Illusions, Lies, Truth V3C3: Existence’s Bane Part 2—Brothers

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 3: In the Name of God, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Existence’s Bane, Part 2—Brothers—translated by lucathia (proofread by Taffygirl13 & Trespasserby)


After a huge yawn, Yu Shu lazily walked to the living room and lay on the sofa, waiting for breakfast… Or is it lunch? Whatever!

House Keeper walked out of the kitchen and asked with a faint smile, “You have woken up quite early today. I am just about to make lunch! May I ask if there is anything in particular you wish to eat?”

Yu Shu looked at her eldest son, who was truly captivating with such a handsome face. Plus he had a good figure to boot. Getting to see such a hottie first thing in the morning was such a blessing to her eyes!


House Keeper blinked and said with a smile, “I am afraid that I do not yet have that kind of ‘function.’”

…He actually understood me! Last time, didn’t he respond with, “I am sorry. The material I am made of is hard resin. Your teeth might fall out from the attempt”?

Yu Shu was practically shocked awake. She jumped right up from the sofa and asked, “Have you seen Jiang Ziya lately?”

House Keeper stilled but could only say, “Yes.”

Yu Shu felt she was on the verge of coughing up blood. She snapped, “You went against my orders and purposely sought him out?”

House Keeper explained frantically, “It was not so. I was merely bringing over freshly baked bread to the neighbors. Jiang Ziya does not have classes around that time, so he is usually still asleep. I do not know why he woke up so early that day. When I opened the door, I happened across him.”


“And?” House Keeper asked in confusion.

“How’d you meet him all the other times?”

House Keeper quickly answered, “I only saw him that one time.”

Yu Shu narrowed her eyes dangerously and said in suspicion, “Swear that you aren’t lying to me.”

Unexpectedly, House Keeper immediately swore, “I swear that I am definitely not lying to you. Ever since Mistress gave the command, I have only seen him once.”

Yu Shu only half believed him. If he had only seen Jiang Ziya once, he couldn’t have changed so much. If Jiang Ziya possessed strength of that magnitude, then why was he even attending university? He should just create spirits and conquer the world!

“Then, what in the world made you change so much?”

House Keeper opened his mouth, but then he shut it again.

You don’t want to say it, but you don’t want to lie either, huh? Yu Shu gave a cold snort. At least you didn’t lie to my face. You still have some conscience.

“Spit it out! Or are you trying to betray me, your master?”

House Keeper frowned. He could only bite down on his teeth and clench his fists in order not to reveal everything.

Seeing that, Yu Shu was stunned. He can actually disobey me in my home? Perhaps it had to do with how she wasn’t forcing the issue, but as her illusory familiar, being able to resist to this point was already no easy feat.

All of a sudden, she felt conflicted. It’s like my child has finally grown up… But gods, my kid is only a year old!

“Why are you forcing him?” Hold Keeper walked out from the box in the corner. He said, displeased, “I can tell you.”

“Hold Keeper!” House Keeper cried out in alarm, “You must not say it!”

Yu Shu looked toward House Keeper, her heart growing cold. She hadn’t thought that it would be House Keeper who would be unwilling to say it. She had thought that House Keeper and she were closer!

“Why keep it under wraps? It’s not like we can disobey our master. I’ll say, why are you so guarded against Jiang Ziya?” Hold Keeper mocked, “Don’t you feel that the ‘mother’ is way scarier?”

The mother? Yu Shu froze.

“Jiang Yu!”

Shoot! The light had really blinded her from the truth. She had guarded against all contingencies with Jiang Ziya, yet she had forgotten that pretty much eight or nine out of ten times, those who could create “daughters” were always the parents. At most, Jiang Ziya was just support, while Jiang Yu was the main force!

Despite this, she had let Jiang Yu enter her home however she pleased, and she would drag House Keeper and Hold Keeper over to chat inanely with them. She’d always say, “You brothers are so handsome. How about finding your younger brother a girlfriend?”

“I’m such an idiot!” Yu Shu was vexed.

Hold Keeper agreed, “You always have been.”

“Why didn’t you warn me?”

