Illusions, Lies, Truth V4C4: Do You Believe In, Part 2—Father

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 4: In the Name of God, Part Two

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 4: Do You Believe In, Part 2—Father—translated by lucathia (proofread by Trespasserby)

“That damn son of mine is going to be the death of me!”

Liu Yishi ended the call and once again regretted leaving his son behind for his parents-in-law to raise, leading him to growing up with an attitude as ridiculous as the Pacific Ocean was vast. He had only just been hit by a car, resulting in an arm fracture, and gotten held at gunpoint by Xu Xikai, yet he had the audacity to leave the hospital.

Hearing that Lu Yang had come over, Hu Lican was greatly taken aback. “Didn’t he just get hit by a car? Were his injuries that light?”

“He got a fracture! He was only just wheeled out from the operating room this afternoon!”

That left Hu Lican speechless. Since Lu Yang had helped him a lot, Hu Lican could only speak up on his behalf, “Youngsters can recover quickly…”

He was only able to get part of his words out before he could not continue any further. Hu Lican really couldn’t lie straight to Liu Yishi’s face. No matter how quickly Lu Yang was able to recover, it couldn’t have been that quickly. Hu Lican had seen with his own eyes the video of the collision sending Lu Yang flying into the air. Even if a regular person didn’t die from that, they would still be at death’s door, yet Lu Yang had immediately run about recklessly. Hu Lican really had to suspect if Lu Yang was actually like what Jiang Ziya always claimed—he couldn’t be considered human!

Liu Yishi tried his utmost to squash the unease he felt and said, “I’ll go get Lu Yang. All of you, stay here and keep watch. Before I return, don’t take any impulsive actions. Even if you have a lot of people, it still won’t necessarily be safe.”

Hu Lican nodded.

They were currently keeping an eye on the library, while policemen patrolled the other locations. Hu Lican nearly had to put his life on the line to get the chief to agree to send out approximately seventy police officers. Squads of ten officers guarded each location of the school wonders.

Liu Yishi had called his father-in-law for assistance with guarding the library. With so many lives involved, having his father-in-law lend a hand would not be asking for too much. This way, Liu Yishi would be able to go to each of the other locations to keep watch. If something were to occur, he could prevent the policemen from having no way to solve it.

However, his father-in-law had simply said, “Hold your horses.” Liu Yishi had waited nervously with his cell phone to his ear and no response for half an hour, afraid to hang up on his father-in-law yet in the dark about what was going on. In the end, he received the words, “No can do.”

Liu Yishi had been stunned, having not thought that his father-in-law would turn him down. This was such a big incident. Logically speaking, Master Ah Lu should be lending a hand.

“Ah Shi, you best be careful now.”

Liu Yishi had jolted. He had not thought that his aloof father-in-law would go out of his way to express this. He quickly gave an affirmative. Only then did he worriedly end the call. Just as he was feeling glad that his son was in the hospital and could not come over, allowing him to completely avoid the danger this time, Liu Yishi received the news that Lu Yang was already at the entrance to the university.

I can’t get any angrier than this!

However, his son’s conjectures made a lot of sense. Lu Yang’s Slay was pretty much unrivalled and could forcefully break through all obstacles. In the past, Lu Yang would often be unable to see through a barrier dimension, too confused to figure out what he should strike down, but Lu Yang had even brought Jiang Ziya over this time…

No matter how worried he was, he had to go get his son instead of yelling for him to obediently return to the hospital to lie down. In any case, his son would not listen so obediently.

Liu Yishi smiled bitterly and pushed his many worries aside to go to the entrance to pick up his son.

Hu Lican suggested, “How about I send two policemen with you? Didn’t Lu Yang say that guy has a gun?”

Liu Yishi gave an “okay.” Because of the difference in laws, he had indeed not brought a gun back with him. Now that he had learned that the other person held no such qualms about guns, then he must also make his own preparations.

