Illusions, Lies, Truth V2Epilogue: Character Introductions

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 2: Human Doll Contract Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Epilogue: Character Introductions—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)


I was a bit squiddish… No, I mean, I was a bit skittish over whether or not I should open a drinks bar at the end—filled with shots through the heart.

Actually, the original plan was for it to be a super tragic ending, but in the end, it was only slightly sad, not even to the point of a tiny bit tragic. As expected, I was still too soft-hearted.

I actually consider this ending one that is on the happy side, but after my editor finished reading, she told me, “This ending is not bad. A bit of a BE (Bad Ending). It suits the tone of Human Doll Contract.”

Wait! I was always under the impression that this is an HE (Happy Ending)! So it’s actually a BE?

I was greatly shocked. I quickly explained to my editor that this is an HE! Why would you say it’s a BE?

“Because the last line says there won’t be a happily ever after…”

Even though the last line is that there won’t be a “happily ever after,” leave future events to the future. Right now, it’s still an HE!

It’s just like how people have to eventually die. Would you say that everyone has a BE? At least, right now they’re living happily and messily!

“So, will the big conclusion in the future be an HE as well?”

…No idea. My thoughts twist nine times and take seventy eight turns. Even I don’t understand it myself. A single topic can have three types of main characters, eight backgrounds, and ninety-nine important side characters waiting to be chosen. I’ll decide everything when it’s time to write the book.

Even though I do have an ending in mind already, who knows if I might accidentally twist my foot, and there goes the bullet off its mark. It’s hard to say if it’ll land on the calves or the heart. So tell me, how would I know if the ending will turn into a drinks bar or some other kind of bar?

See, the most relevant example is how Human Doll Contract was originally a horror novel!

A ~~ horror ~~ novel ~~

But after I wrote the first volume, I don’t know what I did with the genre of this child. I can only toss this child into the “nonsensical novel” genre.

I hope everyone will like this child that has transformed from the horror genre into the nonsensical genre.

Following this, the next story in the Illusion, Lies, Truth series is “In the Name of God.” I love the preview of the next volume. Everyone, don’t forget to turn the page to read the preview!

By the way, my editor’s favorite character is Lu Yang. (Yu Wo gleefully reveals the editor’s secrets)

I can’t tell you who my favorite character is. If I tell you it’s one of them, the other one will get jealous. They’re really two very bothersome fellows.

By Yu Wo


Illusions, Lies, Truth

In the Name of God

“I saw an angel, but he was killing someone.”

Jiang Ziya has never been religious.
After all, the things he sees with his eye always and constantly destroy his understanding of religion.
If angels don’t necessarily equate to kindness, then what about gods?

In the name of god, they speak like humans yet do the work of devils.

In the end, what is the division between humans, gods, and demons?
As for me—what am I?

Character Introductions

Fu Jun


He is the son of the boss of Jiu Ge Bookstore. He is currently still in elementary school. Jiang Ziya has always felt that he is the true owner behind Jiu Ge. His personality is more mature than most elementary school kids. According to Jiang Ziya, he is also more mature than his father, Fu Taiyi.

Most loved: Fu Taiyi
Most hated: devils
Love and hate: Leng Yun
Specialized weapon: spiritual words

[Overview of Stats]

Battle Stat: 80
Physique Stat: 30
Support Stat: 60

Yu Shu


She lives across from Jiang Ziya. She is an author who likes to hermit away at home. Perhaps she has lost herself in her writing, or perhaps she is just too lazy to do chores, and thus she called out an illusory familiar based on a butler from her books. She likes to say that the butler and the golden-haired man she called out are her children.

Most loved: staying at home
Most hated: going out
Love and hate: the world
Specialized weapon: katana

[Overview of Stats]

Battle Stat: 60
Physique Stat: 50
Support Stat: 80

House Keeper


He is an illusory familiar that has been called to life based on a character from a certain book of Yu Shu’s. He is of the vampire race, but his profession is unexpectedly that of a butler. His personality is very gentle—at least on the surface.

Most loved: his name
Most hated: never able to clearly see the novel he’s from
Love and hate: Yu Shu
Specialized weapon: himself

[Overview of Stats]

Battle Stat: 90
Physique Stat: 80
Support Stat: 10

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  1. dollyfishe

    a horror novel, and a tragical ending, both are never my fave genre. and i should say, i dont like it at all. so mostly i wont touch it. but, it’s yu wo ! i ended up reading, and reading, and reading, and now i forget about the initial genre until it’s mentioned again XD
    oh well, it’s yu wo. even zombie is not that scary. those main characters that suppose to be human are way more scary !!!

  2. Ponchina

    If it was horror with a BE, then I wouldn’t touch it! I’d like to point out that the genre is by no means nonsensical, but would be best discribed as “yuwo”.
    Thanks you PR! for sharing yet another addicting masterpiece!!

  3. Ecl

    I put off reading this cuz it kinda confused me in the beginning, but I’m glad I did…cuz I wouldn’t have been able to stand the cliffhangers ><

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