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Hey everyone! This is Ray, the translator that we haven’t been seeing a lot of. No, it doesn’t mean that I am inactive, it just means that the chapters that I translated haven’t been released. Still, you guys will be seeing a lot more of me soon, especially the LSK fans! (Since I’m nearly the main translator for the series already*shot*) Please take good care of me, okay? (And please try not to compare my work with Eri’s, it’s not up to standard *shot again*)

Still, moving on to admin stuff. First of all, we have solved the ipbfree problem by moving to a new forum. Same goes to the Second Life Project, it is now at http://s7.zetaboards.com/SecondLifeProject/index/ *waves link in face* Do drop by if you have time!

Next, we have a new probationary translator, Regina! Everyone, say hi to her and give her a warm welcome!!! ^^ I sure hope that she’ll join us as a full-time translator soon…. Speaking of which, the next point!

The About PR! section has been updated, so you might want to take a look to check out who are the ones bringing to you Half Prince now and give thanks to them *ahem* There are also new profiles available, so go and see it! XDD

Back to the applications…. Thanks to everyone who applied!!! We have our new reruitments now.. They are… *drumrolls* cjfrost and BurntSugarCookie! Please give them a warm round of applause, okay!~

Last of all, recruitment is still open for other positions, so if anyone is interested in helping to translate the series, please download the application form and send it in!

That’s all… from me. XD Enjoy your chapters, guys! *hands over mic to eili*


After a conversation between Shadow Rebirth and me, I came to realize that there are some beliefs that our readers might have which are stopping them from applying for the positions of translators and Chinese/English editors. I will focus on the translators part in this post.

Belief 1: I may not work fast enough to meet the 1 month deadline of PR!
To be honest, the 1 month deadline is not a strict deadline at all. It is more like a target for you to achieve. If you can complete the translation in 1 month, good for you! If you can’t, let us be honest here, what can we really do to you? >_> Sure, we can send you a few emails asking about the chapter, but that’s all we can do. We can’t hunt you down in real life and force you to translate the chapter. This is voluntary work after all ^^. Another reason for the 1 month deadline is we hope that you can plan your work out in advance. If you know you are going to be busy the next month due to university starting or heaps of assignment deadlines, please tell us and we will assign you a chapter that is way way ahead so you will have enough time to translate and take care of your real life at the same time. One way that I can suggest for our current and future translators is to translate one Word-page each weekend. The average length of the translation is 10 Word-pages long, so the translation will be completed in 10 weeks time, or 2 month and a half. It’s actually fine for us if you can complete it in 2 months and a half, since we do have a store of translated HP chapters so we probably won’t need your chapter in the time you take to translate it. (Exception for LSK, we don’t have a store for LSK, so translators do need to translate in 1 month.)

Belief 2: I don’t think I can pass the application test!
For this, I can only assure you, the pass rate is like 90%. The reason we have the test is we hope that the applicants can try their hand at doing the task they are applying for. Before we have the test, readers used to apply out of a whim. Then, they quit without warning when they realize the task is not as easy as it sound. This creates a problem for us, who are organizing the updates, as most of them quit right before the deadline. Thus, either we delay the updates, or try to translate the chapters in days OTZ. (Again, exception for proof readers, there are always a lot of good applicants…but we can only choose one or two ^^;)

Belief 3: I don’t think my command of Chinese/English is good enough.
Don’t worry, none of us here can churn out a perfect translation on the first try. That’s why we have C/E editors and proofreaders to help you out. (Ahem, I would like to give thanks to SR for her awesome help here =p.) If you can read Chinese without problems, and you have average/above average English skill, then you are good to go =).

Belief 4: I don’t think I can commit long enough to be of much help.
Please don’t think that! Every tiny bit of help will become a great help in the long run. For example, we usually have 8,000 visitors when we update, so I will assume that we have 8,000 readers here. If 0.5% of the readers are people who can read both Chinese and English, that will be 40 people. Annnnnnnnd if those 40 people can just translate 1 chapter each, we will have the rest of 1/2 Prince story fully translated by this year end. This is why your little help is a great help to us =)

Ok that’s all from me ^^ Thanks everyone!