After Yu Shu shouted that angrily, she saw helplessness grace one face and disdain the other, as if looking at an idiot. Right then, she felt that she really was being an idiot. Jiang Yu was capable of helping them “level up.” There’s no way these two guys would tell me about it!

These two are already powerful enough to keep things from me? Yu Shu’s head hurt so much that she felt even rich coffee wouldn’t be able to save her anymore.

“There’s entirely no need for you to be so concerned, right?” Hold Keeper snorted. “I’ve seen your computer before. Don’t all the members of that illusion raising forum wish for their illusory familiar to become a lie? You’re the only one so cautious about it. I don’t know what you’re trying to prevent!”

“That’s because none of them have a ‘truth’ living across from them!” Yu Shu bit out, “It’s already ridiculously difficult to have an illusory familiar become a lie. Of course they’d want their illusions to become lies. They don’t have to worry at all that their illusory familiars could one day become truths!”

“Do you really detest the idea of us becoming truths to that degree?”

Yu Shu froze.

Hold Keeper glared at her coldly and growled, “Jiang Yu wishes for her daughter to be true. Why don’t you want your sons to become truths? Do you really think of us as your sons? Or do you actually just want obedient subordinates?”

Yu Shu opened her mouth, but she didn’t know how to explain it.

“Hmph!” Having not received an answer that proved him wrong, Hold Keeper felt angry and disappointed. He turned and rushed right into the cardboard box.

House Keeper looked at the sullen Yu Shu, and then at the box Hold Keeper had rushed into. He hesitated for a moment but still chose to remain.

At the moment, Yu Shu had a headache just from looking at her son. She waved her hand tiredly and said, “House Keeper, you can go and cook.”

Only after she heard House Keeper’s departing footsteps did she allow herself to think about “that notion.”

Letting my sons become truths?

How could I not want that to happen? She knew she shouldn’t think about it, yet she couldn’t help but possess such a desire. When she had originally created these two children, she had already known that she could never suppress the desire to let them become truths. She’d just passed it off as an impossible wish, so there had never been a need to overly worry about it.

Yet, House Keeper had become a lie out of the blue, and it was only a matter of time before Hold Keeper would turn into a lie as well. Under the almighty power of her neighbors, turning into truths was actually possible…

Those who made their children into truths were almost always the mother.

Other than Jiang Yu and Jiang Ziya, am I also to blame?

The aroma of rich coffee hit her, and Yu Shu lifted her head. She saw House Keeper put down a cup of coffee and look at her in worry.

“Jiang Ziya and I made a promise that we will see each other at least once more.” House Keeper explained somewhat frantically, “But I did not make a promise with him because of wanting to become a truth. Jiang Yu would be enough for that. I j-just…”

Yu Shu said understandingly, “You have always liked him a lot.”

House Keeper hesitated for a moment. He lowered his head and said, “If you are my mother, then he is… he is…”

Your father? Yu Shu was speechless. Wonderful. Both “parents” are now in the picture!

House Keeper said softly, “The invitation has already taken effect. I will see him once more, and then I will not seek him out again. Please do not be angry at me.”

“Whatever, you don’t have to avoid him anymore.” Yu Shu felt that it was probably unavoidable. She even felt that Jiang Yu had done it on purpose. When Xiao Xue had gone missing, she had known to come here to search for her. After Xiao Xue had returned, she’d completely forgotten everything again. That kind of memory is practically superhuman intelligence!

“The Jiang family’s situation is too complicated. You and Hold Keeper both need to be careful. I don’t want you to get taken advantage of.”

House Keeper nodded.

Yu Shu gestured at the cardboard box and said, “Help me talk that bastard around. He’s always been difficult. It’d be bad if he turns even more stubborn and paranoid.”

“As you wish.” House Keeper was about to enter the box. He suddenly turned his head and asked to test the waters, “How about letting Hold Keeper become a lie?”

“You sure are a good older brother.”

Yu Shu realized that these two guys didn’t have as bad of a relationship as appearances indicated. Even though the two of them had joined hands to keep her in the dark, she didn’t feel angry about it at all. Her sons were truly a good pair of brothers. As the mother, she really couldn’t muster any anger over that.

