Illusions, Lies, Truth V5C3: Inheritance, Part 1—Slay

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Illusions, Lies, Truth Volume 5: The Fallen, Jiu Ge, Part One

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Chapter 3: Inheritance, Part 1—Slay—translated by lucathia (proofread by Minthe)

Our name is…


Lu Yang opened his eyes, his heart nearly bursting with grief, his face wet. He lifted a hand to touch it. Tears were actually dripping down his face.

What’s going on?

Lu Yang was puzzled. Why am I crying? He quickly sat up and looked around. He was in the passenger seat of the taxi. He peered out the window. Someone was currently leaning against the car by the driver’s seat.

He opened the door and got out. Driver was leaning against the car, smoking.

“You’re up?” Driver smilingly said, “You sure slept deeply. Were you exhausted from capturing spirits all day long?”

Lu Yang looked behind him at Top Star Hotel and asked, “How long has it been since they headed inside?”

“Three hours, but they called during that time to check on your condition and told me to tell you there’s no need for you to head in even after you wake up. They’ll be able to solve it. It’s just a bit troublesome because everyone’s scattered and the devil has completely hidden away.”

Lu Yang nodded but still frowned. Suddenly crying for no reason in his sleep was an experience he had never had before. He was a little worried that a close family member could have run into trouble.

However, his dad was a professional exorcist who had dealt with devils for dozens of years. In addition, he had Jiang Ziya with him, the king of breaking the rules, as he could dismantle barrier dimensions with just his eye. They should be fine.

Could it be Mom? Lu Yang jolted and immediately picked up his cell phone to send a text.

Slay Teeth Debris: Mom, you there?

Slay Teeth Debris: Hello, anyone there?

Slay Teeth Debris: ?

Immortal Lady He: Brat, why are you in such a panic? Has your old man cheated on me so you’re snitching on him for me?

Slay Teeth Debris: Dream on! If you want a young catch, Dad will immediately turn into a devil and ensnare you!

Immortal Lady He: Bah! Why are you in such a hurry if there’s no fresh meat?

Lu Yang struggled for a moment but still decided to tell the truth. Feeling embarrassed was nothing big. Safety was more important. In order to keep their lives in this profession, there was no room for shame!

Slay Teeth Debris: I slept until tears dripped from my face. I don’t know why. Dad’s side should be fine, so I wanted to see if you were okay.

He waited for a bit. No text came. Instead, he received a call.

Lu Le growled, “What the heck did you do today? What’d you dream of? Tell me everythin’!”

Mom, who’s always off the grid, actually called! Lu Yang didn’t dare to keep anything from her. He told her in detail everything he had done that day. He even divulged Lin Zhixiang’s story.

Lu Le was a bit stunned from hearing that. How was her son’s life so thrilling even though he had been left in Taiwan? He seemed even busier than Liu Yishi and her, who flew everywhere around the world! He had encountered so much in a single day. No wonder Liu Yishi had remained in Taiwan, unwilling to leave, and kept calling her all the time about their son.

“What about the dream? Tell me! Don’t keep anything from me!”

Lu Yang reluctantly said, “I didn’t have a dream. What’s there to say?”

“You didn’t, or did you forget?” Lu Le emphasized, “Think about it carefully. Taishang Laojun will help you think clearly!”

Hearing that, Lu Yang jolted, his mind suddenly clearing up.

He sucked in a deep breath and calmly said, “It was related to Slay. I heard someone say Slay’s name. It was a man’s voice, and Slay’s humming could be heard in the background. The humming sounded extremely… painful.”

Lu Yang suddenly felt a throb of pain in his heart, scaring him so much that he immediately summoned his sword. He had almost forgotten that Slay was also his family!


Slay appeared like usual. Lu Yang didn’t see anything out of the normal either. He could only ask, “Slay, did my dream have anything to do with you?”

Slay released a hum. Lu Yang frowned and asked again, “It is related, but there’s nothing to worry about?”

A short hum was the response, as if saying “yes.”

Lu Yang fell silent. Even though he was one hundred percent certain that Slay wouldn’t harm him, he also felt like the sword was keeping something from him. However, Slay was an innate familiar spirit he had summoned when he was ten, whom he had never been without. How could there be something he didn’t know about Slay?

Even though he was full of doubt and worry, Lu Yang still didn’t have the heart to force any answers out of his sword. He could only express his displeasure by poking the hilt of the sword with his finger, just like how one might poke someone’s forehead.

—No, wait a moment, I actually poked Slay!

Lu Yang jolted. It wasn’t like he had never done this action before, but it had always just been for the sake of it. He had never truly touched Slay before!

