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Salutations, everyone.

Due to the overabundance of workload in reality, Erialis has decided to retire from the group. And if you’re wondering who she is, she’s that great person you owe all along for the pleasure of reading the translations of 1/2 Prince and Sun Knight because she had made the effort to start this little group and get the translations going, and we all know the beginning is always the hardest part.  So let us wish her all the best!

As Eri has left, we’re still trying to sort out what to do with the site, who’s doing what and such. Yes, this also means that updates will be delayed (again). We sincerely apologize for those who have been waiting.

Anyway, please stay tune for our next news update. Erihppas signing out.

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  1. kurokei

    Thanks Eri for all of your hard work. It was/is greatly appreciated.

    To all staffs, good luck on sorting. As long as you’re not closing down and continue 1/2 Prince, I’ll continue to wait for new releases. Thanks so much for all of our time and work.

    • erihppas

      The chances of closing the site down is pretty low some of us do want to finish what we’ve started. No worries! ;3

      Thank you for your patience.

  2. kurokei

    I meant, thanks so much for all of YOUR time and work.

  3. fatherseyes

    Thank you for everything Erialis!
    Wish you luck! :)

  4. Akabara

    So sad, that you left us Eri.
    But, the best of all for you, may everything you plan work out.
    That said, salute to Eri. Welcome the new Government :D

    P.S. for me it doesnt matter how long a release will take (I already waited for a new release 7 years, so you have still much time left ^^), as there is some sort of news about the status, every now and then.

    • erihppas

      Oh no, I’m merely the message carrier. =p

      Eili and SR will probably take over, we don’t know. Still, thanks for your support!

    • faulcon

      Message carrier is a vital role. Most people will understand delays and real life, it’s when there’s no communication of these things that tempers flare and angst ensues.

      PS: good luck to erialis, here’s hoping you still find time to relax whatever the workload you’re hit with.

  5. mangavore

    Thank you for everything Erialis and good luck!!! Take care and I hope you will drop by someday (just so we know you’re OK!! ^^) *hugs*

    Thank you to the entire team for sticking with us leechers!!-.-; Take your time to settle any matter.

    As long as you are willing to share with us, I won’t complain because thanks to you, I cracked up like mad (and I still do when I re-read the chapters published here).

  6. untitledhunter

    wow.. thats is so sad. but i think everybody can understand that real live is full of unpredictable stuff.
    thank you so very much for all the time and efort you have spendend in this project.I wish you the better luck there is and that everything you want to do become posible. and if i ever become capable of reading chinesse ill join the staff for sure.
    PD: good luck for the rest of the staf with sorting the thing of from now on.

  7. Chibimi

    Thanks for all your work, Eri. We’ll miss seeing you on the site. I hope everything works out for you and thank you for getting this project started in the first place.

    And thanks to the others who are keeping this site going. For reals.

  8. Lycanthe

    Thanks for all your hard-work.

  9. Thank-you so much Erialis and I wish you all the best on whatever other endeavor you decide on next. ^_^

  10. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Real life always gets in the way of things like this, but thank you so much for sticking with it as long as you did! It was much appreciated! You will be missed, good luck on your future endeavors!!!

  11. Pearl_DA

    Then, I wish the rest of the team to be able to move on and overcome the difficulties ahead… I guess you guys will have it really hard… *doing a cheer* Go go, Prince Revolution! ^.^

    To Eri: Thank you for all your efforts to set up the project and the present team of PR. Not sure why but I think… from the little communications you made here and there, I like you the best of the team. It’s really sad that you have decided to leave… Still, may things go your way and I hope that the readers, including myself may still be able to hear from you sooner or later ^.^
    All the best, dear Eri! *Butler hug*

  12. Aethlin

    Thank you so much for starting ‘Prince Revolution!’ and all the work you’ve put into it Eri! All the best!

    also thanks to the others for keeping the site running, you guys rock! ^^

  13. that’s so sad. Eri was my favorite.

