Christmas Special Event (on Yu Wo’s blog)

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Do you want Yu Wo to write? Yu Wo is hosting a special Christmas event! For each completed task from the list of tasks included, Yu Wo will write and post something new from her new works. (1/2 Prince not included because that has already been completed).

Here’s a translation of her blog post, and some links to the mentioned places.

Yu Wo’s blog post:

Tonight is Christmas Eve~~~

I wish everyone a merry Christmas~~~~

Because it’s Christmas and also conveniently a holiday, I’m going to host a special Christmas Eve event for posting my works!

The rules for the event are very simple. As long as the following conditions are met, each condition will get one posted work, so a max of ten works may be posted!!!

(completed!) 1. This blog receives over 10,000 visitors today.

(completed!) 2. This blog post receives over 100 replies. (You can wish everyone a merry Christmas, talk about what work you’d like to see, just make sure you’re saying something~)

(completed!) 3. This blog post is recommended by over 100 people. (click on the blue thumbs up on the bottom right corner of the post)

(completed!) 4. This blog receives over 20,000 visitors today.

(completed!) 5. The Facebook activity page is liked over 500 times. (it’s at the top of Yu Wo’s wall on FB)

(completed!) 6. The Plurk activity receives over 200 plurk replies.

7. The Facebook activity page is liked over 2000 times.

(completed!) 8. The Plurk activity receives over 800 plurk replies.

(completed!) 9. This blog receives over 50,000 visitors today.

(completed!) 10. This blog post receives over 1000 replies.

78910 are the harder conditions. It should be a little challenging. XDDD

All conditions must be met before 12 midnight for them to count~~

Let’s work hard together~~~~~

PS: The works I’ll be posting will be all over the place. (Yu Wo lists the titles: 不殺外傳、朦塵月、女武、尋找羅蘭、人娃契、EX或者新開) or new pitfalls, etc~~

So what are you waiting for? Go spam Yu Wo (or just visit her blog)!

(Also, happy holidays everyone! \o/)

8 Responses

  1. HEheheh, I’m so spamming her ^__^

    • lucathia

      Three tasks have been accomplished so far, so Yu Wo’s posted three new updates to her works today! One of them is even Blaze’s side story about kicking down doors! :D

  2. MiyakeMasumi

    Ah! I am so happy you guys translated this! She mentioned this on plurk, but Google Translate really doesn’t work very well (XP), so I couldn’t understand the whole thing. Now I can! I love you guys!

  3. I can’t understand the blog so when she posts the works, could someone pretty please translate it here? *puppy eyes*

  4. Could someone upload this post? I can’t read Chinese but it looks like there is 1140 replies. What else has to be completed :3?

  5. this is the fbook page I “liked” :

    Hopefully it’s the right one????

    • lucathia

      Yes that’s the right one! And the Facebook one is the only one that hasn’t been completed yet. I guess it’s the hardest since it does need 2,000 different accounts. XD I think the event might have now ended. (not sure what time it is in Taiwan)

    • Chloesong

      dang, needed only around 200 more fbook accounts. :P Fun event ^^ Feels like Christmas<33333

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