Dominion’s End V1Extra2: One Day in the Apocalypse

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Dominion’s End Volume 1: Raining Stars at World’s End

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Extra 2: One Day in the Apocalypse—translated by Elkin (proofread by EvlNabiki & Arcedemius, C/E edited by Raylight & lucathia)


“Junjun, you have no idea how many women are utterly miserable in the apocalypse. You have to stand up for women and crush all the men in this world under your foot!”

“But Èrgē, you and Dàgē are men too?”

“Dàgē is a god, not a man. As for your Èrgē, I’m more than willing to be stepped on by you.”

“Èrgē, you’ve dropped your sense of shame. Here, let me pick it up for you.”


Flown Away

“Junjun, do you think I’m perverted for lewdly fantasizing about Dàgē? Boohoohoo…”

“No Èrgē, because Dàgē is far too hot. Even I get dazzled by him sometimes, and I think about doing stuff with him!”

What?! *stares balefully with a face full of tears*

“Ugh… Don’t be like that, Èrgē, I think about stuff like that with you too sometimes!”

“Junjun, as a proactive, strong woman, you don’t have to fantasize. Realize your dreams! Come on, Èrgē is ready for you anytime!”

“Èrgē, your sense of shame has grown wings and flown away. Here, let me catch it for you.”


The Space Age

“Sigh, my hip hurts. I was too active last night. Man, I’m so tired. Thank god I still have plenty of stamina; otherwise I’d be beat!”

“Èrgē, was it a man or a woman last night?”

“What do you mean, a man or woman? It was an aberrant.”

“Èrgē! Your sense of shame has fired off into space on a rocket! Junjun can’t help you anymore!”

“What’re you talking about? Last night, all I did was wrestle the aberrant for most of the evening before I wore him out!”

“Èrgē, it’s fine, you don’t have to explain. Junjun won’t tell anyone. Boohoohoo…”

“W-wait! Junjun, don’t run off crying! Please believe me, your Èrgē’s sense of shame hasn’t gone to outer space!”


Papaya and Pork Ribs Won’t Help

“Èrgē, Èrgē, you always say you’re fantasizing about Dàgē. A-and you always say you want to marry me, right? H-have you ever thought about me that way?” *blush*

“Uh, Junjun, you need to know, for someone to fantasize about you, you first have to have a bit of a figure. Whereas you… Sigh, at most you’re a B?”

“…Liar, I’ve got a million.”

“A million?”

“A million volts.”



30 Responses

  1. dollyfishe

    hahaha that’s too random.
    and I thought this would be a continuation from the last chapter ? aaah, I was wrong again.

  2. Ebon tacocat

    That moment when the first words you see are dropped… But then you read the chapter and thank whatever this amazing story won’t end.

    • JerryHatrick

      Mhmm mhmm. Same damn thing happened to me. I reread the title and, “Dropped” a half dozen times, trying to figure out what the fuck happened and whether I could fix it. Realized that, in actual fact, I cannot manipulate reality at will, and continued reading on.

  3. Karen

    LOL!! Super random! But this was cute. I can’t imagine him admitting to Junjun that he thinks of his brother like that though.

  4. Gohankuten

    It’s the Apocalypse so incest is perfectly fine. And our poor MC having the mind of a woman in a mans body trying to decide whether to go for the brother or the sister.

  5. F_J

    LOL I was scared when I read Dropped. Like that came out of no where, but the chapter was assuming (Shuyu’s interactions with his/her siblings is just too wild coughcough The things they talk about.)! XD Many thanks for all you do.

  6. Allstarall

    When I saw dropped I was like- Eh? Then I continued on not understanding what was going on, to be confused by who and whom was being talked to. Then I saw the comments. And then I realized that I wasn’t on the wrong page. Yeah.

  7. Kinder

    Haha, Erge needs to stop thinking about her family that way, it’s never gonna happen!
    Or is it? ?

  8. MaplePanda

    Junjun and Shuyu are so hilarious X;D Thanks for this short extra!

  9. RenTheWItch

    Omg this is so much win!! ty very much!!! so JunJun imagines stuff too huh lol

  10. Snow

    that was hilarious! thank you so much :D …but the last story with the volts…did I miss something? somehow I feel like the joke is lost in translation somewhere. How did B-cup turn to a million volts? O_O

    • Eclipse

      It’s because her power is lightning so she shocked him because he made fun of her cup size.

  11. Neo

    I gotta ask… is this really the chapter or a joke chapter?

    Its funny and all… but…

  12. Ruubix

    “Èrgē, you’ve dropped your sense of shame. Here, let me pick it up for you.” xD I love Junjun
    And I feel you Shuyu I feel it all but the aberrants and the volts haha

  13. The Da

    Ia this April Fool. *Check date* Well nope. still 31th March. Wow… The conversation is… wow… Isn’t Junjun… what age is she again?

    • dollyfishe

      @The Da
      15 !!!
      oh well, same as me. I mean ur thought. I never know a 15 years old girl will imagine doing naughty things tho ? ah, may be not that naughty :p the things she means may be go out on dating, having fun shopping and the like. it’s the context that made it too naughty (ahahaha may be it’s me that make it naughty)

  14. passerbyB

    I wonder what would Dage think if he could hear his younger siblings bantering like that. Haha.
    Junjun can’t recover her Erge’s shame once it went into outer space? Try asking your Dage to do that for you! =)

  15. PumpkinPie

    At first I thought this chapter was April Fools’ joke. When I realized that it wasn’t I just had to re-read it again.
    Their conversations are so hilarious :’D I laughed my head off from beginning to end.
    (just go for a threesome ;) )

  16. Mou

    Haha. Thanks for this. Thanks for the translating this awesome novel.

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