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Below are descriptions of some of the characters from Kill No More to give readers an idea of who they are. Not all characters will appear or get mentioned in the 1/2 Prince x Kill No More crossover. The below descriptions include basic info about each of the characters and do not describe major plot points of Kill No More.

The art is done by Xiao Tie (小鐵), the artist for the deluxe edition of the Kill No More novels.

The Main Characters
(利奧拉, pinyin: lì ào lā)
Hair color: Black
Eye color: Silver
Age: “25”
Occupation: Assassin, student, dragon knight, ??
Weapon: Broken Silver
Likes: Nothing like that exists
Also known as: Silver Mask, Silver Moon
Liola is from a different dimension than Kaiser. He falls into Kaiser’s room at the beginning of the story in the middle of a fight with Yasha, his apprentice. Kaiser soon learns that Liola is an assassin who has promised never to kill again. Liola was regarded as the number one assassin back in his dimension. Together, after a meeting with Mizerui, a rank-X wanted criminal who threatens them and forces them to apply to school, Liola and Kaiser enroll in Aklan Academy. Aklan Academy has three different school sections: School of Sorcery, School of Knights, and School of Mecha Fighters. Because the lines for the School of Knights and the School of Mecha Fighters were too long, Liola and Kaiser end up applying for the School of Sorcery. They make many friends in the academy, and eventually a group of them become known as the troublemakers.
(凱司, pinyin: kǎi sī)
Hair color: Green
Eye color: Blue
Occupation: Student, sorcerer
Combat specialty: Talking his way out of things, magic
Weapon: Handgun
Likes: Money, money, money!
“My life goal is to be able to lie in bed for my entire lifetime without having to worry about food or clothes!”
Kaiser is a lazy guy who loves money and is very stingy. He knows how to talk his way out of things and can be a manipulative bastard. He used to live alone until Liola fell into his apartment, and they enrolled in Barbalis’s academy together. He is a sorcerer, but his magic is very unstable. He has green hair, blue eyes, and a baby face. He has a mean mouth, but his actions speak differently.
Other Characters
(清清, pinyin: qīng qīng)
Hair color: Black
Occupation: Student, sorcerer (supposedly)
Combat specialty: Producing a black hole
Weapon: Herself
Likes: Prince on a white horse
Also known as: The human weapon
“A prince must be very handsome, very forgiving, very elegant, very… (the rest is omitted).”
Purity is the first student Liola and Kaiser meet. She is a timid girl who is often picked on, so she hires Liola and Kaiser to protect her from bullies. Purity lends Liola her brother’s outfit so that he can hide his identity when he protects her. (She often sneaks in at least one outfit of her brother’s, who is a Silver Knight.) Liola dons Purity’s brother’s outfit when he first hides his identity as Silver Mask, causing many to mistake him for a Silver Knight.

Purity is a “sorcerer” whose most powerful spell is space magic.

