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We’ve gotten somewhat organized, so now you guys finally get chapters! And I have stuff to proof-read! Good news all around! We started a new system for distributing chapters, and it’s working well so far. We will also start releasing chapters on the first of each month, instead of the eighth, mostly for simplicity’s sake, but maybe it’ll help us out! XD Also, we have a new member! *waves at Kurai* Sadly, Sun Knight won’t be updated until next month, but don’t fret. It’ll be awesome when it does come!

I’m so excited over all this~ And I get out of school…today! Yay! Now I can lounge around my house like a lazy bum, and maybe become nocturnal. Which may have its benefits, since most of the team here is on the exact opposite time zone from me, it seems.

Anyway, more Half Prince! Thanks for staying with us through…two months of waiting, and enjoy the chapters as always! Happy reading! =D


Bridget covered most of what needed to be said for this month. As she mentioned, we have a new C/E editor, so hopefully that will help in getting chapters out more quickly. Also, while there are no Sun Knight chapters this month, we can guarantee that we’ll have some for you guys next month. Instead, for this month we’ve got two new HP chapters. The first will be up today and the second will be up within the week.

In other news, related to the video game project, I’d first like to thank you all for your support! Secondly, please note that Second Life Projects is a separate group from PR!, so no need to worry about the game adding onto PR!’s workload. Also, we’ll now be translating the game into several languages–Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German at last count. If you’re interested in helping with translation, you can apply over at http://secondlifeproject.ipbfree.com/. And finally, we now have the author’s approval for the project! Which just means that we’ll have to work harder than ever now :)

Thanks for reading!


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  1. Cennah

    Thank you thank you thank you for the new chappie this is the third time today (wow i have no life) that i checked the site for one anyways now that everyone know what a geek i am, good night and thank you again!

  2. Joix

    Today has been one of the best days of my life thanks to you guys. I love that you finnaly managed to work things out and I am pleased to see new chapters.

    Once again thank you for making my day perfect.

  3. raylight

    I’m so glad that we have updates again ^^
    Though I didn’t get to say anything XD But I’m pretty sure that people had enough of my ranting, so it’s okay. ^^

    • Bridget

      *whacks* You goof, you should’ve just posted something if you wanted! Though the post would probably be twice as long with your part! XDD

    • raylight

      XDD Don’t worry about it, I’ll be sure to say something during the next updates… XP And yeah, the post will be twice as long XDDD

  4. Maryam

    Thanks a lot. Seeing the update today made me very happy. Thanks for all the joy you bring us. Thank You.

  5. Akabara

    Jay, a new chapter and more to come soon ;D
    Thank you very much

  6. やった! ^_^ I am very glad to hear that things are back on track. I look forward to reading the translated chapters. X3 And the game will be a wonderful addition once it is complete. :3

  7. Pixie

    I just thought you should know that I love you. -I mean- uhhhh… I can’t express how happy I am that another chapter of Half Prince is out! :3 I almost cried tears of joy. >w<

    Thank youuuuuuuu!!! <33

    • Bridget

      XD Don’t worry, we love all you guys too! We do this for fun, but also we like knowing our work is so appreciated by all the fans. ^^

  8. Lena7213

    Thanks for the chap! Glad that you guys got organized and everything. thanks for your hard work \(^-^)

  9. Pearl_DA

    Waaaahhhh! I’m so happy!
    Thank you so much for your hard work :x
    I just checked mangafox a few seconds ago and their manga of the week is currently 1/2 Prince… I was half-moaning, half groaning and thought dismally to myself that I may not get to read 1/2 for a very very longer time ahead :((
    But really, this is awesome! Thanks and good luck with the re-organisation!

    • iskeirka

      Aww, we always get around to updating eventually :) The reorganisation has gone really well, and now that things are settled you can go back to regular reading of the series.

  10. kitpao

    nice! thanks for the work!
    and i cant wait for the game =D
    now to read!!!

