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Hi Hi Guys ^^! Slight change in plans, people. This month’s update post has been unceremoniously dumped on me, Nabs… (or EvlNabiki). Actually, no that’s a lie, I begged for this… It seemed easier than all the other jobs, and I hate work, plus this gives me a chance to blab.

So anyway, we have these things to update you guys about… Well, it went something like this:

erialis* says: (3:18:19 PM)

the main points are we’re uploading v3c5 now c6-8 will be out a bit late (two-three days, tops)

Nabs says: (3:18:20 PM)


Nabs says: (3:18:28 PM)

anything else?

erialis* says: (3:18:31 PM)

let the readers know we’re sorry for procrastinating again

Nabs says: (3:18:35 PM)


So yes.. straight from the horses’ (in this case the boss’) mouth. By the way, I did that so it looks like I typed a lot.

Now since we are talking about me here, everyone will expect me to involve food in here. And I shall never disappoint. So here is the food bit: I’m typing this as I eat, YES IN SCHOOL! I’m having a zatar croissant and juice. And for those who have no idea what either of those things are, google ‘em, and may I suggest, make ‘em… they’re delicious. ^_^ Consider that this month’s Nabs’ Food Tip. Okies, I guess that’s all… Cheers guys!!

– Nabs

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  1. Tairanda

    yes, croissants are very delicious… thought here, in Latvia, it’s so hard to find one that isn’t made by a regular bread dough…
    If I could wait a month for a new chapter, I thing I can wait for few days more, unless I suddenly get run over by a car or bus :D

  2. fatherseyes

    I agree with the waiting part … it is more easy for me to wait a few days longer than to learn chinese :)
    Thanks for translating!

  3. Pearl_DA

    Chap 6-8? I thought there are only 7 chaps to be translated in volume 3. That’s what I saw in the 1/2 P’s list of translated chapters.

    Perhaps you guys may want to revise the list of chaps?

    • erialis

      There are 8 chapters. There are only seven chapters available online, but there’s a total of eight chapters in the book. We’ll edit it later when we upload C8.

  4. Luna

    Wait… Did i rid correct? No SK this month? … AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ~*sobs*~ i tried reading the chinese ver. too difficult even though i AM chinese. Well, here in Singapore about 3/4 ppl speak chinese, i’m so dead. (Sorr’ 4 the long post, super bored, march holidays and no school HW to do.)

    • erialis

      Lol. Are you referring to the simplified Chinese or traditional Chinese version? Yu Wo’s writing is actually quite simple in terms of the difficulty of the words since it’s a young adult novel, so it should actually be good practice for your Chinese. :P

  5. starwarrior1234

    Patience is a virtue in life….although I’ve been checking for updates since the 8 several times a day (Yes, I know I’m bookworm)

  6. kerryfri

    Thanks for translating this. It would’ve been nice to get a new Sun Knight chapter (the last one was a bit of a cliffhanger), but 4 1/2 Prince chapters make it bearable.

    (i have no idea if I spelled bearable right, and the wii is no help.)


  7. Amberfox

    What I want to know is WHY?! WHY hasn’t it updated? What happned? Was it just to much work translating SK as well as 1/2 Prince on the same month? Will they be interchanging from now on? I would really REALLY like to know.

    • HopeHime4

      Well, HP V3C5 is out right now, so it has been updated. I think a lot of people missed it though, since it hadn’t been added to the list of chapters or the “most recent chapter” function (I just fixed this now though). As far as I know, we won’t be changing how we update, so you should still get both HP and SK on the same month. I think we were just a little strapped for time at the moment, so we decided to give you guys a late, super HP update instead, and postpone SK until next month.

    • erialis

      It’s mostly my bad, since I was supposed to TSL SK this month, but Feb-March is a really chaotic period for me…IRL. But we also had some trouble with HP V3C5 and C6, which slowed down editing a lot. So in the end, it was just faster to edit V3C7 and C8 and leave SK till next month. There are a couple of other reasons involved but I can’t mention those right now though. (You’ll find out soon enough.) All in all, it’s not so much “too much” work as it was colossal bad timing.

