Illusions, Lies, Truth V1Epilogue: Terminology

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 1: Human Doll Contract Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Terminology and Epilogue—translated by raylight (proofread by Trespasserby; C/E edited by lucathia)

[Illusions, Lies, Truth]

Calling their name once would wish them into illusion, calling them twice would change them into lies, and calling their name thrice would make them come true. The process of evolution from a “non-existential state” to an “existential state.”

[Barrier Dimension]

An illusory space that is able to delude human eyes.


A necessary procedure to enter a barrier dimension.

[Illusionary Familiar]

Illusions born out of other’s imaginations, stories, legends, and such. Extremely low-leveled, seeming to have little power. It is very difficult for them to become an existence greater than a lie.

[Artifact Demon]

A demon born from ancient artifacts. They possess various types of abilities, depending on the type of artifact as well as the way they were born.


In the series Illusions, Lies, Truth, many characters from other novels are mentioned. These are indeed existing novels, and they are other novels that I have written. However, it’s not a problem even if you haven’t read them.

As Yu Shu has stated, the characters here are already not the original characters from their series. Because a different person imagined them and they had different encounters, the characters that appear here are different. Therefore, please treat them like new characters.

I remember when I first started posting a trial version online, a reader asked me this: The female author in the text is obviously you, so why did you not use “Yu Wo” directly and instead use “Yu Shu?”

That was because I was trying to draw a line between me and the female author in the book, though in vain. This is to prevent people from turning their rage on me when they keep calling their favorite character but can’t call them to life.

Please remember! The female author in the series is Yu Shu, not Yu Wo! If you want revenge, please seek her out!

Another thing was that though I had pondered over it several times, I still decided to set the place in Taiwan directly. Even though it would be more convenient to just make a fictional place, after thinking it over, I thought that I would just state directly that the story takes place in this very country that we live in.

The difference is just that a few specific names of roads, schools, and places have been conspicuously covered up by tweaking them slightly to avoid people taking things personally. They are already not the original school or road names! Everyone, you don’t have to go search them out, and no matter what guesses you make, I won’t confirm them!

Actually, this book was originally planned to be a horror story.

But after I finished the start, it already deviated. When I reached the middle of the story, it already went into an alternative universe. Moreover, looking at the situation, it looks like it will still continue deviating; therefore, even I’m embarrassed to say that it’s a horror novel anymore. As for what genre it falls under, it’s hard to say, so I might as well just shove it under the self-created “nonsensical novel” genre as usual.

Therefore, please don’t shake your head and tell me that this is not a horror novel, this is not a horror novel, this is not a horror novel!

Actually, even the number of novels has become different from what I intended. Illusions, Lies, Truth was originally planned to be one-shots, whereas the format is that the main characters are the same, but each volume features a different incident.

Therefore, Human Doll Contract was supposed to be one volume. In the end, I couldn’t wrap it up in one volume, so it became Part One.

I believe that it is because it’s the first volume, so all of the characters and terms have to be introduced. Therefore, there are more things to address, and I need two parts in order to wrap up the whole incident of Human Doll Contract.

As for later volumes, they will also probably follow such a format, with each incident taking up around one to two volumes. (I don’t dare to claim that it will end in one volume anymore.) As to what kind of incidents they will encounter, I ask for everyone to please watch over Jiang Ziya and Lu Yang’s fantastical life!

Actually, there’s this question that I have really wanted to ask: Do you prefer Jiang Ziya or Lu Yang more?

Because this book is situated in the real world, yet also escapes reality (what kind of nonsense is this), I will give a disclaimer as usual:

“The contents of this book are purely fictional. Please just enjoy the book, and don’t go around calling out names! Especially those people who are usually spacing off, and have unusually strong imaginations… Please don’t mess around!!”

Okay! Lastly, I hope that everyone will like this novel. Let’s meet again in the next book!

I can finally end work now. Charles, there’s no more coffee. Brew me another cup.

What? I can only drink two cups a day, and I have already reached my quota for the day? Don’t do this! I just finished a book today, so can’t I have another cup in celebration?

I want coffeeeee~ And don’t you dare try and fool me with low caffeine coffeeee~

By Yu Wo

Character Introductions—translated by lucathia

Jiang Ziya


Overall, he is a normal, optimistic university student. With the exception of his left eye, he doesn’t have many worries, but that left eye alone causes him enough trouble. In addition to the dab of mutated blue in the upper part of his eye, his left eye holds another secret—it can see things that should not be seen.

Most loved: his family
Most hated: the things seen with his left eye
Love and hate: Lu Yang
Specialized weapon: mutated left eye

[Overview of Stats]

Battle Stat: 30
Physique Stat: 60
Support Stat: 99

Jiang Jiang


She is a three-year-old girl, Jiang Ziya’s niece. However, things don’t seem to be that simple. There is a huge secret involving the little girl that must be forgotten. Once remembered…

Most loved: her mother
Most hated: getting scolded by her mother
Love and hate: Jiang Ziya
Specialized weapon: ???

[Overview of Stats]

Battle Stat: ???
Physique Stat: 30
Support Stat: 10

Jiang Xue


She seems to be a doll from Jiang Yu’s childhood. She has currently taken the form of Jiang Jiang’s twin. At the start of the story, she is already an existence that is close to a “lie.” It is unknown how long she has existed or why she has come to exist.

Most loved: Jiang Jiang
Most hated: being forgotten
Love and hate: Jiang Yu
Specialized weapon: shapeshifting

[Overview of Stats]

Battle Stat: 40
Physique Stat: 10
Support Stat: 60

Lu Yang


He is Jiang Ziya’s classmate since high school to university. He has brown hair, green eyes, and foreign blood. Because his foreign appearance and Jiang Ziya’s strangely colored left eye are both strange, they have become good friends. However, this good friend seems to possess a number of secrets as well…

Most loved: his parents
Most hated: demons and spirits
Love and hate: his grandfather
Specialized weapon: Slay

[Overview of Stats]

Battle Stat: 90
Physique Stat: 90
Support Stat: 10

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  1. 15B

    At least Yu Wo admits it’s not a horror novel… After the first few chapters, people completely stopped saying it was creepy.

    Also, there seems to be common for Yu Wo to say she’ll take XX novels to finish a series, but suddenly, the number of volumes grows unexpectedly…

    Lu Yang or Jiang Ziya…? Maybe Ziya…? I like Ziya’s personality and practicality. But Lu Yang is also very cool… He can even do backflips.

    Yu Wo is such a coffee addict… I wonder how she drinks her coffee. Maybe black like Ri Xiang Yan does?

    Chibi Ziya’s so cute! I love the artwork for all the pictures, but especially chibi Ziya and the picture of Jiang Ziya and Lu Yang at Jiu Ge. (I still don’t really get the goldfish on the book cover, but they’re also very pretty goldfish.)

  2. dollyfishe

    hehe … it is not a horror novel after all ^o^ it’s a supernatural, i think :D
    whatever … it’s not like i fancy books through it’s genre, although i really did loved some genre (confused ? hehe me too)
    now now now … waiting for the last chapter of the month ^o^ today (and mostly tomorrow) me will haunt PR! all day :D

  3. Jasae Bushae

    So it went from a singular one shot to a series. Gosh I love how bad Yu Wo is at keeping things condensed. ^^

  4. Catahn

    FYI, I think afterword is a more appropriate term than epilogue. Epilogue implies it is still a part of the story but wrapping things up. Afterword implies a message from the author.

    Thank you for translating this. I have enjoyed it and am looking forward to more.

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