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Hello all,

The updates for this month will be greatly delayed. I can’t explain the reasons in detail, but we probably will not be able to update LSK this month. I’ve been in and out of hospital among other things. My apologies to all who’ve been waiting for it. HP V4C1 will be uploaded around the end of the month. The next few months might be a bit tumultuous as well, so updates may face some delays.

Cheers, Eri

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  1. serao

    Oh my god, Eri are you ok? I hope it’s not as serious as it sounds. I popped by to see what you guys were up to and see this :(

    Take care of yourself!

    • erialis

      Serao! *hugs* I’m alive, as you can tell. But really busy IRL. ^^; You take care too! I know you’re probably really busy w/ work and family.

    • serao

      Oh thank goodness. I had this nightmarish image of you collapsed under a pile of Yu Wo novels and being rushed off in an ambulance! O_O

      I hope things are going well with you and you are able to relax your schedule and relax. Bad workoholic Eri *stern look*

      … though I probably shouldn’t be talking, as I have made sleep deprivation into a way of life ^_^

      Anyway, my thoughts are with you. I hope things improve for you soon!

  2. darkgloomie

    Well, YOU better take care of yourselves so WE can enjoy your work sooner.

    Have a steady recovery for you and hope everything fixes soon for the others.

  3. Luna

    My mum is going to buy LSK soon. so i don’t really mind, but still… nnnnnooooooooooo!!! and thx for all ur hard work! (on behalf of all the ppl who hate chinese) Ty!

  4. kumkurdu

    take care of yourself unfornutanetley we don’t have clerics to cast spells for instant healing.. translation can wait.. get well soon

  5. Saah

    uwah! hospital? hope you get well soon…
    i don’t really care about the delay… if the chaps will come someday, they will come someday ~
    (also, sorry for my poor english)

  6. V-kun

    Get well fast T.T

    Buut don’t forget to add some extra chaps sooner after you get well ^.^

    (anyways erialis’ health>chapters so far, PS: sorry if I mistaken the name XD)

  7. HinaRukia

    I hope you get better! My grandma keeps going in and out of the hospital so i know how it feels! Keep fighting! >///<!!!!

  8. Ringhunter1

    Although i reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaally want to see what happens next in both of the stories. Your health take PRECEDENCE!!!!!!!!!!!! Take your time get healthy even if it take 2 or 3 months. We can wait!

  9. UntitledHunter

    Get well soon, i think is very considerate of you been so busy going in and out of the hospital(no to mention if you are sick) to tell us about the delay… dont worry about enything and rest a lot, all 1/2 prince fans can wait(including me XD) but the health comes first. Hope to see you soon around here, and keep yourself “alive” from the time being (‘_^)/bye

  10. Chibimi

    Awwwww… Get well soon! For serious. Don’t overwork yourself trying to get new chapters out. We can wait. Your health (as well as other things in real life) can’t. Worst case scenario, we can sedate the rabid fangirls until the next release is ready. (Get yo stun guns ready!)

    Also, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know what’s going on. Updates are always appreciated.

    I’ll keep you in my prayers. :)

  11. Ariel

    I hope you get better soon!

    Also, thank you so much for taking the time to let us know what’s going on.²

  12. EvlNabiki

    ERRRRIII—OOOUUUJJJIIII— SSSAAMMMAAA!!! you ish needing ninja-samurai hugs and chicken soup!! get wellsh shoon pwease!! Me wubwub you!! <3 Nabs.

  13. starwarrior1234

    Health should come first before anything else. The rest of us must be patient otherwise if you over exert yourself, we wouldn’t have any. Listen to the doctor, don’t take an overdose prescription, and gets at least nine hours of sleep
    Waiting is hard but it will have to do
    Take good care of yourself, Eri!

  14. Grace

    kidding, felt like being over-dramatic.
    but really, look after yourself and relax a bit. Sure we love half prince, but we too have real lives(hopefully) so there is no need for you to feel rushed.
    Hope to hear from you next in better circumstances! <3
    get well soon :)

  15. raylight159

    OMG ERI Ouji-sama!!! Take care of yourself!! T^T Haven’t seen you in quite a while, so this is the reason!!!

    I hope you get well soon… And don’t worry about uploading the chapters when you’re sick! (Whoa, this sounds like a ‘mom’ lecture…)

    • erialis

      Re: to Ray and Nabs – Thank you dearies, I’ll be fine. But in all likelihood I will be bumping up…err, that, earlier. Like end-May or something, instead of end-July. *grimace*

      Re: to Serao – Ahaha! The chances of me being buried under philosophy or literature texts are much higher than being buried under a pile of Yu Wo’s novels. And no, unlike you I AM getting lots of sleep. My parents fell sick recently, though, so I also had my hands full taking care of them. (No, I did not pass anything on to them.)

