So you think you can translate, proof-read, design a PDF file, or write an article? Well, tough luck; there are a lot of people out there who think so as well. It’s the law of the jungle out here, but we’ve laid down some guidelines to explain what’s required of translators, proof-readers, PDF designers, and general contributors. Welcome to Sparta!

The commenting system on this page is for those who have questions to ask regarding recruitment. DO NOT apply for positions by submitting a comment. Instead, please submit your applications to [email protected]. Applicants for other language subgroups should visit PR! International for further instructions.

(Translators | Proofreaders | PDF Designers | Gen. Contributors | Other Languages | Submission FAQs)

1. Chinese to English Translators – OPEN

We accept both short-term translators (who only need to commit to translating one chapter) and long-term translators. Applicants for the latter position will be considered probationary members until they submit their third chapter.

  • All translator applicants are required to demonstrate their proficiency by translating a set text. Further instructions on application procedures for translators, including the set text, can be found HERE.
  • All short-term and probationary translators are required to translate and submit half a chapter two weeks before the deadline.
  • Translators who have proven their aptitude may be asked to do Chinese-English editing work in addition to translations.

2. English Proofreaders – CLOSED

We are currently not accepting applications for this position.
Long-term commitment is required for proofreaders. A proofreader should not be inactive for over a month except under special circumstances.

  • All proofreader applicants are required to demonstrate their English language proficiency by proofreading a set text. Further instructions on application procedures, including the set text, can be found HERE.
  • Whenever there is a new translated chapter, proofreaders will be given 3-4 days to edit half the chapter and one week to completely edit the entire chapter.

3. PDF Designers – OPEN

PDF designers work make high quality print versions of our translations for each completed volume. They have solid design skills, the ability to find or create appropriate images, and the ability to work independently or as a group. Please see these sample pages for our level of expectations.

  • Include in your application at least three examples of your own artwork or pieces of your design portfolio. Alternatively, come up with designs for at least three pages of the PDF (be it the content page, cover, etc) and they can serve as your design.
  • Use of doujin artwork is NOT PERMITTED. The so-called “official novel art” you often see on ½ Prince forums are actually artwork by a doujinshi artist.
  • A document containing further instructions for PDF designers can be found HERE.

4. General Contributors – OPEN

A general contributor is someone who contributes ORIGINAL articles to our site. The articles can be discussions, fanfiction, or other short topics related to our projects. High quality submissions may also be featured on our blog or in our PDFs. Please submit your articles to [email protected].

5. Other Languages – OPEN

We welcome our readers to join or create a subgroup at PR! International that translates any of our projects from English to another language. If the subgroup already exists, please visit their recruitment page for specific instructions. If you wish to create a new language subgroup, please send us your translations of any of our projects based on our English version. We will set up your subgroup officially once we receive a completed chapter for a particular language from our applicants. For new subgroups, please submit your translated chapters to [email protected]

Submission FAQs

NOTE: This is the recruitment’s FAQ section and will only answer recruitment-related questions. Do not look for answers to other questions here, and please do not post any question here that is not recruitment related.

Q: Where should I submit my application?
A: Please submit your applications to [email protected]. Applicants for other language subgroups should follow the instructions on their respective pages. For language subgroups that haven’t been set up yet, please submit your applications to [email protected].

Q: How long will PR! take to reply to my application?
A: Up to one week.

Q: Will I be paid for my work?
A: No, you won’t. Your only profits will be EXP and, if you’re lucky, FUN.

Q: When will recruitment for English proof-readers be open?
A: Recruitment is open based on need and our availability to read over applications. We will announce on the main page whenever recruitment is open.

Q: When will recruitment for the English proof-reading position close?
A: Due to the sheer number of applications we get, we usually only open the position to applications for one week. If you apply during this time, please be aware that we might hold two elimination rounds before deciding on one or two proof-readers.

Q: Will the page I designed for my application be used in the end product?
A: Maybe, maybe not. Even if you are not recruited as a PDF designer, your design will still be considered for usage.

82 Responses

  1. ComaBnny

    hay i love your guys work, so i made a file of vol 1 for the kindle. the table of contents and footnote links all work. so, i’m gonna share it with u guys. just download the file and copy paste into your kindles “documents” folder. it should be a .prc file. i’m gonna work on the other volumes in a few days. u guys are the best!

  2. ChicaAlterego

    i have been thinking a lot about helping to traslate 1/2 prince, but im afraid that i wont be able to do so couse i dont know how to translate the game vocabulary… however i want to try doing it with sunknight, so if english to spanish is acepted in that one i would for sure send a translated chapter or two (^.’)/PS:where would i send them?

