Second Life Project

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Hello everyone! First off, thanks for your patience in concerns to updates. I’m afraid that the next ones will be delayed a bit longer, but PrinceRev! has not been disbanded and is still up and running.

In the mean time, there’s also another project that I myself am working on: The Second Life Project. The project is an RPG video game version of 1/2 Prince, made with RPG Maker VX. You can find more information, including more screenshots and features, on the forums:

At the moment, we are looking for the following:

  • Map designers
  • Talented character artists
  • RGSS2 script writers
  • Music composers

If you’re interested in applying, please post in the application thread on the forum! And now, here’s a few screenshots of what we have thus far in the game.

Edit: As of May 15th, 2010 we have written to Yo Wo and received her permission to create the game!


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    i so wanna play this
    please finisht it as quickly as humanly possible

  2. Wow, that is awesome! Keep up the great work everyone! =D

  3. Ringhunter1

    Yes Yes and oh ya Yes I can’t wait for this to be done. I just wish i could help. :-( when you get to the Play testing stage send me an email. I really want to help even if it is just support from afar. Good luck and i hope the head aches are few and far between.

  4. I don’t know anything about RGSS2, but I’m planing on learning game scripting anyway. I already have done a small amount of java scripting. I’ll look into and if I pick it up quickly and get good at it I will totally submit a application! Also I would like to recommend a good music design software called LMMS(Linux Muli-Media Studio)[Works on Windows Vista,XP, and Linux, not sure about mac or W7 though]. It’s a REALLY simple program for writing songs and even a tone death idiot like myself has managed at least two songs with it. I’m not sure you can format it to fit a video game though, but I will check into it and see if it’s possible!

  5. OMG!!! Tell me when it comes out!!!

  6. MoonlightFlower

    is this a girl game or a boy game, consider the novel itself target mainly girl with all of these beautiful boy >.>?

    • Because it’s an RPG, it should be pretty gender neutral. Plus the main storyline follows the novel, so in that respect you have some idea of what to expect.

  7. What kind of maps do you need? I have done cartography for games before. I can also write scripts and do musical scores. Music ranges in quality. Maps tend to look excellent and be well balanced. And as for scripts I have extensive experience with creative writing scripts and moderate experience with computer scripts. I work full time and am in college but i’m willing to help. I’ll check back later and hopefully get over to the forums.

    • Well the maps are done in RPG Maker VX, the program we’re using, and the script is RGSS2, which is also unique to the program. If you’re interested in helping out, I definitely recommend applying on the forum with some examples of your past work.

    • Phaet

      Is it possible to import c or java into rpg maker? I haven’t used it since version 2; some years ago. I have focused on hand programmed games for competitions and teaching others to program games. Particularly in the area of real world physics and motion.
      I’m not sure I would be much help otherwise. My maps tend to be hand drawn or made in freeware art programs such as gimp. My scores I have made in music symulation programs and the piano inside of the spaceship in the game myst. Excellent game, even on iPod. I may have a couple in my files for rpg sessions. Other than that please get back to me.

    • While you can’t import C or java into the program, RGSS2 is based off Ruby script, so it’s pretty similar. You can find specific information here: If you’re interested in applying, please head on over to our forum, here,

      Thanks for you interest!

  8. It looks wonderfull!!! I’m relly looking foreward to it :o)

  9. dnomyar

    To bad it isnt 99% realism xD
    But it seems like it will be a nice game.

    Looks like it will take a while before its completed though, but we can wait.

    It seems a bit like a Gameboy game crossed of with Final Fantasy but I enjoyed both. Let us know when we can expect it to come out :P

    • At this point we have no real idea of when the game will finished. At the rate we’ve been going so far however, we should hopefully be done within a year.

  10. Michelle

    Not to be a spoilsport but… is this legal? I think you have to get permission/copyright from Adventurers’ Heaven, Yu Wo and Choi Hong Chong since you are using Yu Wo’s storyline which is published by Adventurers’ Heaven and it looks like the Prince in the manga in some of the pics/screen-shots. I hope you don’t think I’m trying to get you down or something because I really want to play this game.

    • No, you’re entirely right. However, the game will be free of charge–we’re doing this as a for fans, by fans project. We’re also asking Yu Wo for her permission on the project.

  11. ahaha rpg maker
    brings back memory
    I used to play with it when i was in middle school
    gl on this new project

  12. starwarrior1234

    I love drawing different ourfits and characters but i’m terrible at computers. Will the characters have to be made on computer? I prefer drawing and like someone could make it in digital. Plus, the samples remind me of Pokemon in many ways.

    • We might be able to work something out if you’d only want to do lineart. We would have to see your art before we could give a definitive answer though.

  13. regarding map designing do you just expect us to design the map only? or we need to create all the trigger also?

