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If you’ve ever wanted to buy Yu Wo’s works to support her, there are a few places online where you can do that. One of the places is Kingstone, which is completely in Chinese. Below are step-by-step instructions on how to register and buy stuff from Kingstone, who do ship overseas and take credit card and paypal. I wrote this up for Arc, one of our lovely proofreaders here at PR, but this might also be helpful for others, yes? [Another place, if you don’t want to go through a Chinese site, is Yesasia, which has cheaper (and often free shipping), but the prices are raised to compensate for that. I am unsure what they carry.]

Please note, all novels and manhua are in CHINESE. There are currently no official English releases of Yu Wo’s works. Shipping is pricey but fast and not completely outrageous if you buy at least 4 volumes or so (so that your shipping isn’t double the price of what you buy).

1. Go to Kingstone’s website:

2. Register for an account.

3. Accept terms and conditions.

4. Enter registration information.

5. This page comes up. (You don’t have to do anything on this page)

6. Open your your email. You should have gotten an email that looks something like this. Click on link to confirm your email and account.

7. The site should now display something like this that tells you your registration has been completed!

8. Log in.

9. Enter your search terms or URL links to products you want to buy and start adding them to your cart!

10. This is what an individual product page looks like. Click on the link next to the red cart to go to your cart and check out.

11. Your cart.

12. On the same page, scroll to the bottom and choose overseas shipping. (if you live overseas!)

13. You’ll be asked to choose one of the following special privileges/discounts. You can choose not to use anything. Usually Kingstone gives new members some sort of coupon, and sometimes they give out random coupons for special events or holidays. Might as well use them. When you buy some books (new novels, etc), you get points that you can use, usually for your next purchase.

14. Scroll to the bottom to advance.

15. Fill out your info. Address, phone number, etc. When you choose a country, the site will calculate shipping. (Shipping displays as $0 before you choose a country).

16. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and choose a payment type.

17. You’ll be brought to a confirmation page.

18. Pay. (Since I’m not actually buying anything at this time, I was unable to go through with this step and do screencaps!)

Search terms for Yu Wo’s works:

Yu Wo: 御我

1/2 Prince: 1/2王子

new illustrator editions (with extra goodies. there is also a version without extra goodies. be sure to buy from these links if you want the extra goodies. all volumes should come with a phone strap and a bookmark. volume 1 also comes with a figure of Prince and is the most expensive out of these volumes). This edition is still being released.

vol 1

vol 2 (currently out of stock)

vol 3

vol 4

manhua vol 1 (this is currently at 10 volumes and is still being released)

pocket edition vol 1 (12 volumes in all)

first edition vol 1 (8 volumes + 1 volume sequel)

Legend of Sun Knight: 吾命騎士

novel vol 1 (8 volumes in all)

I highly recommend volumes 4-7 as they come bundled with short manhua about Sun and the others’ training days illustrated by Ya Sha.

manhua vol 1 (Taiwanese edition, currently at 3 volumes and is still being released)

Eclipse Hunter: 玄日狩

vol 1 (new edition – complete at 5 volumes)

No Hero: 非關英雄

vol 1 (6 volumes out, will be complete at 7 volumes)

Kill No More: 不殺

vol 1 (first edition – complete at 13 volumes)

vol 1 (new edition – complete at 8 volumes, contains new material not included in the first edition)

GongHua: 公華

This series is currently being released. Will be 6 volumes in all.

vol 1

vol 2

vol 3


vol 1 (complete at 11 volumes)

All currency is in TWD. Convert to your currency to find out how much it costs for you!

11 Responses

  1. Jessica

    what if the number in stock is gone? Does that mean they won’t get any back in? And if I order it when it’s like that will they lower the cost of shipping if they can’t get it?

    • lucathia

      If it is completely out of stock, the button will look like the one for volume 2 of 1/2 Prince. The red button is outlined in red, with the button itself pink instead of red. You can’t order it but can ask them to notify you when they have more stock. It’s likely that they won’t have more. If the number in stock is gone but they allow you to order it (the button is still red), that means they will order stock for you. They don’t have it on hand, but they can get if for you. It will take a few days longer for shipping, but they should be able to get it.

    • Jessica

      Ahhh, thank-you so much. I ordered a bunch for a friend of mine and myself, but then I noticed they didn’t have any currently in stock and I kind of started freaking out. XD

      Good to know and thanks again ^-^

    • [PR]azakura

      The novels are only published officially in Chinese and Thai. As for the manhua, it’s only published in Chinese. If you’re still interested in purchasing it to support the author and need help, leave a comment =)

  2. Tasha

    It looks like they require domestic phone numbers now to register. Is there a way to bypass this?

    • [PR]lucathia

      Ah yes, looks like there are two added boxes now for personal information / basic data. 國內手機 asks for domestic cell phone number while 聯絡電話 asks for contact number (you can use oversea numbers for this one). For the domestic number, what happens if you just enter the example they give?

      I do see that those boxes don’t have asterisks on them, so they are possibly not required. Can you press send without filling them in?

    • Tasha

      Yes, looks like you can just put in your mobile/overseas number and leave the landline/domestic number box empty. I got an error because I used “+” in my overseas number and thought it was because I did not fill out the overseas number box. Thanks for the help!

      I have another question though. I checked out my purchase and went through the payment process with Paypal. Later when I clicked on orders, it says my order is being processed, but a few minutes later it shows that I have no pending/processed orders at all. I checked and it seems like my order got stuck in the shopping cart? And one of the items disappeared from the list, and when I checked the item again it was already sold out. Paypal have not charged me so I am assuming the order has not been made yet. I tried making another same purchase three days later (including the sold out item which, for some reason, is available again) and the same thing happened.

      I know it is more of a problem on their side, but do you have any ideas of what is going on?

    • [PR]lucathia

      That’s strange. I’m not sure what’s going on. But let’s see. Usually you receive an email when your purchase goes through. I haven’t had a purchase not go through before, so I don’t know if the site sends out an email when the purchase doesn’t go through. Have you received any email with your order? If the order doesn’t go through, then the items will likely get returned to the shopping cart. So if you see the items there in the shopping cart, it could be that the order didn’t go through.

      I’m unsure when exactly they charge with you use paypal. There’s a possibility that you’re charged when the item ships. Hopefully you have no duplicate orders.

      You can also check to see if your order page shows previous orders. Maybe it’s already considered processed and will be under the 2nd tab, 效交易訂單. On that one, you have to choose the month to see your order from the month.

      But if it turns out that there’s some kind of glitch, customer service can help with that. That’s under 客服信箱.

      Hope that helps! If you need my help, let me know.

    • Tasha

      I did not receive any confirmation e-mail from KingStone. There is also no orders listed under the previous orders tab. I tried sending an inquiry, but I keep getting an error saying it exceeds 200 characters. I tried using less than 200 words and less than 200 alphabet characters, and it still did not work. I used English, so maybe that is the problem?
      Can you e-mail me directly to the e-mail I used for this comment? I do not want to spam the comment section. Any help would be very helpful at this point :(

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