House Keeper lowered his head, not daring to say too much.

“Whatever happens, happens.” Yu Shu lazily said, “With Hold Keeper’s personality, it would never be possible for him to remain an illusion forever. He doesn’t resemble an illusion at all!”

“I understand!” House Keeper smiled happily. “Then, I will go and console him.”

As she watched House Keeper walk into the cardboard box, the doorbell rang. Yu Shu grumbled, “It just had to be now,” as she climbed up from the sofa in resignation and walked over to open the door.

“Yu Shu!”

Jiang Yu walked in cheerfully and was even holding a pot in her hands. She held it and presented it like her pride and joy and said, “I made a pot of pork belly. Have some! It’s been stewed to perfection this time. I guarantee it’s delicious!”

Yu Shu silently stared at her.

Jiang Yu was confused by the stare and asked in bewilderment, “What, why are you staring at me like that?”

Seeing the person before her show an innocent and confused expression, Yu Shu sighed and helplessly said, “I must be too lonely to become friends with you.”

“… I should be the one saying that!”

“I’m off!”

Jiang Ziya passed by like a whirlwind.

Jiang Yu, who had been feeding her daughters, asked in surprise, “So early again today? Didn’t you return very late last night? Wait, don’t you need breakfast?”

“Nope, Lu Yang said that his dad will cook a serving of breakfast for me.”

“… Liu Yishi?”

Jiang Ziya stilled and stopped in his steps. He turned his head and asked doubtfully, “Sis, what did you just say?”

Jiang Yu was in the middle of bending over and using tissue to mop up the applesauce that Jiang Jiang had accidentally dripped on the floor. When she heard her brother’s words, she straightened back up and asked in confusion, “What?”

I must’ve heard wrong? Jiang Ziya changed the topic and said, “Nothing, I’m heading out. The club has an event going on. It’s a night activity. I won’t be coming back until early morning.”

Jiang Yu blinked and asked doubtfully, “Leaving early and returning late. You seem very busy. You’d better not be secretly working! Or I’ll definitely ground you!”

“I’m really not. If you don’t believe me, you can ask Lu Yang!”

Jiang Yu snorted twice. “He’d definitely lie for you. There’s no use asking him.”

Jiang Ziya began laughing awkwardly. “I really am not secretly working.”

Helping Lu Yang doesn’t count as work!

Jiang Yu relaxed and nodded. “Fine, off you go. You went out of your way to get up early. Don’t make them wait for you.”

Jiang Ziya nodded. The moment he walked out the door, he was stumped into a stupor. The two brothers across from them were actually standing by the door, looking every bit like they were blocking his way!

Even if I agreed to the invitation, it shouldn’t be buy one get one free?

“Y-Yu Shu is still sleeping, I hope?” Now, Jiang Ziya could only hope that Yu Shu wouldn’t find out about this.

House Keeper smiled faintly and said, “Mistress has already permitted us to meet you.”

Hold Keeper snorted. “What time is it? There’s no way she would be awake. You think too highly of her.”

“Yu Shu is actually willing to let you two meet me now?” Jiang Ziya doubted it greatly. Don’t tell me House Keeper is making it up?

House Keeper happily said, “She has also given permission for Hold Keeper to become a lie. Could you please call his name?”

“I don’t at all believe she agreed.” Hold Keeper turned his head away.

Jiang Ziya was a little speechless. “Just calling a name isn’t effective. I’ve called Xiao Xue so many times, but she hasn’t become a lie. I really don’t know how I should call out the name for it to take effect.”

“I also feel that this point is rather strange.” House Keeper hummed for a while before saying dejectedly, “Perhaps we must wait for the right opportunity.”

Even though Hold Keeper had turned his face away, he was still obviously paying close attention to their conversation. Once he heard that Jiang Ziya didn’t know what to do, he could not keep disappointment from showing up on his face.

Not knowing what to do, Jiang Ziya said, “I-I need to go.”

“Please take your time.” As usual, House Keeper waved courteously as he saw him off.

Jiang Ziya fled as if his life depended on it.

