! I just want to pepper my sentences with ‘f***’!”

Unfortunately, even to this day, I continue to wear a smile as I say, “The benevolent God of Light will forgive your sins.”


The Legend of Sun Knight is a completed novel series written by Yu Wo, spanning eight volumes. Several short comics (scripted by Yu Wo and drawn by Ya Sha) have been published together with volumes 4,5, and 6 as companion pieces to the main series. 39—Legend of Sun Knight is the sequel, with three volumes planned and one released so far.

For more information on Yu Wo, here is her official blog.

If you have time, why not leave a comment below reviewing this series?

142 Responses

  1. The Other

    XD “However, the greatest wish in my life is to be able to stand before the entire continent and roar, “Damn your ‘the whole continent knows’! This Sun Knight just doesn’t feel like smiling! I just don’t want to forgive these human trashes! I just want to pepper my sentences with ‘f***’!”’

    That’s just too good…

    read the first chapter, This is just great, really, really good.

    • Immasweetslovinggirl

      This book is fresh and unique very funny and a nice twist on the story of a valiant knight who hates the world you can’t help but love this book

    • mimiko_chan

      @The Other


    • Zero

      Omg! !! I know the feeling…..I had to use the on screen keyboard with my broken one for awhole…I became quite proficient… -.-;;

  2. Vel

    You had me at “Damn your ‘the whole continent knows’! This Sun Knight just doesn’t feel like smiling! I just don’t want to forgive these human trashes! I just want to pepper my sentences with ‘f***’!”

  3. yuchin4life

    Omg I wanted to read this xD I saw the cover and was like… Omg I totally want to read that… Thanks alot of picking this novel up! :D

  4. Anomynous?

    I read this!!!
    I live in Thailand and there is a Thai version of both LSK and 1/2 prince!!!

    It’s really good!!

  5. Pixie

    This is pretty freaking awesome. I like it more than I like 1/2 Prince and how much I like 1/2 Prince is unbelievable in itself. Thanks for picking this project up!

  6. G_bell

    I originally came to read the 1/2 prince translation and i saw this novel tittle and read it, and OMG it is so freaking awesome. you guys from PR Rock. Thanks, im now addicted to the sun knight, it made me laugh so much, and these days its rare for me to do that, so i wanted to express my thanks and hope you continue doing such awesome work, i wish you guys from PR happiness, thanks you guys.

  7. Theresa

    I was surprised when I found this site. You guys really did a good job translating this series. Now I can introduce this great series to my friends who can’t read Chinese!

  8. Kittychan H

    The first chapter of the manhwa is up on some of the free reader sites! Yay!!

  9. unforgiven31

    I read the manhua and it was really funny so I thought I’d check this out too… I think I’m really going to like it!!!

  10. Heavenlyz

    chapter 5 was so funny. i cant believe they didnt do anything about Sun even tho he was more injured and was about to die. Judge was the only one who noticed anything i wonder wut he said to the clerics that caused the Ice Knight to lose his cold expression.

  11. Heavenlyz

    well chapter 5 of Legend of the Sun Knight anyways… thanks for the releases btw :D forgot to add that >.>

    • eilinel

      The only way I can think of is ordering the original chinese novel from the internet bookshops >_<. But the postage is going to be crazy…just warning you in advance =). Or you can check out your local bookstore. If you are Singaporean, I know Kinokuniya can orders the books for you.

    • eilinel

      I like No Hero the best too! And the No Hero prequel…(玄日狩), I translated the title as Dark Sun Hunter XD.

      PS: Please don’t spam the site next time. Sometime the comment need approval by us before it will show up =).

    • eilinel

      Maybe. We are considering translating No Hero, but the general consensus is we will not start a new series until a current series is finished. We want to ensure that the quality and speed of our translation is good and we don’t think we have enough people to do that if we translate 3 series at once.

  12. lollipopchu

    I got into the novel through the manhwa on mangafox and I love it sooooo much! :D Sun is so hypocritical it’s frickin hilarious! XDDD

  13. Alyssa

    I love this series so much. Maybe even better than 1/2 Prince. You guys do a great job translating and I’m so thankful for it. I also really like the character pages for both series. Would you mind updating them every few chapters as well, to keep up with new characters and the like?

  14. Li

    With the introduction of the metal and moon knights, it might be time to update the list of characters now to add them.

  15. JSenSt

    When is the next volume out? I can’t wait for volume 8 (if there is one ’cause volume 7 didn’t end quite perfectly). I don’t know how the sun knight is gna change back!!! Btw, I’m reading the THAI version!!! I’m gna get the English version!! So excited and happy.

