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Below is the list of Illusions, Lies, Truth novels that we are translating or have translated thus far. Click on the title of a volume to jump to the list of chapters for the corresponding volume, and then click on the chapter to start reading it!

Volume 1: Human Doll Contract (Part 1)

Volume 2: Human Doll Contract (Part 2)

Book Writer

Human Doll Contract Manhua Volume 1

1 | Human Doll Contract (Part 1)

Prologue: Prologue

Chapter #1: Xiao Xue Part 1 – The Extra Girl

Chapter #1: Xiao Xue Part 2 – Yu Shu

Chapter #1: Xiao Xue Part 3 – Twins

Chapter #2: Jiang Jiang Part 1 – Those Things that Cannot be Remembered

Chapter #2: Jiang Jiang Part 2 – Those Things that Cannot be Seen

Chapter #2: Jiang Jiang Part 3 – Jiu Ge

Chapter #3: Jiang Ziya Part 1 – Fuel

Chapter #3: Jiang Ziya Part 2 – Sparks

Chapter #3: Jiang Ziya Part 3 – Inferno

Chapter #4: Lu Yang Part 1 – The Appearance of a Death God

Chapter #4: Lu Yang Part 2 – Shriek

Chapter #4: Lu Yang Part 3 – Qing Wei Gong

Chapter #5: House Keeper Part 1 – A Deadly Invitation

Chapter #5: House Keeper Part 2 – Barrier Dimension

Chapter #5: House Keeper Part 3 – The True and False World

Epilogue: Terminology

2 | Human Doll Contract (Part 2)

Prologue: Prologue

Chapter #1: The Busy Patient Part 1—The Missing Classmate

Chapter #1: The Busy Patient Part 2—Brother-in-Law's Job

Chapter #1: The Busy Patient Part 3—The Conflicted Friend

Chapter #2: Confused; Confined by Part 1—The First Clash Between Lies and Truth

Chapter #2: Confused; Confined by Part 2—The Ancient Pathway

Chapter #2: Confused; Confined by Part 3—The Lotus Dimension

Chapter #3: Hidden in the Dark Part 1—The Master

Chapter #3: Hidden in the Dark Part 2—The Neighbors Across

Chapter #3: Hidden in the Dark Part 3—The Enemy

Chapter #4: This Bookstore's Part 1—Boss

Chapter #4: This Bookstore's Part 2—Talent of the Innerworld

Chapter #4: This Bookstore’s Part 3—Author

Chapter #5: Contract Between Human and Doll Part 1—Under the Starry Sky

Book Writer

Chapter #1: The Children that Can't be Touched

Chapter #2: The Temple of Light

Chapter #3: The Second Child

Chapter #4: Extra—The World Lu Yang Sees

Chapter #5: Extra—Ziya's Left Eye

Chapter #6: Extra—Secret Little Matters

Human Doll Contract Manhua Volume 1

Chapter #1: Xiao Xue

Chapter #2: Twins

Chapter #3: Those Things that Cannot be Seen

Chapter #4: Jiu Ge

Chapter #5: Fuel

Chapter #6: Inferno