Because of this arrangement, Hu Lican would only have eight officers left with him. Liu Yishi frowned and reminded him again, “Don’t enter the library. Just keep watch outside and make sure that no one sneaks in. Even if someone ignores your warning and forces their way in, don’t follow. At most, it will only take me half an hour to return.”

“No problem. We definitely won’t enter!”

After the abandoned campus experience, Hu Lican was 100% willing to follow the rule of “never entering the library.”

Taking along the two policemen, Liu Yishi quickly headed toward the entrance of the university, wishing to return to the library within twenty minutes. To reach the university entrance, he remembered that he would only need to turn at the basketball courts after walking along the red brick road. Covering that distance in ten minutes would require brisk strides.

However, he had no choice but to halt his steps and turn to survey his surroundings. He and the two policemen were the only ones present. The only other movement came from the shadows of the swaying trees to each side of the brick road.

“How come no one is around?”

Liu Yishi frowned. Although his school years were well in the past, he often frequented schools for casework. Even though it was already past ten, university students would not sleep so early. Besides, this red brick road was the school’s largest road. There should at least be some students around.

The police immediately explained, “We advised for students not to roam about tonight and for all club activities to be temporarily suspended. We have expressly forbidden for them to hang around in the vicinity of the crime scene. Violators will be punished.”

Is that so? Liu Yishi thought about how numerous the police were tonight. It should be enough to scare the students away. The reporters were the ones they had to pay more attention to.

I should get my son first! He did not know if it was because of the anxiousness thrumming inside him, but Liu Yishi felt like he had walked for a long time. However, when he lifted his watch to take a look, it clearly showed that ten minutes had yet to pass.

After finally walking the entirety of the red brick road to arrive at the basketball courts, he actually heard the sounds of basketball being played. There were still students playing basketball after all.

“There are a lot of basketball courts on campus,” the police helplessly said. “It is difficult to forbid the students from playing basketball.”

Liu Yishi nodded to indicate his understanding. He actually felt relieved. Even though a ban had been given, the campus should not be entirely empty, or else he would suspect whether or not he had entered a barrier dimension.

After taking a turn at the basketball courts, Liu Yishi gave a glance at the group of students playing basketball. He did not discover anything strange. There were ten or so students. They were currently playing three on three, with the rest of them observing the match while sitting or standing as they drank their beverages.

At this time, one student’s jump shot missed. The ball slammed into the rim and ricocheted off the hoop.

The ball flew at Liu Yishi and the others. The policemen jumped aside in alarm. The ball struck a tree and landed on the ground, rolling for a distance before coming to a stop. After taking a close look, they ascertained that it was indeed a basketball. Only then did the two police officers breathe a sigh of relief. One of them bent down to pick up the ball, throwing it back toward the courts.

One of the students who had walked over to pick up the ball caught it head on. He held the ball in his arms and asked with a smile, “Want to play basketball with us?”

Hearing these words, the two policemen’s faces paled. How could anyone not know the contents of the school wonders now?

Liu Yishi narrowed his eyes. The spotlights at the basketball courts were too bright. Facing the lights, he was unable to clearly see the person who had walked over. However, this voice was exceptionally familiar…

“This ball is almost falling apart anyway.” The student’s face gradually became clearer. He smiled as he said, “Liu-shūshu, you’re just in time to take Lu Yang’s place as the ball.”

Liu Yishi’s lips tightened. Whose face was this but Jiang Ziya’s? And the “basketball” that he held in his hands had a head of brown hair with bruises all over a face originally of mixed descent. The eyes were tightly shut, but that was his son, Lu Yang’s head!

“Ah!” The policemen shrieked and drew their guns.

“Don’t shoot!” Liu Yishi shouted. Opening fire in a barrier dimension was a dangerous action to take. The inability to tell apart what was true or false could easily lead to friendly fire.

“In the name of the Lord—”

Liu Yishi began his words of prayer. A shining book descended from the sky. Like what Jiang Ziya had seen, it was the Bible.