  14. Thank you Eri for all your hard work!!! You’re an amazing person to do all that!!!!

  15. Kudos for helping with the translation, Erialis

  16. starwarrior

    We all appreciate Eri’s great dedication to this. I wish the rest of the team the greatest of luck in overcoming this rocky mountain in life. PR must live at all costs!
    I would help the team but I’m still learning Chinese myself. (shameful atmosphere)
    Anyways…YOU ALL CAN OVERCOME THIS. Besides, I’m sure things will run much smoother once the school year is finished. We’re all just walking the home base so just a little more!

  17. thanks eris
    you’ve done a great deal for all of us, fans of 1/2 prince
    most of us wish you to have a good life, bat there are a lot of people who are goona be pretty mad at your decision
    PS:i’m not of the later tipe

  18. Eximius

    Thank you so much for your hard work and all the time you put into this project!
    Stuff happens, but please drop in from time to time! We’ll miss you D;

  19. Aw, Eri, I’m so sorry. =( Thank you so much for all of your hard work. You have brought joy to many people with your efforts and I wish you the best. Take care of yourself, ok? =)

  20. Thank you so much Erialis for all your hard work and good luck!!!

  21. T.T I hate goodbyes (sniff sniff) But good luck in all your future endeavors and thank you soooooo much for everything!!!!!

  22. Kathinka

    I wish you all the best and want to thank you for your translations. I loved them all <3

  23. You shouldn’t apologize we are the ones that OWE you.
    and Eri, thanks for everything you did i just love Prince Revolution and like it was said the start is the hardest part so i really thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  24. Thank you Eri for your hard vork very much!
    I will be patiently waiting for other updates so please keep it on ;o)

  25. HinaRukia

    Keep fighting! I’ll be rooting for you! >//< !!!

  26. raylight159

    I’ll miss Eri so much… T^T I wonder if we can get her to do a ‘guest appearance’ from time to time? XD

    • eilinel

      Ray it’s up to you to bug her to do the ‘guest appearance’. I definitely hope she will still hang around XD.

    • raylight159

      Haha then I’m definitely doing it XD I mean, hey she’s our VIP! Our ouji-sama! The founder of PR!

      It’ll be fun to bug her to make an appearance once in a while. Maybe a few comments and stuff. Or an interview-*shot*

    • eilinel

      Ray please sign up to the new PR! forum and post what chapters you had done/currently working on in there please. SR should have emailed you the link, or you can find the link in the secret base blog as well.

  27. thx u Eri n good luck ;)

  28. Thank youuuuu!!!
    I will always remember you and be thankful to you!

  29. Rampachs

    Eri’s leaving :o I’ve been following Prince Revolution for a long time, through other problems and crisis’. Although I’ve only been a lurker I’d like to thank Eri for all she’s done so far. I really appreciate what you’ve done for the half prince community. And for the rest of the team I’ll continue to support you :)

  30. thanks for all the hard work and good luck with everything eri

  31. Obvious

    you should really put this up in may update or something i mean the site is just getting depressing now

    • erialis

      I agree. Everyone talks (well, writes) like I’m dead or something.

    • Mellington

      You’ll still lurk about right? I mean, you’re part of the community still even if you’ve retired from a staff role, correct?

  32. Thanks Eri for all the things you’ve done and contributed for PR.
    Good luck. :)

  33. From.Italia

    We here with you!!!!! We will miss you 

  34. Thank you for everything up to now! ^^ Reading those translations was so much fun. I’m glad you did so. Best of luck in the future!

  35. Eternal

    Well, I can understand the delay from that. You guys would need to get reorganized after that and figure out how to work things. I’m fine with the delay. I’m just glad to have an update, so I know what’s going on.

    And best of luck, Eri, whatever you end up doing. I always liked you for some reason, and wish you luck on your life and getting things sorted.

  36. ERI! All the best!!!!! :D:D:D so many people have declared their love for you (and your work) already so what’s one more? I love how you took the time to put this site together and all the hard work the team has been putting in!