    • It’s really either or. If you’d like to solely do maps and no eventing, then we have no problems with that.

  14. Lightmare

    when you say that you are asking Yo Wo for her permission, that means you haven´t gotten an awnser yet right, does that mena you will terminate the project if you get a no?

    But I do wish you all Good Luck in both this and your scaning. and also:
    -Great Work so far, I’m greatfull for all of your work so far.

    No hard feelings, I´m just intressted.

    • If Yu Wo doesn’t give her permission, then we will definitely cut the project. We have high hopes that she’ll be fine with it, since she’s permitted all other 1/2 Prince related projects, but of course we won’t know until she does give an answer. Thanks for your support!

    • Aaaand furthermore, we just got a reply back from Yu Wo giving her permission for the game, so that’s no longer an issue XD

  15. Please tell me this will be Mac compatible. I’ll throw myself off a bridge if it’s not. Please, don’t let my poor soul die :’c

  16. Oh! This looks so cool! If I could do something helpful, I would but I have no idea how to do any of those things or how to learn computer scripting and such. (If you could give me a few pointers on how to learn I could give help eventually.)

    Wait! I might be able to help with music. I have never done anything like this before (obviously), so is there anything specific that I would have to do/have to help with music?

    Please tell me when this is operational! I would love to play!

    Ja ne!
    ~J. DCF

  17. Shrjnkl

    The game looks promising, but I think it would be better if you would make it less like the pokemon games. Adding original artwork is even better.

  18. Lightmare

    Congratulations on reciving the Premission

  19. untitledhunter

    wow. a 1/2 prince game… if it were like in second live i maight have tried to come up with a design of some houses or something, but sadly i’m a computer klutz, and becouse of that i’m rather useless(even if i managed to find the time i dont even have a scaner) so i want to cheer you on… however if i ever come up with a good plot i’ll be sure to post it somewhere (i dont know where i could do so though)

  20. tigerlily

    Id it going to be in english? If so then i’d like to put myself down as a voice over artist when you guys and gals(?) get to that part. unfortunately i have pretty basic comptr skills and can”t help any where else:) good luck!

    • The game is actually going to be in English, Chinese, French, and Portuguese at current count (and as a side note, anyone who is interesting in translating the game needs only to apply!). If we do voice-overs however, then it will be in English. For the time being I’d recommend that you sign up with the Drama CD group on the 1/2 Prince Forums ( They’re looking for voice actors for their drama CD of 1/2 Prince and we’re most likely going to draw from their group if we use voice actors.

  21. angelsnow

    i believe this project is not going to end well… consider the workload the translation is already putting on the team. unless they already got enough of continue the translation… plus, it would be good if it become 3d…

    but it is a nice idea regardless.
    love you all! <3

    • PR! is not the same team as the one working on the project XD So no need to worry about a heavy workload.

  22. i think i just died of happyness.
    I disagree with Angelsnow. I think the game will be fantastic, just look at other fan made games! I also really like how the grafics look (meat bun is epic by the way) something about them just makes me happy, 3D is way over rated.
    I really wish I was better with computers…
    I don’t care how long it takes! Good Luck! :)

  23. romancer

    Wow. 1/2 Prince going to be an RPG game. Thank you for making my dream come true. I will wait for it no matter how long it take. Good luck Guys! :)

  24. now we just need to make it MMORPG, huahahaha,that is gonna be really2 awesome.

    BTW, on a more serious note, great idea and great job so far. I am wishing you all good luck.

  25. I haven’t read all of the comments, yet, but did anyone invite the author to play the game? Wouldn’t it be exciting to have her play also?! I can’t wait until it is finished! I would love to help out! However, I can’t do any of the positions that you’ve mentioned – I’m kind of computer illiterate when it comes to websites and such. Sorry!!!

  26. angelmicx

    i really hope it finishes soon…
    it looks like those old final fantasy games that got me hooked up on playing…

    unfortunately I’m not very good at programs & stuffs.. Also my job eats up most of my time, so I’ll just cheer you on & give you some moral support..

  27. Wow, that’s great!
    however i’m still newbie at RPG maker
    but if you want to edit something you can ask me! i hope i can do it

  28. ya me too i can only cheer for u cause making an rpg is dificult especialy if it is good but since it u guys it should be incredible

  29. if u are going to translate to portuguese can try to help out

  30. i can create music with my mac! It has garage band and other music creators

  31. This looks absolutely wonderful ^_^
    Although I am a fan of 3D games and such, this brings back good memories. Great job, good luck, and you certainly have one fan ready to play it anytime it’s done!

  32. hmm… is it just me, or does the link to the second life project website not work anymore…?

  33. hey I’m a game dev student in Canada and i love half prince is this still a thing?

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