After he walked his motorbike out, Jiang Ziya turned to gaze at his own apartment building, his feelings in turmoil. He decided that he needed to make time to clear things up with Yu Shu, in order to avoid being tricked by House Keeper and Hold Keeper. If that was the case, then the day Hold Keeper became a lie would be the day that Jiang Ziya died.

Right after he climbed on his motorbike, a text arrived on his cell phone. Jiang Ziya lowered his head to look. His face paled, and he immediately shot off on his bike.

Soon, he arrived at the abandoned campus. Lu Yang was standing by the gate, his face dark as he said, “Park your motorbike farther away so that people won’t notice it.”

Jiang Ziya immediately parked his motorbike on the other side of the street and walked over.

Lu Yang urged, “Come in quickly. It’ll be difficult for us to enter the later it gets.”

Jiang Ziya dashed inside the abandoned campus with him. He waited until Lu Yang locked up the gates before he asked him as they walked, “Another murder happened?”

“Yeah.” Lu Yang’s face was pale as he said, “I miscalculated. I thought that he wouldn’t do anything again so quickly, as lengthening the time in between would decrease the suspicion. The previous six murders spanned a whole year. I hadn’t thought that this time, he’d take action immediately!”

Jiang Ziya frowned. Taking action so soon after the previous death was truly risky. I wonder why he did that.

“Is it another homeless person? The building reeks. Why would any homeless people come here? Did they all get kidnapped?”

“It’s not.” Lu Yang said in a quiet voice, “The deceased this time looks very young, and the attire looks like that of a student’s. It’s very likely to be a student from our school, but the face was completely destroyed, so we haven’t found out the identity yet.”

Jiang Ziya’s expression also changed. Even though it was likely that he didn’t know the student, he still felt uncomfortable hearing that it was a student from his school.

“And it’s a girl, too.”

“What?’ Jiang Ziya was taken aback. The discomfort grew even more. “Eighth floor?”


The two of them climbed up to the eighth floor. Hu Lican and Fang Da were already waiting there. When they saw that Jiang Ziya had arrived, they let out a sigh of relief.

Hu Lican even urged, “Hurry and finish up. Now that an eighth life has been lost, the previous seven murders will definitely get revisited. Such a big case isn’t something that I can wave off by myself.”

Jiang Ziya hadn’t even been able to take in the condition of the corpse, as he was staring in shock at the figure standing beside it. She had tears running down her face, her expression extremely confused, as if she didn’t understand what had happened. She looked just like a powerless girl who needed help.

To the side, Fang Da misunderstood and came over to comfort him. “Even though the face was carved up like this, going by the condition of the corpse, it should have been done after her death. She most likely died from a few slices. She didn’t suffer too much.”

Lu Yang asked Jiang Ziya quietly, “Can you see it?”

“Can’t you?” Jiang Ziya asked in return. He had thought that Lu Yang could see things like this, like ghosts, demons, and such. He just couldn’t see the stranger stuff, like fairies and the like, even though if he pointed it out, Lu Yang seemed to be able to see faint images.

The conversation between them made Fang Da retreat three steps, his face pale from fright. Captain Hu even rolled his eyes at him and scolded, “Idiot, what do you think they’re here for?”

Lu Yang didn’t pay attention to the peanut gallery and said, “Of course I see it. That’s why I’m asking you. It’s very blurry for me, I can’t make out the features at all. You take a close look and describe it to the police later. They have personnel who specialize in drawing portraits. As long as we know how the deceased looks, we can discover their identity.”

Jiang Ziya said helplessly, “There’s no need. I know who she is.”

Lu Yang froze. “Is it a classmate from our department?”


“Someone from the club?”

“No.” Jiang Ziya sighed. “No need to keep guessing. It’s Li Yao. Do you remember her? She’s the girl who was with Lin Zhixiang the first time we met her.”

Lu Yang said in shock, “It’s her? It’s actually her?” He frowned and asked doubtfully, “Could this have something to do with Lin Zhixiang?”

“Li Yao,” Jiang Ziya suddenly called out, “do you still remember me?”