    • eilinel

      There’s no official English version yet ^ ^. And we have no idea when Volume 8 will be out. It should be pretty soon though, Yu Wo been leaking tiny bit of info on her facebook. (YES she does have an facebook account, but she only posts in Chinese though.)

    • eilinel

      Volume 8 isn’t out yet @@. I hope it comes out soon. Anyway, her FB account is Yu Wo, just search for it and add her. She will accept pretty much everyone =).

  16. Li

    It might be worthwile to check the newly added parts of the character descriptions. I found several errors just by glancing over it.

  17. noobie

    Thank you for translating!!! Love it!!! Too bad I can’t read Chinese so I really appreciate you doing this. Please finish it to the end!

  18. ~Ren The Witch~

    This site it’s the perfect cure for absolute boredom!! i’ve been laughing like crazy, just the kind of story i love to read…! keep up the good work, and let the merciful God of Life bless you xd

  19. Mist

    You guys are absolutly awesome!!!! Love you for translating LSK and 1/2 prince!!!!

  20. millie

    is this completed novel the same as in the manga? i’m currently reading the manga and i was surprised that it has a novel version. so now i’m wondering if the story is the same or far from the original… hope you can reply..

    • amgine

      Manga is based on the novel. Same goes for 1/2 Prince. So the major storyline should be the same, but obviously the novel goes into more detail than the manga.

    • 15B

      *cough* Once the manga version for 1/2 Prince’s artist said that the NOVEL was based off the manga. The next chapter they apologized for it… In a little box that showed them running away from a very angry mob of Yu Wo fans.

      The avatars for the characters are really cute! I clicked the link to Icicle’s blog… And nearly turned into a white beam of light from happiness. Below pictures of Grisia and Lesus was a picture of Taiwan! Hetalia + 1/2 Prince and/or Legend of the Sun Knight… *starts fangirling*

  21. Toni

    This novel is the highlight of my life!!! I love it so much!! I want to thanks you SO much for translating it!!

  22. AL

    when are they going to PUBLISH this novel officially in North America??!! Let’s Write to them!!!



  24. Brian

    Wow, when I look back at the first volume’s “About Religion,” I can just SEE the epitome of perfection and God of Light’s human form in Sun. <.<;

  25. aviash

    the site administrator

    hey guys i have a literal translation of a some chapters of sun knight, however they have to be edited,adjusted,proofread,etc.

    would u be interested it would help in getting faster releases.

    If u are interested then send me a mail at [email protected]

    also if u are not interested just send me a mail saying so

    and i am posting book 4 chapter 5 for u to consider.

    – Avinash

    • lucathia

      We are not short on translators or translations (all of volume 4’s translations have already been completed and are in proofreading stage), and I believe we can achieve a more natural sounding translation if we think of our own sentence structure without being influenced by a literal translation. However, some translators may go that route to help themselves translate, but that is up to them. Thank you for wanting to help.

    • aviash

      was just trying to help.

      anyway if u have the the book 4 in proofreading stage do u think u could post it a little faster.

    • dahlys

      Seeing as it’s exam period for a lot of people…=p What will happen will happen.

  26. Aconitine

    About the character descriptions…I think one of the side stories mentioned that the current Srone Knight’s name is Alvis. The story where Grisia almost kills Ceo by accidentally throwing his sword, and is then forced by Neo to apologize in midair.

    • lucathia

      The character page has now been updated with his name~

  27. Jasae Bushae

    umm…by any wild and crazy chance does anyone have handy pictures of
    son of the god of war
    and the forgotten sound princess?

    • Raylight

      @Jasae Bushae
      Unfortunately there isn’t any official pictures of them in the novel. There was a semi-official drawing of Adair though. As for the rest… I think your best bet would be the manhua, or fanart.

    • [PR]lucathia

      @Jasae Bushae
      Adair, Ed, Elijah, and the princess of Forgotten Sound show up in volume 4 of the manhua. No colored pics of them though!

    • Jasae Bushae

      ah…probably be a while before they show up then…
      I probably already know the answer to this but what about queen of moon orchid, austin, ann, alice and awaitsun the silent eagle?

    • [PR]lucathia

      They should show up in volume 5 of the manhua. Which hasn’t been published yet.

    • [PR]lucathia

      He shows up a lot more in v4 (and looks a lot cooler than that first appearance). It seems that his character design was changed a bit by v4.

    • That’s good. He kind of looked like an anonymous background character in the close up, so I was a little worried.