28 Responses

  1. Ariel

    PR! Thank’s so much for the new release!!
    Regina, jfrost and BurntSugarCookie: WELCOME!!

  2. chicaalterego

    mmm is there something that a person who only knows english and spanish do? i mean my main lenguage is not english but i can read it and write it like it was my main lenguage. if i could be of any help i would love to try… and if you ever ever plan to create a english-spanish traslation i would join for sure

    • luzalone

      Hi I’ve never commented before but I love 1/2 prince. Especially the novel (thank you guys for translating it) and of course LSN too. And I also speak and write English and Spanish pretty well if I could help I would be glad to.

  3. Molly

    waaaahhh~~~ i have been wanting to apply for a loooong time now to be a proofreader, but i just don’t have much extra tiiime……especially now, i’m working full-time. >.<

  4. Peony

    Thanks so much for the release! :) Now I feel kinda guilty, since I’d like to help and am a bilingual ABC and all…but would being only *orally* fluent in Chinese be any use? My English is fine (I’m a frickin’ American, yo) but I can’t read or write any Hanzi more complex than “I have a pretty kitty cat” without a really fat dictionary.

  5. Grace

    Thank you so much for your hard work!
    If I spoke any chinese then I would love to help, but unfortunately… I don’t…
    anyway thank you!! <3

  6. Eiriol

    Thanks for all your work. I wish I could help, but my skills suck and I can’t read chinese.
    I was wondering, On the Staff page, is it possible to get details about the characters in the pics? I’d like to know who the characters are and what story they’re from, etc.
    I know I’m asking a lot, but I think it’d be kinda cool to see in connection to the staff.

    • eilinel

      Uh, I will ask the other staff members about this. Personally, my picture is Genesis Rhapsodos from Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core (psp). I don’t think Genesis have any connection with me though XD, just that I’m a fan of him =p.

  7. AngelBolt

    Alright, so I’m a little confuzed. Is the SLP forum now the 1/2 prince forum?

    • eilinel

      Nope, we didn’t rebuild Half Prince forum yet as Smerian, who was in charge of the old Half Prince forum was no longer a staff of Prince Revolution!. Therefore, we had no idea what she plans to do nor we have any other staff who offers to rebuild a forum for Half Prince.

    • ShadowRebirth

      Exactly. There are a number of old 1/2 Prince Forum members who have migrated over to SLP, since it’s only way that they can contact each other, but it technically isn’t a replacement.

  8. WithoutName

    I’m kinda curious to know what I missed or messed up to only make it to the second round for proofreading :(

    • ShadowRebirth

      There weren’t any particular mistakes. It’s just that we had a lot of good applicants and could only choose those who did the very best.

  9. Paranoid

    Wow 8000 readers o_o I never knew there were so many. Although many of those might be me just refreshing ^^

  10. βlimkerβell

    Just noticed you guys didn’t update the subtitle under the blogs title.

    • Blargel

      August is misspelled in that still. :P
      I was hoping for some more Sun Knight antics too, but hey, I can’t really complain if I’m just leeching. Thanks for yet another update!

    • βlimkerβell

      I think it should stay misspelled considering i misspelled my own name in the previous post.
      Agust sounds cooler anyway.

  11. Cris

    Hi there! I love 1/2 Prince novel!! I don’t know if it is illegal, but I found a page where you can find the chapters in chinese, they have until volumen 8 chapter 8. I’m telling this because I read, that the others chapters haven’t been release, and I dont know if it is because you dont really have it or because the author haven’t published them yet. Well this is the page, if it is usefull great if not, jaja just ignore my comment. Have a nice day!! =)


    • eilinel

      Em, I guessed that you didn’t know about this, but the website you linked us to is the author of Half Prince, Yu Wo, blog ^^. We are aware that the completed Traditional Chinese version of Half Prince is posted on her blog, and we are using the chapters for translation indeed, but thanks anyway =).

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