(梅南, pinyin: méi nán)
Hair color: Blond
Occupation: Student, sorcerer
Specialty: Protective barriers
Weapon: None
Likes: The arts
Also known as: The human shield.
Meinan’s name basically sounds like “handsome guy” in Chinese. He specializes in protective barriers and has no offensive magic or other skills. He is very narcissistic and carries around a mirror with him at all times to fix his hair and marvel at himself. He thinks highly of women and treats them with care. He is the fourth to join the group of troublemakers.
(白天, pinyin: bái tiān)
Hair color: blue
Occupation: student, dragon knight, holy knight
Weapon: lances (main), swords (secondary)
Likes: Justice
Also known as: Blue Sea Lancer
“For the sake of justice, XXX are things I must definitely do!”
Daylight is a well-respected Blue Knight from the School of Knight of Aklan Academy. His battle aura is turning silver on the edges, which means that he is close to becoming a Silver Knight. He is also a dragon knight and rides a red dragon that goes by the name of Flames (烈焰, pinyin: liè yàn). Daylight is very righteous and does not like lying. He is an orphan and is the fifth to join the group of troublemakers.
(寶利龍, pinyin: bǎo lì lóng)
Hair color: White
Eye color: Pink
Occupation: Liola’s dragon/kid
Weapon: Himself
Likes: Meat
Also known as: Evil dragon
Baolilong is a young, white dragon, the Sacred White Dragon, with white hair and pink eyes in his human form. He chose Liola as his master and takes to calling him “Papa,” causing many people to think he is Liola’s son. Dragons don’t have gender until they chose their gender once they come of age, but Baolilong is viewed as a male. Dragons can communicate non-verbally with their masters as well as other dragons. They can also locate their masters and other dragons. Baolilong scores Liola a lot of points in certain females’ opinions.
(藍瑟琪, pinyin: lán sè qí)
Occupation: Knight
Weapon: Sword
Likes: Silver Mask
Also known as: Princess
“Be determined, be brave, be elegant, be composed…”
Lanski is the princess of the Dragon Empire. She is the original rider meant for Baolilong. Angered by Silver Mask who stole her mount from her, she challenges him to a match. She somehow looks exactly like Anise, the woman Liola made his promise with, to never kill ever again.
(冰絲莉, pinyin: bīng sī lì)
Occupation: Knight
Weapon: Sword
Likes: Baolilong (with Liola on the side)
Known as: The nice sister next door
Lanski’s friend. Like Lanski, she is also a knight. She comes across Liola with Baolilong and thinks he is a great dad. She likes both Baolilong and Liola quite a lot.
(米哲瑞, pinyin: mǐ zhé ruì)
Occupation: Sorcerer
Weapon: Magic staff
Likes: Treating other people like toys
Also known as: A rank-X wanted criminal
“Life is like a game, especially other people’s lives.”
Mizerui is a rank-X wanted criminal and one of the best sorcerers of the world. He encounters Liola and Kaiser on a bus. Since Liola is the number one assassin, Kaiser thought they would be able to capture Mizerui for easy reward money. However, Mizerui is much deadlier than Kaizer thought and gains the upper hand in their fight. He promises to let them go if they enroll in Aklan Academy.
(安瑟, pinyin: ān sè)
Occupation: Healer
Anise was a miracle healer from Liola’s world who was captured by the assassin organization. She talked a lot with Liola and kept telling him to find her when the day came that he could kill no more. Eventually, Anise is released. Later in time, Liola finds her, deserts from the organization, and tries to escape with her. However, Anise dies along the way, making it so that Liola is the only one who manages to escape to a different world. Liola promises Anise that he will never kill again.
(亞希亞, pinyin: yǎ xī yǎ)
Occupation: Assassin
Weapon: Knifes, guns
Likes: Disturbing her Master
Also known as: The young mistress
“Master, I will eventually kill you one day!”
Yasha is Liola’s apprentice. She is twenty-seven. She falls into Kaiser’s world along with Liola but they soon separate. Yasha eventually crosses paths with Liola again.
(卡菲, pinyin: kǎ fēi)
Occupation: The Dragon Emperor of the Dragon Empire
Weapon: Battle aura
Likes: The entire world
Strongest skill: Disguising as a pretty boy
Other people’s impressions: A pretty boy
Caffey is the Dragon Emperor. The Dragon Emperor has three sons and a daughter. His original name before he became the Dragon Emperor was pronounced the same as “Coffee,” so he named all of his sons after types of coffee too, causing them to be known as the three coffee princes. The daughter is a twin, but her twin was lost at birth. The Dragon Emperor used to be kind and silly, but time seems to have changed him.
Qiusi Glory
(裘斯 葛罗瑞, pinyin: qiú sī gě luó ruì)
Occupation: The Prime Minister of the Aklan Republic
Weapon: Himself
Likes: His darling son
Strongest skill: Smiling without smiling
Other people’s impressions: A smiling fox
Qiusi is the Prime Minister of the Aklan Republic. He is always smiling without actually smiling and gives people the impression of a sly, smiling fox.
(秘羅, pinyin: mì luó)
Race: Dragon
Weapon: Claws, dark type magic
Likes: Bairui (his wife)
Also known as: Dark Dragon King
“Stealing my wife? Die Caffey!”
Miluo is a black dragon who has lived for over a thousand years. He has a grudge against the Dragon Emperor and is usually seen in dragon form.
(烈焰, pinyin: liè yàn)
Race: Dragon
Weapon: Claws, dragon flames
Likes: Daylight
“Master, Master, Master!”
Flames is Daylight’s red fire dragon. Is around fifty years old. Usually seen in dragon form and cannot maintain human form for long, unlike Baolilong who is the Sacred White Dragon. Has not come of age yet and thus has no gender.
(格勒, pinyin: gé lè)
Likes: ??
Strongest skill: Everything
Other people’s impressions: A huge devil
Gle is the man known as the Devil. He disappeared many years ago. His whereabouts are unknown. He is very powerful and known for his many evil deeds.
(蘭斯洛特, pinyin: lán sī luò tè)
Occupation: Holy knight
Mount: Unicorn
Likes: Justice
Strongest skill: Giving off an aura of justice
Other people’s impressions: Not a hair out of place
Lancelot is the Holy Knight, also known as the Paladin. He is known for his sense of righteousness and is one of the strongest in the world. He rides a unicorn as his mount and serves the Dragon Empire.
Blood Wolf
(血狼, pinyin: xuě láng)
Occupation: Dark knight
Mount: Black wolf
Likes: Alcohol
Strongest skill: Not showering for an entire month
Other people’s impressions: A savage
Blood Wolf is Lancelot’s good friend. He is an easy going knight who doesn’t follow normal knight rules. He rides a black wolf as his mount and serves the Dragon Empire. More specifically, he serves the third prince, Cappuccino.
Cappuccino Dragon
(卡布奇諾, pinyin: kǎ bù qí nuò)
Title: The third prince of the Dragon Empire
Mount: Fire Dragon Little Fireball
Likes: Little Fireball
Strongest skill: Being thick-skinned
Other people’s impressions: Really thick-skinned
Cappuccino is the third prince of the Dragon Empire. He appears airheaded. He also likes to drink and flirt. He has a red dragon whom he calls “Little Fireball,” even though his dragon is far from little.
Little Fireball
(小火球, pinyin: xiǎo huǒ qiú)
Occupation: Mount
Master: Cappuccino
Likes: …Master (Said while Cappuccino has tears in his eyes)
Strongest skill: Beating the master up
Other people’s impressions: The third prince’s nanny
Little Fireball is a red dragon, Cappuccino’s dragon and is called “Little” Dragon despite not being very small at all. Is pretty much the third prince’s caretaker.
Mocha Dragon
(摩卡, pinyin: mó kǎ)
Title: The first prince of the Dragon Empire
Mount: None
Likes: His father Caffey
Strongest skill: Prediction/Oracle
Other people’s impressions: Profound
Mocha is the first prince of the Dragon Empire. He has the ability to see the future. He has purple eyes just like his father. He has long hidden away in his tower, so few have seen him over the years.