  11. funnybutt

    wow all I got to say is you don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for this…
    o yeah and thank you=)

  12. Amrai

    Checking this website has become a part of my regular routine, and finally – finally!! – there’s an update!!! Makes the two months of waiting worth it.
    Thanks for all of your hard work. I know from experience how hard it is to coordinate a project like this.

  13. Gohankuten

    Thanks for the new chapter. And Bridget I am naturally nocturnal. As soon as I get a break from classes I always without fail reverse my day by 12 hours so that I am waking up at 7pm and going to sleep around 11am or noon.

  14. Kaoken

    This is so awesome! This chapter is infinitely better than the manhua and the manhua is fricken badass!

  15. Ariel

    Thank’s so much for the new chapter and for all the hard work!!!

  16. Lil414

    omg thx u so much – 4 ur hard works n NEW CHAPT!!!. ;)
    lucky u. i still have sch n so much finally!! :(

  17. Ysenitsirk

    OMG! This is hilarious. This was my favorite chapter in the manhua version, but as expected the novel’s translation is soooo much better since it has all those extra details. I can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. =))

    P.S. Do you guys need any more english proof-readers? It looks like there were several misses (I don’t mean to sound ungrateful or anything, I’m just pointing it out) in this chapter. If you are, I’d like to help. I’m a fast reader and I’m a thorough checker. I guess you can say I have work experience of sorts in this area since I’ve been doing it since grade school (for the school paper). Also, I’m no stranger to proof-reading tens of pages worth of words with a 2-day deadline on top of homework and exams (I’ve lost count of how many times I did this for my group’s thesis). I’d submit an application but it says on the recruitment page that recruitment’s CLOSED for english proof-readers. Anyway, feel free to contact me if you ever need a hand. Although I know the PR! team will do just fine without my help.

    P.P.S. I’ve recently found myself with a lot of idle time and will continue to do so until at least November. Just so you know. ^^

    P.P.P.S. More power to Prince Revolution!!!XD

    • eilinel

      Yes please do apply. We are going to recruit a proof reader in the second chapter update, but here you are XD. Shadow Rebirth will be evaluating when you submit your application.

  18. Rampachs

    Yessss, thanks guys. Finally a cure for my prince withdrawal. 2 thumbs up to you all and I’ll keep on happily reading your updates.

  19. Italia

    a question, will you be translating the game also in english???? i only saw

    Chinese, French, Portuguese, Spanish, and German

    but i can only speak german( very little!!!!) english and italian :(( sorry if i am bothering

    • ShadowRebirth

      The game itself is being done in English and the translations are just being done off it. Sorry if that wasn’t clearly stated :)

  20. lamechi

    Thank you! Thank you! Not enough thanks in the world can express my appreciation for you guys and ALL your hard work. I was so delighted to hear that everything is back on track and I look forward to new chapters of half prince. Good luck! and Thanks again!

  21. Italia

    if you ever need help for translating italian>english or english >italian
    call me^^

    • raylight

      Well, we are always welcoming more translators for the half prince game, so please do go to the website to apply!

  22. chicaalterego

    i can help with the english >> spanish traslation!! since spanish is my mother lenguaje im pretty confident about it.

    so if you still need help i would love to join

    • raylight

      Ah, that would be great! But, you know that it’s the half prince game that we are looking for translations, right? Anyways, please do head over to the forum to apply!

  23. PlumaUmbra

    Tank you! For the new chapter
    I was waiting for it, and I’m going to wait for Sun Knight XDDDDDD

  24. Luna

    THANK YOU SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Btw, do u still nid more chi/eng proof readers? my chi’s not that gd but i can always force my best friend to come over to my house n stay up all nite helping ur! XD (one time i asked her to do my chi hw, she got all correct!)

    • raylight

      It’s our pleasure ^^ And yeah, we are still in need of Chinese to English proofreaders, but it’s a long-term job, so I don’t think you can keep forcing your friend to stay up all night to proof-read XD

  25. cdmmabrey

    Awsome let the reading reconvine. Glad your back online and such. Question about the game though is it going to play exactlt like the story or is there going to be some wiggle room with it? Also is the any estimation of a timeline on said games beta? I’m a prety good game testing and would LOVE to have a test run with it.