The figure who had originally been sobbing quietly froze and slowly turned to look at him. The tears flowed harder and harder, until even the rims of her eyes tore, and blood mingled with her tears, covering her entire face. Finally, the path of the tears turned into slices from a blade, her originally pretty countenance smeared by the blade marks.

The bewildered girl turned into a wrathful spirit right on the spot. She opened her mouth wide and gave a piercing shriek, as if protesting against the unfairness of life.

Lu Yang muttered “shit” and reprimanded, “Why did you call out to her?”

Jiang Ziya stared and said, “I-I just wanted to ask her what happened.”

“Do you know that you were calling her spirit just now?” Lu Yang was about to go crazy. He hadn’t thought that Jiang Ziya would suddenly call out to her; Lu Yang hadn’t even had time to stop him. This was his oversight. Logically speaking, a normal person’s call wouldn’t have such a huge effect, but Jiang Ziya had never been normal. This single call was more effective than even a relative’s or the murderer’s.

Fang Da trembled as he spoke, “What in the world happened? Why is the wind suddenly so strong? It shouldn’t be this cold in this kind of season…”

Even normal people can feel it so clearly!

“Get out, all of you!” As Lu Yang shouted, he grabbed Jiang Ziya and backed out of the room. This was the scene of a crime, after all. If it got destroyed, he would not be easily let off the hook, even if he knew several policemen.

He shouted, “Hu-gē, go downstairs!”

Hu Lican nodded. Having experienced this a few times, he didn’t ask for any clarification. He grabbed his side’s greenhorn and immediately dashed downstairs.

The wrathful spirit’s appearance grew clearer and clearer. Even Lu Yang could clearly see that face full of scars, except that such an appearance could no longer be made out to be Li Yao’s.

He summoned Slay as he took measure of the other party’s strength. Logically speaking, a wrathful spirit that had just been created wouldn’t be too strong, but Lu Yang didn’t dare to underestimate it. There were too many factors this time, and it even involved a murder case by the hands of a practitioner, as well as Jiang Ziya’s call. This really wasn’t an ordinary situation, so he couldn’t assess it as he usually did.

The wrathful spirit dragged its feet and walked over with the support of the wall. Long nails screeched across the wall as they scraped by, accompanied by a screaming voice. The shrieking from both sources practically pierced straight into their heads.

Seeing such a situation, Lu Yang frowned. No one would believe them if they claimed that this was a wrathful spirit that had just been born. Even the famous female ghost dressed in red was no stronger than this.

Seeing Li Yao’s wretched state, Jiang Ziya’s heart thumped painfully. She wasn’t like this originally. It’s all because of my call that she actually became like this.

“Sorry, I-I didn’t know I shouldn’t call out to her…”

No, I knew it very clearly. Ever since I was a kid, haven’t I always tried my utmost to ignore these demons? If he caught the eyes of any of them, they wouldn’t leave him alone after that, let alone if he actually called out to them. In the past, he would never have dared to do something like this.

Jiang Ziya suddenly wondered whether or not he had been too fearless lately. Because he had Lu Yang, Yu Shu, and even the boss, he no longer treated all the weird things he saw with his eye as anything noteworthy. From glimpsing an angel to calling out to Li Yao now… He sank deeply into his shame.

Lu Yang glanced at Jiang Ziya. He opened his mouth, originally wanting to tell him to go downstairs and leave, but after he gave it some thought, he felt that it was better to have him stay here and clearly witness what a true demon looked like. Then, he’d stop being such a huge space cadet just because he had an artifact demon at home, making his caution toward demons plummet, while his sympathy blasted into overdrive instead.

“Back up to the wall. Don’t interfere any more than this.”

Jiang Ziya did as he was told. He didn’t know what else he could do in any case. If he could stop hindering Lu Yang, that would already be a blessing.

Lu Yang looked at his own sword. Slay’s visibility was to the point that it nearly couldn’t get any clearer than this. One day, if even the mist disappeared and Slay turned into a real sword, he wouldn’t find it strange. Ever since he was a child, he had always wanted to clearly see his beloved sword. Now that he was almost able to directly touch the sword, his feelings were extremely conflicted.

