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Hi hi all~ This is Nabs, here with a little prezzie ^^~ As we all know (and if you don’t it’s ok) PDFs of HP and LSK were put up over here. Now if you plan to read those on things like an iPod, it can be a bit annoying, so I converted all of the books to ePub format, which you can download here. They’re all in one big batch, HP volumes 1-5 and LSK volumes 1-2, so sorry for the inconvenience ^_^;; (though on the other hand you only download one thing ^_~).

On a slightly unrelated topic, I know it’s the end of January and everyone’s feeling bleh and there’s no updates for this month so it’s a bit bleak, but don’t let your spirits flag. Everyone Jiahyou, Ganbatte, Hwaiting, Fighting and whatever it is in your language o(^^)o~
-Nabs signing out =3

EDIT: I see a lot of people having trouble extracting the file. As Dahlys pointed out below, all you have to do is rename the file and add .zip at the end of the name, et voila~ You are now able to extract it :3

Thought I’d add this bit. How to make your own epub:

1) Copy all relevant text into microsoft word document (I use office 2010)
2) Insert images if you want (e.g. separators)
3) Change all chapter titles to “heading 1” under styles
4) [optional] Bookmark all references, e.g. footnotes. Remember to bookmark both the reference and footnote.
5) [optional] Hyperlink the bookmarks together to link the reference with the footnote.
6) Save the file as .html
7) Download and install the program called Calibre
8) Import the .html file into Calibre and convert to favorite format, e.g. epub or mobi. Remember to add metadata and cover page for better file organization.


Your very own epub XD

– resident protozoan, dahlys

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  1. Sounds awesome, but I don’t have an ipod. I’m waiting for the pdfs for Half Prince. D=

  2. MiyakeMasumi

    Woot! Yay for the ePub format! Although it has been a little lonely this month without our entertaining boys (girl? XP) Sun and Prince, everyone needs a rest sometimes. Thanks for all the hard work you guys do for us otaku fans. ^_^

  3. O_O

    OMGOSH! I was considering purchasing a ereader just this past week (99.9% sure I will, but I have been going back and forth between different kinds) and I was looking at whether I would be able to view 1/2 Prince and/or LSK on the ereader I chose. THANK-YOU SO MUCH!
    This is what I call perfect timing ;D

  4. Also: for some reason it keeps stopping the download at 4.3 MB and not showing it as a .zip file, is this just me? ^^;

    • An ePub is essentially a zip file that contains specially formatted HTML pages. So it is already zipped.

  5. Thank you guys so much. Keep it up! 1/2 Prince is back in the top 40 for mangareader as well. No matter how long it takes, the many english speaking fans you helped make will be sticking with it!

  6. Is there something wrong with this file because, whatever this file is, it is not an epub file or any type of file my pc can extract or view?

    • Add a .zip extension to the end of the file and then extract

  7. I actually read the update log and was really sad when I saw the next update would be in February…

    ^.^ Thanks for the present, though!

  8. Okay this may sound stupid but how do you extract it out? Or do you just put it in the application? If it is may I ask for the name of the application? Thank you.

  9. theres a document converter by AVS that can take most formats and convert it into another. i use it to convert pdfs into epub and mobi files for my kindle e-reader ans it can do the opposite. the download is free but it leaves a watermark if you convert before buying the program. buying gives other programs but coz all i want is the document file converter i can live with a little water marki. BTW love 1/2 prince wish there was an anime and promise to eventually get to the sun knight. :P hope this was helpful

    • @guest
      Try Calibre, it’s a free program that converts almost all formats and doesn’t leave a watermark. Conversions are also customizable to remove headers and footers as well as highlight chapters. I believe these epubs were converted from pdf using this program so the page numbers are still intact and mixed up with the text.

  10. hm, not quite sure, what a good cheer phrase is in my language… But to translate fighting literally it’s “Kämpfen!” ;)
    Cu in February ;) As soon as you arrive in it :D For me it’s already so far, so gimme some updates, the rest can wait ;)

  11. Hi, it’s just to say that if you removed the space from the filename it you keep everything including the extensions (.zip). This must be a bad implementation inside of download.php …

    Thanks for this :)

  12. Q.Q It’s February and the next chapter isn’t up yet…
    (Sixth time checking on February 2/1/2012.)

    • Shadow Rebirth

      Please refer to the January update; we weren’t posting chapters in Jan =]

  13. I was having issues with the ePubs you released. They didn’t really look good on my eBook Reader, they didn’t validate as valid ePubs, etc. So I decided just to make my own. Here are the links to them if anyone is interested.

    I made a script that downloads the text from the webpages and converts it into ePubs. So I can update them really easy when new chapters come out, if anyone is interested in keeping an up to date ePub.

  14. yay epub!! i’ve been self-converting them to epub myself actually coz my phone’s screen too small to properly read pdfs without zooming in. But thanks for this :)

  15. AWESOME!! :D Thank you so much! Personally, I think this is makes up for no chapters last January <3.
    I've been thinking of making them into ePUB myself–a very procrastinated plan–I'm really glad I don't have to now :)

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