“Are you unwilling to die in your son’s place?”

After the light shone on him, Jiang Ziya’s face actually began to melt. His crooked mouth opened wide to holler, “You tossed him behind in hotels and amusement parks since he was a child, forcing him to be all by himself. In the end, you even completely abandoned him in Taiwan. Now, you, as his father, aren’t even willing to sacrifice yourself for your son’s sake? What kind of father are you?”

Undeterred, Liu Yishi continued to recite his prayer. “Let all filth, let all evil have nowhere to hide before the Lord. In the name of the Lord, I command you to show your true visage right this moment!”

As he completed his prayer, the pages in the floating Bible began to flip rapidly, eventually stopping at one of the pages. Light burst forth.

“Jiang Ziya” had already melted like a used up candle. A smile split across his distorted face. He mocked, “Liu-shūshu, you clearly know this. You knew from the start. One day, Lu Yang will definitely die by my hands.”

The basketball fell to the ground. It was still a basketball. It was not a human head in the least.

The brightness of the spotlights shone down upon basketball courts empty of all people.

Liu Yishi put away the Bible, his lips tightening. He calmed his somewhat turbulent emotions.

“Mr. L-Liu, what should we do now?”

The two policemen were trembling all over. Even though they had been warned about situations like this, seeing it for themselves was a whole different story!

Their reactions made Liu Yishi abruptly feel that placing so many police officers at the university, which would mean coming into contact with the locations of the school wonders, was not a good thing. However, they also had no choice but to do so.

He frowned and said, “Put away your guns first. Don’t fire randomly. It’s easy to mistakenly hit an ally due to hallucinations.”

“Was that a hallucination?” The policemen’s eyes lit up, as if they had finally received a reasonable explanation.

Liu Yishi immediately confirmed it. “Yes, the effect is similar to hypnosis. As we walked here, there were many suggestions used on us along the way. That is how this incident has been unfolding. The culprit is someone who is skilled at doing this kind of thing. I also have experience with this, so Captain Hu asked for me to deal with the culprit.”

Realization dawned upon the policemen. No matter whether or not this explanation had a lot of holes in it, they would explain it away themselves in the future.

“Let’s quickly head to the university entrance.”

Liu Yishi felt very uneasy. Even though many cases took advantage of one’s family, Liu Yishi had not come across such cases in a long time. After all, he operated overseas, while his son was located in Taiwan. Few people had ever met his and Lu Le’s son. Most used Lu Le to influence him.

Liu Yishi jogged to the entrance. Fortunately, Lu Yang and Jiang Ziya were both waiting there. Both of them were tall and easy to spot. He could see them at a glance.

When Lu Yang saw Liu Yishi, he shouted with a smile, “Daddy!”

Hearing his son call him with the name he used as a child, Liu Yishi almost began to smile. However, he soon remembered that Lu Yang had haphazardly run out of the hospital. He hardened his face. This time, he must show the severity of a father and discipline his son!

Light suddenly flashed before his eyes. Before Liu Yishi understood what was going on, he had already blurted reflexively, “Careful—”

That moment played out as if in slow motion. Lu Yang turned with widened eyes. He used his shoulders to knock Jiang Ziya aside, but he himself was unable to dodge in time. A speeding car rammed directly into him, sending his entire person flying to slam against the half-open gates. A heart-rending crack accompanied the impact. He then fell to the ground.

Liu Yishi felt like his chest was about to explode. He rushed to kneel by his son’s side but forced his trembling hands to keep away from his son. Lu Yang’s injuries were too severe. He could not be carelessly moved, or else his injuries would worsen…

“Lu Yang? Lu Yang!”

Jiang Ziya crawled back up. He was stunned the moment he saw Lu Yang’s condition and powerlessly collapsed back to the ground.

“Call the ambulance!” Someone seemed to shout near them.