      Re: to everyone else – I’m not dying… >_> At least I hope not. Don’t kill me off in your heads.

    • Bridget

      I hope everything gets better for you, Eri! I’m so glad you’re not dying though. Also…bump that up? =( Still, I hope you and your parents get well soon! ^^

  16. Als

    get well soon! Fans of this site (me included) appreciate ur hard work! W/out ur health, we wouldn’t be able to get the translations.. So rest up! We can wait patiently <3

  17. eddy

    Dont worry Eri; I am a priest, let me cast dispell disease and flash heal on ya… wait wrong reality.

    Dont worry eri, we’ll wait :)

  18. Sadiel

    Take care! You do a wonderful work here, and we are all cheering for you to get better :)
    We will wait all the time needed for the next chapters, so take your time to recover and get well <3

  19. rigel126

    Hospital? Hope it’s nothing serious. Be sure to look after yourself and get well soon!

  20. Tomson

    You are so great and hardworking! *sign* 
    Be aware of illnesess… 

    I want to say a HUGE thank you for translating Prince. Because i am russian it is hard to find translation in my native language, but your work helps me to understand manhva better. Now i’m rereading it with co-reading novel and it clears some misunderstanding. 
    Thank you so much for doing it. 
    I will wait for futher translation forever.

    Sorry for bad english *sign*

  21. Oishii

    I hope you get better Eri. My friend is going through the same thing and has to have her kidney removed >.< I hope it's not as serious. Get better, get your life together (cause being away for a long time always makes problems) and then worry about the translations. I hope the group is giving you as much support as we are ^^

  22. Nedrika

    Get better soon! And don’t push yourself, I know we could probably all do with a lesson in patience =p xx

  23. Anonymous

    Get well soon :) As everyone else has said health takes priority. We don’t mind waiting, I think it makes it that much better when it comes out :)

  24. Lil414

    omg i hope u r ok. i hope u get well soon. 4get about translating 4 now u should totally take a rest n recover ur health. :)

    i hope u get well soon!

  25. Luna

    Get well soon!and, KYAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!! Im freaking out cause my mum came back along with a whole stack of HP n LSK bks!!!!!!!!!!

  26. Trejon

    This is my first time writing i believe =P
    Hospital? well it seems that its not something to joke about, if it was something of normal ocurrance (like being with normal sickness or break a bone) you shoul be out of the hospital the same day or the day after… im curious to know what for you are being hospitalized but if you havent said so you got your reasons, but knowing what happened to you could give us a estimated time for recovery, im a loyal reader of the web so i did like to know when you have recovered to send a virtual postal of something. well get your strenght back and dont over do it!^_^

  27. Pancakes Rock

    Wouldn’t it be easier to just update the chapters in short sections like you guys used too?

    It seems like the better option, because the smaller sections can be added once they’re done being PR-ed. Dividing the chapters up would also make the work seem less daunting.

    • erialis

      It only LOOKS like the better option, actually. You’re forgetting that someone (usually me) has to track who is editing the chunks, who is updating the chunks, and so on. Not to mention that sometimes we have to get “in the zone” to edit. There’s much to be said about updating in chunks, and it’s not all pleasant. ^^;

  28. Luna

    …jus tried reading chinese and than translating it,…so NOT easy, i donno how u ppl can stand it.(i gave up after few sentences, lol)i have a renewed appreciation for your work.

  29. funnybutt

    Its all good we can wait.
    Maybe it would be a good idea if you guys teamed up with baka tsuki and co released some works, b/c that would definitely decrease the burden on the half prince translators

  30. tigerlily

    so im guessing no half prince this month. i wish i could read chinese then id try to help. thanx guys and i hope everything gets better soon:)

  31. tigerlily

    ohno i hope everything gets better soon. Maybe you guys should change your schedule for releases to a more realistic goal. life happens, finals happen, etc. happens lol.that way people arent anticipating releases that end up having to be pushed back every release and wont be angry or disappointed that it didnt come out bcuz of some unforseen issue. its just a suggestion i know u all have lives and it takes quite a process to get the ch’s rdy. hope ths helps:) Im truly grateful for all u’ve done and all u do

  32. Daywalker

    so? how are you guys doing with the translating and stuff? because the end of the month turned into the beginning of the new month, so i’m a bit curious, if you’re up and running again, or if there will be further delay. But the waiting without knowing, makes it just so much more difficulty for me :D

    best regards

  33. 1/2Prince_Fans

    it’s 2nd May already, and the translation hasn’t posted yet >_< what happened?