Lu Le waited and waited but didn’t hear anything more. She couldn’t help but ask, “Ah Yang?”

“I touched Slay.” Lu Yang didn’t take the next step and grab the hilt. He had the feeling that Slay still didn’t wish to be held, so Lu Yang wanted to respect that.

Lu Le was silent for a moment before decisively saying, “Come pick me up from the airport tomorrow.”

Huh? Pick who up? It took a second for Lu Yang’s brain to catch up. He blurted in shock, “You’re coming back? Are you pulling my leg?”

The call disconnected mercilessly.

Lu Yang glared at the cell phone but couldn’t stop the corners of his lips from curling up.

“Darling, why aren’t you sleeping more?”

Lu Yang lifted his head and saw his father and Jiang Ziya walk over together. Behind them were Taoist Li Shan and his disciple Liao Anshun, and bringing up the rear were a bunch of hotel workers who were supporting each other, their faces full of fright.

No problems on this side either. Lu Yang let out a sigh of relief. No matter what Slay was keeping from him, it was fine as long as no one’s life was in danger.

He kind of felt like he had tricked his mom into coming back to the country when nothing was wrong, but as a pitiful son who hadn’t seen his mom in years, he felt not an ounce of guilt.

Jiang Ziya suddenly appeared in front of him and took measure of him.

“What?” Lu Yang felt awkward getting examined so closely. My eyes aren’t red from crying, are they? Even though there was no room for shame when survival was involved, he still wanted to keep some pride when there wasn’t anything life threatening going on.

“The devil just took your appearance. Luckily, we were able to call you, and Driver said you were sound asleep.” Jiang Ziya said with some lingering fear, “Today was too much of a thrill. First, I saw you collapse at the apartment. Then, I saw the devil turn into you here at the hotel.”

Lu Yang didn’t have a response to that. He normally didn’t run into this kind of thing often. Most cases didn’t even need Slay to make an appearance and could be solved just by drawing a talisman. Otherwise, how could he have been able to attend school on a daily basis?

Yet Jiang Ziya had run into huge cases one after another. Lu Yang had certainly failed at picking them. He hadn’t gotten it right even once. Next time, he might as well draw lots instead. The result might actually turn out better.

When he thought of drawing lots, Lu Yang suddenly felt like slapping himself. Why hadn’t he asked Taishang Laojun with poe divination when he was picking the cases? He apologized in his heart to Taishang Laojun. He had someone to rely on yet hadn’t done it. If Laojun knew of this, Lu Yang would get scolded for being an idiot!

Liu Yishi, on the other hand, was accustomed to seeing mirages. He comforted, “Devils like to toy with people and most often transform into familiar people.”

Even so, when Liu Yishi had been overseas, the mirages he saw were usually of Lu Le. After coming back, he kept seeing his son again and again. As a father, his little heart really couldn’t bear it very well.

He had been correct to leave the country back then. If he had remained in the country, with cases featuring mirages of both his wife and son, he really didn’t know if he would resign from his job as an exorcist and become a stay at home dad for his wife to take care of instead.

“Thank you so much for saving us this time.” Taoist Li Shan pulled along his disciple to give their thanks. The latter’s face was still pale. He was so out of sorts that he couldn’t speak.

Liu Yishi politely replied, “Don’t mention it. This devil specializes in creating mirages but doesn’t have any way to directly harm anyone. If you had waited until daybreak, you most likely would have been able to escape.”

Taoist Li Shan smiled bitterly. Even though that may be true, if they had actually waited until daybreak, his disciple would have lost his mind. In any case, a debt was now owed.

He had not thought that he would encounter something as rare as a devil. Not only had he been unable to solve the case, he now owed a debt. Taoist Li Shan felt terrible about it, but he could only accept the loss.

“We’ll split the case seventy-thirty. Any disagreements?”

Lu Yang did things by the book. He wouldn’t take any less than what they were owed. They had earned this money with their life on the line. Not only did he have to give a portion to Qing Wei Gong for maintenance of the temple, he also had to give his partner his compensation.

I can still get thirty percent? Taoist Li Shan’s eyes shone. I’ll even get Slay’s contact info out of this. This isn’t a loss at all!

Jiang Ziya watched Lu Yang exchange phone numbers with Taoist Li Shan. Lu Yang even waved over Manager Wang to discuss how the payment was to be deposited within ten days. Such a normal scene finally allowed Jiang Ziya to shrug off the shadow cast by the devil turning into Lu Yang.