  8. Aki

    Haha, cute. Alright, I think I can wait… At least I’ll be forced to do my homework today instead of procrastinating! ;)

    • iskeirka

      REALLY? YOU’D REALLY DO THAT? *runs around in joyful circles*
      Eri, you have just made a sick girl very happy, so I will hold you to that promise!

    • erialis

      …What have I done now? 来るな、来るなあああああ!

  9. EvlNabiki

    Guys, i swear i will be breathing down the tslers necks this time. i was doing it last time as well, and i got swatted for that, like a little mosquito. So this time, imma gonna wear armour *proud and determined*.

  10. mangavore

    Now you have 3 very happy sick girl!!!

    And I think there are much more than that out there. Probably in ambulances right now because, either their heads blew up for blushing to much or massive nose-bleeding dried them up (or both, we are talking about fangirling here!) prevented them from posting comments. You will have to cope with that, sorry guys! ^_~

    Until then, we will patiently wait for the next chapter.

    Got to go now: the nurse came to change my IV.

  11. lisszi

    I love both HP and SK, so thanks for the translations in any variaton, 4 chapters are grate. Thanks a lot for your work.

  12. darkgloomie

    Well if this isn’t a nice surprise.

    I guess I should start reading SK too, when I find the time. For now, I’ll be happy enough with Prince.

  13. Anonymous

    First off I love the croissant tip but I will recommend it with chocolate sauce and powdered suger servered with a standard glass of orange juice.
    Second thanks for the release, it’s always a pleasure reading them.
    Third, don’t be too hard on the translators, they work hard for minimal credit and if anything goes wrong it gets blamed on them. It’s a very hard job and to those who can manage it they have my utmost respect.
    When all is said and done, thanks for the release and good luck on the next one.

  14. Xinnie

    OH GOD. off topic, but i wanna see Kenshin is lace panties :D


  15. sheba*lala

    its been more than 3days for hp im going through withdrawal:(((((((((( but thanks for the last chappy:)

  16. Redreints

    I also have withdrawal, couldn’t get to a computer on the until now to to read hp. but I’m satisfied now :-)

    • Redreints

      stayed up way late to read hp, can’t even type well.

  17. coldshadows

    I’m making time to read HP while I should be writing my paper. XD

    Is that a good thing?

  18. Ninth

    I should be doing my homework, Instead im sitting here procrastinating while imagining what will happen next in the new sun knight chapters SO HURRY

    • erialis

      I will be blunt and say it straight: please do not ask – or demand – us to hurry again.

      Side note to readers: I usually trash comments that ask us to hurry up with release, which is why you will rarely see them on this site.

  19. mega

    …wonder why ppl ask you to hurry when there is a schedule in the update log… i personally find it very reassuring to know the approximate date of the next chaps. + i know from experience that ppl usually dont translate faster when they have someone hanging over their shoulder (virtual shoulder in this case) screaming “hurry” in their ear (acually makes it slower sometimes :P )

    anyways. take it at your pace, im in no hurry.


  20. Esther

    Just wondering – is ch 8 coming out this month, next month, or some other month?

    • HopeHime4

      Yes. I think the last chapter of the novel is usually the extra chapter.

  21. Daywalker

    So, what is planned for April ?? because there is nothing in the update news updated ;) and it ends with march… I want to know if there is a new chapter of SK.

    best regards

    • erialis

      There should be 4 SK chapters this month, but there may be a slight delay. I’m supposed to translate C4-5, but I’ve been in and out of hospital among things lately, so… >< I'll try to get everything done by the third week. In any case, I'll fix the update page when I figure out when the exact release date is.

    • Daywalker

      well then, get better soon (not only because off SK ;) )
      best regards

  22. mangavore

    Ayah!! get well soon Erialis!!! Don’t force yourself, health comes first!

    Thank you for having reported the situation in spite of your RL issues.

  23. Luna

    i have a pile of hw sitting on my lap rite now but i don care. Books ALWAYS come first. LSK ruls!

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