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Since I’m happy with the 300+ downloads of the LSK ebooks so far, I’ve decided to make 1/2 Prince ones too. Be warned that unlike the larger A4 pdf, this version has no special design or artwork (I’m lazy and can’t draw), but is more readable on an ebook reader/smartphone/tablet. Also, note that the chapters in the TOC are clickable on pc and smartphone (depends on which app you use).

Link: http://www.mediafire.com/princerevolution

Link contains: 1/2 Prince V1-5, LSK V1-2

UPDATE: ALL DONE XDXD! Just so you know, I put extra effort into 1/2 Prince V1 to make it look nice and changed the text style to one similar to the large pdf.


*tested on kindle 3 (portrait mode, default zoom) and samsung galaxy s2 (landscape mode)*

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please do not distribute/upload this pdf on any other site. Otherwise Prince will hunt you down and Sun will start scheming your untimely demise *AHEM!* lecturing you about the benevolence of the God of Light…

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  1. MiyakeMasumi

    Yay! These are so cool! And simplicity is fine. My friend does not have internet, but she has an ebook reader now. This way she can download and read my favorite books!

  2. RurouniAlchemist25

    *ahem* Now that I have that out of my system….
    Thank you very much. I wanted this for a long time, as this is one of my favorite novel series.

  3. RurouniAlchemist25

    Huh? Where’s Vol. 1? Did I miss an earlier update or something?
    Thanks for the other volumes, though! ^-^

    • dahlys

      I planned to make vol. 1 last since there already is a pdf version

  4. Spoit

    Thanks for putting more of these up! Would you feel bad if I said I actually like these versions better than the vol 1 you had earlier? Because they’re a lot more legible on my kindle

  5. kerryfri

    Just so you know, they aren’t super Kobo friendly, but they are easier to read than the other pdf. Now I can catch up again a little easier. Thanks a lot! XD

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