  28. insertname

    How many volumes are there total? I mean not just om the site. Because i will be very sad if there is only like the 5 (if i remember correctly).

    • [PR]azakura

      There are 8 volumes of LSK (complete), 2 volumes of Female Warrior (LSK prequel- 1st generation, ongoing) and 1 volume that is a sequel about the 39th generation of holy knights (not sure whether Yu Wo will still publish more of 39th gen)

    • [PR]raylight

      Yu Wo plans to release 3 volumes of 39th gen, I believe. As least, that is the plan. She might go over the word limit again… But she tends to rotate her novels to write, so I don’t think we’ll be seeing it finish anytime soon.

  29. Daren

    I love LSK and 1/2 Prince! You guys did such a good job translating! Would it be possible for prince revolution to take up Eclipse Hunter and No Hero as a project too?

    • [PR]dahlys

      We have taken up No Hero, but Eclipse Hunter belongs to OSS. No Hero can be read without ever reading Eclipse Hunter. In fact, it’s more fun that way (no spoilers!). PR will start releasing NH chapters when Female Warrior is complete, possibly starting next year.

    • KT

      Yay!! I’m so happy No Hero is being taken up. I probably love it more than the Eclipse Hunter novel. I just love Charles and Dar :D

  30. MJ

    I just wanted to say thank you for your hard work in translating Legend of the Sun Knight and Female Warrior. These are two wonderful series and I’m really glad I get the chance to read them!

  31. Randomleech

    Am I the only one bothered by the fact that Creus Sun became Grishia Sun without any explanation?

    • Ayriana

      Hmmmm, I bothered to… not just Grisia become Creus, but in manhwa Lesus turn to be Leithe.
      I wonder, which one is the right?

    • [PR]raylight

      The thai translations for Sun is Grecius Creus, and Lance (something) for Judge.

      I assume that OSS referenced their names from there, and then proceeded to change it as they fit. So yes, Creus is from the Thai translation, but Leithe is not.

    • Ayriana

      ah, I’m glad to hear that…
      thank’s for the information n thank’s for ur hardwork to translate this novel from the original one
      luv u all ^_^

  32. FatPigOfAKingLols

    *please ignore this fan of yours and continue with your everyday life….*
    Again, thankyou so much! <3

  33. Hmm

    Hey, does sun knight have family (excluding holy knights) or are there information about him befor he was Neo student?

  34. Hmm

    But there were no futher info? E.g. he was found in the woods, lived in orphanage, illegitimate child of Neo, created by lich or something like that?

  35. Ayriana

    Every night I alway praying, “May God grant my wish: please make this LSK novel to be anime”.

  36. An Error

    Thank you guys so much for being able to use your time to give us our monthly stories!!!! You guys are so benevolent to have the kindness to share this pleasure with everybody who WORSHIPS YU WO’S STORIES.

  37. LastoShika

    aaa… i dont know what i want to say, its just all of yu wo’s novel are really great
    1/2 prince, LSK, and also no hero, I LOVE THEM ALL!!!!

  38. tuli

    ummm…… does this have a english translation. i really want to read it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. glitterlord

    just wondering.
    if yu wo has publish her light novel from chinese to Thai, would she consider publishing it in english?
    if so that would be great cos i’ve read LSK, 1/2 prince and kill no more and really want a book version of it as a collect and read it again whenever i want yo.

  40. van

    is there gonna be an English translation of LSK light novel ?

    • [PR]raylight

      If you mean official English version, then no. However, our English translations are about mid-way through volume 8 now, and you can find them through the chapter listing.

  41. windemerald

    Good evening.

    I have read the novel up to vol 8 chapter 5

    I still am expecting the next translated chapter of vol. 8
    i really hope you havent drop the novel….please…dont give up.
    its almost the end..its the end and just a few chapters left…oh please. Please. Please
    please continue translating and completing the vol 8.

    Sorry my grammar is bad.

    Waiting to for reply and thoughts of the matter

  42. elsa

    can sombody please translate this youtube vid 【吾命騎士替歌】槌子之歌與悲痛之塔

    • [PR]doza

      Try looking up the song :) There are other youtube videos with english subs or maybe you can just find the lyrics directly online. It’s called The Hammer Song and the Tower of Pain (Or Hammer Song to Itami no Tou) by Bump of Chicken.

      At 4:16, it’s just an introduction of the characters in the order: Awaitsun | Elaro | Taylen, Michel, Charlotte | Vidar, Adair

    • carrot

      You could play that song and a video with an english sub together, and switch back and forth. That’s what I did.