“Natural order of Heavens and Earth, disperse the foulness from the air; mighty gods of the eight cardinals, cut down demons and bind evil…”

Lu Yang’s righteous and stern incantation gradually drowned out Li Yao’s wretched shrieking. The originally ominous gusts of wind began to weaken until they completely dispersed. The wrathful spirit’s footsteps grew heavy until it was nailed to the spot, unable to move ever again.

This made Lu Yang relax a lot more. It seemed that even with many factors coming into play, a wrathful spirit that was just born still wouldn’t have too much power.

With Slay pointed at Li Yao, Lu Yang commanded, “If you let go of your wrath and quickly leave this mortal world, I shall assist you. If you persist in your ambivalence, then your only outcome is turning into ash!”

In actuality, Lu Yang knew that few spirits would drop their hostility and ascend with him forcing them like this. However, as was his custom, he went through the motions. His gramps always said that the heavens loved all life. To put it simply, it was giving them a chance. After all, it only took ten seconds, and he could take the chance to prepare himself.

As expected, the wrathful spirit had no intention of giving in. Instead, it had grown used to the influence of the incantation, its body trembling as if it was about to break free. Seeing that, Lu Yang didn’t plan to drag this out any further. The situation was too out of the ordinary. Giving the other party five seconds was plenty.

“Let the evil impurities dissolve away, let Taoism last for all eternity, let this imperial decree of Taishang Laojun…”

“Lu Yang, stop!”

Jiang Ziya suddenly got in between Lu Yang and Li Yao. It was obvious that he was protecting the wrathful spirit with both arms held wide, like he was protecting a fledging.

“Out of the way!” Lu Yang was angry and frantic. A wrathful spirit was only a few steps behind Jiang Ziya. If it broke free of his influence… He immediately growled, “Jiang Ziya, get away from there. What’s going on with you today?”

Jiang Ziya shook his head and gestured behind Lu Yang. The latter abruptly snapped his head back, and only then did he discover that a man was standing behind him. Right then, his wariness rose to the max.

“Who goes there?”

The man was wearing an ordinary dress shirt and dress pants. He looked to be a normal office worker around thirty years of age. He walked by Lu Yang and didn’t seem to notice him.

Lu Yang narrowed his eyes dangerously. This person appeared way too out of the blue. He’s probably a demon, too.

Slay spun around in the air, the target changing. The blade turned from the wrathful spirit to the man who had appeared out of nowhere.

“No!” Jiang Ziya cried out. He moved over and stood behind the man’s back to protect him.

Lu Yang looked at him, so angry that he nearly wanted to drag him off to Jiang Qibing and tell him to ground Jiang Ziya for the rest of his life!

“Ah Yang!” Jiang Ziya said resolutely, “Believe me. We agreed that I’d help you see, didn’t we?”

Lu Yang froze. After he thought about it for a while, Slay slowly lowered and halted by Jiang Ziya’s side. Lu Yang said in worry, “Come over here.”

Jiang Ziya nodded. He looked at Slay, still worried. Without thinking, he reached out to grab the sword. Of course, this time he went for the hilt, but before he could touch it, Slay dodged to the side. Jiang Ziya could only rub his nose and give up, walking directly to Lu Yang’s side.

Lu Yang stared with wide eyes at this scene, finally witnessing Jiang Ziya fail in grabbing the sword. He sighed. I don’t know if I should feel happy or disappointed.

Seeing Slay follow him over to Lu Yang’s side, Jiang Ziya relaxed. He even leisurely said, “Your sword has quite some personality and is even unwilling to be held!”

Lu Yang didn’t know whether to laugh or cry as he retorted, “Have you ever seen me hold Slay?”

When he heard that, Jiang Ziya was surprised. But afterwards, the scene in front of him stole his attention, so he wasn’t able to pay any more attention to Slay’s condition.

The man walked toward the wrathful spirit, as if he couldn’t see the other’s frightening face. He said with a smile, “Yaoyao, Uncle is here.”

The wrathful spirit glared at him, still restrained by Lu Yang’s incantation. Even though its hands had broken free of the restriction and could somewhat move, the feet were still rooted to the spot, so the wrathful spirit’s long, bloody nails couldn’t harm him.

