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Below is the list of Dominion’s End novels that we are translating or have translated thus far. Click on the title of a volume to jump to the the list of chapters for the corresponding volume, and then click on the chapter to start reading it!

Volume 1: Raining Stars At World’s End

Volume 2: Aberrant City

Volume 3: Ice-bound Splendor and Majesty

Volume 4: Battle for Lan City

1 | Raining Stars at World’s End

Prologue: Jiang Shuyu

Chapter #1: The Red Meteor Shower

Chapter #2: The Black Fog Unveils

Chapter #3: Aberrants

Chapter #4: I am Guan Weijun

Chapter #5: Special Powers

Chapter #6: Turning Ice into a Weapon

Chapter #7: The Coffee's Not To Blame, Part One

Chapter #7: The Coffee's Not To Blame, Part Two

Chapter #8: The Sick Cat Retaliates

Chapter #9: Joining the Mercenary Troop

Chapter #10: Operation at the Police Station

Extra Chapter1: The Journey Home, Part One

Extra Chapter2: One Day in the Apocalypse

Epilogue: Afterword

2 | Aberrant City

Prologue: Behind the Door

Chapter #1: The Way Things Are for the Cool, Suave, and Handsome

Chapter #2: The Bitterness and Sweetness of Coffee and Chocolate

Chapter #3: Red as Blood, Dazzling as Flowers

Chapter #4: The Jin Family

Chapter #5: The Phoenix of Good Fortune

Chapter #6: City of Aberrants

Chapter #7: Dàgē, Dàgē

Chapter #8: The Many Tales of the Town

Chapter #9: Jiang Xiaorong

Chapter #10: Next Stop, Luo'an

Extra Chapter: The Journey Home, Part Two

Epilogue: Afterword

3 | Ice-bound Splendor and Majesty

Prologue: Three Days

Chapter #1: The Guard Tower

Chapter #2: The Sudden Attack

Chapter #3: MORC

Chapter #4: The Laboratory, Part One

Chapter #4: The Laboratory, Part Two

Chapter #5: Those Numbers

Chapter #6: The Control Room

Chapter #7: Thirteen, Part One

Chapter #7: Thirteen, Part Two

Chapter #8: The Three-Forked Road, Part One

Chapter #8: The Three-Forked Road, Part Two

Chapter #9: Truth, Part One

Chapter #9: Truth, Part Two

Chapter #10: Returning Home, Part One

Chapter #10: Returning Home, Part Two

Extra Chapter: Frozen Heart

Epilogue: Afterword

4 | Battle for Lan City

Prologue: Disintegrate and Reconstruct

Chapter #1: The King, Jiang Shutian, is Born, Part One

Chapter #1: The King, Jiang Shutian, is Born, Part Two

Chapter #2: A Call Without A Response, Part One

Chapter #2: A Call Without A Response, Part Two

Chapter #3: Foray into Lan City, Part One

Chapter #3: Foray into Lan City, Part Two

Chapter #4: Shangguan Family, Part One

Chapter #4: Shangguan Family, Part Two

Chapter #5: An Unexpected Encounter, Part One

Chapter #5: An Unexpected Encounter, Part Two

Chapter #6: Brute Strength is Life

Chapter #7: Tier Two Duel, Part One

Chapter #7: Tier Two Duel, Part Two

Chapter #8: Misplaced

Chapter #9: In This Life, We Are Both Doing Swell, Part One