  37. From.Italia

    We all love you so go out with us :p

  38. Mitsuki

    Thank you for all the hard work you have put in for Half Prince <– silent reader

    (hmm… attempts to come up with something else to say)

    I enjoy reading half prince very much since is so interesting

    and uh…

    Is this her deviantArt?

    cause I mean most people prefer using the same name…

  39. starwarrior1234

    This idea just came out of nowhere but what if PR has two groups or translators and editors but one top leader. For one month you can just upload SK and the 1/2 Prince the month after. Then you simply go back to SK and 1/2 prince after, again. The translators and editors and staff get a two month time before the due date so they wouldn’t have to rush, right? I’m not sure this is the right place to put this in, though. Just figuring to help relieve some stress.

    • Actually, the translating and editing itself isn’t a problem, thanks to the number of people that we have. However, we only have one C/E (Chinese/English) editor, which all of the chapters have to go through, so that is what bottlenecks the process and slows it down. We’ve recently gotten a few new people though, so hopefully that should help a lot :)

  40. Reiayni

    ^-^ thank you for the lovely work you’ve put in for the group and thanks to everyone else as well!!

  41. sorry to hear that I hope everything works out and thanks for the update even if the next chapter isn’t up yet it’s reasureing to know what’s going on at least except the part about Eri quiting but I wish Eri the best becouse this has fast become one of my favorite stories of all time hope you get things sorted out soon and I wish you all the best.

  42. while it is always sad when some one leaves, it doesnt mean they’ll never come back ;).

    • eilinel

      Exactly…I’m hopeful that eri will come back once real life settle down. ^^ No promise though.

  43. Thank you so much! Eri best wishes in whatever you are starting from this point. Thans for all the translations and all the work all this site represents,thanks. Hope to see you soon in prince revolution. :)

  44. Thanks. It is actualy a great idea that you ask permission from the author hanlf prince to publish translation. Nobody that I know of do that.

    BTW, hope you able to settle down soon and your health better. Too much stress will lead to body breakdown. I knew that first hand I once had to work constantly near 12 hour for about a month which led me being hospitailised. Best wishes.

  45. Thanks for the great work with this site Eri, and thanks for makeing me a Half Price fan, and good luck to you in everything.

  46. Hi! I’ve been reading 1/2 Prince 2 days ago and im done reading the last updated chapter (40) just this morning. It is really nice and i salute all of you (the staff) for doing a good job.

    But as what you’ve announced, i am sad. But life must still goes on. And best wishes for Eri. And to all of you. Thank you for hardwork to give us the pleasure of reading 1/2 Prince. I will patiently waiting. :)

  47. Nedrika

    Thanks for all your effort Eri, even replying to my inane comments. It was really appreciated. I hope things get better for you soon xx

  48. theres not more that i can say on top of that mountain of well-diserved complements, but thanks, everyone for working so hard for the fanbase~

    oh, i just wanted to note on the header thingy at the top ^where it says Prince Revolution^ it still says March, even though it’s almost june >__<

    • eilinel

      Well we didn’t upload any new chapter during april and may, so I think it’s fine to leave it as March.

      Good news though, we are definitely going to have a june update of chapter. Look forward to it =).

  49. mangavore

    Oh we definitely are, Eilinel ;P Happy to see that you have been able to settle things down. I just hope you are not rushing just for our sake. If necessary, take your time because I know how frustrating it can get when you do something you like without having enough time to do it right. Like I said in a previous post, as long as you don’t disband, I can handle the wait.

    • eilinel

      We have a store of completed Half Prince chapters, so the only thing left to do is the c/e editing and proof reading, which can be done quite speedily. Plus we just get a new c/e editor (kurai) who works superbly fast =). However, there will be no SK this month again…the chapters are not translated yet @@, we will try to get an update out on July though.

    • belllda

      Thank you very much!!! I’m relly looking forward to it :o)

  50. Such sad news. We’ll miss you, Erialis!!! Hope things work out for you sooner rather than later! Wishing Prince Revolution! staff all the luck in sorting things out!

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