    • Amgine

      Hey ChicaAlterego, internally PR! maintains a list of special terminology for both Half Prince and LSK. The list is dynamic – people discuss and vote when it is unclear how to translate certain terms. If a English-Spanish group is set up, I’d encourage you guys to do the same.

      Please send any translated chapters to [email protected]. Thanks!

    • Xyen

      Hey, i would like to join the Chinese > English translation group. I sent my application to your e-mail a few weeks ago.

    • Amgine

      Hi Xyen,

      I believe Eilinel sent you a response email on October 24th. Check your email again. It might be in the spam folder?

    • eilinel

      Thank you =). I agree with you, her translation looks pretty good, and I had sent her an email. Hopefully she will join us.

  3. Jelle


    I was wondering if there was anyone that has shown the interest to translate SK and/or 1/2P to Dutch (the language spoken in Belgium and the Netherlands ;-)
    I ask this question because it is my native language and I would like to give it a try but I have a “small” problem, I’m dyslectic and I would feel more confident if there was someone to help me.
    I could always ask my mother or someone else to proof-read the translations for spelling errors but I think that it would take longer.

    If you are interested or have information for me pleas contact me.
    I do hope that in time there will come a Dutch translation :-)

    BTW, thanks to all of you for the translations so far!

    • pineapple

      I know this is 3 years late but I’m thinking about translating TLSK to dutch and it would be wonderful if you could help me out

  4. janice

    just wondering if and/or when you might want to recruit english proof-readers again

    • eilinel

      We will always announce in the monthly update if we are recruiting english proof-readers. So please check the monthly update regularly if you are interested in joining us.

  5. Indira

    oh, english proof readers…the group’s closed already :( that’s the only area where i can help.

    • Moonight

      where are you from? depending on the answer, I have three suggestions for you: translate into your own language, join a group for another language that already exists or, (if you’re from my country – see my comment below) please help me

  6. lollipopchu

    You guys are so amazing- the amount of work you do is unbeleivable XD I’m learning German in school now so I hope to do translations in the future if I ever get that good >-_____ not Chinese>_____, doesn’t that distort the meaning slightly?

  7. Moonight

    any other Romanians around? I was thinking of trying to translate to Romanian, but, since I’ve done similar things in the past, I know how much work and suicidial neurons this kind of thing involves. is there anyone out there who would be willing to help me? also, when a person sends you their work in another language, one that you probably don’t know, how do you decide that it’s a good translation?

    • amgine

      We obviously have no way to tell, so we can only assume that the quality is acceptable. Subgroups will be formed once three chapters of that language have been sent to us.

      Good luck with your search for Romanian friends! Google estimates up to 60 unique visitors to our site from Romania.

    • Moonight

      Thank you! hope they’ll want to help. it would be wonderful to be able to cooperate with you in any way possible.

  8. Moonight

    okaaaay… now I REALLY need help!!! damn all the game terminology, now even my gamer classmates hate me (because I always pester them with questions)!!! could I request help from you guys? don’t think that I’m asking you to learn my lanuage, but just to explain to me exactly what some of the words mean, so that I would be able to translate them. for example, I’ve been trying to come up with a good translation for ‘game cartridge’ since Friday (not the song, the day last week), but couldn’t. I’m guessing it isn’t a part of a gun, right? so, for now, just ignore that (not so subtly) hidden question above and tell me whether you could help me and how or, if not, what you’d suggest me to do. pls *makes the puppy eyes she’s famous for*

    • amgine

      Game cartridge – older game systems, like the NES, the N64, the gameboy series use this.

      Basically, the data of the game is stored in the cartridge, and you stick it into the system to play the game.
      Nowaways, modern game systems pretty much all use CDs instead of game cartridges.

      Hope that helps. If you have more questions, it’d be best to ask them in the forum ( I’m sure there’s plenty of people there who can help.

    • Moonight

      thank you for going through the trouble of helping me even though I’m sure you’re super-busy. I now know why I couldn’t translate it: there’s no word for it in my language. I think I’ll just use CD instead (hope that’s alright), that is, if I can’t convince my classmates to to a bit more brainstorming and come up with sth. better

  9. Moonight

    the names sound kinda lame in my language. can I keep them în English?

  10. oldfragrance

    I was thinking of translating it to French which is my native langage. Is anyone speaking french too or am I the only one? :)

    • dahlys

      Anyone from 0-10000000000000000000000000 years old are welcome =]

  11. Willowtm

    Hey, I really want to apply for the proofreading in English, but I’m at school a lot and don’t always have time to be on the computer, you know what with all the homework and stuff, so if I were to get a position, would it be alright to only show up like once every week? Except of course to check mail and stuff ’cause its really fast…Thanks for doing what you guys do, you’re awesome!!!