The black blob that had hidden below the bed had resembled a miniature version of the black shadow at the apartment. It hadn’t been as frightening as the black shadow, but when it had transformed into Lu Yang, Jiang Ziya couldn’t help feeling panicked…

“Come on, let’s go home and sleep!”

Lu Yang patted Jiang Ziya’s shoulder. Like a gentleman, he pulled open the door to the taxi for his companion, a smirk on his face. When he had learned for the first time as a kid that the car was a spirit, his world view had shattered into pieces~

Jiang Ziya stiffly turned to look at the spirit car, overcome with a terrifying feeling that he was about to leap into the mouth of a spirit.

As Jiang Ziya looked for his key, the door to his apartment was pulled open. His brother-in-law, Jiang Qibing, said with a stern face, “Come in.”

He was greeted by familiar surroundings as he walked in, and relief flooded him. Only then did exhaustion hit him.

“Why were you so late?” Jiang Qibing knew that Jiang Ziya had gone to help Lu Yang; however, he had not anticipated that he would be so late to return. It was four in the morning!

He couldn’t help but ask in worry, “Was the case really serious?”

Jiang Ziya nearly replied with “very serious” but fortunately squashed the words down in time. He shook his head and said, “No, halfway through the night, some people got stuck in a barrier dimension and asked for Lu Yang’s help last minute. That’s why it took so long.”

Jiang Qibing nodded and didn’t worry further. Slay’s reputation was widely known. There was no reason for him to run into trouble more than an amateur like himself.

“I’m going to shower.”

Just as Jiang Ziya was about to head to his room, Jiang Qibing opened his mouth to persuade him, “Ziya, if possible, you should still finish university.”

Jiang Qibing understood that cases would rake in cash. If Jiang Ziya wanted to work with Lu Yang in the future, something like a college diploma really wasn’t anything he needed.

However, he was of the same mind as Jiang Yu. Jiang Ziya was smart and wise. He excelled at his studies. He should experience student life. He should be able to have fun and study at the same time. His future was so bright. There was absolutely no need for him to participate in what practitioners did.

The cash flowed in quickly, but life was also lost just as quickly.

“Of course I’ll finish my studies.” Jiang Ziya looked at his brother-in-law in confusion. The university had gone on break earlier because of the homicides. It wasn’t that he didn’t want to attend class.

Hearing that, Jiang Qibing relaxed a bit. Since they were on the topic, he might as well ask. “Then, what are your plans for the future?”

“I’ll help Lu Yang and prepare for graduate school at the same time.” Jiang Ziya honestly said, “I’m kind of interested in translation. If I make it in, I’d like to try my hand at interpretation.”

Originally, because of how tight money was, he had thought he would just study on his own while working after he graduated. He hadn’t considered graduate school. However, now his school fees and money for daily living weren’t a problem anymore.

On the taxi ride back, Lu Yang had said that Jiang Ziya had done more during the case than him and should have the highest compensation. So, just from tonight, Jiang Ziya would receive a lot of money. His school fees and living fees were all taken care of for the next two years.

Without having to worry about money, Jiang Ziya began to entertain this thought. Compared to some nine to five job, interpretation work had much shorter hours, and taking on cases was flexible. He would then be better able to deal with spirits on the side.

Jiang Qibing hadn’t thought that Jiang Ziya would plan to apply to graduate school. He had thought that Jiang Ziya would opt to go straight into taking on cases to make a living! He happily patted his brother-in-law on the back and praised, “Graduate school is wonderful! Interpretation work is even better! Your sis will be happy hearing about this.”

“Uh, I might not make it in. Don’t get your hopes up too much.”

Going by how today had gone, it’d be a miracle for him to make it in! If they hadn’t been on summer vacation with no need to attend any classes, what could he do after returning home at four in the morning except shower and sleep?

Jiang Ziya now deeply understood the troubles Lu Yang had gone through being unable to complete his assignments. It was already quite a feat for Lu Yang to persist in attending school all this time. Before, Jiang Ziya had even mocked Lu Yang for not doing his assignments. Jiang Ziya was wrong!

“You’re so smart. You’ll definitely make it in. If not, just try again! You have my support!” Jiang Qibing had always trusted in his brother-in-law’s ability to study. He happily said, “Quick, go shower and sleep. Tomorrow, let your sis cook a good pot of soup for you. Then, you’ll have the energy to study!”

Jiang Ziya obediently went to shower. He rarely ever stayed up so late. Now that he had returned home and relaxed, lethargy was overtaking him.

After showering, Jiang Ziya faced the mirror while blow-drying his hair. There wasn’t a woman combing her hair in the mirror, only a blue butterfly stuck fluttering around in the mirror. It often landed on the head of his reflection, as if he was wearing a butterfly ornament in his hair.

