Internet Blackout for SOPA / PIPA

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As you browse the internet today, you may notice how many sites such as google, wikipedia, reddit, and are protesting against SOPA and PIPA, two bills that are under consideration by the U.S. Congress. If you haven’t heard about this before, please watch this short but informative video on the possible repercussions if these bills are passed.

Please take action by raising awareness amongst your friends, and if you live in the United States, please contact your local congressman and voice your opposition to these bills. You can find a form on that will easily help you email or phone your representative, or petition the state department for those outside the United States.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and doing your part to keep Prince Revolution! and the entire Internet safe for free expression!

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  1. Aaah~ I’ve heard about this for quite some time. The official decision is made on Jan 24, right?

    Honestly I don’t see how this can actually work. The best they could do is targeting large sites, which is horrible enough, but doesn’t help to get rid of the problems at all. It would just worsen and create a huge burden on everyone. >>

    I’ve shared and spread the news. Wish I could do more…

  2. Gohankuten

    I contacted my congress reps earlier today to tell them I oppose these 2 bills. Most I can do to help stop this.

  3. This… I don’t like at all. I doubt it’s going to do much to protect, and like the video said, I’m rather certain that it would make it worse. A lot of people like singing these pop songs (and I do too =3 but J-pop specifically) and I don’t like how they keep removing so many videos on youtube that are truly fun to watch.

  4. CocoFlower

    I hope this doesn’t pass- I’ve shared the vid on facebook to try and spread awareness

  5. SOPA/PIPA can kiss my ass.

  6. No! The internet was the only thing close to freedom I have! I swear if they pass this bill thing they are going to have riots on their hands.

  7. Isn’t blocking the use of copyrighted stuff going to backfire on the entertainment industry? After all, quite a few people got popular by singing pop songs on youtube (e.g. JB, not that I’m a fan or anything). These kinds of copying can also make stuff more popular? Like fanfiction. Also, a lot of my friends have paid quite a bit of money to go watch live concerts after listening/downloading music on the net, so instead of censoring stuff, the entertainment industry ought to just think of creative ways to profit from an open internet.

    Not that I can do anything about this, since I don’t live in the US.

    • @dahlys
      It’s definitely not the smart thing to do, alienating your customer base like this. Evidence strongly suggests that piracy is much more a distribution problem, not a money issue (see the success of itunes store or value’s steam). Give people an easy, legal way to access their entertainment at a reasonable price would do much more to reduce piracy than going legal route.

      For those outside the US, you can still contribute to the protest by adding your email to the petition list to the state department here:

  8. Moonlightflower

    MEGAUPLOAD DIED. Killed by FBI >.>

    • @Moonlightflower
      It’s unfortunate, but this shows that the entertainment industry (with the US government in their pockets) already has more than enough power to take down “infringing” sites. If these bills pass, things would only get worse for the internet.

  9. Is there anything you can do, even if you don’t live in the US!!!!!

  10. The Internet helps you search stuff you don’t know; they take that away and people will cease to know stuff they wouldn’t be able to do otherwise……. Booo!!! Stop SOPA!!!!!!! They’ll destory the Internet!!!!

  11. FYI…. I heard they stopped the voting because of too much protest against it; SOPA is just basically put aside/they misht vote another time….

  12. I thought the hype about such proposal was quite active since quite a while back. It was during 2005 or 2007 that I first heard of it, i believe. Every time, the bill just got postponed and it will come back again. That much is for sure.

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