    • dahlys

      Yep, that’s ok. Real life still takes first priority, after all. You can do less during school semesters and more during the holidays XD

  12. Aloria

    I just finished reading your application guidelines for PDF design.
    I’m confused.
    Would sending you samples of my ebooks work for an application, or do you need me to make a sample from one of the chapters of 1/2 Prince already posted?
    I’m good enough with InDesign that if I’m handed the raw materials (text, pics you want included, etc.) and told what you want, I can put a book together in about 4 hours. Probably wouldn’t take that long either, given that these books are considerably shorter than my own. If you want subsequent books to look close to the design of book 1’s PDF, I can do that. Or are you looking for different designs altogether?

    • dahlys

      Sending us samples of your ebooks should be enough. We can discuss whether to use your new designs or keep the old one after that.

  13. noodlecharm

    Any Filipinos Around??? Hayst… I want Filipino translations… hehehe… I wish I can translate them myself but I’m just too busy… (…and I don’t think my Filipino grammar is better than English^^… I read more English than Filipino…^^)

    Sana… ^_^

    Anyways, English is fine just as it is!

  14. bookwormyh

    Hi, I want to join as a English proofreader, but I’m also sort of good at translating Chinese–>English, which one should I choose?

    • [PR]dahlys

      Can you send in both application forms? We are not actively recruiting proofreaders now but we do need more translators.

  15. fcherryblossom

    Hey ! I just saw oldfragance message. I’m french too and I was wondering if you manage to start translating even if you were alone ?

  16. Nikki

    I was wondering if you are needing any contributors. such as scanning and looking for the books. I can buy the books and scan them.

    • [PR]lucathia

      The books themselves don’t have any extra artwork (as for the texts, they are available online). If you are offering to scan the novels though, Legend of Sun Knight does have manhua versions that illustrate a few of the side stories. These are bundled together with volumes 4 to 7 of the novels. Be aware that the binding is very stiff, so scanning them would most likely require taking the book apart.

  17. meomeo

    I’m Vietnamese. I really love your works!!!
    Can I use your 1/2 Prince translations to translate into Vietnamese please?
    Thank you!

  18. Godessofthehill

    If I want to apply as a Proo-Reader, but I have Open Office instead of Word, how does that work?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Unfortunately, I don’t know if Open Office preserves the edits and notes we make with track changes using Word!

  19. miao

    Hi! For the proofreader application, do you want us to correct it like it’s a paper or a little more casually?

    • [PR]dahlys

      It would be best if you corrected it like it’s a paper. You’ve got to spot and fix/give suggestions for all the grammar errors.

  20. [PR]azakura

    hi The Book Girl~

    if you see this, I’ve moved our conversation about japanese to the staff blog because it was much longer than I originally anticipated and the recruitment page isn’t meant to be cluttered ^^

  21. Anna

    Hi there! As always thanks for the great work. I was browsing through the fan fiction archive and I noticed that a few staff were commenting that there’s not that many people available to help read through the fan fictions that are sent in. So I was wondering if yous needed any help with that, as its not listed as one of the tasks above?

    • [PR]lucathia

      We do have one staff member responsible for the Fanart and Fanfic section, but it’s not a priority compared to translating/proofreading. I’ll give her a poke, and maybe we will start considering having someone (who is not part of the translation/proofreading team) to help out with the fanwork section.

    • Sakura-Hyuga

      I would also love to help with that! I know for a fact that its not a priority, as I submitted some things back in March and it hasn’t shown up yet. XDDD I would have loved to apply for some translator positions, but unfortunately, I’m only fluent in speaking chinese. And the only other language other than english that I’m semi-fluen in is french. :/

  22. Bless

    Hey, I’ve been thinking of making some mobi files (very simple) to read for the different series so that there are up to date files. I like to read on the kindle so lately I’ve been converting different novels into mobi files for my morning commute.


    • [PR]lucathia

      Feel free to email us at [email protected] with them. We would love to have them! We just need a disclaimer in the front and a list of contributors for each chapter (translators, proofreaders, and C/E editors). Current ebooks already show them if you can work off that, but if you need more details, feel free to send us an email and I can explain more.

  23. enchantedfungi

    hey I don’t know where to post this so I just do it here. I would like to suggest a novel translation:
    The Secret of Grave Robber by:Nan Pai San Shu
    It all began 50 years ago, a group of grave robbers discovered an ancient scroll inside a mysterious grave. The scroll contains information about the exact location of a even more ancient tomb. However, strange things happened then, almost every grave robber were killed by an unknown force, only one lived.50 years later, the grandson of the only survivor discovered this secret in his grandfather’s notebook. Together with his uncle and a group of professional grave robbers, they travel to Shandong to find the ancient tomb. What happens when they discover the Seven Star Shadow Coffin? The Green-eyed Fox-face Corpse? Or The Nine-headed Snake Cypress Tree? Who is the owner of this tomb? Will they find what they are looking for? How come there are more secrets planted in this tomb?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Hey, super duper late, but I’ve only just learned that this is quite a famous Chinese novel. For anyone curious, you can read the original Chinese version online (mostly in simplified Chinese). I think the author even has it on his website.