Liu Yishi gazed at his son and still could not help but extend his hand out to lightly touch his son’s shoulder. He softly called out, “Xiao Yang? Xiao Yang? Speak to Daddy. Don’t worry your daddy like this.”

But anyone could tell that Lu Yang’s condition was grave. His neck weakly hung to the side, and his eyes were wide open, their beautiful emerald color completely spiritless…

“He did it on purpose!”

Liu Yishi looked toward Jiang Ziya.

“Xu Xikai purposely drove into Lu Yang to kill him!” Jiang Ziya’s face was pale as he spoke with a choked voice, “Only by doing this would we believe in what he’s been talking about, resurrection. W-We have no choice but to believe in it! Or else Lu Yang, h-he would really… really be dead!”

Jiang Ziya cried so much he could barely breathe. He muttered, “It’s all my fault that he wasn’t able to dodge… He definitely could have dodged that…”

Liu Yishi moved his gaze away from Jiang Ziya, lowering his head to stare at his silent son.

No choice but to believe…

“Are you really not goin’ to participate?”

Xiao Chun-sǎo steeped the tea. Even though she worried about her grandson and wished to visit him at the hospital, Master Ah Lu had stopped her. The big event was not over yet. She was not to head over and stir up more trouble.

“The big event is lookin’ huge, yet you ain’t interferin’ now. Then, when will you?”

Xiao Chun-sǎo was a little angry. Ever since she had married into this family, she had never stopped worrying. When she was young, she worried over her husband. After giving birth to her daughter, she worried over her daughter’s recklessness. After the birth of her grandson, she worried over something happening to him. She had never had a moment of peace!

Seeing how angry his wife was and how she put down the tea cup particularly forcefully, Master Ah Lu’s expression did not change, but he explained, “I divined that mah interference will be resultin’ in the greatest misfortune among all misfortune. When I asked Lao Jun, I got six negative throws in a row.”

Xiao Chun-sǎo was greatly taken aback. She knew that her husband’s words were very accurate, so accurate that he could not randomly speak up. Letting slip the future and interfering with big events often led to worse results.

Master Ah Lu picked up his tea cup. The only person he could tell a few things to was Xiao Chun-sǎo. His wife did not have a single bit of power and was situated outside of events. After their long marriage, she also knew the severity of matters and would not randomly gossip about things.

“So, if you aren’t lendin’ a hand, the big event will successfully resolve?” Xiao Chun-sǎo asked with anticipation.

Master Ah Lu placed the tea cup down. The cup that he had used for many years was suddenly unable to withstand the heat. A crack appeared in the cup, extending from the rim all the way to the bottom.

Both elders stared at the cup, their hearts sinking.

“Ah Lu, please tell me that nothin’ serious will happen to Xiao Yang!”

Tears welled in Xiao Chun-sǎo’s eyes. Even though she had worried for so many years already, just the mere thought that something might happen to her grandson made her heart feel like it was about to explode.

“Don’t be runnin’ your mouth like that! Go and apologize to Lao Jun for your folly. You only know how to wag your tongue!”

After Master Ah Lu scolded her, he pinched his fingers and calculated again. The result was the same. His interference would lead to misfortune among misfortune. It made him feel even more frustrated.

Xiao Chun-sǎo jolted. Even though her husband appeared gruff and was rather strict toward his daughter, son-in-law, and grandson, it was because their family business was too dangerous. A single accident could capsize the ship. His attitude toward his wife was usually a lot less severe.

Master Ah Lu scolded, “Hurry and apologize already. What are you still sittin’ there for?”

“I’m goin’ now!”

Xiao Chun-sǎo quickly wiped away her tears and rushed into the hall. She had to have a good chat with Lao Jun. He had watched Xiao Yang grow up. There was no way He could just stand by and do nothing.

Her daughter Lu Le was also a child that He had watched grow up. Lele’s husband was also someone to watch over. And, and, Ziya was such a good kid. He never forgets to place incense for Lao Jun whenever he visits. He can’t be left out either.

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