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Below are descriptions of the characters who have appeared so far in our translations. The avatars were drawn by Wu Ling (50/午零).

The Main Characters
“Why don’t you go die?” “I’m going to kill you!” “Cut the crap and let me slice you up!”
Hair color: Black; Eye color: Black
Occupation: Warrior
Weapon: Twin blades
Nicknames: Dancingblade Dragon, Warriorblade, Warrior Queen, Red Cloak
First shows up in the prologue. Carol is a lone adventurer who wields twin blades and wears an eye-catching red cloak. She dislikes wordiness, hesitancy, and clever people. Because she showed interest in the Ballad of the Warrior Queen, Silvester ends up tagging along with her and discovers that she was the Warrior Queen who led an army to destroy the demon race and who was also the Holy King’s second wife. Carol bears an androgynous appearance and possesses a hoarse voice. She is tall and slender but also very flat-chested. Her pair of murderous black eyes resembles the eyes of an army general that has killed countless men. All these characteristics bundled together often makes people mistake her for a man.Upon meeting Silvester, she does not immediately give him her name, and she does not immediately acknowledge that she used to be the Warrior Queen. Silvester wishes for Carol to meet his teacher Lorenzo Louis to give him an answer about why she left and what she has in her eyes now. After saving Silvester from being sold off at a slave auction and making sure that the city lord would answer to his crimes, Carol finally admits to being the Warrior Queen when Silvester reveals that LL has already died. She goes with Silvester to visit LL’s grave, which is located on a cliff overlooking the ocean. She tells her old comrade that it wasn’t about whether she loved Lancel or not. She is just not suited for talking about love when all she can think about is battle. Currently, her eyes are focused on freedom and exploration, her original dream.

The elves once gave her the name Dancingblade Dragon, but people always made the mistake and thought her name to be Warriorblade instead. Silvester is the first to get her name right. She currently prefers to go by Carol.

According to Silvester, Carol’s fighting style is very boring. She can send people flying with a single punch. According to Cale, Carol’s fighting style is efficient for killing. Carol does not have a very good direction sense.

“Why…” “I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose!” “Don’t hit me…”
Hair color: Blond; Eye color: Blue
Occupation: Bard
Weapon: Harp
Nicknames: Silvie, Sun
Silvester, a bard, first crosses paths with Carol in the prologue. He has long blond hair and clear blue eyes. He gives people the impression of a young man that has yet to grow up. In order to study under the famous bard Lorenzo Louis, he promised his teacher that he would sing the Ballad of the Warrior Queen for three days at each new place he visits. He hopes that the Warrior Queen will hear his song and answer the questions raised by the song so that he may take the answer back to his teacher.While carrying out his promise with his teacher, Silvester is beaten black and blue when he tries to save a woman from the patrol guards who are extorting money, but he ends up causing more trouble for her. Although his injuries are numerous, they mostly heal in merely a single day. He attributes this to “God.” The day after, he runs into the patrol again and is thrown into prison, awaiting the fate of getting sold as a slave. In prison, he meets a slave named Cale who helps him and others escape.

While Cale and the others are hiding, Silvester sets the guards on them. Everyone is once again captured, including Silvester, who garners extreme hate from everyone. At the auctions run by the city lord, Silvester’s bidding price rises above thirty gold because he looks handsome and obedient. In the end, Carol declares that she will bid one hundred gold, but she then crashes the slave auction, telling Silvester to take out his insignia. The rose insignia reveals to everyone present that he is one of the Holy King’s men. They realize their grave error and thus tries to kill Silvester and Carol to prevent them from leaving, but Carol sends everyone flying with merely her fists. They successfully leave, and the law enforcement division comes to clean up the mess.

After being saved, Silvester once again asks Carol to come with him to see his teacher, LL. At first, Carol refuses to do so and does not admit to being the Warrior Queen, but when she discovers that LL has already passed away, she agrees to go with Silvester. They find Ohmygod in the forest and then visits LL’s grave on the cliff. Silvester buried his teacher according to his teacher’s wishes of not having a tombstone. After receiving Carol’s answer to his teacher’s question, Silvester digs up his teacher’s harp, which he had promised he wouldn’t take until he received Carol’s answer. Carol considers him an even bigger idiot than his teacher.

Silvester overly concerns himself with the problems of others, much to Carol’s chagrin. After he runs into an injured Cale he helps heal his wounds and convinces him to come with him and Carol; a situation which is later repeated with Halfleaf. He wants to stop Cale from taking revenge on the people who sold him into slavery and help Halfleaf rescue his brother.

Silvester does not overly enjoy sweets. His name “Silvester Uriah Nate” was given to him by LL and was shortened to S.U.N. by Carol. He has a pet named Ohmygod. He is a chatterbox which, more often than not, gets him into trouble.

