Update: July 2010

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My apologies for the lateness of HP V4C2. It’s up now, along with SK V1C4, but we will do our best to make sure that there are no more delays like that again. In the mean time, on to important matters: recruitment!


Now that the re-organization of PR! had gone pretty well, we are recruiting again! The recruitment for translators and C/E editor is always open, but I thought some advertisement would be good.

As usual, all applicants need to download the set text, translate/edit it and sent their work to [email protected]. We will then evaluate your application, and reply to you whether your application is successful or not, usually in a week time =).

Currently, PR! is consisted of 6 translators, 3 C/E editors and 5 English proof readers. As you can see, we are really short on C/E editors! This shortage is basically the bottleneck in the translating process, which accounts for the delay in update. So every C/E application is greatly welcomed =) However, I don’t mean to say translators aren’t important. PR! had a group of superb translators that can work fast and well, but we still need more to guarantee the continuity in chapters update. I used to be an translator in PR!, and I can tell you it’s not an easy job. There are a lot of phrases in Chinese that require a lot of thinking to be translated as accurately as possible into English, and even without those ‘evil’ phrases, translation itself takes a lot of time. Imagine translating a 10 page chapter…and yes, that is the usual length of our translation. So please join! We want to continue sharing the awesomeness of Half Prince and The Legend of Sun Knight, but we need your help to do so ^^


Also, with the newly finished volume three behind us and several of our proof-readers being busy with real life, we’ve decided to open up recruitment for one more English proof-reader. Just like Eili mentioned, you can find the specific information related to applying on this page. We will only be accepting applications for one week, so be sure to get yours in by July 8th! Please also note that proof readers do a large amount of work when it comes to chapters (generally going over a single chapter 2-3 times, just per person), so only apply if you have the time to dedicate to the group.

We are also still in desperate need of a PDF designer! We can’t get the PDF volumes up until we get one, so please apply if you can!



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  1. eilinel

    Weee! I’m happy that we finally get HP V4C2 and LSK V1C4 out. We might have extra chapters out if we can get the chapters proof-readed in time but no promise though! We might have to keep the chapters for the next update to ensure that we do have at least 1 chapter released on the 1st of every month. Any extra chapters are that, extras ^^. Enjoy reading!

  2. Luna Roswell

    HELL YA!!! An update!!!! Seeing as you’re short on C/E proofreaders I’m gonna download the form 2morrow when i have the time, but I have a major exam this year and might not be of much help…never mind i’ll just do the proofreading during my chi tuition which is super boring. XD

  3. cocona

    yeahhhh thankssss a lot for this new chapter !!! so so coollll ! thanksss for the hard work !!!

  4. Tigra

    Juy, new chapter!
    good work everyone!*thumbs up*

    I wish I knew how to work with PDF so I could help out cause I’d love to read 1/2 Prince in my chair out in the garden instead of sitting behind my pc all the time. I’m willing to learin how to work with it but I doubt it will be better than the previous PDF :( .

  5. Tairanda

    *pout* Just when I thought of waiting for a possibility to become an English proof-reader, my word broke down all I have left for writing is Word-pad *anime-tears*

    Anyway, thanks for the uploads^^

  6. BurntSugarCookie

    Thanks for the new chapter!
    I would love to help out. Gonna send in my application later today. =]

  7. kumkurdu

    hellooo! I would like to offer a solution for pdf design.. I am familiar with preparing pdf files however when it comes to artwork, mine is not that good.. So if you can draw lets join our effords than apply. What do you say!?

    • eilinel

      Hi, we are more of hoping for the kind of people that can draw and prepare the pdf file as well ^^. Thanks for your offer though.

    • Tigra

      Hi there!
      If you’d like we could team up. I can draw simple things and I find myself average when it comes to drawing skills. If you want I could send some stuff to you and you can decide if you’d like to work together with me.
      After all, they say at the recruitment page that we can apply as a team.

      I have to dissapoint you though that I have no experience with PDF design so you’ll have to guide me when it comes to file size and such.

    • Deiopea

      You use LaTeX or TeX? (though MiKTeX would be a better choice)

      I can help writing it out, so you don’t have to worry about typesetting.

      Thus far only worked with WinShell, LEd and WinEdt as editors, not that it matters.

  8. benevida

    Phew! I made it. July 7th has come and gone. This month, I have the firm, grounded, if painful expectation of next receiving a new chapter on or after August 1st. So now I’m sticking electrical tape over my FireFox link to Prince Revolution!, and setting my alarm for midnight, July 31st. I’m packing away the canteen and Blood Elf team jersey until the next seven day release period. “Be well, do good work, and keep in touch.”

    • eilinel

      Haha! Don’t worry, we definitely are having an update in August.

  9. Luna Roswell

    OMG! I totally forgot I posted that above comment! Err…I guess latest will be by next friday…Sorry!

  10. Kazuki89

    Damn! I only saw this today – two days too late! What a shame, I really wanted to be a proof-reader. :(

    By the way, thank you for the updates. I’ve been addicted to HP since I read the very first chapter. And SK isn’t so bad either. So thank you very much for all your hard work. :)

  11. Kezia of the chains

    Dood ; _ ; i have no idea why the half prince fourms aren’t loading… is the webiste down for good? … *this was the only way i could think of in contacting the people that run it…*
    are we moveing to a new fourm site? also is there anyway to contact the other members of the fourm…?

    • ShadowRebirth

      Ipbfree, the site the forums were being hosted on, was taken down for legal reasons (details not yet released). Unfortunately, the site has been permanently deleted. I do not yet know whether Smerian, the head admin, plans to recreate the forum.

  12. guilover

    does anyone know what happened to the forum? it’s not working on my computer…

  13. Tairanda

    If ipbfree is down, the forum can move to invisionfree of clicdev… Their Admin PC is also easy to use, though Invisionfree is even easier than clicdev… I’ve used both.

    • ShadowRebirth

      Again, I’m not sure what Smerian plans to do. But invisionfree actually uses the exact same Admin CP as ipbfree, so that wouldn’t be problem XD

  14. Mr. MINTJAM

    Hopefully we get a new forum, it was terrible when I found out about IPBFree after it all seemed to die. Lost my place to lurk >.>; Though I’m glad my other favourite forum is on another host.

    • guilover

      i miss talking about inanely random things with people, with an undertone of abject devotion to the series and gui…

  15. Luna Roswell

    I have a perfectly good reason why I haven’t sent the email yet……………………
    No I don’t………………..
    ..Gonna go jump of a building now.
    (My chinese is so bad I could’nt spot aany mistakes….)

  16. NG

    Oh, I only just thought of contacting y’all through here.
    And I thought it was just my comp… But even if we do get a new site, how are we gonna tell everyone?
    Or we just gonna wait for new people to stream in?

  17. kezia of the chains

    sence most of us check either PR or OSS and the admins of the old site are involved with the translations, i think an update with the link to the new fourms would be good ^_^;
    once it’s set up and teh admins have made their accounts, put the link up on oss&pr’s next update :D

    but still someone has to make the site OTL if you need help just reply here or message me on Smackjeeves, user Haleliwil, webcomic Guardian Spirits… though i don’t know how much help i could be =A=

    OH and also the facebook group for 1/2 prince to get info out!~ XD

  18. crystal

    can’t wait for the new chapters. When will the new sun knight be out? Since half prince manga will now come out once every two months, the novel is the only way to keep up with it too.(since my Chinese isn’t good enough for me to enjoy reading Chinese chapters)

    • raylight159

      According to usual schedule, one Legend of the Sun Knight chapter will be released each month. So, the next release will probably be next month, during the next update.

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