Romance RPG V1C24: Part Twenty-four

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Romance RPG

Original novel in Chinese by: 御 我 (Yu Wo)

Part Twenty-four— translated by EvlNabiki (proofread by Trespasserby & elisa; C/E edited by lucathia)

Sword Spirit’s unhappiness was reflected in the real life version of Lin Jian Yin as well. During the past few days, he had thrown and broken countless microphones for all sorts of bewildering reasons: the sound was inaccurate, the feeling while holding it was off, the smell was disgusting… Unfortunately, his manager was busy arranging his jobs, and he didn’t know where she had disappeared to in the past few days. This caused him to throw microphones even more frequently.

At the moment, Lin Jian Yin was sitting in a lounge after having just finished storming about, and no one dared to come inside and seek their own deaths; however, a few people waited outside on standby. If Lin Jian Yin wanted someone and found nobody around, then they would die even more painfully.

When the suffering workers waiting outside spotted Ye Meng Ling coming over, they immediately showed expressions of deep gratitude; nearly everybody in the company was aware that Ye Meng Ling was the only person capable of suppressing Lin Jian Yin, and that so far, she was also the most successful of his managers.

Ye Ming Ling forced a smile on her lips and waved at the people waiting outside, indicating that they could leave. They glowed with appreciative expressions. As they made their quick escapes, they also gave Ye Meng Ling sympathetic looks.


Human Doll Contract Manhua Chapter 1: Xiao Xue

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Hello hello hello! EvlNabiki here ^u^ You may be familiar with me since, during some of the monthly updates, I had advertised for staff~

Well, I’m glad to tell you that our group is now up and running, and moreover, we’re doing a joint with PR!

So without further ado, here is chapter 1 of Human Doll Contract!

The Batoto page can be found here for online reading, and here is the download~ Have fun, and please do let us know your thoughts ^u^

ePubs for HP and LSK

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Hi hi all~ This is Nabs, here with a little prezzie ^^~ As we all know (and if you don’t it’s ok) PDFs of HP and LSK were put up over here. Now if you plan to read those on things like an iPod, it can be a bit annoying, so I converted all of the books to ePub format, which you can download here. They’re all in one big batch, HP volumes 1-5 and LSK volumes 1-2, so sorry for the inconvenience ^_^;; (though on the other hand you only download one thing ^_~).

On a slightly unrelated topic, I know it’s the end of January and everyone’s feeling bleh and there’s no updates for this month so it’s a bit bleak, but don’t let your spirits flag. Everyone Jiahyou, Ganbatte, Hwaiting, Fighting and whatever it is in your language o(^^)o~
-Nabs signing out =3

EDIT: I see a lot of people having trouble extracting the file. As Dahlys pointed out below, all you have to do is rename the file and add .zip at the end of the name, et voila~ You are now able to extract it :3

Thought I’d add this bit. How to make your own epub:

1) Copy all relevant text into microsoft word document (I use office 2010)
2) Insert images if you want (e.g. separators)
3) Change all chapter titles to “heading 1” under styles
4) [optional] Bookmark all references, e.g. footnotes. Remember to bookmark both the reference and footnote.
5) [optional] Hyperlink the bookmarks together to link the reference with the footnote.
6) Save the file as .html
7) Download and install the program called Calibre
8) Import the .html file into Calibre and convert to favorite format, e.g. epub or mobi. Remember to add metadata and cover page for better file organization.


Your very own epub XD

– resident protozoan, dahlys

Update: March 2010

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Hi Hi Guys ^^! Slight change in plans, people. This month’s update post has been unceremoniously dumped on me, Nabs… (or EvlNabiki). Actually, no that’s a lie, I begged for this… It seemed easier than all the other jobs, and I hate work, plus this gives me a chance to blab. Continued