Dominion’s End V3C9: Truth, Part One (April Fool’s)

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Dominion’s End Volume 3: Ice-Bound Splendor and Majesty

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 9: Truth—translated by Elkin (proofread by EvlNabiki & Arcedemius; C/E edited by Lucathia)

It’s much easier to chase them on my motorcycle. Jiang Xiaotian thinks I’ve wasted time, but Thirteen hasn’t gone all that quickly. It’s probably because Asura and Maternibaby are both injured.

I searched for hours. The track was now faint, since there was no more blood. Night fell and I had to slow down. I spotted a light in the forest.

I hesitated and stopped my bike. Aberrants shouldn’t know how to start a fire yet. They’re not afraid of fire, but they don’t need it either. It should still be humans. They’re afraid of the cold.

“Is it them?” I turned to ask Jiang Xiaotian.

“Hard to say. Thirteen has a habit of keeping humans. Weird. It’s not surprising if he has people who know how to start a fire with him.”

I put my bike to the side and went over, grabbed Xiaotian, and entered the forest.


“Good Night, Little Gabi.”

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Yu Wo posted on her Facebook page on February 24th:

I hesitated for a moment about whether or not to share this on the fan page. I felt it was a personal matter though, so putting it on my personal page is good enough.

But thinking about how I shared a lot of pictures with everyone before, perhaps I should take a moment to explain to everyone.
My little Gabi is now happily living in heaven.

It really was extremely sudden. Even after racking my brains, I can’t think of anything that was odd.
That morning he was still bouncing around. That evening, when it was time to feed him, I found he was in his nest asleep but couldn’t be woken.
Then when I did the math later on, I realized Gabi actually almost ten years old.
The entire time I kept thinking he was only around seven or eight years old. Time truly does pass quickly…
Thank you for accompanying me for so many years. Good night, little Gabi.

You may have known about Gabi the sugar glider from his cameo in Illusions, Lies, Truth. Or maybe you read the afterword of Eclipse Hunter V5 and discovered that Gabi was inspiration for the character Ri Xiang Ye from both Eclipse Hunter and No Hero. Or perhaps this is your first time seeing Gabi’s name and adorable face.
It’s sad when characters die.

ELLE Interviews Yu Wo

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ELLE interviewed Yu Wo a few months ago. This is a translation of the interview. As this was translated by an English proofreader, not a translator, there are likely some inaccuracies and what you read should be taken with a grain of salt. Thank you to [PR]Dahlys for elucidating Yu Wo’s background.

The Novelist Strikes Back! Yu Wo: Real Girls Have a Personality—They’re Not Fairies or Just a Pretty Face

Text: June Howell 2016/05/05

Photo: Miki Chang

(Go to to see the photos and the original article.)

Just what is a light novel author’s world like? Beneath the surface, is it a life that’s as dramatic as a light novel? Let ELLE bring you into an author’s secret daily life!

She started publishing her works at before graduating from the foreign languages department, and soon became famous. Currently, she is one of the few Taiwanese novelists whose every book has sold over twenty thousand copies. Her works are mostly fantasy, such as Kill No More, The Legend of Sun Knight, No Hero, and her newest work, Dominion’s End.

The female leads Yu Wo has written are full of personality and are extremely capable of putting up a fight. Yu Wo said laughingly, “Male authors write girls as just pretty faces, each of them beautiful and kind-hearted fairies, but in general, girls aren’t like that. So I wrote my own.”

ELLE: How many hours a day do you spend writing?

Yu Wo: It’s not fixed. Sometimes there won’t be a single word. The record for the most consecutive hours was seventeen, and I wrote twenty-one thousand words. That was the first volume of Dominion’s End. I wrote about eighty thousand words in one week. At that time, I wrote until three in the morning and felt that I was a nutcase. In about one week, I’d finished that entire book, and then afterward started writing very slowly, haha.

ELLE: While you’re writing, what cravings do you have?

Yu Wo: I must have coffee. Sometimes, I’ll also sneak some potato chips. (Laughs.)

ELLE: If your works were turned into movies, who would be your ideal director?

Yu Wo: My dream would be to have Batman’s director, Christopher Nolan, a highly prestigious director. I believe he would be very suitable to adapt my works No Hero and Dominion’s End.

ELLE: If ELLE were a woman, what kind of woman would you imagine her to be?

Yu Wo: She’d be relatively lively, but also somewhat sweet. Her age would be about twenty to twenty-five years old.

ELLE: What was your greatest accomplishment in writing light novels?

Yu Wo: When my readers talk about the characters I’ve written in my light novels and they treat the characters as real people. It makes me feel like I’ve given birth to a child. It’s a feeling of great success.