The butterfly fluttered off, but this time, it didn’t land on Jiang Ziya’s head. Jiang Ziya was so out of it that he didn’t discover anything wrong until a moment later. The butterfly had stopped at the feet of a different reflection.

He stiffened but didn’t dare to stop blow-drying his hair. He snuck a glance at the reflection. She stood outside the door. Because the lights were off outside, her entire person was shrouded in darkness. All he could see were the feet and the bottom of a red dress…

Jiang Ziya furtively reached a hand toward his cell phone, about to speed dial Lu Yang—

“Gēge.” The shadow entered the room. It was actually a little girl who was wearing a pink butterfly bow nightgown.

Xiao Xue? Jiang Ziya stopped in time and didn’t dial Lu Yang. He placed the hair dryer down and went over to pick Xiao Xue up.

“What is it? Do you want to sleep with me?”

It wasn’t just once or twice that Xiao Xue had made a fuss about wanting to sleep with him. He had been too nervous just now to mistake Xiao Xue for a grown woman.

The little girl’s face was stiff. After some thought, she nodded and said, “Yeah, I want to sleep with Gēge today.”

Jiang Ziya suddenly realized that he had gotten them mixed up. He blurted in surprise, “Jiang Jiang?”

Isn’t this Jiang Jiang? Even though the two girls looked exactly the same, their attitudes were completely different. Jiang Jiang was like an adult and always looked stern. Meanwhile, Jiang Xue pouted more often than not.

It was just that Xiao Xue often wanted to sleep with him, while Jiang Jiang had never done so. Therefore, Jiang Ziya had mistaken her momentarily.

Kids. They always did whatever came to mind. Jiang Ziya didn’t find it strange. He first headed outside and wrote a note saying that Jiang Jiang was sleeping in his room. Then, he hugged the girl and went to bed.

So tired. Jiang Ziya didn’t have any energy to coax the girl to sleep. He lay down and felt exhaustion seep in. He was nearly off to dreamland…

When a sharp pain came from his neck. He couldn’t breathe. He felt like he was suffocating.

Jiang Ziya struggled to open his eyes, only to see Jiang Jiang enter his sight—Jiang Jiang, who was choking him furiously.

She roared, “You stink of demonic energy! What did you do? Why have you touched that kind of thing?”

Jiang Ziya couldn’t bother responding. He shoved the girl away and sucked in several deep breaths.

Even though there was something very wrong with Jiang Jiang, her appearance was still that of a little girl’s. She hadn’t changed particularly. She hadn’t been too strong for him to get free. Even when Jiang Jiang pounced on him again, Jiang Ziya only had to grab her shoulder for her to be unable to move.

“Jiang Jiang?” After grabbing her, he stared at the furious girl, unsure of what to do next.

The door slammed open. Xiao Xue rushed in and hugged Jiang Jiang while shouting, “Jiang Jiang! If you bully Gēge any more than this, Mama is going to get mad!”

Jiang Jiang froze. Her fury dissipated. The little girl was dazed and didn’t know why she was here. She wrinkled her nose and complained, “Gēge, you stink. Did you forget to shower?”

Jiang Ziya didn’t know what to do at all.

Husband and wife, Jiang Qibing and Jiang Yu also ran in. Jiang Yu grabbed Jiang Jiang from Jiang Ziya. The little girl immediately buried her head against her. Jiang Yu gently coaxed her, humming an unknown lullaby.

Jiang Qibing asked in confusion, “What happened?”

Jiang Ziya didn’t know how to explain. These two didn’t know at all that there was something wrong with Jiang Jiang. How was he to explain?

Xiao Xue had on a beseeching expression. She shook her head.

He could only play it off. “Jiang Jiang probably had a nightmare. She kept shouting.”

Jiang Qibing was confused. “When did Jiang Jiang come here?” He apologized, “We were too careless. You’re already so exhausted, yet Jiang Jiang came to bother you.”

“It’s fine…”

Jiang Qibing took Xiao Xue’s hand and put an arm around his wife’s shoulder. “Come, Gēge is tired. Let’s head back to our room and let Gēge sleep by himself.”

Jiang Ziya was a little worried. He didn’t want to let Jiang Jiang go with them. However, Xiao Xue turned her head and stopped him without speaking: It’s fine. Gēge, go to sleep!

He hesitated but ultimately did not speak up.

What the heck is going on!

Jiang Ziya tiredly flopped back onto the bed but hissed in pain. He could only climb back up to look in the mirror to see what was wrong.

A hand-shaped bruise wrapped around his neck.

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