    • ShadowRebirth

      Well while the game will contain the full 1/2 Prince storyline, there’s a lot of traveling in between the story events that aren’t covered, so we’re given room with that to come up with new locations, quests, etc. We don’t really have an estimation, but with luck it should be done in about a year.

  26. blackink

    Thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank you!thank youuuuuuuuuuuuu!i love you guys so much!! i’be wainting forever for the next updates *-* the novel rules~ i can just imagine everything, a pity that the manga is so short and the story so resumed T-T. Thank you again and kissus ;*

  27. hagane_kuragari

    I don’t mean to rush you but isn’t it a little past the time you said to upload v4c2?

    • eilinel

      It’s exam season ^^. Please give us more time as the proof readers are busy.

    • hagane_kuragari

      it’s okay, just take all the time you need. I was just bored since summer vacation started for me

    • Kittychan H

      Sorry if we seem a little impatient… we don’t really want to seem like wolves looking for meat (drool, drool, growl..).

      However, I’m thinking that the next chapter just might have the “Kiss” incident and should be nice and juicy. (drool, drool, DROOL!!!)

    • eilinel

      It does. I can only promise it will be up before the end of june….everyone is really busy now @@.

    • Kittychan H

      ***Hands the wonderful team at PR a plate of fresh cookies***

      Sorry, I can’t even offer to help out… only lots of happy thoughts and encouragement. My skills lie more in the arts and not in languages…

      Still… virtual chocolate chip cookies are not fattening at all…

    • eilinel

      You still can help if your skill are more in the arts…we really need pdf designers since we cannot use the doujin artwork without their permission. So…I think there will be no pdf for another long long time yet >_< unless we get an awesome designer soon.

  28. ReinaNoche

    I’m a native chinese speaker and if you would like help proofreading, I could help! I’m also free most of the time since I’m done with my exams and etc.

    • eilinel

      Thanks for the offer ^^. If you are really interested in becoming a translator or c/e proof reader, please refer to our recruitment page on this site for the application process.

  29. nathan

    (T_T) i just finished reading through the whole thing……… DYING to know whats next. If this came in a book form, i would SO buy it!

  30. benevida

    To quote the late Heath Ledger, as the Joker, “Nobody panics when things go ‘according to plan’… even if the plan is horrifying.” If you think that you’ll release in a week, announce it as two. If you then release in a week, people are surprised and happy. If you release in two, it’s as expected. If you announce one and release in two, addicts such as myself wear out the refresh button on our browsers.

    • eilinel

      I guess I will say we will update one chapter per month from now on…then if we upload more chapters, everyone will be surprised and happy as you said =p.

  31. cdmmabrey

    that brings up an interesting question is Yun Wo planning on selling these in the US eventualy? And if so when?

    (PS why dont you ofer these already translated capters/books to Yun Wo to help speed up the proccess should she decide to do it)

    • eilinel

      I don’t think she is intent on selling those…. we are translating her novel with the sole and very important condition of not selling our translation for monetary purpose.

      If she decides to do it though, we will be honored to offer her our translation to help.

  32. RPSorrow

    THANK YOUS!!!!! I LOVE you guys so much!! I think I’ve read the whole thing so far at least ten times and it never gets boring xD
    Your hard work is appreciated SO much! You guys ROCK!

    • Kirt

      It has been ahead for quite a while.
      I prefer the novel, though. :)

  33. Hawkmoon

    If I’m not mistaken the manga was ahead of the translation for a long time already. I read both as I can’t get enough of Prince:). I’m waiting for the game also.

  34. knight

    the manhwa has always been ahead of translations. btw. i love you guys. you’re so awesome. now i just wish some japanese anime company gets rights to half prince. unless its already has an animated version. of which then my question would be. “where can i watch it and is it subbed!!”

  35. torah

    thank you so much for all of this!! I can hardly imagine how much time and dedication this takes all of you. I am waiting with bated breath for the next chapter, along with all of the other zombies *cough* fans. XD Keep up the awesome work…. and Yun Wo is awesome!!!

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