      Because this is such a famous novel from mainland China, there IS an official English version of it. You can buy the English version on Amazon. It is translated as “The Grave Robbers’ Chronicles.” There seem to be 6 volumes translated so far, and the translation is still ongoing.

      The Chinese name of the series is 盗墓笔记.

      I’ve also read somewhere that it is being made into a TV series. There is also a manhua, but I’m not sure if that is still being released.

  24. MoonElla

    Hi, I have a question… well, two actually, but I wasn’t sure where to ask the second one, so I’m going to stick it with this one.
    Umm… I’m still having a hard time understanding the job of a general contributor; can someone please explain it for me?

    Also, the other question, which isn’t really related to recruitment, was, is there some special way to read/find the chapters of no hero on Yu Wo’s blog? o_o;; Because I’ve been trying to read No Hero in Chinese, but after 管家日志08 I can’t find anymore chapters from volume one… it kinda just goes to volume 2? I tried reading other posts about No Hero but they seemed to all be about signing dates or something…

  25. ChocoManga

    Greatings, I’m ChocoManga
    I’m looking for Translators for translating Guin Saga. The Novel series is 132 volumes and 22 Side Stories.
    Of the raws, I have 1 to 89 + 96 + 129-130 and 15 Gaiden. As well as Books 1-5 English Licensed.
    Many hands make light work, so please don’t be intimidated by it’s length. I plan to gather enough of a group to make it easier, otherwise, take things one at a time.
    You can consider this a joint project if you’d like, and I’d add your banner to my site. (not that you need the advertisement)
    This is a one of a kind Novel Series (longest in the world), hasn’t been translated to English beyond book 5, it deserves to be shared.

    Please E-mail me, or join me on the chat if you’re interested. Feel free to check out the site as well.
    I look forward to your reply (Approval or Denial)

  26. ChildDoingTooMuch

    Hey, I was wondering when the proof reader applications will be open again? According to this page, (There are two times when we will recruit English proof-readers. The first is when PR!’s finished translating an entire novel volume and is starting to edit it for the PDF.) it should be open right now since the epilogue of the latest No Hero volume was just released. I’ve been waiting for a chance to apply for a while, so if the procedure has changed, can you please update this page? Thank you.

    • [PR]lucathia

      We haven’t really been editing for PDFs, as we haven’t been releasing any official PR PDFs. All of our current ebooks are ebooks by readers. At the moment, we open proofreader applications based on need and available time to look over applications. Thank you for your interest!

  27. asha

    Can general contributors only submit fic, fanart, or do things like the pdfs and ebooks? I’m kind of confused about the submitting part, too. Are the submissions displayed or something? And can we send things in such as analysis or so?

    And thank you for this amazing site! I remember finding it years ago (I think at least before 2012?) for 1/2 Prince and loving it. I’ve followed it almost religiously at least until sometime last year (??maybe??) when I got too busy to check for updates. I hung around the fringes to catch the end of Female Warrior, I think, before I stopped checking for a few months. And you guys have grown so much! Y’all have a bunch of series to go through, and I adore the way this site just keeps chugging on, April Fools day pranks and all. Even though I haven’t checked for updates in a while, whenever I type ‘p’ into my browser, this website shows up automatically. It’s great how y’all collect the fan stuff too, which is really important. And I have a lot of feelings for this T.T

    • [PR]lucathia

      We display fanart and fanfic on our Fan Creation pages. We also welcome PDFs and other ebooks as general contributions at the moment. We also welcome meta. It would be posted in the staff blog and credited to the writer.

      Glad to see you about! Hope you stick around.

  28. Kiki

    Hi, I want to try applying for the CN-EN position, but I’m not entirely confident in being able to do the massive length in a single month of a Yu Wo novel since I’m also translating some other stuff. Is it possible to apply to Prince Revolution, but if I manage to get accepted, I only do 1 chapter every other month? Sorry if it’s unreasonable.

  29. minty

    In the proofreader application, it says to copy the sentences on pages 2 and 4, but just to be sure, does that mean to copy the sentences on pages 2 to 4 (including 3)? As for the bonus question, is that required?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Hello, please copy #1-18. (Just leave the instructions and terminology list out) The bonus question is not required but will help us understand your ability with names and puns, which is a crucial skill for translating and proofreading Yu Wo’s works. So, it could give you an edge over other applicants.

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