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For all members of the 1/2 Prince and Second Life Project forums:

As some of you may be aware of, ipbfree, the site that was being used to host these forums, was recently shut down. A lot of different sources have said that it was for legal reasons (hosting too many forums with illegal content), but as today nothing has been confirmed. Regardless, the end result was that all of the forums hosted on the site were permanently deleted without any warning.

I currently have no new as to what Smerian plans to do about the 1/2 Prince forum. More news will be posted when we have some available. The SLP forum, however, has already been recreated and is up and running, along with a series of new screenshots and examples of artwork that will be in the game. Also, we have a new position that is open for applications: Writer. We’re looking for several talented writers who can convert the 1/2 Prince story into game-format and come up with new quests, areas, content, etc. Applicants must be creative, proficient in grammar, and able to work with a group of other writers. For more information, including how to apply, please refer to the application thread.

The SLP forum can be found here: http://s7.zetaboards.com/SecondLifeProject/


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  1. Dwerowlrets

    I thank you for the help in this question. At you a remarkable forum.

  2. ensis

    I would love to try as a writer… but i won’t have the time, as most of my time is consumed by university study.

    on a side note… Onemanga.com, a great hosting site for manga online, is forced to be shut down. Mangahelpers has already been hit by the same thing, and Mangatoshokan has been stripped bare.

    Tis a sad day indeed.

    • eilinel

      Omg Onemanga is my favourite online manga site! Guess I won’t have my fix of manga anymore now >_<. Sad day indeed.

    • raylight159

      Yeah, I love Onemanga. *sobs* And aww, there’s still MangaFox, eili. XP

  3. asriel27

    I would love to try out as a translator in the game but i’m at my last month of summer vacation then i’m off to college…
    Is it alright to join when i have free time? (like winter holidays and summer vacation next year?)

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