  34. anon

    Would it be possible to get a status update?

    Both on Eri’s health as well as the chapters in progress?

    -concerned anon

  35. Michael Borean

    Dude. Health comes first. Leechers come second. Well, last. I hope whatever problems you are having are not anything permanent or long lasting.

  36. lSLDS

    Thank you so much for translating 1/2 Prince for us!
    I really hope you get well soon!

  37. Daywalker

    Are you still there? i’m a little bit worried, because my last comment hasn’t passed for three days now, so i hope you’re still there for us ;)

    • HopeHime4

      We’re still here so don’t worry too much :).
      I think most of us are dealing with finals/APs/etc and just haven’t had too much free time for translating/proof-reading. The chapters will be delayed a little, but we’ll try to get them posted as soon as we can. Also, while I approved most of the comments that were pending, I left all the comments with questions that needed to be addressed unapproved, so if you’re wondering why your comment from 3 days ago hasn’t passed yet, it’s because I’m waiting for someone who can better address it to respond to it. Because if I just approved it, it might just be forgotten about and might never get a response, but leaving it unapproved is kinda like putting it on a list of “things to do”, and this way everyone who has a question or a concern won’t accidentally get ignored.

    • lSLDS

      I feel your pain!
      I had one AP exam yesterday, one tomorrow and another one on Tuesday :/

  38. Sanachan

    …I don’t mean to nag or anything, but is anything going to update soon?

  39. FuzWuz

    1/2 Prince and Sk are awesome, but you guys are awesome-er! Good luck on your finals! I wish I could help, but since I can’t, I’ll continue to wait for you ;D
    And remember, When in doubt, Choose B! XD

    • Anonymous

      Statistically c is the most used by teachers but that only applies if said teacher hasn’t seen the research study that proved this. So good luck and hopefully you know the correct answer. Otherwise Psycho-analyze your teacher then guess at random.

  40. starwarrior1234

    Don’t overkill yourself with studying! I’m sure everyone can wait one more month for the chapters then none at all. Don’t stress yourselves when the answers can be right in your face! Greatest of Luck to you all!

  41. Creepaz

    Hello, i have been with this site since the start and have been a loyal reader since. i seriously love you guys for doing this, but always remember your happiness comes before others happiness

  42. tigerlily

    Study hard! Do well:) and breathe….you’ll do way better than you think you did and have major R&R when its ova!!!
    Thanx for everything:)

  43. EvlNabiki

    Hey Hey Guys!! You’ll be glad to know that the APs are *almost* over… May 19th is the lllaaasssttt day for me, before the finals that is… and the mocks are already over… I’m guessing everyone has similar schedule *crosses fingers and toes and hair* so hopefully they’re be some chappies up.. You know, i’m as HP and SK starved as you guys… only the tslers here know the chappies.. the proofers for english only get their hands on the precious scripts a bit before you guys.. so for my sanity’s sake, life will become more less hideous. I also miss eberyone /pout… why ish everyone shhooo bushy?? me no likey *sulk*.. anyhow i’m ranting now… so court dismissed. bring in the dancing lobsters. ~Nabs

  44. ensis

    huh. my finals were last week. my friend up in canada had his finals back in april.

    schedules can be so weird sometimes.

  45. umeboshi110

    yay finals are done! School should be over and done with… but why do I have a paper due after school’s out :/

  46. raylight159

    @Nabs: Nice! So your exams are over soon!! As for me, I started school already, meh. Means that I spend a h*ll lot of time in school instead of being at home. If you ask me to tell the truth, I’ll rather lock myself at home and transla-*shot* And lol, I have been wondering where eri went to.

    I have no more energy to work *dies*

    I miss everyone too. I hate not being to go on MSN and mass chat as always. *pouts*

    We rant a lot, don’t we? XD

  47. Djin

    I haven’t been by in months now, but hopefully, everything turned out alright for you. Wishing you all the luck to get better!!! I think everyone is willing to wait, so don’t overwork yourself! Thank you for your hardwork so far, though!!!

  48. Tsubasa


    Um…I don’t know the exact condition you’re currently suffering from, but bed rest generally helps. And healthy meals. Stay away from TV and Computers since such things would only induce headaches. Make sure to see a doctor, okay? I hope you get well soon! LSK, as much as it literally clenches my heart and tightens my chest to say, can definitely wait!

    P.S. Please don’t die.

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