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    (A bigger surprise than realizing that everyone is a troublemaker is that Lancelot isn’t blond. That is baffling to me. Then third on my surprise list is that Blood Wolf’s clothes look in good shape and aren’t rotting off his body. I can even see the original color of his coat!)

    Gle’s picture reminds me of Inuyasha. It’s probably the hair.

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      It’s nice that you think of us as Yu Wo’s style of writing though, and I do admit that we do try to keep to the original as close as possible. However, I realized upon reading the chinese text was that Yu Wo does have a specific writing style too, and I don’t think we can emulate that across languages because it doesn’t work very well from Chinese to English. For example, first of all, she likes to repeat words, and the same words can be repeated 5-6 times in an chapter. However, it would look terrible in English, so we tend to translate the very same word and phrase it differently each time. Another thing that we know is her terrible love of puns, as well as names. Most of them work very well in Chinese but not in English. Sometimes it somehow makes sense in English, but most of the time it just doesn’t work. We are then forced to translate other alternatives or footnote it. The same applies to idioms. (Sometimes, she also uses idioms incorrectly…)

      So yes, it is pretty difficult to keep to a writing style across languages. The best we can hope for is the style consistency across all of our chapters. XD

      And yes. Yu Wo’s works do have a tendency of making me laugh out loud in public, causing a few strange looks thrown in my direction… For me, the worst one of the lot was Sun Knight though, haha.

      I don’t see the point of re-translating it either, and I do admit I wouldn’t mind re-translating it IF we run out of things to do. And yeah, thanks for the support :D

      I will continue to dream on forever that we can somehow release a few more volumes in a year-

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