  43. Elsa

    I’m just wondering if it would be possible for me to be a to make a FanVoicebook version of LSK. I have no intention of selling it or anything I just want to try and make it

    • [PR]lucathia

      Please be aware that our permission from Yu Wo to translate her works comes with the condition that it is non-profit, we take down our translation if there is ever an official translation, and we include a link back to her blog. Where do you plan on sharing your finished audiobook?

  44. Evita

    Hello~ i was just wondering if you guys are going to put links to the other two side stories soon~

    • [PR]lucathia

      If you mean links to Knife Blade Part One and Knife Blade Part Two, the links have been up since the chapters were released. The chapter list unfortunately doesn’t display correctly in the mobile version of our site. Chapter lists somehow only display up to 15 chapters per volume on the mobile site.

  45. Nimue

    When did the Twelve Holy Knights meet? As in when they were the Twelve Holy Knights in training. Please answer. Thanks if you do!

    • carrot

      I think it said somewhere in the novel that they met after having three years of training, but i’m not sure.

  46. carrot

    I was introducing this novel to my friend and she thought the Sun Knight was a she for the whole time

  47. carrot

    There’s a lizard called the sungazer and its scientific name is Smaug giganteus.

  48. Moony

    Thank you so so much for translating this series! I have read all eight books in the span of a week and finished it yesterday. After 24 hours, I’m still not over all of those lovely characters and only the existence of Female Warrior and upcoming 39 are soothing me right now ;A;
    Really, thank you so much for your hard work and please continue it, but don’t overwork yourself ;w;
    (Also, is it just me or does the link to Yu Wo’s blog not work anymore?)

  49. Cataccountant

    Well, the ending was…. full of bromance? There’s no romance at all in this novel. Fortunately, it’s the only thing that’s lacking.

    Would Grisia ever manage to get a girl? He’s still a virgin after becoming a Demon King. Poor guy.

  50. Gaurav

    Why Why? This was an epic set up with mind blowing heros and epic world and magnificent characters and a main character who had resonating mind and emotions and used a combo of them to make decisions. You grew him made him deal with stuff and then in demon king saga, one of the highest potential scenes ever seen you …. you … derailed the protagonist. You seem to have given up greatness you set up for popularity among stupid masses. Why why!! Why don’t you respect your work more than your readers??? I let myself fall for this story, with amazing stuff in the first 5 sagas. All that,,, broken.
    To those readers who loved the protagonist beyond the common fantasy protagnist, don’t read demon king. Maybe first part, but dont ever read part 2 of demon king. Unfinished threads are better than the tie up used….
    DO Read all except the last, this journey even if incomplete is worth it.

    • moonlight ray

      i agree fully. the last two volumes really went downhill in terms of quality, and volume 8 especially killed everything that the series had been doing so well up until then. 39 LSK only worsened it. sigh…

  51. Moony

    I just want to thank you again so much for having translated the series for me to fall in love with it so much and becoming a total fangirl.
    I finally got my hands on the Vietnamese book translations which was a little pain as I live in Germany but I got them and I am a total fangirl again. They kept the English names and titles instead of translating them, making it still staying familiar for me while being able to experience the story again in another way.
    I hope that some day the stories will be translated into English as books, too, but I will always be so grateful for all of your work. You are so much appreciated ♥

    • [PR]lucathia

      How far along is the Vietnamese publication? It’s really cool that LSK is being published in Vietnamese. :D

      Oooo, so Grisia is Grisia?

    • Moony

      Yes! Grisia is Grisia! And also terms like “Sun Knight”, “Judge Knight” etc. I was just so confused in the beginning because our dear Storm Knight is called Tempest Knight but yeah :3
      There are already five books published, fully with the covers and pictures inside. I don’t know about the Taiwanese version but every page also has ornaments which makes it really beautiful!

    • [PR]lucathia

      Oh, sounds like it follows the names used on the official merchandise, and the edition should be the same as the new edition with covers and insert art by J.U. The 8th volume was released this January. :D Wow, already five volumes. That’s fast!

  52. Zumae

    Man how long is Yu Wo planning to make me wait for the next volume of 39th. My hearts gone cold and my soul is so empty. Reading the other works don’t help the fill the void as they create a spot of their own in my heart. As far a rereading is concerned, it only brings me temporary joy followed by desire and impatience. How dare this author create in me so many emotions only to carelessly abandon them? Yu Wo is too cruel T_T

  53. Adryth

    I’m waiting and waiting for the second volume of the 39th generation. I have been waiting for sooooooo longg and still counting T-T

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