Christmas Special Event Update

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The 24th has passed in Taiwan! 9 conditions out of 10 were met, so Yu Wo posted 9 updates to her works! The last condition was the Facebook activity getting liked 2000 times.

Out of the 9 updates Yu Wo posted, one was Blaze’s side story about kicking down doors. This will be translated by PR! along with the other LSK sidestories that Yu Wo previously shared! There are no plans (yet?) for the other works though, as many of them are sidestories to longer works (such as Kill No More and No Hero), as well as continuations of longer works.

The works that were posted were
-Female Warrior / 女武外傳2 parts 7 and 8
-Kill No More sidestory 1/ 朦塵月 chapters 3a, 3b, and 4
-Kill No More sidestory 2 Kiss of the Demon King / 魔王之吻 chapter 2
-Blaze’s sidestory from LSK
-Contract of the Human Doll / 人娃契 part 6
-I AM E*X part 8

Yu Wo was posting like crazy yesterday! I had a lot of fun reading people’s comments. One person commented, “I came to visit Yu Wo’s blog and saw so many updates! I thought Yu Wo broke and the end of the world was coming!” People were commenting both on the blog post and the Plurk one about how much of each condition was already finished, like “We’re only 200 plurks away from 800! Go go go! \o/”. I think more than half of the comments must have been in that vein. XD (I was most amused when people on Plurk decided to start discussing Yu Wo’s works to rack up the comment count. The cutest discussion had to be when people started discussing what it’d be like if Blaze went and kicked down, saaaay, Cloud’s door, or Metal’s door, or -enter some other person’s door-.)

For those of you who participated, I hope you had fun! :D For everyone else, once again, happy holidays! I hope you’re having an awesome end of the year.

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  1. Chloesong

    Awesome!!! Does that mean the LSK sidestory was inspired by the comments? That is waaay cool.

    Yu Wo is such an awesome author. I love how she keeps in touch with her fans and her internet policy (i.e. posting everything online). :D<3

    • lucathia

      Haha, no, she doesn’t write that fast! The sidestory was released during the summer time in print format (along with the last section of volume 2 of the manhua), but this is the first time she’s put it online. :) The sidestory generated the comment discussion!

  2. Ariel

    Thank you for the news!!
    Blaze’s side story is soooooooooooo funny!!!
    The Pope is really cruel!
    Kick Sun’s door and extremely terrible things will happen!” Bwahahaha!!!


  3. E

    Noooooooooooooo…. May I ask where and when this happened? I can’t believe I missed that! I wish I could help with the last condition! Dx I reckon they were all in Taiwanese, though? Is there any way people like me can read it (aside from using crappy translating programs)? ;___; *puppy eyes at dear PR translators*

    • E

      Argh… found the translation in the previous entry! Thank you so much. >3<

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