Other Characters
“For the sake of the world.”
Hair color: Blond; Eye color: Golden
Occupation: Knight
Known as: The Holy King
Out of reverence, the citizens usually address King Lancel as the Holy King. He officially established the country in the first year of his reign, which was then known as the first year of the Sacred Calendar. However, it was only until the third year of the Sacred Calendar that he finally managed to unify the entire continent. Some time after unifying the continent, another country invaded, leading to a war that lasted for one year and eight months. The white rose is the emblem of the Holy King; those in possession of a white rose insignia are direct subordinates of the Holy King.He has two wives, the Holy Queen and the Warrior Queen.
Lorenzo Louis
“Life is but a game.” “Sing a song to pass the days.”
Hair color: Brown
Occupation: Bard
Nicknames: LL
Lorenzo Louis, nicknamed LL, was an imperial bard employed by the Holy King. After the Warrior Queen married the Holy King, he left the Holy City. He carried with him a rose-shaped insignia interwoven with white and gold threads, whose center bore a lute in the shape of an L. Before accepting a disciple, he made his disciple-to-be promise that he would sing the Ballad of the Warrior Queen for three days at each new place he visited.He was the one to give Silvester his name. Two years ago, LL came down with a serious cold and passed away after a month of lying in bed. His body had never been well in the time Silvester had known him, and he would always burst out in uncontrollable coughs because of his internal injuries. Silvester did not know of the internal injuries until Carol tells him about them.

LL is buried on a cliff overlooking the ocean, and he has no tombstone or coffin. He wished to be directly buried in the earth because once someone dies, he must return to the earth. It would make no difference whether one had a tombstone or coffin. Before he died, he asked Silvester to find the Warrior Queen to receive her answer. Only then would Silvester to be freed from having to sing the Ballad of the Warrior Queen for three days at each new place, and only then would he be able to inherit his harp.

LL was an old comrade of the Warrior Queen.

“As long as you have money, things are easy!”
Hair color: ??; Eye color: ??
Occupation: ??
Weapon: ??
Nicknames: ??
Cale first shows up in V1C4. He was captured in the middle of a meal and thrown into jail to be sold as a slave. He tells Silvester the ugly truth behind the state of the city, revealing to the naive bard that things aren’t perfect even under the Holy King’s rule. When he was captured, Cale hid the soup spoon he was using on his body. He uses the spoon to dig a hole and leads all of the captured people to freedom.When Silvester seemingly betrays them and gets them recaptured to be sold, Cale has doubts about Silvester. It doesn’t seem like Silvester’s style, but Cale still resents Silvester no matter what plan he has cooked up. At the auctions, Cale only goes for eighteen gold, the lowest price during the auction, because he has a skinny build and looks disobedient.

After Cale finds out that Silvester was working together with Carol to shut down the slave auction, he is both astonished and amused. Silvester was such a bumbling fool that he didn’t at all resemble an undercover agent. Together with the other people that had been captured, he tries to prevent Silvester and Carol from coming to harm, knowing that it would be in their best interests to keep them safe. He slips away from the auctions before the law enforcement division arrives.

Carol and Silvester later come across Cale again while they are traveling. When Silvester treats Cale’s wounds he discovers a slave brand on his left arm. Due to Silvester’s persistence, and not letting go of Cale’s sleeve, he reluctantly joins the two. Cale has his own agenda as he wants revenge against his family who killed his father and sold him into slavery.

He is related to Halfleaf through his grandfather’s younger sister.

Characteristics: Golden jelly
Occupation: Pet… No! God
Weapon: Entire body
Nicknames: God, Ohmygod
Ohmygod is a golden jelly that Silvester called “God” before receiving a name from Carol. Ohmygod is golden in color and resembles a slime. He has a brightly colored design in the middle of his forehead and two small eyes. Ohmygod is capable of healing and often heals Silvester. He can also carry objects as well as people. Carol names him “Ohmygod” for “Oh my god, what the heck is that.” Silvester thinks the name is fitting because he thought Carol was referring to him as his God.
Halfleaf Ardiniz
“Even if in a hurry, one must still bathe.”
Hair color: Green
Occupation: ??
Weapon: ??
Nicknames: ??
Halfleaf is discovered when Silvester trips over him in a forest in V2C6. His other relatives captured him, in an attempt to sell him, when he went to his mother’s funeral. The incident initially makes him act cautiously when he first meets Silvester and Co. That is, until Carol introduces herself in the Elvish language as Dancingblade and, therefore, a friend of the elves.

Instead of heading back to elven territory he intends to save his little, half-brother from the Ardiniz Family. He mistook his mother’s request to attend his brother’s wedding as a promise to take care of his younger brother until he got married. Halfleaf and Cale are related through Cale’s paternal grandfather’s little sister, Leisha.

The half-elf is unaccustomed to negative emotion and was afraid of Carol when she scolded him for leaving elven territory. While being in a “hurry” to save his little brother, he has the group stop so that they can bathe. Carol then explains that the elves’ definition of hurry is, “About five times slower.” While he won’t stop others from doing things he disapproves of, he still worries about Cale and Silvie when they depart. Which is a difference from normal elves who generally don’t take notice of other’s affairs. His normal way of getting through the forest is by nimbly swinging from tree to tree.

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    • Hu Jin

      @Hououin Kyouma
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