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    • eilinel

      The pictures provided are just samples. It will not be the same in the pdf to be released ^^;

    • ShadowRebirth

      We were unable to get in contact with the doujin artist (whose work we used) in order to get their permission to use the artwork. As such, we need to replace the majority of the images. Fortunately, we have managed to contract a few artists to do the work, so the V1 PDF is in progress. It’s the other volumes that we need to have done from scratch.

  1. erialis

    Eh? No, the problem with V1 was that some pictures needed to be resized, that’s all. We did get the permission of the artist (for all the chibis). And oh, the cover page needed to be changed, we didn’t get permission from Yasha I think.

    • eilinel

      Nope eri, Yasha and Zhan Bu Lu both gave their permissions. Only the doujin artist didn’t. Speaking of which, you are using her image as your avatar illegally too then =p.

    • erialis

      I must be getting old and senile. Still not enough artwork from contributors?Maybe you guys should put up a post describing the theme for v2 then! Like how it’s a RL school students vs their in-game persona thing. (Maybe you can put up that sketch of bad-girl FL armed with that spatula?) That might get some of the readers going…

  2. Kittychan H

    Wowzers, those are awesome…

    (Love the chibis, lol)

    Though, asking a PDF designer to come up with a chapter full of pictures might be a bit much (and it will take way too long). I’m not very quick with sketches myself.
    You could put up a list of images you would like to include in the chapter and see what folks come up with… I’m sure you could make use of contributions as long as you mention that anything submitted to PR may be used in the PDF.

  3. Deiopea

    Regarding the font I would really appreciate if an old-style typeface could be used, for example ‘garamond’, it would certainly improve readability.

    • Deiopea

      I’m sorry, I meant an old-style ‘serif’ typeface..

  4. Miaka_Mei

    I got tired of waiting for Dominion’s End vol 3 PDF so I made my own Off-line PDF. It’s very identical to Vol 1 & 2 PDF, excluding the credits and some extra notes cuz I’m too lazy to put them in. Hehe I’ll email PR! my work. I’m not interested to join the crew/recruitment for the timebeing.

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