However, the man showed no fear. He walked step by step toward the wrathful spirit until he was finally within reach of its hands. The wrathful spirit perked up, long nails shooting forward, nearly about to scratch the man’s face off.


The nails stilled. Just a bit further, and they would have been able to touch the man’s eyes, yet the man didn’t seem to be able to see those two hands. He just smiled as he called out, “Yaoyao.”

The wrathful spirit stared at the man. Slowly, its large mouth closed, and the endless tears gentled. Finally, there were only sobs. She lowered her head, crying as she huddled into herself. Her figure actually began to shrink until eventually, she looked like a seven to eight year old child. She pounced toward the man.

The little girl sobbed and complained, “Sob, sob, sob, Uncle, you promised to take me to the amusement park. Why didn’t you show up?”

“Aren’t I here now? Sorry, I ran into car problems on the way.” The man smiled as he patted the little girl on the back.

The little girl stared at her uncle and asked in puzzlement, “Did you show up?”

“Silly girl, aren’t I in front of you right now?”

The little girl stilled. Then, she showed a bright smile and nodded as she said, “Yup.”

“It’s time for us to go,” the man reminded her.

The little girl tilted her head and asked in confusion, “Go where?”

“To the amusement park.”

The little girl’s eyes shone, and she shouted, “Then, can we play for a very, very long time?”

“You can play for however long you want.”


The man linked hands with the little girl, ignoring Jiang Ziya and Lu Yang the entire time. Without any consultation, he led her to the room. The room’s outer wall was no longer a wall with a hole for the planned window. Instead, it was a tunnel, and a starry sky could be made out within, like it was a different world.

“Where’s the amusement park?” The little girl suddenly stopped.

The man stilled and said gently, “It’s right inside!”

The little girl stared with wide eyes but was unwilling to take a step further.

Seeing the situation, Lu Yang slowly walked forward. Slay was already in the air again, ready to strike at any moment.

Jiang Ziya opened his mouth to say, “Lu Yang, let’s ride the Ferris wheel first. I hear that lots of people want to ride it, so there’ll be a long wait. After that, let’s ride the merry-go-round, and then your favorite, the rollercoaster.”

Yeah yeah. Lu Yang rolled his eyes. Why don’t I know that I love riding rollercoasters? Still, he said, “Rollercoaster first. No one wants to ride the Ferris wheel.”

Jiang Ziya smiled. “Who says? Everyone wants to ride the Ferris wheel.”

Under the starry sky, an amusement park slowly appeared, as if thick fog had suddenly parted. There was a Ferris wheel, a merry-go-round, and a faraway rollercoaster, with happy shouts coming from the ride.

The little girl immediately rushed inside and happily shouted, “Uncle, Uncle, I want to play on that!”

The man turned his head to glance at Jiang Ziya, giving him a small nod to express his gratitude. Then, he walked inside.

At that moment, a notification sounded inappropriately from his cell phone. Jiang Ziya had a sudden premonition. He silently dug out his cell phone and looked at it.

Master of Fate1 wishes to add you as a friend.

Jiang Ziya tilted his head but could only press accept. While he was at it, he typed: Thanks.

Master of Fate: I am the one who should thank you.

Jiang Ziya smiled. Just as he was about to put away the cell phone, notifications sounded one after another.

God of the Eastern Sky wishes to add you as a friend.

Lord of the East wishes to add you as a friend.

Jiang Ziya was speechless.

Lu Yang stuck his head over to look. He said unhappily, “So it was him. Truthfully speaking, I’m starting to regret giving you a cell phone.”

“You should have regretted it before you gave it to me!”

Immortal Lady He2 wishes to add you as a friend.

“And who in the world is this?” Jiang Ziya was about to go crazy. He hadn’t given anyone his number, yet a bunch of people wanted to add him as a friend. What’s with this popularity!

“My mom.”



1 “Master of Fate”: Otherwise known as Si Ming, who first shows up as a death god in V1C1P1. The name, 司命 (sīmìng), means to command fate.

2 “Immortal Lady He”: He Xiangu (何仙姑) is one of the Eight immortals in the Taoist pantheon. She is often depicted holding a lotus flower.

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